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12:14 AM
1. Go to Esolangs.org.
2. Click on Random page.
3. If the page is not a programming language, is a joke language, or is an unimplemented language, goto step 2.
4. Take the first non-joke implemented language you find, and answer a CGCC challenge with it.
Bonus challenge: If you run across an unimplemented language, write an implementation for it :P
Looks like I'm gonna be learning NoRAL.
12:42 AM
@DLosc I ran into a concept
Yup. I had to go through four pages (two unimplemented languages, one language that wasn't tagged as such but didn't have an interpreter linked, and a family of languages) before I found something usable.
Nevermind. You'll see me switching to another practical language, but I'll never succumb to an esoteric language.
NoRAL is a toy assembly language. I've never really programmed in assembly before, so it's interesting (and also slow going) to get my feet wet in that pond. Self-modifying code will be necessary, methinks.
(I'm currently learning MIPS assembly)
@DLosc Ah, cool language. And it doesn't really use up the whole byte sequence up to FF!
1:02 AM
Yeah, only 23 instructions.
Looking at your profile, it's astonishing how many kinds of assembly there are. (I mean, it makes sense, since it's so hardware-dependent, but still.)
@DLosc Yeah, not counting the virtual assembly languages on esolangs.org.
By the way, I've been designing an assembly ISA that's designed to be extremely easy to program & golf in, based on the i4004 instruction set.
Any ideas on making it easier to use? (Yes, I did take 103 commits to design that language - and I still have a lot more ideas to put in.)
I'll take a look once I'm done counting addresses. :P Never have I had more appreciation for named line labels in QBasic.
1:46 AM
@DLosc Bet.
You had my hopes up that a "Bet" language actually existed for a second there.
@DLosc Also is this CMC challenging in any way? Answer: It is, for someone that is extremely busy.
@ATaco Now the language exists!
That seems like abuse of the wiki system :<
1:54 AM
All we need to do is come up with half a spec for something weird and post it as a joke language, and it will be a real entry™.
My tip for restricted sauce in Python gets 12 upvotes?!
That's almost unimaginable
It also make me get the Nice Answer badge for the first time
@HighlyRadioactive restricted sauce: the majority of people are allergic to it. But some find it really delicious.
@petStorm lolol
@DLosc There's the thing called random implemented language.
Looks like I'm going to learn StaPLe
@HighlyRadioactive Ah, cool! TIL.
a terrible language
2:01 AM
@HighlyRadioactive This language is the tool you use to take over prison. Then He World
@petStorm WTF is He World
People should upvote my 1+ showcase more...
@HighlyRadioactive It's sort of like Teh World, but different.
2:19 AM
@HighlyRadioactive I think the example Hello World program must be bugged. Near as I can tell, it prints Helo ѷord! (though possibly it also errors, since prisoner 10 wasn't ever called before being stared at).
@DLosc Who is ѷord?
Let's play a chess game! - 1. Resign
@DLosc +1ed
Competition: Random an implemented language daily and use it
2:44 AM
Help! I can't fill up the opcodes for 0xDF ~ 0xFF!
2:56 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rahul VermaNumber of zeroes in n! code-golffactorialmathself-referential Task Given a natural number \$n\$, count up how many zeroes are there in \$n!\$. Constraints: \$n \in N; 0 \leq n \leq 1,000,000\$ Sample I/O -> 1 <- 0 -> 2 <- 0 -> 5 <- 1 -> 10 <- 2 -> 27 <- 6 -> 100 <- 24 -> 700 <- 174 -> 1,00...

