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12:02 AM
@emanresuA why?
@RedwolfPrograms Is my regex valid?
I don't know
I don't know much about using regex for actual computing tasks and stuff, just parsing HTML
@RedwolfPrograms parsing HTML using replace?
It's a reference to an SO answer
About how cursed it is to parse HTML with regex
12:05 AM
which SO answer?
I think it's this one
@RedwolfPrograms I read the entire SO answer
and i don't understand
i think that's the point
@JoKing How to parse BF (0-256 cell range and 256 cells) with regex?
I don't think "parse" is the word you're looking for
BF doesn't really require parsing, other than validating the brackets are nested correctly
12:15 AM
you want 0-256? as in 257 values?
@JoKing yes
@RedwolfPrograms [{"while":"0", [{"cell": "increment"}]}]
That seems like a really extraordinarily overcomplicated way to represent BF
well, a trivial solution would probably have to have something like 257**256 nestings
i dunno how you'd keep track of all the cell values otherwise
@Fmbalbuena i don't even know how this is related
@JoKing this is [+]
wait, are we parsing as in executing the program, or turning it into something else?
where is the 0 coming from
12:20 AM
What are the differences between Greedy Quantifier and Lazy Quantifier?
Lazy ones will stop as soon as the part after matches, greedy ones will match as much as possible
greedy matches as much as it can, lazy doesn't
E.g., a+[ab] will match aaaaaab in the string aaaaaab, while a+?[ab] just matches aa
Differences between +? and <Empty>?
a+[ab] was a bad example
12:24 AM
so use a{2,}[b]?
Take ".+", for instance. That'll match "b" c "d" in the string a "b" c "d", while ".+?" only matches "b" and "d"
+? is the same as +, it'll just stop as soon as it can
Whereas + will find the longest substring it can
uh i mean
It's "greedy" in the sense that it wants the longest string possible, +? is "lazy" in the sense that it'll get as little as possible that's still a valid match
ab+? can be ab
No, but it is the same as ab+
Wait nvm
Yeah, it's the same
12:27 AM
+? is "lazy" in the sense that it'll get as little as possible that's still a valid match but there are two matches?
Well, "b" would be all it matches without the g flag
@RedwolfPrograms I have a question
... is it a secret?
@JoKing wdym?
you have a question but you haven't asked it
12:36 AM
Gtg for now, so you'll have to ask someone else o/
@JoKing Sorry, but i have a question
i hope it serves you well
@JoKing Regex to check if the number (binary) is divisible by 5
probably possible, though it's much easier in decimal
@JoKing I need FSA and I will convert
12:43 AM
i mean it's a bit trivial in decimal :p
what's an FSA?
Finite-State Automata
@JoKing do you know?
@JoKing Read this
you probably do something like have 5 parts that keep track of each state n of modulo 5, then switch between them for each digit d based on (n=(n*2+d)%5)
@Fmbalbuena umm ok, why don't you do that
@JoKing because i'm lazy
i mean, it gives you code that you can use to generate the DFA based on base and divisor
12:50 AM
I can't install pygraphviz
@JoKing are you lazy?
@Fmbalbuena just general advice, sometimes not saying everything that comes to mind is good.
@Fmbalbuena no apparently
at second glance, it kinda looks like a demented smiley face
@JoKing I will convert to regex
@JoKing This looks like Angry face with some numbers
@OldSandboxPosts remove the tags
1:32 AM
OSP is supposed to remove the tags, IIRC
All I remember is the issue was brought up, and we made a decision one way or another
1:48 AM
@JoKing ^(?:0*(?:1(?:10|0(?:01*01)*01*010|11(?:01*01)*01*010)*(?:0(?:01*01)*1|11(?:01*01)*1))?)*$ but this don't work with test case 1000001
i came up with ^(0+|1(10)*(11|0)(01*0(01)*(00|1))*1)+$
@JoKing oh sorry I'm late
@JoKing Can you explain why ^(?:0*(?:1(?:10|0(?:01*01)*01*010|11(?:01*01)*01*010)*(?:0(?:01*01)*1|11(?:01*01)*1))?)*$ don't match 1000001?
i don't really know what the process you did to make that regex
A: How to convert finite automata to regular expressions?

jmadThere are several methods to do the conversion from finite automata to regular expressions. Here I will describe the one usually taught in school which is very visual. I believe it is the most used in practice. However, writing the algorithm is not such a good idea. State removal method This ...

