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12:00 AM
or something like that
nice internet
Chat do be like that tho sometimes
@LeakyNun _@/ ?
Welcome to the seventh Learn You A Lang For Great Good! Today, we'll be learning Zsh, a Bourne Shell derivative that's used semi-frequently around the site. Feel free to ask questions about Zsh, post CMCs ("ZMC"s) related to the language, and just discuss the language in general. TIO.
@hyper-neutrino ḅ-?
12:03 AM
⁽-R in vyxal then
@UnrelatedString oh
that's clever
@lyxal legit thought you meant like. in class or something
ofc it's base conversion again lmao
everything is base conversion
@UnrelatedString nice
Huh, looks like I've posted the "welcome" message for each of the odd numbered LYALs :P
12:04 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing what's funny is that I don't have any classes until February next year
it's all about that base
No treble
ZMC: print this challenge
i was just trying to think of if there was some basic apl idiom i might vaguely remember having seen in passing
@lyxal wait, what're your term dates?
12:05 AM
yeah wait what
oh wait it's probably like a summer break analogue because australia southern hemisphere
oh right
summer christmas
Summer break go brrrr
Technically it starts next week, but final exams were 2 weeks ago
oh yeah i forgot it literally is summer and not a warm season called winter
I have 3 1/2 weeks left, then no classes until Feb
I literally have 104 days of summer vacation before uni comes along just to end it
12:06 AM
because seasons are named according to actual weather and not the calendar
But I kinda have. like. 50% of my grade to be determined in Jan exams
> summer break
where in the universe are you @lyxal that it's summer?
@Fmbalbuena 30 bytes Try it online!
12:06 AM
'cause its cold here
1 min ago, by Unrelated String
oh wait it's probably like a summer break analogue because australia southern hemisphere
> australia southern hemisphere
@ThomasWard upside down land
take a guess :P
ah so Earth ^ -1 then :P
12:07 AM
nice try, lyxal. australia doesn't exist
@hyper-neutrino Dang it stop exposing me like this
no, its finland that desn't exist
and wyoming
(Sorry, I'm a dad of three so, yes, I'm just catching up on 15 year-old sitcoms.)
here's a thought: what if nothing exists and we're all just part of one gigantic construct in which our minds are just floating entities that have their own perception of reality, but reality is a lie?
shows self out for breaking the world
@nitsua60 i genuinely have no idea what you're referencing
12:09 AM
Uh oh, the non-CGCC mods outnumber the CGCC mods
30 Rock
@cairdcoinheringaahing You didn't get the message about the hostile takeover?
Are we about to be invaded and turned into a Q&A site about Code Golf?
It's on the starboard, after all =D
12:09 AM
@lyxal ‏‏ɹ‏‏ǝ‏‏p‏‏u‏‏n ‏u‏ʍ‏‏‏o‏‏p‏ ‏p‏‏u‏‏ɐ‏‏l ‏ǝ‏‏‏ɥ‏‏‏ʇ‏ • ‏ɐ‏‏ᴉ‏‏l‏‏ɐ‏‏ɹ‏‏ʇ‏‏s‏‏n‏‏∀‏ to be more accurate
@nitsua60 Ah shit, I threw that out. Thought it was a misspelt notice about the stock exchange smh
@nitsua60 Oh god, is 30 Rock 15 years old?
We meant it to look like a proxy ballot for the annual meeting. Guess we missed the mark by a bit.
I only just got over the fact that Futurama got greenlit and cancelled (for the first time) before I was even born O.o
@cairdcoinheringaahing 2006-2013, it looks like. I'm only on season 2, though, so let's keep the decade-old spoilers under wraps, please =)
@nitsua60 I'll try :P
Speaking of decades old shows, I just started watching my first anime: ATLA :P
Currently on episode 5 :P
12:14 AM
I just started that a while back, too =D
(My 9 year-old is walking me through it.)
atla is quite good
12:15 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing reinforcements have arrived :p
@Fmbalbuena Nobody says CCGC :p
Coding Challenges and Golfing Code
@hyper-neutrino while I'd never want the circumstances behind it to happen, I would love to watch an all out "mod-vs-mod" war, where y'all try and do whatever to stop the other mods from banning/nuking/whatevering you :P
@RedwolfPrograms ok what is CCGC?
sits on the sidelines and watches the battle while eating popcorn
@Fmbalbuena a failure to type properly.
