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9:00 PM
I hope not
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI why are all the answers and the question community wiki?
Ugh, SO doesn't have mathjax
@ChartZBelatedly Apparently the dependencies are heavy, so only a few sites have it :(
@Wezl Dunno, because it's ?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I don't think that's true at all, it's a few lines of code.
It looks like they were CW from the start, so maybe it was a convention back then.
But SO gets 7000 questions/day, so who knows what performance hits SO would take if they had MathJax.
Mathematics.SE has MathJax on pretty much every question, and has 500 questions/day and is doing fine as far as I know.
9:04 PM
MathJax is client side, right?
Hey @NikeDattani, and welcome to The Nineteenth Byte!
I think so, yeah
@ChartZBelatedly Thanks!
@NikeDattani ... and how many people it would help
It's obvious that I'm not a regular here? haha
9:04 PM
A: Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax?

Ilmari KaronenWhich sites support MathJax? These sites (and their respective Meta sites) support MathJax: 3D Printing Amateur Radio Artificial Intelligence Astronomy Aviation Bioinformatics Biology (with mhchem extension) Blender Chemistry (with mhchem extension) Code Golf (with \$ delimiters) Code Review (w...

@NikeDattani There's so few users here that everyone knows when someone's new :P
> MathJax increases page load times drastically, so it's only supported on sites that have demonstrated a serious need for it.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Haha. It does seem like a lot of users compared to other chat rooms though!
@NikeDattani Yes, TNB is very active :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I think "drastically" is a subjective term. Mathematics.SE has MathJax and I don't notice it loading any slower than SO, but SO has 6000 questions/day so who knows what it would be like. Maybe they're just trying to be prudent. I don't think it's due to having a lot of "dependencies" though.
I have MathJax on my own website, it's not too complicated.
Ah, I see
If all sites could get it, that would be pretty great
A: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

caird coinheringaahingJelly u, 9×10552 bytes “...”LbØ%ịØJV Try it online! More specifically, that's 91700884834339703007349098484211031896356846666050871815250789931429454753927510986469049418450606180557823675059658871264629863399731976398495938144415584884655533034325150324988218725170308790635479629460233690906873...

Not exactly code-golf, more code-bowling tbh :P
9:09 PM
Unfortunately, it's CW :(
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I agree! I don't see why it's not the default on every site, except for maybe SO which gets too big a volume of questions so might have performance concerns.
But how often do you get to have a score off 552 orders of magnitude? :P
Do any mods spend time in this room? I came here because of this: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/57414836#57414836
It's not something that has come up for me before, but it's interesting nonetheless.
@ChartZBelatedly Is it considered a good idea to ping all the mods?
9:12 PM
@NikeDattani Not really. One of our moderators is pingable (JoKing) but a flag on main would make more sense as they're pretty on top of those
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI It's considered not possible. Only JoKing's pingable
we need more mods :(
No, we need more active (in chat) mods
non active mods are mods by name only
Pretty sure all 4 mods are pretty active on main. I rarely have a flag pending for more than a few hours
well that's good at least
9:15 PM
I thought Doorknob wasn't active anymore.
> Last seen 11 hours ago
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Samuel WallerDecode Tap/Knoc/Prison Code The code has a lot of names, but is very simple: 1 2 3 4 5 1 A B C D E 2 F G H I J 3 L M N O P 4 Q R S T U 5 V W X Y Z A letter is coded by its coordinates, with the row first, then the column. Ex: M = 3, 2 V 1 2 3 4 5 1 A B C D E 2 F G H I J >3 L M N O...

Can't say exactly how active, but they're definitely somewhat active
@NewSandboxedPosts surely this a duplicate
looks ok if it isn't though
9:17 PM
@rak1507 cough cough
Getting a definite answer to that (not just a +5/-1 answer) would be a good start
@ChartZBelatedly Isn't that a definite answer?
seems pretty definite to me
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI When the question is at +12/-0, it kinda suggests that people agree with the question but not the answer
especially considering the lack of a 'No' post
@rak1507 Should I write one?
9:20 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Do you believe we shouldn't?
if you want
@ChartZBelatedly No, but just to be the devil's advocate.
Cause it shouldn't be a "poll", it should be people who believe in one view or another posting their opinions
So people who disagree can downvote it and it can be settled (I'll make it community wiki because it won't be a good answer).
@ChartZBelatedly Ah
So the lack of a No post is pretty strong
9:21 PM
Never mind, then
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI The problem with those style posts is that your "no reasons" aren't going to be the genuine "no reasons" held by people who believe that the answer is "no"
They can make a good guess at them, but they'll never be 100% accurate or genuine
@ChartZBelatedly Fair enough
@JoKing I think/guess that you mods have some way of discussing things away from the eyes of us regular users. If so, could you circulate the idea of holding an RO election and get back to us, as the mods (and xnor) are currently the only ones who can appoint new ROs?
Seems like, although it isn't a solid definite answer that we do want more ROs, it seems as though there isn't a substantial disagreement
new thing?
Old thing
Q: List of unlinked pages on Stack Exchange sites

rightfoldHere is a list of special, unlinked pages (they may be linked in questions and answers) on Stack Exchange sites. Most pages listed here are work in progress or legacy. Currently, this list is incomplete. If you know more of them, add them to the answer. Related Hidden features of Stack Exchange...