@JoKing I don't really know what the process you did to make that regex
i sorta eyeballed it... how can you get from 0 to 1, how can you get from 1 back to itself, how many ways can you get from 1 to 2, then 2 to itself, then 2 back to 0.
1:55 AM
@JoKing I don't understand
there's only one way to return to the 0 node after leaving it, and that's from the 2 node, so you can concentrate on the 0 -> 1 -> 2 -> 0 cycle (and each node's self-cycles)
@RedwolfPrograms does your laptop not have sleep/suspend mode?
Oh yeah, it probably does
0 -> 0 is 0+
0 -> 1 is 1
1 -> 1 is (10)*
1 -> 2 is (11|0)
2 -> 2 is (01*0(3 -> 3 is (01)*)(3 -> 2 is (00|1))
2 -> 0 is 1
i assume i'm just doing a simplified/more complicated version of the linked process
i kinda wanna see if there's a shorter way of doing divisibility by 3 now
@Fmbalbuena ends up pretty much the same, the ?:s were making this version look longer
2:32 AM
Well, the layout works, I just can't import it lol
Ooh I restarted my computer, and it works now!
I can do things like þhíß and τηισ now
It should be exactly identical to the Chrome OS US-INTL layout, but with AltGr+G mapped to a dead key for a greek keyboard layout
I'll make AltGr+F or possibly AltGr+M do math stuff eventually
I'll try to cover both Jelly and Husk's code pages, I'd try to include Vyxal too but it's got some weird characters
Maybe I could use something like AltGr+H for the "weird" characters from 05AB1E/Husk/Vyxal that don't fit in with the rest
2:50 AM
for jelly and husk are you thinking of having a pair of dead keys for overdot and underdot, which map to different characters for non-alphabetic combinations
Chrome OS's INTL keyboard already had overdot and underdot, so I just ported those identically
ah nice
I suppose I could give them additional functions when used with numbers/symbols
Although it might not be as...discoverable? idk
Download link: drive.google.com/drive/folders/… (although chances are Google Drive won't let you download a folder that consists entirely of DLLs, MSIs, and EXEs for security reasons lol)
@mathcat Must be a problem in Word. Closing as external.
Actually can you try other bitmap fonts
1 hour later…
4:32 AM
-20, user was removed :/
-40 here
Someday I'm going to upvote every answer on the site and then delete my account just to mess with people :p
the mods would just choose to keep your votes though wouldn't they?
They can do that?
pretty sure
because otherwise someone like me could cause a lot of damage
the site would cumulatively lose 110k rep if my votes were deleted
4:44 AM
That is quite a lot of rep
Wait don't votes from long enough ago not change?
pretty sure that's just a default
i believe they can choose to delete votes from however long ago they want. not something I can do though; that's either a CM or a dev thing
i only lost 10 this time, lol
Ooh my rep now contains 69
I'm sorry, but I must delete my account now. I'm done.
It simply can't get any better than this.
This should really be tagged with nice
5:13 AM
I played a sky block map today (offline, not on a server) and realised that it's been so long since I last played minecraft that I have no clue how to make any progress any more
5:52 AM
is the recent rep the only place where you see the amount you lost due to the removed user?
1 hour later…
7:12 AM
is it Dmitri Mendeleev or Mendeleeff?
7:46 AM
8:24 AM
who deleted their account?
i lost 10 rep
8:37 AM
-10 here too.
8:58 AM
-0 for me apparently
-30, but I got 3 upvotes, so didn't notice any rep change
people upvote me more then i upvote people lol (1325+150bounty-100init > 126upvotes *10)
Q: Painting Fences

DialFrostTask: Your task is to count the number of unpainted parts of a fence, given 2 integers as input, the starting point of a drawing and the end point. You have to find the total length of fence that is unpainted. Input: Line 1: l, the length of the entire fence Line 2: n, the number of drawings on t...

