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12:00 AM
most of my "interaction" with your site has been trawling really old meta posts, so I have a lot of outdated notions in this here head o' mine
Those are the best meta posts to look at tbh
fair enough :P i call it PPCG sometimes either out of habit or after seeing some old meta posts i've dug up to try to address, etc
I tried writing an answer, but couldn't think of the best thing to say, but I do have this: I joined after you 'went dark' and so never really knew you as a mod. However as I read about the history of PPCG more and more (I cannot tell you how many forgotten chat transcripts I've read), I came to realise just how active you were, and I think that you stepping down as a mod is a great shame. I really hope you keep golfing and stay active here (come join us back in TNB when you can!) — caird coinheringaahing Feb 21 '18 at 23:02
I'm no stranger to meta/transcript diving :P
You know the rules?
So do i
12:02 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is a full MM proposal what you're thinking of?
You wouldn't get this from any other user
I just want to tell you how I'm voting
Gotta make you understand
> Should be removed - I'd VTD but that's a hassle to do from the review queues
Quality reason to flag something :P
isn't just a matter of "delete", or am I thinking of the wrong queue
12:06 AM
Wow caird I can't believe you ruined the meta-roll
did this go in first posts or VLQ
@hyper-neutrino I was in First Posts, which doesn't let you VTD
also it went unhandled so long it gave me the flag notification, lol
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also found it on the front page and just VTDed as well
it takes an hour for VLQ/NAA flags to appear for mods xD
12:08 AM
I custom-flagged it tho
there was another NAA flag and community raised a VLQ on it
now that i think about it
since you custom flagged it probably showed the whole post and thus the flags...
i'm not very smart
I would dispute this assertion
12:26 AM
Q: Should new challenges on Codidact be posted into The Nineteenth Byte?

caird coinheringaahingCodidact is a related network of sites to Stack Exchange, created in the aftermath of behaviour by Stack Exchange in late 2019, in an effort to create a better Q&A network. One of the sites in their network is Code Golf, where a large number of CGCC users have started to contribute. The site has ...

@NewPosts should probably be "compared to our 25/week"
or similar
otherwise seems like you're saying there's a challenge here every 25 days
My bad, I originally had Codidact down as "one question per week", then did the math :P
you did math? I hear that's hard
I did the monster math :p
it was a graveyard graph :p
do you know, I believe this is the third time I've been mentioned by name on a meta (for a site which I don't have an account)
12:34 AM
There are now exactly 7 bugs/FRs on meta without a status tag, meaning that we've resolved almost 95% of all "open" bug reports and feature requests here!
12:46 AM
@bobble which one, "now that i think about it", because clearly i am not very capable of thinking? (/s)
@cairdcoinheringaahing \o/ how many are closed (or did you exclude those)
bows out, inwardly cackling at having started a likely at-least-mildly controversial discussion
in case i forgot to mention it several times, thanks for all the help with getting through that backlog :P
@bobble you should revisit sometime to check on the chaos :D cya! o/
@hyper-neutrino No worries, it was fun :P
12:48 AM
also that's a lot of links in your meta post
@hyper-neutrino Looks like 4, all of which are dupes of the same post :P
lol :P
@hyper-neutrino Well, I'm no thermometer :P
@bobble pathetic. real gamers stick around for the debates they cause
Q: Implement Fix2 combinator

BubblerImplement Fix2 code-golf functional-programming lambda-calculus Background The fixed-point combinator \$\textsf{fix}\$ is a higher-order function that computes the fixed point of the given function. $$\textsf{fix}\ f = f\ (\textsf{fix}\ f)$$ In terms of programming, it is used to implement recurs...

12:51 AM
@NewPosts @Bubbler Think you forget to get rid of the title + tags from the Sandbox :P
Big brain moment
Typical Monday morning mistake
Husk has fix(I think) but I'm not very sure how itd help with bubblers question
I should probably wait for an answer in js/python before trying this
Hint: you can cheat by reading the linked article
It looks like an interesting challenge, but I;m too sleep-deprived to try it now, and I expect hyper, Jonathan or Nick to beat me to it by the time I wake up tomorrow :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing hey how 'bout you s/;/'?
1:00 AM
how ;bout I don;t
@cairdcoinheringaahing you totally should
@lyxal you should stop using s// and start using jQuery instead :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think I'll \;\'V instead
Imagine not ⁾';y-ing
1:09 AM
I missed the rickroll :(
Oh I didn't notice you'd bookmarkt it already lol
@Bubbler this does not make it any easier
possibly due to shallow understanding of haskell
It literally has the Y* implementation in Haskell taking a list of same-typed functions, which is a valid answer to the challenge. The problem could be whether it can be translated into Husk or not
I'd say very unlikely
1:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerMinkowski sum of two convex polygons code-golf math geometry Background Minkowski addition is a binary operation on two sets of points (usually geometric objects) in the Euclidean space. The Minkowski sum of two sets \$A\$ and \$B\$ is formally defined as follows: $$ A+B = \{\mathbf{a}+\mathbf{b}...