12:16 AM
@hyper-neutrino Answered.
@Fmbalbuena A typo
@Fmbalbuena vtc as dupe of another conversation

The site acronym has too many letter c's

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@cairdcoinheringaahing VTC as dupe
4 hours ago, by hyper-neutrino
CMP: old name or new name
12:17 AM
Coge golf and programming puzzles
@hyper-neutrino VTC as unclear, whole knows that "old name" or "new name" could be referring to?
12:17 AM
The site's original name was "code golf stack exchange" :P
(but with caps, I'm lazy)
or better PPCCCGGCSE
@cairdcoinheringaahing tfw you spend more time explaining your laziness than not being lazy
12:18 AM
my bookmark says CG.SE
i don't have a bookmark for codegolf cuz i just type "c" into my browser bar
Petition to rename the site Stack Overflow [tag:code-golf] Stack Exchange
@hyper-neutrino s/type/lazy type/
I just keep too many tabs open :P
12:19 AM
i'm at 1121 even though i could have sworn i closed 1000 a week or two ago
@UnrelatedString ...
@cairdcoinheringaahing I legit saw a post on r/ProgrammerHumor complaining about "SO mean because I asked VLQ and they were mean" and one of the comments said (something like) "There's too many sites in their network, I don't get why they don't just merge them all into one"
12:20 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well it's fitting for r/programmerhumor cuz that'd be fucking hilarious to see
@UnrelatedString 20 tabs is too many
@RedwolfPrograms 10 is pushing it
Ok, that's enough with the acronym spam
20 is like the bare minimum for a window
if you aren't going to close the window in a matter of hours
12:21 AM
i only have 11 rn lol
If you have 1000 tabs open, you do not know how to use a browser lol
that is true
@lyxal btw that's just a mashup of basically every winning criteria
has 2500 tabs open via seventeen browsers across 12 active VMs
i only have two Nineteenth bytes open (that i can find)
12:22 AM
38th byte
@cairdcoinheringaahing * The entire human genome but encoded with Cs and Gs *
I have 21 open on my "CGCC window", 14 on my "uni window" and a couple of single tab windows open with problem sheets/lecture notes that I'mm split screening
My Chrome has stopped keeping pinned tabs open when I close it, so I'm a few tabs below my average
4 currently
@hyper-neutrino Welcome to the 38th byte!
When I'm working on something, usually between 6 and 10
12:23 AM
@RedwolfPrograms i have 100 tabs open
I have 7 open, but that can be reduced to 4
3, actually
@RedwolfPrograms yikes
HN is kinda in the 39th byte, as he's in both the 19th and 20th byte :P
(I'm guessing, I don't know who's actually in the mod room atm)
i have 11 on my main desktop (discord, two gmails, review queue for GRT, TNB, 5 schoolwork tabs, youtube) and 1 on my second desktop (AOC)
I just don't see what you'd need more than one window of 10 tabs for, maybe two windows or additional tabs for a project that needs lots open
12:24 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing this is true
Currently, 38 tabs + about a dozen incognito ones
wait do you actually use mostly browser discord
i thought my sister was theo nly one
@RedwolfPrograms On my CGCC window, I have the two /review pages pinned, a bunch of pins for potential challenge ideas, 3 chat tabs, 3 /questions/active tabs, and Jelly TIO + commands (4 tabs) open
@UnrelatedString hey I use browser discord too sometimes
no i keep it open for my second account
12:25 AM
yeah that makes sense
tfw you golf your browser tabs to zero by just sending/receiving packets with your brain
Imagine not just making all of the internet up in a dream you're currently having. Btw, wake up, we have a crusade to fight
what if i'm atheist
You still get to stab people
That's half the fun
That's just something you've dreamt up, it's 1307 and there are people to stab
@RedwolfPrograms You just get to make up your own mind which people :P
12:28 AM
*wakes up*
*internet shuts down*
@cairdcoinheringaahing You can do the "stand-in-the-middle-of-the-fight-spinning-in-circles-with-a-sword-in-both-hands" tactic
And make "vroooom" noises if you feel it's necessary
Yeah, but Wendy's doesn't like it when you do that
"Threatens the customers" or some bs
@AaroneousMiller can't wake up if you're frozen ;p
Can plates wake up?