9:30 PM
Some of them are quite interesting
is it any different to sorting by votes?
Yeah, see the Alan Walker question
Not sure what in the hell happened with that question, cause it always shows up in long term site stat listings
lmao yeah what
But it's only a 17 score, 13 answer kolmo
9:31 PM
do you know if there is a way to sort by views? I've always wanted that
Don't know, sorry :/
no problem
gnat, ofc
(Combined total of posts, votes, comments and edits)
9:33 PM
> Redwolf Programs is considered a high activity user, up to 0 of their answers could have been considered when the predictor was last updated Jan 8 '14 at 20:00.
This is cool but looks broken
That's a "you" only page :P
oh cool I have the second most rep gained this month
Replace the id with your CGCC id :p
> The Predictor...
Thinks ChartZ Belatedly prefers, when compared to a typical user, to answer questions tagged:
code-golf string number kolmogorov-complexity math
decision-problem integer arithmetic array-manipulation sequence
Thinks ChartZ Belatedly prefers, when compared to a typical user, to avoid questions tagged:
algorithm code-challenge fastest-code c c++
interpreter cryptography javascript word-puzzle music
beating arnauld! lol
9:34 PM
TBH that's not too wrong
Bloody hate C, C++ and Javascript. Too long :/
The predictor is literally empty for me
Mwahaha I've the most participation this month
@rak1507 I'm sustained by Original's bounties :P Got +1100 so far :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Not sure how, though, I haven't been posting too many answers recently
9:36 PM
I have a few bounties too
@ChartZBelatedly Get some more while you still can :P
need to do more answering old questions in APL/factor
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI But those questions are hard :/
I fluctuate between "asking", "answering" and "moderating". Currently in a mod phase :P
9:37 PM
@ChartZBelatedly Which is what the bounty is for. Now move your lazy ***** and start posting some answers!
I fluctuate between 'answering' and 'doing the homework that I should have been doing during the answering'
@rak1507 The trick is to be in the sweet spot of "leaving high school" and "attending university" :P
still ~a year left before that for me :(
but the time will come... and I will answer every question on the site and drain everyone of their rep! insert evil laugh here
I believe either Dennis or Martin have the most posts on the site at around 3000, and we (currently) have 12090 undeleted questions
Good luck :P
Hello! :)
9:40 PM
I'd better get to it
Oh nice, I haven't had any declined flags in the past week: codegolf.stackexchange.com/users/flag-summary/…
I don't think it would be impossible to answer every question on the site, just most of them suck so it wouldn't be very interesting or fun to do so
I'm soon making a custom header of Code Golf SE.
@ChartZBelatedly Or being a professional golfer :P
If I wanted to get paid to golf, I'd have to join Dyalog :P
9:42 PM
they've already got one professional golfer, do they need any more? (@dyalog if you do hmu)
CMP: Who here thinks code golf should become a proper sport? (we can recruit Tiger Woods)
probably the only golf he can do now after his accident :(
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Nah, we've got enough adverts on the site already :/
@rak1507 Oh, I didn't know about that ⍨
9:44 PM
I bet code golf in that sort would be throwing your computer into the trash for raging that you forgot the semicolon. XD
olympic code golf: participants frantically ctrl-f-ing on golf lang builtin pages to find a one character solution to the halting problem
@rak1507 At that level, they'd probably have the code page memorized :)
huh yeah
yeah probably
and have 7 different keyboard layouts memorised
or like tom scotts emoji keyboard, have a huge keyboard with all the golfing languages code pages on them
9:46 PM
Probably have a custom keyboard that looks nothing like qwerty :P
@rak1507 maybe not all the golfing langs, but this is a thing
yeah seen it before, pretty cool
you could use one keyboard with OLED keys, and pedals to switch between registers (code pages), like they do with organ keyboards
if I ever win the lottery I am so doing that
the golfing organ
ah yes
golfing organ
9:53 PM
bonus points if it functions as a real organ as well and I can play music on it
y e s
@rak1507 It could be multipurpose - each key would both produce a sound and a character :P
that's what I was thinking, it would be a real organ but each key would have the side effect of typing a character
10:07 PM
Who is Rakesh Kumar and why are they user 0?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I actually don't know
