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12:53 AM
Q: Final tribute to John Conway: FRACTRAN self-interpreter

BubblerIt's time to conclude the series of John Conway challenges of mine. Background A FRACTRAN program consists of an ordered list of fractions. The program starts by taking a single integer as input. Each iteration of the program, it searches the list for the first fraction such that multiplying th...

1:52 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

bigyihsuanSELECT ALL FROM SelectQL WHERE (answer="short" OR NOT length=10000) I've invented an SQL-like language. Let's call it SelectQL. You can't INSERT anything, you can only SELECT, and I don't have the time for an interpreter. How about you help? The Challenge Write a full program or a function tha...

3 hours later…
5:08 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Λ̸̸Generate a "Poem" code-golf string Given a strictly positive integer, N, produce an output satisfying the following: Produce an array of length N. Every string (i.e. "word") in the array is of length N. Every letter in the word is unique. Every first letter of the words are unique between each...

^ Any feedback for this?
Q: Solution to Goggle kids Code

Λ̸̸Partially inspired by this question. Overview The execution of Goggle kids Code starts with an empty binary tape with 100 items, with the pointer starting at the index 0: 00000... ^ At the end of the execution, you can assume that the tape is implicitly outputted. Instructions Goggle kids ...

^ And also this.
5:21 AM
Even if it's a bad question, I'm posting it anyway, to save space from the Sandbox.
5:36 AM
@Λ̸̸ If you really feel bad, delete it without posting it.
And you didn't actually delete the sandbox post...
6 hours later…
12:05 PM
@Lyxal Thanks for the accept. Although I clearly infringed the "one tip per answer" rule :-)
If you didn't realize it, every single person there provided multiple tips per answer.
If we posted the tips one-by-one, it's going to be a disater.
@LuisMendo bah, you wrote a great answer and got many deserved upvotes and the green tick. That doesn't matter that the rules were broken! ;D
And then there's the fact that I'm probably gonna use some of those 20 tips myself.
@LuisMendo Even if you broke the rules, the community still decides that your answer is a good one! :)
A good answer deserving a green tick!
@Lyxal Wait. 20 tips for 20 upvotes!?
12:09 PM
@Λ̸̸ I was just about to say that here myself.
Dang. That's clever.
Put more than 1 tip to get more than one upvote.
Well played @LuisMendo. Well played. ;P
If Luis Mendo added one more tip, I'd upvote the answer.
Nevermind, I'd upvote the answer anyway.
CMQ: How do you guys pronounce my username?
Because tts technology really does not match the way I say it.
@Lyxal Licks all
@Lyxal /lɪksɔl/
CMQ: How do you guys pronounce my username then?
@Λ̸̸ Pet storm
12:22 PM
@Λ̸̸ a underscore (or "l")
@Lyxal either what Adám said (with "ol" instead of "all") or likes ol
@Adám that predates User A does it?
There's also "A _"
@Neil I think "User A" is the original.
@Adám well it's the earliest I could find anyway
Surprised that nobody simply pronounced "N".
I pronounce my username as "lambda slash".
Nobody remembers a'_'?
I just use the silent vocalization
12:39 PM
the silent vocalization - nothing means everything.
This also applies to base 0, as a matter of fact.
I'm definitely the only person in this chatroom using a computer.
@Lyxal @Λ̸̸ :-)
1:18 PM
@Λ̸̸ by computer do you mean desktop? only I can't quite see how anyone would manage to access this chatroom if they had no access to any computational power at all
2 hours later…
3:28 PM
hi all!
3:49 PM
using only the digits 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 can you make two numbers, one with 3 digits and one with 2, that multiply to 15741?
4:03 PM
@Anush yes
very nicely done!
could you have worked it out by hand? It is clear that the lowest order digits need to be 3 and 7 and there must be a 2 as the highest order in one of the two numbers
@Anush 5! is just 120 :) easy to try all permutations of those digits
it's a puzzle for 11 year old children without code :)
@Anush far from my biological age, but close to my psycological :)
@Anush Once you have that the numbers are 10a+3, 10b+7, you get 10ab+7a+3b = 1572, so ab+a = 0 (mod 3) . Quickly, we see that a can't be a multiple of 3 without reusing 3 or 7, so b+1 is a multiple of 3, and the only options for b are 2,5,8 (I don't claim that this is easier than guessing though)
The easiest way is probably just to factorise 15741
4:18 PM
$ factor 15741
15741: 3 3 3 11 53
Then, the only two digit factors are (within the constraints) are 27 and 53
2 hours later…
6:01 PM
Q: Golf Me a World Clock 🌐🕖

math junkieTask Write a program or function that takes as input a time in UTC, and outputs the equivalent time in 5 different cities around the world. The cities displayed are up to the programmer, but the time must be different in each city. To prevent golfers from using overly obscure city names, the ci...

3 hours later…
9:22 PM
hey everyone who cares enough to listen: would anyone like to hear my code golf idea?
i really hope someone cares because i spent like five hours writing and golfing code...
but anyways i'm just asking because even though my challenges have been decent (in my eyes) they've been voted low, and I think that this could probably be solved in the sandbox -- I just want to see if it's an ok idea in the first place though
9:49 PM
@EthanSlota Post in the sandbox? So we can take a look

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