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1:37 AM
3 hours later…
4:43 AM
@mousetail i like pyglet better :p
5:13 AM
@WheatWizard I see this after I click the nominate link.
i don't think there's anything stopping a mod from nominating though it will raise some eyebrows (i think it's what caird said; pro-tem mods running for election upon graduation or whatever)
but because i have actually been suspended in the past year that does take effect (no reason for the system to care that i did it to myself :P)
1 hour later…
6:40 AM
@PyGamer0 What's your opinion on Kivy?
2 hours later…
8:37 AM
@mousetail haven't used it, so no opinion :p
Hi guys
anyone know why I got the segmentation fault error here?
I don't see a segemntation fault
I see .code.tio.c:1: error: identifier expected
which is a syntax error
I see /srv/wrappers/c-tcc: line 4: 28889 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /opt/c-tcc/bin/tcc "${TIO_CFLAGS[@]}" -run .code.tio.c "$@" < .input.tio
8:50 AM
syntax error too on my side
Huh how? Or did I do something wrong
It is invalid without a main function
but it should tell you that not segfault
Sry I'm super new to C
@mousetail ? Lol
This is the shortest version that can compile: tio.run/##S9YtSU7@/… but it will segfault since the variable w is not a string
Hmm then how do I make the input int?
8:54 AM
This is the smallest modification that works: https://tio.run/##S9YtSU7@/79cp0Kn0jo3MTNPo0qzujg5MS9NQ0k1BQKVdNTKddQqdNQqddSqNK0LijLzSlCkwbp1gFK1//8b6oAhAA

Ah tysm!
Quick qns why is the %d needed when printing?
Format as decimal
There are many other options, like format as string, as a char, as hex etc
This version prints any number of input chars: tio.run/##S9YtSU7@/z83MTNPo0qzOi2/…
Wow you're good at this! :3
Quick tip I'm trying to answer this question which was why I aked
Good luck with that, it's a very tricky problem considering it's been unanswered for such a long time
Technically your loop method should work no?
It's shorter than the "read all at once" method used by the OP
Yours uses a loop which is shorter by a lot
9:05 AM
I'm assuming this is the first step in a longer algorithm that needs all 4 values seperatly
It depends
the OP didn't specify at all, and just stated that the OP wants to read 4 input values
I assume they know the loop trick, it's very commonly used
You can never assume :P
Maybe something like this could work: https://tio.run/##S9YtSU7@/z9RJ0knWSfFOjcxM08jU7M6Lb9Iw7o4OTEvTUNJNUVHSUdDLVEzOjNW087AOlNbW9O6oCgzrwQsCYFKOlAjNK1r//831AFDAA

It's dumping it's core though rn
This is 30 chars, 1 more than OP's code but it does have a slot in the for which you could put other init code in that could potentially save a byte:

9:25 AM
I posted an answer there
but it's assuming that the OP simply wants to read the input only
I'm still looking for ways though
I'm gonna add a answer too
Mkay, you're gonna beat me :(
You're way more proficient at C than me :P
It's the same as yours with a bit more explanatin
Try not to copy too much
I added a shoutout to you btw in my answer
I appreciate that
9:28 AM
Well, I couldn't have formed a half-decent answer without you! :3 Thanks again!
1 hour later…
10:45 AM
Why does the stack overflow blog post have an unprintable
@emanresuA where?
In the blog post section
Trying to draw more attention to their terrible blog
10:52 AM
Language idea: A language using only noncharacters en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
11:05 AM
Q: Tips for golfing in Arn

DialFrostDoes anyone have tips on how to golf in this language? Please one tip per answer and avoid posting simple and general tips such as "remove whitespace". Here is the github link.

11:31 AM
Q: Sample from the discrete triangular distribution

user1502040Given an integer n >= 1 as input, output a sample from the discrete triangular distribution over the integers k, for 1 <= k <= n (1 <= k < n is also acceptable), defined by p(k) ∝ k. Your code should take constant expected time, but you are allowed to ignore overflow, to treat floating point oper...