Can plates sleep?
What is sleep?
12:30 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean, idk what happens in my cupboard after hours, so I can't answer that
heck, they could be partying all night and I wouldn't know
What happens in lyxal's cupboard stays in lyxal's keyboard
@lyxal TFW your plates have more of a social life than you
Dang I should start twitch streaming my cupboard
just 24/7 plate footage
@cairdcoinheringaahing well I mean, it isn't that hard to have more of a social life than me
You need to attach a camera 24/7 to Aaron plate and just stream that :P
12:32 AM
the closest we've gotten so far is that one plate cleaning video
That video of you washing Aaron. The world needs more
maybe one day
We need Aaron simps :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing besides, I need consent/permission from each plate first
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ooh another out-of-context message to add to my collection
12:33 AM
I’m down for whatever
@lyxal ^ Consent, I demand washing videos
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's from aaron
I need consent from emanresuA, rak and user
(man this probably sounds so weird to those without the context)
I mean.
We've talked about much wieder
@lyxal (man this probably sounds so weird to those without the context)
12:36 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah I suppose so
exhibition A:
Also, there's nothing weird about consent

what the actual hell

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@cairdcoinheringaahing no I more meant the whole plate washing stuff
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ooh, I like the timing of sending that message :P
@LeakyNun Jelly, 3 bytes: digits base -1
Exhibition B:
Jun 11 '16 at 8:05, by aditsu
I don't think I wanna see porn with TNB users :p
12:39 AM
How do you interpret that? You (alone) watching porn that stars TNB users? Or, you watching porn while accompanied by other TNB users?
You (with TNB users) watching porn that stars TNB users
Porn Ad: Are you seriously watching porn alone?
Me and the TNBers: *laughing*
no, I'm with the science team
12:54 AM
Mmm, very interesting conversation here
CMP: Good names for a laptop?
Aaron Miller
Why my code not working?
No Timothy because it feels too human and I'll feel bad when I throw it away. No lyxal because it'd feel weird too and you're being narcissistic :P
@UnrelatedString No ^
12:56 AM
@user no, i'm being lyxal
can you be a bit more descriptive about what "not working" means and what it should do
@user How about "xX_dinosaur68.5_Xx"
VTC as needs details or clarity
@hyper-neutrino not working because i'm trying to do this
12:58 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Um, something pronounceable please (like "hey can you get me Glorious Leader's charger?")
"\n"+"`"*3 is longer than "\n```" xD
@hyper-neutrino Oh sorry
Clunky, Crashy, Grinder, Black Hole
also what exactly isn't working
too much indentation on noop?
too little indentation elsewhere?
12:59 AM
looks like it
incorrect spacing elsewhere?
that's why i said include more details
@Bubbler Ooh, I like Black Hole
i feel like this is something that could benefit from being written ungolfed
1:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino can you debug?
the giant chain of if statements can be golfed by like 80% anyway
@OldSandboxPosts I love all the challenges titled "Introduction"
ok more like 90
1:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino but fix bugs first and golf.
using exec. obviously.
no just use string indexing
i don't even know where the noop printing happens
@hyper-neutrino what is SI?
s(end=d[" ><+-.,[]".find(x)])
that is equivalent to like 8 lines of your code
1:03 AM
Golf that.
@hyper-neutrino why not golfing?