1:33 AM
Hello everyone
Does New Posts bots work for meta posts too
@Wasif ninja'd
CMQ: 3 letter abbreviations of scalar?
1:41 AM
@lyxal what ninja'd?
@Wasif I answered your question before you asked
@lyxal scr, slr, or scl
You likely answered another question
but reverse the sounds of the x
1:42 AM
@RedwolfPrograms scl is good
How about car
@lyxal NaV (not a vector)
@NewPosts Actually, I think I might pin this to grab some early attention
@Wasif ([any] a, car b) -> [num] doesn't make sense now does it.
Why you need the abbreviation?
Just use scalar
1:45 AM
@Wasif check vyxal room
Q: Visualize a Risky program

Redwolf ProgramsRisky is a new language of mine, which features an interesting form of tacit programming. In this challenge, you'll take a Risky program as input, and visualize the parsing. No knowledge of Risky is needed for this challenge, but it's a pretty interesting language so I'd recommend trying it :p. T...

@lyxal What do you call [any]?
@lyxal I have said my opinion
string, scalar, vector
You can use them
Damn, SE recommends that I track Socratic on meta O.o
@Bubbler it's a list of any
1:50 AM
Well, I don't see a reason to insist on 3 chars because [any] is not 3 chars
You could say an "atom" maybe
if it can be singleton of any type
•  (num a, num b) -> num               = log_a(b)
   (num a, str b) -> [str]             = [char * a for char in b]
   (str a, num b) -> [str]             = [char * b for char in a]
   (str a, str b) -> str               = a.with_capitalisation_of(b)
   ([any] a, [any] b) -> [any]         = a molded to the shape of b
   (otherwise) -> [any]                = vectorise
(vyxal docs)
<  (num a, num b) -> num               = a < b (less than)
   (num a, str b) -> num               = str(a) < b
   (str a, num b) -> num               = a < str(b)
   (str a, str b) -> num               = a < b (python string less than)
   ([any] a, scl b) -> [num]           = [n < b for n in a]
   ([any] a, [any] b) -> [num]         = [a[n] < b[n] for n in range(len(a))]
What happens on < ([any] a, [any] b) if len(a) > len(b)?
@NewPosts too many hard challenges recently
@Bubbler Try it Online! (it extends the shorter list with 0s)
@Wasif git gud :P
1:58 AM
I have tried to dream about sheeps last night
But couldn't get the solution
Of the count sheep challenge
@Wasif sounds like you had a bit of a baa-d time
No not so bad
when your pun goes unnoticed
Now I notice
Baa baa black sheep
2:05 AM
@hyper-neutrino - "I often forget about Codand forget to..." - did you typo somewhere? Also, that whole paragraph is a single run-on sentence. hides behind grammar nerdiness
@bobble i would like to know what on earth i was smoking because i really could use some of that again
yeah i think i just accidentally deleted something i didn't mean to
and also didn't realize i wrote a sentence that was like 2 paragraphs long lol
I too forget about cod sometimes
The most unremarkable of the fishes
yeah that sentence was rather fishy
here's something you won't regret clicking: this
@Bubbler all this recursion is really hurting my head
2:23 AM
@hyper-neutrino what would you use it for?
A: "Hello, World!"