11:52 AM
Is there a compact way to subtract one from a number only if it's negative
Q: Tips for golfing in (())

DialFrostOtherwise known as Empty Nest, does anyone have tips on how to golf in this language? Please one tip per answer and avoid posting simple and general tips such as "remove whitespace".

@mousetail - 0.5 + 0.5*sign(n)
so (sign(n) - 1)/2
I used n>>8 in the end
12:24 PM
I'm back to code golfing after my exams :3 Haven't been on this site in forever
welcome back!
(Well technically I have around 3 days left)
you'll be fine
so you came back early because you’re either very confident or very depressed about the first exams
12:35 PM
perhaps they just couldn't wait to do golf again
everyone knows that code golf is an addictive substance
ginger has new pfp?
@Fatalize Um sorta
@Ginger Yes!!!
yea it's for Spooky Month
@mousetail Huh I just realised that too lol
@Fatalize More of the in between chill type
I'm studying physics while chatting here, :D
which level?
12:41 PM
@Fatalize Low level
I ain't that old :3
Ig you can call it primary 9 physics
@Fatalize Why?
Why not?
Don’t know what primary 9 corresponds to really
what age would that be?
In physics things typically fall along the Y axis
@Fatalize 15
over here
@mousetail depends on the physics
12:45 PM
You're talking about Year 9 right?
thanks for making me feel like a grandpa ._.
@py3programmer Yup
@lyxal Either Y or Z
@Fatalize Hehe
@mousetail I more meant the fall part - under some physics, things float instead. Like when you cover yourself in oil and wait for it to rain
12:45 PM
who've you guys voted for? i've voted only for @cairdcoinheringaahing
If you don't mind me asking, how old ru @Fatalize? If you want you round to the nearest 10
@py3programmer I voted both
@lyxal If they fall they often fall along Y, sometimes Z. Rarely X. Sometimes some other axis
@DialFrost 30 .___.
@py3programmer that's indirectly bullying lyxal but nevermind
it is generally bad form to discuss who you voted for, I think
12:46 PM
@Ginger Ya
Imagine if everyone voted for both lol
no wait ig mod is selected based on average first choice
Quick nominate everyone
@Fatalize Hehe you learn french?
@Ginger i think so too
@mousetail too late for that
12:47 PM
They can't stop if if we all nominate at once
@DialFrost ? I’m French so… yes?
as you may have noticed from the starred message we are no longer nominating candidates :p
@Fatalize Oh whoops my bad!
I thought english was your first lang and french was ur 2nd cuz u only had 850 rep on French, but nevermind
12:48 PM
I don't have any rep on any languages, does that mean I'm mute
@Ginger Huh, didn't see that
@mousetail Hehe
I wouldn't have either
J'etudie aussi francaise
@DialFrost my english is not good enough to pass as a native speaker
12:50 PM
I'm Indian by birth
but I seem to have lost my native language
@mousetail it means you can only speak in golfed python
I (nearly always) speak in English
@lyxal print("please end my suffering")
@Fatalize You seem proficient enough to pass as one :P
@Ginger, yesterday you were talking about making a spam bot right?
Well, I can make one
12:51 PM
please do not do that
but I don't want to risk @WheatWizard's wrath
so no
using selenium and such
also good luck figuring out the byzantine structure of the stack exchange chat apis
@DialFrost In short sentences maybe. If we were to exchange for a longer time, you would notice some mistakes that would betray me as a non-native
Native speakers also make mistakes but they’re not quite the same usually
@Fatalize Some non-natives love to be very formal sometimes :3
case in point: usage of "exchange" instead of "discuss" in that message
12:53 PM
@Fatalize you seem good enough in English
For instance, I would never write "would of" "should of" etc., but loads of natives do
@Ginger ;_;
but it’s called stack exchange, and we write messages…
@lyxal print('n'+'o'*int(1e6))
@Fatalize we "type" messages
stop bullying ;__;
@Fatalize ;¯;
12:54 PM
@Ginger does using selenium require figuring out se's apis?
@Fatalize "lots" of natives, loads are usually used for objects
no but selenium is jank and bad
But yeah, this is exactly the kinds of errors that highlight my native language
@mousetail that's invalid python
let's not correct fatalize's grammar please :b