9:45 AM
@PyGamer0 -10 too
Q: Multiplying numbers

DialFrostYour task, is simply to multiply 2 integers given in input, separated by a ",". The catch is, you cannot use the multiplication operator or any loops whatsoever This is code-golf, so shortest code wins! Test cases: i dont know if you even need it! lol 1,0 -> 0 5,6 -> 30 3920,549 -> 2152080

i wonder if mods know who the person was
FGITW done
@NewPosts was this sandboxed?
@PyGamer0 no
10:02 AM
do they know about sandbox?
Q: Why Community votes to close as dupe?

FmbalbuenaThis Question was closed dupe by Community and pxeger, but why community and how did Community know? Revisions

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DialFrostFind the square of a number without using the multiplication sign or division sign e.g. "/" "//" "*" "**" are not allowed no imports are allowed either

@NewPosts flags?
10:18 AM
Q: Find the square of a number

DialFrostYour task is to find the square of a number without using the multiplication sign or division sign However, to make this even trickier, no use of any addition sign or even the minus sign can be used either e.g. / // * ** + - are not allowed no imports are allowed either An integer will be given i...

@NewPosts why?
bruh i knew this would happen
@NewPosts dinoux: ²
posted lol
I am enjoying the fastest-code questions these days!
10:51 AM
I will answer every golflang
@Razetime why hmm?
11:32 AM
Coming up next: find the cube of a number without using the multiplication sign
11:43 AM
12:24 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I was not
@PyGamer0 I've posted my "you should use the sandbox" comment on multiple posts of theirs, so I've given up trying to get them to use it at this point
12:42 PM
@user can confirm
you've remained in the cupboard all day
I can remove you temporarily from the cupboard tomorrow if you'd like
@cairdcoinheringaahing £_€
oh fun fact, my fever is over, but now I got cough
@PyGamer0 thanks to caird I can't help but see that as star-mapping _ to the top of the stack in lambda mode then erroring because doesn't have anything after it to map
add++ ptsd essentially.
1:03 PM
I just remembered that one time I ratiod jelly
A: Count the trailing zeros

lyxalVyxal, 1 byte Ǒ Try it Online! laughs in stolen jelly built-ins

Exact same built in, 3 more votes, posted after the jelly answer
Looks like jelly fell off lol
@lyxal ah, lyxal! just the person I need
Except for the fact that I'm off to bed now
actually nevermind, you are not needed
This is so sad.
Alexa play despacito
1:13 PM
@lyxal o%
@PyGamer0 when your hand gets stuck in a paper shredder
Message Test
heyyyyyy it works
Bots are banned in TNB
ik, ik
it should've left by now
1:16 PM
I'll kick it :P
alright :/
now, we set up the room
I'm considering calling it the APOL Orchard
is the language related to APL?
it just sounds similar :p
I'm taking that as a yes
let's do this
1:19 PM
A Program Of Languages
Another Polish Golfing Language
@GingerIndustries dont you think that would be confusing
or, APOL's a Poor gOlfing Language
@GingerIndustries APGL?
1:32 PM
dammit bot can't pass CAPTCHA
but this is a good bot, not one of those human-enslaving ones!
Isn't that the point of CAPTCHAs? :P
@GingerIndustries Oh, that's the problem. We only allow human-enslaving bots into TNB, such as New Posts and OSP
you've heard of EmojiScript, now get ready for SmileyScript
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, I can fix that >:)
who wishes to be enslaved by GingerBot? limited time offer!
codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/2070/80214 this looks like an interesting question for meta
1:42 PM
@Razetime looks good
@Razetime I'm not quite sure what the question is even asking
well yeah needs a ton of reformatting, but something along the lines of "why should i golf in X language?"
It's written as going "What languages are best for which tasks?", but most of the answers appear to just be advocating for that language
@Razetime Pretty sure we already have that
we do?
Q: Advocate languages to golf in

xnorI'm sure many of you want to attract golfers to compete in your favorite language. Given that it takes time to learn a language for golfing, why choose it over others? What aspects of the language make it fun to golf? What skills or mindset do you gain? Please be specific and concrete. Any langu...