TKDKid1000Minecraft 1.16, 36 bytes Just something I thought of :D /tellraw @a {"text":"Hello, World!"} I can't find a try it online for these though

Hello, World bot is slow
Very slower than New posts
It's a feed, not a bot
Oh I see
So feeds are usually slower than bots?
They only poll for new posts every half hour or so
2:28 AM
agh this fix2 combinator thing is gonna bother me for the rest of the day
2:51 AM
Considering deleting Gold Hunter KoTH. It's had no answers in more than two and a half years, and since it's a KotH any answers now would have no competition. It's not that hard to answer either, it's just pointless to do so (and not a very good challenge). Opinions?
Also, please nobody go answer it :p
> In this KoTH, the aim is to be the winner
> Deadline is two weeks past post date at UTC Noon
Quick, we only have -2.75 years to answer :p
Deleted. I don't want someone to spend time answering it when it'd go completely ignored, and it's not that great of a challenge anyway.
There are now 159 KotHs :p
3:14 AM
Too bad, you made a step backwards in the quest towards Generalist :P
@RedwolfPrograms Dammit I would've answered the thing
I was too late D:
3:35 AM
CMQ: What is your hardest challenge? (uses views per answer)
@RedwolfPrograms suggest id as [Post Link] instead of id, title
@RedwolfPrograms dividing numbers by 0 apparently
That's the wrong revision, hang on
Man I hate how SEDE's links work
select id as [Post Link], title, answercount, viewcount, format(cast(viewcount as float) / answercount, 'F3', 'en-us') from posts where owneruserid = ##userid## and (tags like '%golf%' or tags like '%code-bowling%') and not tags like '%cops-and-robbers%' order by cast(answercount as float) / viewcount asc
For me the top two are the two challenges in FRACTRAN
@RedwolfPrograms so far it's my newest one
3:38 AM
div 0 again
Oh, I'm dumb. Don't know how to fix that, actually.
Does SQL's or work with numbers?
@hyper-neutrino link?
i just copy-pasted redwolf's message
I don't think so, though I guess you can use (answercount + 0.1) or something
3:41 AM
Say, have I ever mentioned that I dislike SQL? :p
@RedwolfPrograms canonically, yes
my hardest is this with 0 answers so it wins for free
i don't know if it's feasably solvable
it's "given a GOL config, find a setup of gliders that results in it eventually"
you can theoretically brute force this in like O(really big)
Funny thing is that div by 0 isn't actually my hardest challenge
it has 1 answer that was self-removed
I updated the query to work better with ties, trying it on the whole site
3:43 AM
Wait, you're sorting the column as string
@RedwolfPrograms fanonically however, you say quite the opposite
JS spoiled that guy so badly :P
@Bubbler Wait what? No I'm not.
According to my updated metric for difficulty, Regex that only matches itself is the hardest question on the site
select id as [Post Link], answercount, viewcount,
cast(viewcount as float) / (answercount + 1) as measure
from posts
where owneruserid = ##userid##
and (tags like '%golf%' or tags like '%code-bowling%')
and not tags like '%cops-and-robbers%'
order by measure desc
This is much more readable
that's a lot of deleted answers
3:47 AM
Frick readability this is SQL
If your eyes aren't bleeding you're doing it wrong
This and this are very close in the measure
Forgot to exclude %tips% lol
3:52 AM
Updated to not include redundant title
I uh...forgot to restrict it to questions looool
@RedwolfPrograms mfw 7 of the 12 undeleted answers are leaky nun
I was just looking at that lol
I counted five before you spoiled it >:|
i am speed
4:11 AM
i am lyxal
and y'ain't any of the things you say y'all are
that was me once
but then May happened
@Bubbler again? xD i might try to port this as an alternate sol
One day I wrote something to compress ASCII, just by representing it with 7 bits instead of wasting an eighth. Just simple bitwise stuff. Well, it would occasionally mess up and end up as random data after 80 or so characters. It also seemed to be non-deterministic. I deleted it and re-wrote it, and it worked fine. I don't have that code anymore, and I don't know what was wrong with it. But I'm 90% sure I'd found a super obscure bug in either V8 or the simulation we all live in.
4:23 AM
the latter
consider reporting it to r/noearthsociety
they expose bugs in the simulation run by the government
5:14 AM
No you're not
You're A Username
NotLyxal is the name of my minecraft account, so hence your incorrectness
But if I'm not not lyxal, then I'm Lyxal.
this is a false dichotomy
@Ausername NotLyxal is one word
But 'NOT LYXAL' is two
5:17 AM
When playing minecraft I'm not lyxal
you just said it was one word
If lyxal == not lyxal, then all other statements must be true
According to the principle of explosion
only if lyxal is a boolean
So one word is equal to two words, problem solved
"one word" is two words though!
5:20 AM
@hyper-neutrino Well even for an object lyxal == !lyxal won't be true
@RedwolfPrograms try []==![]
do you see why everyone hates JS now :P
@Ausername You're right, if one word is two words, then we can divide each side by words, and we get 1 == 2, so we don't even need to worry about the lyxal == not lyxal thing!
@hyper-neutrino Fun fact: the result for the mirror image []!==[] is the same
@Bubbler yeah js is... interesting...
Maybe JS is a good language and everything else is just bad
5:24 AM
I copied you
Did...did I just superhypermeganinja you or did you just copy what I wrote lol
Maybe JS is a good language and everything else is just bad
6:01 AM
I'm actually running out o f - I'm on page 17 out of 23 :p
I feel like drawing ascii-art and parsing ascii-art should be separate tags, because I don't even try the second.
Can someone help me with optimizing a coding problem? Hitting memory limit exceeded on dmoj.ca/problem/2spooky4me
@SafdarFaisal We don't offer help with that kind of questions.
@Bubbler what can I ask here then? just so that I know.. :D
@SafdarFaisal This is what our main site is about. This chatroom has more freedom and you can chat about almost anything, but almost no one here is interested in online judge/competitive programming stuff.
6:35 AM
just deleted my lastpass account, feeling good
6:50 AM
Q: Generalised multi-dimensional chess knight's moves