12:55 PM
@Fatalize Meh, I had to look abit carefully to notice those errors
Do correct it, it’s useful
no wait it isnt
@py3programmer Actually, it's not lol
python supports scientific notation for some reason
And also French people are used to correcting other people’s French all the time, it’s almost a national sport
12:55 PM
@Fatalize I come from a country that is too used to english+nonsense+informal
It would suck if I couldn't grammar in my only allowed language
my laptop nearly crashed
So we’re used to it
@Fatalize Ic
@Fatalize that's about the most french possible national sport
12:56 PM
@Ginger Is there any practical language that doesn't allow e notation?
JS has it
@Ginger Going on strike is Frencher
nitpicking people's grammar? that's like the ideal french pastime lol
Pretty much any language with floating point has the e scientific notation
12:56 PM
@Ginger I think selenium will take care of that for me
hacker spirit
hee hee hee...
@Fatalize I tend to prefer informal speaking
None of them have hex floats though :( the one place hex would be useful
It suits me better
imagine not using a premade chat library to write your bots
12:57 PM
@DialFrost okay bruv
that'll be even harder
@Fatalize this is exactly the "kind" of errors
@py3programmer pypi.org/project/sechat :|
changing the subject, is there a "sandbox stack exchange" where I can post random shit (to test a bot)?
@DialFrost I hate this about English, you don’t put plurals on things that should be plural
I beleive there is a testing chat room
@Fatalize or these are exactly the kind of errors
no I want a testing SITE
for spamming
I mean, uhhh.... something else
I know that the sandbox room exists, I want a network site
@Fatalize <3
1:00 PM
@Ginger you made that
let's hope its not a virus
It would be hilarious if you had 10K rep on a testing site
darn I was hoping you wouldn't notice so I could be like "HA I MADE THAT YOU FOOL" when you asked where I found it
is it a virus?
@Fatalize Take a guess on where I live (don't look at my profile unless you already did then uhhhh)
cuz i just downloaded
1:01 PM
@mousetail but Does It Exist Tho
few thx
Speaking of viruses...
do you use IDLE?
Time to grind rep there
@py3programmer Sometimes, it's kinda terrible
1:01 PM
> <4.0.0
IDLE is great and you cannot change my mind
Ginger why does it break in python 4?
I wish you could arrow up to go to the last command like in LITERALLY ANY OTHER shell
what? python 4 might break compatibility with websocket!
@mousetail you can! you just have to hold Alt first iirc
Python 4 doesnt exist only
1:02 PM
and you can change the config to fix that
@Ginger Wait what, how did I not know that
I've been programming wrong for a decade
time to cancel my PyCharm subscription
@mousetail I didn't know it either, until I got so pissed off by not being able to use the arrows I checked the keybinds in the config
@Ginger what's your run file location
you know, the one that runs the IDLE program
1:04 PM
w h a t
you don't poke around IDLE's basement
I have no idea what you're talking about
@Fatalize You there?
I just click the little python icon in my taskbar and boom IDLE happens
anyway, do you know the file location of datetime
run this and tell what it reports
```import datetime
1:06 PM
py3programmer is trying to hack ginger
markdown doesn't happen here?
no im not
IDK it works about 1/3rd of the time
import datetime
that's what you want
I have not found a pattern
1:06 PM
4 spaces in front of each line
@Ginger execute that
triple backtick doesn't work here
oh thx for new info
Backticks works sometimes here
but not
only single
1:07 PM
markdown doesn't render in multiline messages
it's stupid but that's how it is
@Ginger have you executed it
Maybe we should switch to a new chat that's identical eccept with proper markdown
1:08 PM
Chat-on-Chat :p
It's identical to normal chat, but with a different character encoding, plus Markdown, and MathJax :p
did something happen?
the queen died
@RadvylfPrograms and more likely to be shut down by SE :p
1:09 PM
How is it related to SE?
it uses se to send data
It runs on SE chat
@Ginger execute this
you install a special userscript and go to the room
import datetime;print(datetime.__file__)
1:09 PM
in Chat-on-Chat, Jun 21 at 23:31, by Cesar M