4 hours ago, by Fmbalbuena
45 secs ago, by Adám
Oct 14 '16 at 3:36, by Downgoat
Jul 20 at 10:30, by Mego
I am male penguin
You don't need to requote that message, it just gets bigger each time
1:29 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FmbalbuenaPrint this title! Your task is to print this Print this title! Rules: No Loopholes your source must be full code, not function or snippet. Outputting to STDERR is not allowed, you should output to STDOUT. Meta: Suggestions? Off-topic?

@RedwolfPrograms I mean, the cryptically shortened variable names aren't great, but at least it's properly indented :P
Facebook Gaming has... some problems. I had a recording of a stream open, paused, in another Chrome window. Apparently, the page refreshed, tried to start playing again, got messed up somehow, and was using up 50% of my laptop's CPU until I closed the window.
i miss facebook tetris battle
@Niko Looks impossible without modifying the source code itself (or making a weird interpreter that makes both branches run)
Also, is it limited to Python?
1:47 AM
you can have a function that read the source code itself and rerun it in new file with only that part of code
@Bubbler yesnt
@Niko If it is allowed then rather ask for a function that transforms an if-else code fragment into something you want
2:05 AM
@Bubbler that fit in transplier category?
Probably yes but you will never get any answer in the other category, because it is impossible
I thought creating a function that run the self’s file in parallel but with different state could work
No, parallel execution means two separate runtimes, in one you will have a=5 and in the other you will have a=10 for example
@DLosc That sort of feels like if your arm got stuck in a wood chipper and your response was "well at least all the atoms are the same" :p
So you can't get a variable to be shadowed by the order of execution
2:16 AM
how was your lunch
or how si your lunch
Yet to go and get it but the cafeteria lunch is always mediocre
ah, sad
2:31 AM
@Razetime evening :D
good evening to you
@RedwolfPrograms Ha! Well, I'm just saying--at least two of my coworkers have zero regard for consistent whitespace when they write code. When I start working on a file that someone else wrote, my first step is to run a bunch of regex replacements to make the indentation sane so I can read it.
oh god, my workspace has the same problem
My AP CS class never taught about proper indentation, so trying to help people when their code's not working is truly painful
Somebody next to me somehow deindents their code after a block is started
we've "solved" this by mandating 4 space tabs in our editors, but the majority of our code already uses tabs and we're not allowed to modify the whole file at once, so it's only getting worse
2:40 AM
@JoKing Oof
@RedwolfPrograms Pertinent
@RedwolfPrograms See, this is why everybody needs to learn Python /hj
Ooh, a Lemony Snicket quote. +1
real programmers indent their code in dot points in word
@RedwolfPrograms Almost one third of my liked quotes on Goodreads are Lemony Snicket quotes ^_^
@RedwolfPrograms w...
huh, Unfortunate Events had a TV series?
2:47 AM
I once read the first two books of All The Wrong Questions and really liked them, but then couldn't find the other two anywhere :/
@RedwolfPrograms that implies that they indent before code blocks
@JoKing Yep! I've only watched part of it because I don't have Netflix, but I liked the episodes I watched. It takes the secret-society bits from later in the series and blends them into the early books really well.
@RedwolfPrograms The third one was my favorite. It gets really wonderfully creepy.
@RedwolfPrograms like ^?
@DLosc neat. I remember the movie pretty well, and only vaguely remember the latter books
@lyxal Something like that, but a lot less organized
2:50 AM
i'll put it on my to watch list
@lyxal Well of course you have to start out with some indentation if you want to dedent your code blocks, duh /s
The indentation varies between one and four spaces, and sometimes randomly jumps around
and occasionally whole methods will be written as one line
Not one statement, one line with all the whitespace stripped
I upgraded to a better graphics card with my new laptop, since it was slowing my frame rates. But I also downgraded the CPU to save money, and it turns out I downgraded too much and now Minecraft runs slowly :(
Not sure why I find this so funny
A chromebook with actually good specs just doesn't seem like something that should exist

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