pxegerMulti-dimensional chess is an extension of normal chess that is played on an 8x8x8x8... "board". In normal 2D chess, a knight's move is a movement by a vector of \$ \begin{bmatrix} \pm 2 \\ \pm 1 \end{bmatrix} \$ or \$ \begin{bmatrix} \pm 1 \\ \pm 2 \end{bmatrix} \$, as long as it doesn't cause t...

7:37 AM
sorry for not popping in
spent ten hours playing minecraft
@lyxal in reply to this, yes, and so do I
because a full commitment' what I'm thinking of
8:20 AM
@hyper-neutrino what about ![]==![]
That's so bad, it is actually good.
@Bubbler isn't it supposed to be []!=[]
8:58 AM
An insight I just had: Tag badges here are very different to those on other sites for two reasons:
- One, we have very few questions, resulting in limits to what you can actually get
- Two, whereas other sites might have hundreds of tags, our tags are in general much more densely populated - 85% of all challenges here are [tag:code-golf].
Dammit markdown
@Ausername reverse it
@Ausername Nope. Lots of "Adam"s. I'm the only "Adám".
9:06 AM
Is there an Adàm?
ah, the accent distinguhises you
the á wins
@Ausername I doubt it.
@Anush oh hi Anush
Codicact is annoying - I had to login three times: Once to sign up, once to try logging in only to learn that I have to confirm my email, and once to actually log in.
9:26 AM
Do we have a challenge to extract the Code field from a TIO link?
no afaict
That involves unzipping tho
Builtinless languages
/ Moduleless languages
/ The standard loophole of outsourcing code
9:40 AM
@Ausername Not every language can participate in every challenge. Plenty of languages can't do graphical output, or compete for speed.
All languages can output SVG
/ PPM / whatever
9:59 AM
All languages can implement unzipping.
that sounds like a challenge itself
Sure. But it'd be boring for language that have it built in or with easy access to shell commands.
How about you provide a blackbox unzipping function (see this_
@Adám ban builtins then
@rak1507 Oh no,
10:04 AM
it's reasonable to ban builtins for challenges that are all about implementing that one builtin
or have a CW answer with the trivial solutions
A: Things to avoid when writing challenges

xnorDo X without Y This isn't always bad, but it's been a particular trap for beginners, so be careful. In the past, there were popular questions about doing a simple task but with the obvious method banned: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code How to write a C program ...

10:44 AM
@StackMeter your name always makes me feel I am getting a message from the sysop :)
@Anush lol
11:13 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ophactBuild a raw string code-golf string In this challenge you will write code which, given a single line string as input, can output the raw version. Full spec The input will be a string like ab\n or ab\u0065e\\ or e\'543 which is valid in your language. These strings should be converted to a raw ve...

1 hour later…
12:36 PM
Q: Is there a left-right connection?

aeh5040code-golf path-finding binary-matrix decision-problem Task Given a square array of 0s and 1s, determine whether or not there exists a path of 1s connecting the leftmost and rightmost columns. A path can take steps of one unit up, down, left or right, but not diagonally. Every symbol on the path...