It looks like this room has been primarily used to have encrypted conversations that regular folks can't have access to without installing a user script. Private messaging is not a service we offer on the platform. While anyone could technically check the content of yalls message by installing the user script, we don't want to have users needing to install a script to be able to participate (or read) in a chatroom.
that's why it was shut down
@py3programmer don want
@lyxal Wait really lol
I thought it just froze xD
@lyxal what a stupid excuse lmao
fine my mission is foiled
which was to empty your run file
@RadvylfPrograms manually frozen
1:10 PM
@Ginger Not really, I was worried about what would happen if something flag-worthy was posted
in Chat-on-Chat, Jun 21 at 23:26, by Feeds
Cesar M has frozen this room.
and destroy IDLE entirely
did you REALLY think I would fall for that
yes i did
since you stroke-through
your claim
anyways, this was what I was planning
Seems a bit obvious
1:21 PM
which is why i personally asked his datetime filename
and send him obscure code
he refused to execute
so plan poofed!
sad thinking I was so close to destroying his entire IDLE
please do not send malware on the internet :P
Ginger is they/them according to their profile
@py3programmer Sending malicious code is never allowed here. Even if the chances of someone not getting the joke are very low, there's still always the possibility someone runs it.
well time to go
I send malicious code exclusively to my IRL friends
1:27 PM
i once sabotaged a code-copycat
whenever i see malicious code, i try to download it before anyone else can, to protect everyone from malware
in js class
Once I sent my enemy a script that would beep every 2-3 minutes
It would install itself to run on startup
guy who installs two pieces of malware at once; one which beeps every 2 or 3 minutes or so minutes, one which removes their clock from their computer
1:28 PM
well if we're talking about irl trolling with code, my story is that I once escalated an email spam war with python
they now tell time based on number of beeps
@lyxal explain
@thejonymyster very funny
@mousetail okay so it was a normal class, and someone was signing someone else up for sites that spam you regularly like Scientology etc
I thought to myself "I can do better"
I whipped up a quick little script to send many emails at once
and uh, gave it to some other people
1:30 PM
@lyxal and now you want us to elect you moderator
this was 4 years ago
That's actually quite recent
I only joined this site 4 years ago
1:31 PM
:P idc im not actually voting; im sure youd both do fine lol
Well gn guys I have to sleep to cram revision tmr b4 exam
good freaking luck lol
I may have mentally swapped the l and f there
1:39 PM
I'm tired okay it's 12:39am and they've recently started daylight saving so it's messing with my sleep schedule kinda
give me some slack :p
its 10pm here
It's 8:43 AM here
I have a clock too :p
i always tell people its around 8 pm where i am
for some reason, not everyone picks up on the fact that it isnt true
sometimes i get caught for claiming to be in the ocean somewhere :P
Or maybe you're Santa and you just walk over to the slice of earth where it's 8pm
@lyxal why is this so funny
1:53 PM
Lyxal was just talking about the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919. "good leaking fruck(tose) lol"
@thejonymyster it's around 25.9:107 where I am
Something just looks wrong about this:
And I don't know what
chars looks weird to me instead of characters
monospace + non-monospace is always gonna look wrong
1:56 PM
oh i didnt catch that yea
It's all non-mono
the hell kinda font is that then
That's just what Atkinson Hyperlegible's 0s look like
i think the font might just be weird :P
@lyxal (mono)?space
1:56 PM
No, the font is beyond fine. I'm talking about the "options" looking out-of-place
@RadvylfPrograms It's to prioritize readability, btw
So that 0 doesn't look like o or O or ø
make it look more like a button by surrounding the word options in brackets
Does the gray not look weird to y'all?
the colour is good
just make it more obvious you need to clicky clicky
1:57 PM
much better
Still looks weird to me, but I guess I'll trust y'all
bad idea
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