@petStorm One idea that I don't think I saw in the list yet is Find: starting from a specified address, find the address of the first memory cell whose value is equal to AC.
3:24 AM
@DLosc Ahh, great idea. Unfortunately I already have it: IDX
@Lyxal Any ideas?
Aha! There it is.
The current idea I have is the simulation of floats: x*10^y with two words in the memory.
@petStorm no
@Lyxal Yeah, it's reasonable to not have any new ideas, it even has some date built-ins here. :P
After introducing the float type, I can have even more built-ins added: ceil, floor, round, square root, ...
Is there a way to swap the contents of two memory locations? Reverse the contents of a stretch of memory? Sort a stretch of memory? Build a range from one value to another in memory?
3:33 AM
@DLosc applause
Whereforth is the instruction list?
I'm kicking around golfing language ideas myself at the moment, so "what are good builtins" is on my mind.
@DLosc To swap 2 memory locations, I need to extend the maximum instruction tick to 3 words. That's going to be a lot of hard work...
3:35 AM
The alternative being three instructions using a register to facilitate the transfer, I assume?
@DLosc So how are you going to make a range here? It's really difficult to allocate arbitary memory in this language, since you can only access 256 bytes of memory.
@DLosc Hmm... Using a register would be a lot longer than just directly swapping them.
BTW, I can implement swap accumulator with address. :P
@petStorm an eval opcode lol
And then a quotify op code as well
Make writing a quine a little easier
@Lyxal LMAO, machine code strings don't use quotes! (I mean, when they are assembled into bytecode)
@DLosc I need more ideas before I put them all into the readme...
It's going to take me a while to modify the table.
@petStorm I was assuming the implementation would take care of that. The opcode would take maybe a register and an address; it would store the value of AC at the address, then loop, incrementing both the value and the address, until the value equaled the register value, when it would stop. Possible variants for inclusive vs exclusive range, and for the kind of range that decrements instead of incrementing if the second number is smaller than the first.
Mmmm, nice.
It would probably be useful if the allocated address is assigned to one of the registers.
3:47 AM
yo lyxal
there's like two rules in one in turn 6
@Lyxal Eval can easily be simulated, if you jump to the address of the string. So there is no need to implement these.
@DLosc Okay, remaining: Reverse, sort, range generation.
@DLosc After I added these stuff, I still have a lot of unused opcodes...
Oh, I forgot to golf the ISA for even more space for higher-level instructions.
Time to add the float type flag!
whatcha taking about
4:10 AM
I'm back
@Razetime A golfing language idea
Looks like it's based on x86 machine code
(which petStorm worships)
oh lmao
MY college has this computer architecture class
so we gotta use 8086 assembly
@Razetime Wow
Also I found an interesting language here
4:24 AM
I check that chess language out
theres another working chess lang linked on the same page
looks usable
@HighlyRadioactive looks sick
@petStorm your profile text assumes that I've had a pet in my lifetime
Spoiler: I haven't
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Mukundan314Are they connected by a Brussels choice code-golf decision-problem Background Two number \$a\$ and \$b\$ are said to be connected by a brussels choice if \$b\$ can be reached from \$a\$ by doubling or halving (if even) a substring in the base-10 representation of \$a\$ For example, all the number...

5:01 AM
@HighlyRadioactive No, it's based on the i4004 machine code.
5:17 AM
what makes i4004 special
@Razetime Probably because it's 404 with an extra 0
@petStorm ok
5:40 AM
asdf I'm so bored
I can safely assume @petStorm is around 15
6:04 AM
15 what
15 bananas clearly
6:19 AM
no wonder
in codington crescent, theres a problem
a rule cannot have sub rules
6th move has added a rule which is a kinda a problem
@Razetime you mean Programs may only output 'Codington Crescent' if they are irreducible AND modifications (additions OR changes) of at most 8 characters from a previously-submitted answer (5 turns left)?
Because that's not a problem
Because it's a decision from the comments of the post
ok cool
yeah theres an AND
you can have more that one rule added in a single move?
It's an exception because it's something I would have added to the main post as a permanent rule.
But I couldn't really because it'd be screwing over the existing answers.
6:28 AM
ok well then
It almost seems as if we're missing a rule to say that only a modified program can win... — Dominic van Essen 18 hours ago
@DominicvanEssen I think that would indeed make the challenge more interesting. As is I have the feeling this challenge will be over rather quickly otherwise... :/ After turn 5, the "Running programs must be irreducible." is gone, which seems to be the most annoying one to deal with tbh. The other four rules thus far (must contain C"pr; may not contains brackets of any kind; must be at least 19 bytes; and may not contain whitespaces) aren't too hard to apply in most golfing languages for example. — Kevin Cruijssen 18 hours ago
Then again, it might now give an unfair advantage to the existing answers over new ones.. — Kevin Cruijssen 18 hours ago
Turn 6 now edited and new rule added. Let's see how it goes from here... — Dominic van Essen 17 hours ago
That's the decision made
ok since this is turn based
whenever someone plays a turn, their position in queue should be set in place
cause otherwise you can wait for an advantageous ruleset to come across and play whenever you want
That'll be a feature of the next iteration
I'm gonna pass the next move cause no progress can be done for now
@Lyxal it's easy: 1) convert text to compress from a bijective base 53 to base 10. 2) convert base 10 repr to bijective base 255 with codepage as alphabet
6:33 AM
ok I got no idea how to do that
also I'm using slashes
I wanna stick with it for a few moves
@Razetime it was a reply to a message i posted yesterday
    def to_ten(n, alphabet):
        from_base = len(alphabet)
        result = 0
        power = 0
        for char in str(n)[::-1]:
            index = alphabet.index(char)
            result += index * (from_base ** power)
            power += 1
        return result