@Adám Not a very enthusiastic "Yay"
That's better :P
1:39 PM
CMC: Take an integer, shift all the "on" bits to the right: 94 => 31 because 01011110=>00011111
yes, there is a very easy solution
@cairdcoinheringaahing finally :P
@Wezl is this not just x=>x>>1
oh wait no
not one to the right
all the way to the right
yeah, that was unclear
nah i just didn't read your example properly lol
Jelly: BS2*’ (binary, sum, 2 ^ that, decrement)
you can take input as a binary string/array, but then you must output with the same width of the input
oh well then that's trivial :p
1:42 PM
@Wezl _.sort >:)
one byte in jelly, i think the S with a dot over it
@hyper-neutrino that's what I had, but in my imaginary golfing language with popcount and 1<< instead of 2^
@Wezl then it's just an entirely different challenge (if it can be called a challenge)
sed, :;s/10/01/;t, takes binary
CMC: Above challenge in sed taking unary
nah that's no fun
Any feedback (Codidact Sandbox)?
1:45 PM
@user isn't this just transpose
Er, yes
is "unzip a list" any different from "zip a list"?
zipping is a self-inverting (?) operation
Yeah, one involves unzipping, the other is zipping :P
1:47 PM
@rak1507 I'll find something else to post then :/
@hyper-neutrino wdym?
zip(zip(x)) ≡ x
zipping multiple lists is self-inverting (it's transpose)
zip takes two arguments, right?
ok, reduce(zip, reduce(zip, x)) ≡ x
1:48 PM
Oh I see what you mean
but taking a pair of lists and taking a list of pairs is not self-inverting
I wasn't thinking about zip taking multiple lists
zip(*zip(*x)) == x
(ignoring type)
@hyper-neutrino *makes irritated comments about python's tuples*
@Wezl Extended Dyalog APL: ⊥⊤~0⍨ Try it online!
Unfortunately this is shorter than the mathematical approach of summing the bits, then raising 2 to that power, and subtracting one.
1:52 PM
aw, I hoped ⊤~0⍨ could be 1∩⊤ but it has to be ⊤∩1⍨ which is the same number of bytes
I saw ...}⍣n⊂... in APL, spent way too long looking up partition and wondering why it was there because I didn't see the , and now I'm back in an anti-APL mood
opinion on closing this question? I'm not sure "must use no loops but recursion" is particularly observable (it's very old and has a bunch of answers but many solutions seem to be either invalid or debatably valid or unclear)
Pretty sure it's unobservable
@Wezl I'd like a syntax colourer/explainer that draws boxes around operators and their operands.
regex101 highlights groups and stuff as you hover over them. Something like that would be nice
1:58 PM
yeah my syntax highlighter is pretty bad, it doesn't color operators and functions differently
tbf that might be APL's fault for / and stuff
Blame schizophrenia :P
That looks almost like Scratch
Yeah, I'd like a Scratch-like interface for APL.
Programming with APL often feels like putting LEGO blocks together.
2:18 PM
so SE front pages are getting silly alignment issues again
it seems like every time they fix some front-end display bug a new one appears lol
@Wezl Jelly, 3 bytes BṢḄ, takes input as an integer :P
lol ok
@hyper-neutrino Dot under, over dot S is sign :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing i can never remember those :P
2:42 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing did you misclick the review or smth? it says you reviewed to leave open and then the close users list has you on it :p
@hyper-neutrino No, I closed it after seeing the chat message, then had the review pop up. Couldn't click "Close" for the review as that requires casting a close vote which I couldn't do again, and I forgot Skip was an option
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah. that makes more sense lol. yeah i was about to ask why you voted to leave open in case i was missing something and it was fine, and then noticed you did close it :P
@hyper-neutrino It's pretty bad, but at least it isn't tagged with , which I fully expected after I saw "function" in bold :P
lol :D
oh yeah are we still looking to retire that
also I think we have a pretty decent consensus on posting codidact challenges here? your question is +6/0, my vote is +7/0 + me
@hyper-neutrino Yes, but we're going slow
2:54 PM
ah are we retagging it out the slow way
Yep, because some should just have it removed and others should be retagged
@hyper-neutrino Jelly, 7 bytes ¹Ẋß$ṢƑ?, uses bogo-sort :P
Ironically, that has the sort atom in it :P
the best way to sort: have a built-in sort, and only use it to check if the list is the same after sorting xd

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