@ChartZBelatedly that's where you're wrong kiddo
Why was that flagged?
@RedwolfPrograms Lyxal must have flagged it
@Lyxal Right...
@Lyxal do you search for your name to see if people are talking about you
@rak1507 I pinged them
10:12 PM
@rak1507 because I read every message posted overnight
Don't flag messages unless they're actually offensive
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI but I found it a very marginally bit offensive. :p
Enough to be worth bringing it to the attention of every 10k+ user online?
@ChartZBelatedly I think I hit valid on that instead of invalid, so if something happened to your comment, I apologize
10:14 PM
Well, the flag indicator has gone, and it's still there, so it looks good :)
Oh good
@RedwolfPrograms Honestly, flags should just notify users in the same room (or site), unless there aren't enough 10k+ users there.
Luckily we have enough 10k users here to deal with them quickly enough
Takes a bit of mental parsing, but the usernames are all there
@ChartZBelatedly Heh, imagine not having a JSON viewer built into your browser
Not sure what the first field is
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Imagine needing a JSON viewer to look at things :P
10:23 PM
Third and fourth are obviously dates
@RedwolfPrograms Chat IDs
@ChartZBelatedly I am a JSON viewer
@ChartZBelatedly Right, real programmers just parse stuff mentally :P
@RedwolfPrograms Don't tell me you browse the web solely by inspecting the HTML and mentally rendering it :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Personally, my brain can send and receive packets, so I don't even need a computer :P
HAHA, go to the tour and press the Konami code :P
1⌷⍉↑⎕JSON data personally I use APL to parse JSON :P
(I was going to use httpcommand to make a get request but you need to be logged in and I cba)
@ChartZBelatedly not working for me...
10:29 PM
@rak1507 Press Enter instead of Select (what were you pressing?)
oh, there's a place to type? or something?
I implemented something similar on a game of mine but it just went to a rickroll
No, just press UUDDLRLRab<Enter>
ah it worked ok I needed to hit enter
This seems like it should be changed
10:31 PM
Uh oh, not this again
also maybe the bit about accepting answers
@ChartZBelatedly imagine being able to input arrow keys
Made by mobile gang
And also all of it
Also the example answer is not really a quality answer by our standards
Neither is the example question
10:33 PM
We should close it
If I run in the next mod election, my slogan will be "Vote for me, and I'll annoy SE so much they'll have to listen to us"
I'm in
How I feel whenever I go to any help page:
10:39 PM
@ChartZBelatedly only 3000 posts? I have way more than that many answers
(and 7 questions!)
@Lyxal You can drag up
@Neil Hmm, that's interesting. Dennis, Martin, Arnauld have ~2000 posts each, xnor has 1500, Luis has ~1800. Kevin's close to 3000, but you might have the most posts on the site :P
Damn, Doorknob, Digital Trauma and WW all have 60k+ rep, and less than 1000 posts
CMQ: What's your rep divided by posts?
I guess things used to get upvoted a lot more on average maybe
10:46 PM
Mine's 88.42
@rak1507 Well, they have 4/3/2 posts with 100+ score (respectively)
@RedwolfPrograms 120.25, bounties ftw
@RedwolfPrograms 40
I'd make a SEDE query except SQL sucks and makes everything difficult
any way to see rep without bounties/downvotes/etc? just the pure score?
10:47 PM
I feel like you've said that multiple times before :P
@rak1507 How do you mean?
just the rep gained from posts, not any other factors like bounties, -1 for downvoting, etc
You can with a SEDE query, or you can count by hand which is faster
You can find bounties awarded to you here, bounties you've awarded here and downvotes cast here under the "Votes" tab
@RedwolfPrograms 23.36 :\
ok seeing as I only have 28 posts I'll just add them manually
10:50 PM
@rak1507 Wait, really?
Rak has 2000+ rep from bounties :P
I'd have 28003 rep if there was no such thing as bounties or downvotes :P
my average score is 3.96, damn, dropped slightly below 4 :(
need to FGITW an easy maths challenge with a 4 byte jelly answer and get another 10 score :P
...I feel attacked :P
I was mainly referring to my jelly answer that got an excessive number of upvotes
10:57 PM
Hey, @HyperNeutrino's here :P
Any final feedback? Thinking about posting in the next few hours
Heh, my reputation would've been 6660 without bounties and downvotes. I need to make it 6666.
isn't that impossible
10:59 PM
3 accepted edits
I could get an upvote and two downvotes, right?
oh, nvm, downvotes exist

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