1:47 PM
@PyGamer0 AFAIK i have no way of finding out
turns out I can solve the CAPTCHA problem by just having the bot lie to SE
How to pass a CAPTCHA: "hasCaptcha":"true",
CMC: The "majority" of an array of positive integers is the integer that makes up half or more of the list, or 0 if no such element exists. For example, the majorities of [1,1,1,2] and [1,2,3,4,5] are 1 and 0 respectively. Given a list of positive integers, return its majority
2:03 PM
Q: Compare shapeless lists

Wheat WizardLet's have a ragged list containing no values, only more lists. For example: [[[],[[]],[],[]],[],[[],[],[]],[]] And the list will be finite, meaning that eventually every path terminates in an empty list []. It's simple enough to determine if two of these are structurally equal. Check each elem...

this damn CAPTCHA
how exactly does NSP do it?
wait why are you getting captcha'd in the first place
@NewPosts well, that's now my third algorithm for this question...
are you frequently restarting your bot?
A: List of bounties with no deadline

thejonymyster50 repz for first answer to 99 bottles in jelly if such an answer already exists, please direct my attention to it as my computers have a tendency to fail at basic operations such as ctrl-f search :\

2:09 PM
I don't think any of the chatbots have to pass a captcha
@hyper-neutrino GingerBot vs CAPTCHA
@hyper-neutrino yes, because development
I take it this is not good?
yeah just wait a few minutes
think about it, the captcha is to protect your account from being hacked by someone just spamming every password back to back
so if you spam login requests
that's the condition that triggers the captcha
2:10 PM
I'll have it wait 30sec before attempts
This is what OSP does
@cairdcoinheringaahing same code I'm using
aka crash and burn if captcha'd
the way vyxalbot avoids this issue is that it has a bot connected to SE and when it receives a message, it sends a request to an internal webserver which tells it what response to return
when I need to change things about the responses, I just edit the webserver and redeploy it
the bot never needs to log out and reconnect and so i completely sidestep the captcha lol
ah makes sense
2:18 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing imcomplete 05ab1e: Dgs{ηʒË}θDg
2:34 PM
My JS chat bot library will archive the fkey and cookies for a little while, so as long as the bot doesn't go down for multiple hours (in which case you wouldn't get captcha'd in the first place) you won't need to go through the log-in stuff
Actually saved one byte from 4 to 3 after fixing a bug in @WheatWizard latest challenge
@RedwolfPrograms unfortunately, Python
I might port it over to Python at some point, chatbot.py's what a lot of bots use and it has some questionable design decisions from what I've seen
@RedwolfPrograms "questionable design decisions" this sums up basically all code written by TNB members
I spent days trying to figure out why one of the POST requests was erroring when porting chatbot.py's log-in code, and it turns out it's just totally unnecessary.
So not only does chatbot.py make a request that just 404's and has no impact on anything, it doesn't error and just assumes everything's fine.
2:43 PM
@RedwolfPrograms chatbot.py be like
Although I mean I shouldn't be judging chatbot.py for that, NPSP 1.0 will ignore like...fatal errors, but catch on fire if the tiniest thing happens that it doesn't expect
alias ls='rm -rf'
@RedwolfPrograms alias sudo='sudo pkill -9 $RANDOM'
russian roulette
@GingerIndustries chatbot.py wasn't written by a TNB member
@cairdcoinheringaahing clearly I got it backwards, we are the masters of code