    def from_ten(n, alphabet):
        import math
        to_base = len(alphabet)
        power = int(math.log(n if n else 1) / math.log(to_base))

        temp = n
        result = ""

        while temp > 0:
            result += alphabet[(temp // (to_base ** power))]
I think the main problem is keeping the codepoint sum above 1444 AND keeping your edit to a max of 8 bytes
@Razetime ^ that's supposed to be a reply
6:36 AM
but the problem is the change can only be 8 bytes
or lesser
@Razetime did you know that in the game of Mornington Crescent, the scientific terminology for a pass is called a farkle
ok, I will use that terminology then
so can we add a rule on a passed move
obviously we can't modify code
> Alternatively, they can choose to "pass", adding no new rules, and still counting as a turn
ok, no code mods as well I suppose
@Razetime > answerers (players) can either add or change (but not both) as many characters of their running program per turn as they like. Alternatively, they can choose to "pass", adding no new rules, and still counting as a turn. This may be the only choice if rules conflict with each other. The turn count is still incremented and is to be posted. Pro tip: You probably might want to mark it community wiki because it doesn't add much.
I've updated the passing text
6:40 AM
so I can add code or no
ok gr8
Ok I did my first farkle
gg you got an upvote
My proudest life achievement
I'm very proud of you
this is a major life achievement
6:42 AM
gotta keep the game going
for you that is
no time to celebrate
@Lyxal I know, thank you very much
@Razetime what can i say except you're welcome
Hey it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome
2 hours later…
8:21 AM
@HighlyRadioactive You mean, CP-1510?
I do have that printer in my house.
Although I do admit I'm 15 yo as well.
Stealing instructions from CJam...
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
@petStorm I'm gonna post invalid solution everywhere.
because I cannot solve challenges properly.
10:27 AM
@HighlyRadioactive Chatting in The Nineteenth Byte is one of the few things I have left where I can escape how fucked HighlyRadioactive's answers has become
10:39 AM
Q: What is the best fashion schools in accra ghana?

rabin1449Best fashion design schools in accra Riohs Originate is a Creative Art Service and Training Institute in Ghana. They provide services and training for individuals/organizations that value their image, style, color and insist on promptness, accuracy and consistency.

