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6:00 AM
ooh i got a better one: ¨¯¨
Dec 23 at 23:10, by Redwolf Programs
Okay, new TNB rule: Chaining slight modifications of emoticons, especially ones that aren't original, is not allowed
Language idea: Syntax is entirely ¯\_/
could work as a language that runs only on a hexagonal grid
Maybe the syntax could be tree-based?
 _/ \
/ \  ¯\_
  /¯\ / \
And are interchangeable but do different things?
it could be lispy
6:12 AM
I already have a name idea: Infinitree
You could extend operators with multiple ¯ / _
Or combinations
 _/ \
/¯\  ¯¯¯\_ _
  /¯¯\  / ¯ \
@pxeger this reminds me a bit of pyramid scheme lol
just cuz you mentioned lisp and this is vaguely pyramid-shaped ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@emanresuA using combinations of these you could effectively encode instructions in ternary:
 _ _
@pxeger that's actually kinda a mixed-radix binary-ternary
Maybe certain signatures could be recognised as number literals, variables, functions, et
And of course they can be different when called dyadically/monadically/niladically
6:22 AM
and there would be two ways of calling them monadically, in fact
Inconvenient tho
well yeah, what do you do about different bits of the tree getting in each other's way?
Either add X or do nothing and let the programmer sort them out
They'll have variables and stuff
7:27 AM
Might start writing up the spec for this
7:41 AM
Wth is this?
For some reason, I have made contributions on GitHub much more reliably on Mondays than any other day
@pxeger pxeger, slayer of garfield
8:24 AM
it's also funny how my activity comes and goes in waves
when I look at people whose full time jobs are on GitHub, I find it funny seeing obvious gaps around their holidays
9:12 AM
@pxeger You can also see who observes the Jewish Sabbath, and if so, whether they live on the northern or southern hemisphere:
Notice no Saturday activity in the northern summer, because the sun sets too late.
Q: Exponentiation of large numbers represented as strings

NirvanaThe objective Given two arbitrarily large positive integers \$a\$ and \$b\$ represented as strings (char arrays are also acceptable) output the value of \$a^{b}\$, also as a string. The behaviour is undefined if the input is non-numeric. Test cases 2**1 = 2 2**2 = 4 2**3 = 8 2**4 = 16 2**5 = 32 3...

oh boy
unobservable requirements go brrr
9:33 AM
@emanresuA Retina 0.8.2, 10 bytes
@lyxal Retina 0.8.2, 13 bytes
9:49 AM
@Neil you use retina for cmcs and charcoal for cgcc?
> advent of Unicode
10:51 AM
@PyGamer0 I use whichever language(s) seem most appropriate
now i want to make an ascii-only language
Yes, charcoal is indeed made by ascii-only :p
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
CMC: Implment binary search
AICMC: Implement bunny search
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
ok heres a joke
the other day my friend was saying: a**hole
and i am like: why dont you say ascii hole
Maybe APLers can offend Jers by (rightfully) calling them ASCIIholes?
2:58 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RomanpPluralize a Noun List Take an input of a noun or list of nouns, and return the plural form of that word. NO BUILTIN FUNCTIONS WHICH PLURALIZE WORDS ALLOWED. Your program will be scored on the list of 5817 words below, which are all the words in the google-10000-english-usa-no-swears.txt file whic...

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4:16 PM
Would y'all consider Python 2 and Python 2.x to be the same thing?
I would.
Unless you're using a strongly typed language that cannot compare the int 2 to the float 2.x
This ^ is the NARS2000 implementation of APL.
4:53 PM
How does that even work?
APLs generally allow a hanging . without further decimals, and the x suffix means "multi-precision rational".
Oh, interesting
5:16 PM
Well. I guess I need to call the hard drive company now.
Ugh I have to talk to a human
I'm nervous
Well I mean they almost certainly expect me to be some guy working at some company and not a random 16 year old
Ugh I really don't wanna do this
@RedwolfPrograms Honestly, are you sure this company isn't a shell corporation for the Devil at this point? :P
Okay I'm doing it
Wish me luck
gl hf
5:27 PM
Okay, everything's good and the call was only like...moderately awkward
They've been having issues recently with people submitting fake orders from gmail accounts so apparently they need to call people to verify they exist?
Idk, but it should ship now lol
My cat was meowing at my bedroom door the whole time and I was trying not to laugh as a result
Because he doesn't really know how to meow
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7:02 PM
Q: Largest SKI output in less than 200 combinators

nphThe Challenge Create an expression in SKI Combinator Calculus in less than 200 combinators (S, K, I) that reduces to the expression with the most combinators. There will be no limit on how many parenthesis/applications can be used. Scoring The score will be the number of combinators in the output...

7:57 PM
Is this a 20k thing?
@NewPosts Butterise?
I could swear this used to say "Active"
Wayback Machine just shows "Explore Our Questions", I assume it's different for signed in users :(
yeah that was my first thought as well lol
8:16 PM
@pxeger If you're on the Home tab, it shows "Top Questions". If you go to the Questions tab, it shows All Questions
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9:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerWho Is Kevin Bacon? code-golf graph-theory path-finding optimization You may know the game The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, based on the conjecture that every actor in Hollywood can be connected to Kevin Bacon by no more than 6 "co-star" relations, so Kevin Bacon is supposedly the "best-connected"...

1 hour later…
10:26 PM
@SandboxPosts @pxeger He's an actor, you may know him from Footloose or the annoying EE ads ;P
10:52 PM
@RedwolfPrograms you think that's bad? Imagine marking an issue as a false positive on a tool that does code analysis on your stuff and a real person replies saying why it wasn't a false positive
But it never explains how to open a door that opens toward me D:
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