I keep getting you mixed up with Razetime because of y'all's new pfps
2:47 PM
thank lyxal for that
@RedwolfPrograms Ah yes, cat with ಠ_ಠ face = skeleton on lsd
Important planning info for RTO is on Discord and I cannot access Discord from school >:|
@RedwolfPrograms ah yes, tRy iT Online
Run This Online :p
@RedwolfPrograms Really Tall Owls
2:53 PM
Ratify Those Ordinances
Run To Oregon
React! There's Ostriches!
Ready To Open
@GingerIndustries NOOOO
call it ButterBot
Rulers Tax Opium
2:54 PM
@mathcat ah shit, here we go again
Rabbits Take Over
Red Train Operator
Resistance? Too Opinionated
Redwolf? Too Onionated
where have I seen that before?
Rarely Toasted Onions
2:56 PM
Radioactive Toaster Owners
Roaring Toggle Option
Ranting Turpentine Orderers
Let's move this to Fun Misinterpretations lol
Replying Tee Orio
@RedwolfPrograms Common Misinterpretations
Responsibilities? Try Oreos
2:58 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Fumigated Machines
@RedwolfPrograms That's the best one yet
RIP Toffie. Oreo!
@mathcat Toffie is a great cat name
I know someone with a cat named oreo I think
What's a reasonable timeout for GingerBot's "execute as APOL" function? (to prevent infinite loops)
I'm thinking 10s
@hyper-neutrino can you please unfreeze japt lair?
3:10 PM
I think the TIO timeout is 60 but this is smth else
I'd also say 10
@grandBagel 👍
@GingerIndustries 12 maybe
@hyper-neutrino thx
we'll go with 10s
@GingerIndustries The TryAPL bot uses 10 secs.
How much does the Vyxal bot use?
3:20 PM
The accepted answer has 1/24th as many votes as the second :p
@grandBagel 4 seconds
@hyper-neutrino right?
no that's the number of times it tries to send the request
the timeout is however long vyxal API's timeout is
vyxal API?
The bot has decided that return values do not exist
3:30 PM
@GingerIndustries what is ginger bot?
the vyxal pythonanywhere interpreter supports direct requests
so you're getting the output from pa?
@Fmbalbuena A bot that I made to run APOL
which likes butter
@GingerBot Hello, Why you don't join?
3:31 PM
@Fmbalbuena sadly, it isn't sentient
Is there any reason behind APOL's name being so similar to APL's?
@RedwolfPrograms nope, coincidence
do the cat one
one sec
that one?
can't find it
smth like this: ฅ^ಠﻌಠ^ฅ
3:44 PM
does "ฅಠ̂ﻌಠ̂ฅ" display for anyone?
The first, last, and middle characters do for me
@DLosc Hi
@RedwolfPrograms fr what?
looks loads better now
3:47 PM
@PyGamer0 minefont's working
ฅ ĉ ﻌ ĉ ฅ
@Wezl-acautionarytale working
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

grandBagelThe amount of A's in 10 seconds fastest-code In ten seconds, output as many A's as possible in ten seconds. The output may be separated by consistent character. Meta Is this clear?

@Wezl-acautionarytale yes
3:49 PM
screenshot pls
Q: Unscramble an image to reveal a QR code

CryptoSandsHere’s a challenge. Can you write a code that will unscramble a photograph to reveal a hidden QR code that can be scanned? I believe there is precedence for this with image scrambling and Arnold Transform. It also needs to be able to run on mac os Looking forward to your replies. CryptoSands

@Fmbalbuena Hallo
splling mistak?
or was it intentional?
dachte es würde es sein
3:56 PM
@DLosc Nginombuzo, Kungani uPip eyikhophi yePip?
I only understood pip
@NewPosts Close pls
@RedwolfPrograms flag review?
@RedwolfPrograms my flag is pending, accept please
No need to flag things in place of VTCing
It's already in the VTC queue, so flagging won't do much
in The APL Orchard, Jan 5 at 19:05, by Adám
@Fmbalbuena You don't need to ping me twice. I answer requests as quickly as I can.
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