11:09 AM
@Razetime based
11:23 AM
@petStorm ...
based colleges be like
@HighlyRadioactive bruh
@petStorm flag as spam/offensive
@Razetime Now I wonder how old are you?
ah nice
I'm still the youngest here
good to know
11:31 AM
@Razetime Why
It's just a thing people say
when they don't know what to say
(Disclaimer: "ah nice" is unrelated to "I'm still the youngest here" because I'm not excepting you to be like, 9?)
Any chance you live in a country where it's not allowed to be on the Internet while this young?
@Razetime Why won't you know what to say
@JohnDvorak Why would there be such a rule?
Sounds like a nice question on Worldbuilding
there are some places probably
11:33 AM
But why would one want to
ban young person from the web
It's to protect your identity. Sans copious amounts of paperwork, websites aren't allowed to store any information about anyone below certain age.
Idk China tuff probabl
I'm in Equestria
All of Europe does that, USA...
Well, that's bad news for you. Unless your country has specified otherwise, the lower limit is 16.
CMC (Chat Minecraft): create a even-or-odd program in 1+.
First one to answer wins, not-a-serious-contender doesn't qualify.
11:42 AM
I'm afraid that's not a valid objective criterion
It's a CMC.
@HighlyRadioactive explain this pls esolangs.org/wiki/1%2B/Snippets#Legendary
@Razetime That's for LOLs
i see.
Now @petStorm explain the creation of my userpage
It's almost certainly your 杰作 although I can't check
@Razetime I always avoid answering two related questions when the difference between the answers is trivial.
11:56 AM
how perfect
@petStorm SCP-1510
12:15 PM
@Razetime what do you mean
@Razetime Do not talk about SCP, it's scary
@HighlyRadioactive they didn't talk about it. And this one isn't particularly scary.
Object class: safe
> SCP-1510-1 continues to be cooperative
It's just a ghost in a shell...met
Safe, cooperative, and not even supernatural
@JohnDvorak No it's Keter because we can't put you into a box (across the internet)
and we don't understand how your brain works
I'm already in a box
@JohnDvorak Which box
Also I don't "display vigorous, active hostility to human life, civilization, and/or spacetime"
12:28 PM
@JohnDvorak You do
@HighlyRadioactive I think 杰作 means userpage, right? It's almost certainly your userpage although I can't check
@petStorm lolololol
Somehow, we made our userpages identical. Wonders of nature.
@HighlyRadioactive Well, I think your userpage is created by me, and you copied it, and vice versa simultaneously.
I wouldn't arm a fly
@petStorm /杰作/operation/
these jokes are not funny.
12:35 PM
@HighlyRadioactive Oh okay. 杰作 means masterpiece in Mandarin.
7 mins ago, by HighlyRadioactive
@petStorm lolololol
1 min ago, by HighlyRadioactive
these jokes are not funny.
However, I think they're really funny.
What on earth happened here?
Somebody mentioned an SCP. Next: utter chaos.
@JohnDvorak I wouldn't leg a fly... Because it'd become a walk!
@HighlyRadioactive I expect the age of bronies to be <=10
And you're so good at answering questions in "ASCII art".
jmp short 0000H
12:53 PM
ASCII art questions are awfully crazy unless you're using CJam or something
in which case it's just really difficult
did i accidentally time travel to 2015
another practical problem solved by CG.SE users...
1:16 PM
@Razetime Unless you're using Charcoal, or Canvas
1:49 PM
2:02 PM
@petStorm How
@petStorm and why
@HighlyRadioactive Why? Because.
@petStorm HQ9+ is funny; HQ9+ASDFGJKL!@#$%^&*()_+ is not.
Mathematics is fact; Programming is not.
@petStorm Bhy? Wecause.
W for white, B for black (as in chess, not politics)
@HighlyRadioactive chess is a shorthand for checkerss.
I think we have the red team for that.
@Nᴮᶻ Yes you may — Calvin's Hobbies Mar 2 '16 at 19:10
I'm curious about why Adám has this username in '16.
The previous username of Calvin's Hobbies is Helka Homba.
Well, it happened. Calvin posted an answer. The end times are upon us. — Alex A. Oct 15 '15 at 23:54
Fun fact: Neil uses Charcoal so much that people start to think that Neil is the creator of Charcoal. :P
Neil are you the creator of Charcoal? — Jonah Oct 4 '17 at 2:46
2:29 PM
Why is my age starred 3 times
@Razetime Because 18 is a multiple of 3
thanks, very descriptive
@Razetime Did you star my age as well? I also want to have 3 stars.
2:49 PM
cant find it
2:59 PM
@petStorm "Although I do admit I'm 15 yo as well." second on the starboard
My age is also a multiple of 3
2 hours later…
5:25 PM
Q: Point inside rotated rectangle: Is this a good challenge?

User1973Using only Python 2.7 and the standard library (no imports): Is the point inside the rotated rectangle (true/false)? Test point 1: 670831 4867989 (true) Test point 2: 675097 4869543 (false) Rectangle: Vertex 1: 670273 4879507 Vertex 2: 677241 4859302 Vertex 3: 670388 4856938...

3 hours later…
8:25 PM
hmm, my age is a prime number.
also; I was working on the ski calculus reduction tool in Malbolge, couldn't write it today because I found a bug in the assembler (impossible!) and I'll have to fix it tomorrow.
3 hours later…
11:09 PM
Q: Number chopping: Split a number into its digits

Pinrui HuangNumber Splitting Instructions Oh no, my numbers have stuck together! Luckily, we can split them apart with code. Your code should be a function that takes an integer input from stdin or as an argument. You must split the number into single digits, keeping the order and possible duplicates of thes...


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