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12:02 AM
@Bubbler Didn’t Mego and Downgoat stop working on Axtell?
@Mr.Xcoder Well, Alex left ~18 months ago IIRC, so fairly slowly :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing They revived it a couple months ago, and are now actively(?) working on it.
@cairdcoinheringaahing My current relationship with CGCC is kind of weird. I still visit the site daily, but lately I hardly ever take the time to read challenges, let alone answer. For me the transition was quite sudden so it definitely felt quick here
That was a bit off topic but at least I got to explain my perspective, lol
But in my case it's not SE's fault, it's me having close to zero free time /shrug
@Bubbler Both Codidact and TopAnswers are beginning to look promising.
12:29 AM
@Adám That's good news, though neither isn't specifically designed for code golf.
@Bubbler Neither is SE.
However, I imagine that Codidact and TopAnswers would be more willing to make adjustments to for code golf and puzzling and world building etc.
I haven't gotten involved with TopAnswers (yet?) but Codidact is definitely trying to remain flexible.
TopAnswers even asks potential communities to state what fonts and plug-ins they require!
(Compare with SE just rolling over loud community protests against the font stack…)
1:03 AM
@Adám should we request a topanswers community?
2 hours later…
2:44 AM
The CEO of SE is doing some sort of Q&A on Stack Overflow. It isn't featured on MSE, so it's easy to miss (probably deliberately)
@JoKing I would say it highlights the fact that SE is primarily focused on SO even further
A: CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

Mad ScientistThe blog post talks exclusively about Stack Overflow and technical sites that are targeting developers. There are a lot of SE sites that are not technical at all, and they are not mentioned in these plans for the future. And many of the technical sites like Aviation are not about software and don...

And then there's this: Welcome to Meta, new contributor – rene 9 hours ago
3 hours later…
5:33 AM
Hey chat, y'all wanna update?
That being the SE chat software
No wait a minute
Why hasn't my username updated in chat?
6:13 AM
Just wrote a SEDE Necromancer badge ranking out of curiosity
2 hours later…
7:55 AM
@Mr.Xcoder Same. I log on every week day, but I hardly answer challenges anymore
8:24 AM
Q: java application

user91610At the party, the DJ allows the guests to vote for their favourite songs, and the last song of the party is the most popular song. The DJ will give a list of five songs to ten random guests and ask them to choose their favourite song. The song which receives the most votes will be the most popula...

9:12 AM
@Mr.Xcoder Same, although I still try to read the challenges. In my opinion challenges on CGCC are getting harder and harder to understand ...
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LyxalI delete the input, you delete the output file-systemcode-golfstring This is a new twist on the long running series on CGCC. Your task, if you accept it, is to write a program/function that outputs/returns the contents of an input file. The tricky part is that if I delete the input file, your ...

10:05 AM
I was pretty shocked that Lyxal got 3.8k rep out of thin air. How is it possible for a new user to make it so high?
I just realized that Jono had changed their name ...
@a'_' hehe
Didn't the profile pic give it away?
1 hour later…
11:16 AM
@Bubbler Haha, saw stasoid at the top of the list and all 95 of them are from the polyglot question
12:15 PM
Ahh, high-quality answers...
12:52 PM
darn, missed that one
i'm pleasantly surprised how high up I am on that list
2 hours later…
2:31 PM
> Woolworths is owned by rmb and they deleted emails from my gmail account -- Article feedback on a Microsoft article I'm reading.
3:00 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing In 2016 we had more than 2k messages daily chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/240?m=53064296#53064296
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah not too bad, got some exams and they went well. And now I'm taking a vacation:)
5 hours later…
8:00 PM
Quiet in here :/
Whoa, haven't seen you for a while. Welcome back (to the sad remains of Stack Exchange in general, and PPCG CGCC in particular).
… which is pretty quiet too.
Writing a challenge about magic squares and wanted some advice
8:03 PM
@Adám I mean, yes, but it has Mego? :P
Is SE as a whole becoming quieter? :(
Yes. There are some controversies in progress, causing VIPs to leave.
Shog9 and Robert Cartaino got fired Monday of last week, and Jon Ericson's last day was that Friday. Half the CM team, gone in one week.
All this while SO tries to emphasize "community community community!" because of the fallout and outcry around Monica.
@El'endiaStarman tbf, it isn't just "community community community!". It is also a significant amount of "growth!" and "profit!"
Oh yeah, that too.
8:07 PM
Stack Exchange — it is all about community, growth, community, profit, and community!
8:18 PM
Well I'll ask my thing anyway
I know I should use the sandbox but mehh :P
I'm imagining magic code squares like magic squares in math where you have an NxN square of any printable ascii
And the rows/column/diagonals each ouptut a unique number from 0 to 2N+1 inclusive
like, if ABCD\nEFGH\nIJKL\nMNOP is the magic code square
9 8765 4
is what the outputs look like. i.e. the program BFJN outputs 7
The question is, should I require that the number output order is like that, 0-9 kinda clockwise around the square
or allow any output order from 0 to 2N+1, so this would also be valid:
0 4123 9
I was expecting you would allow them in any order.
I'm on the fence about it
Feels to me like it'd be hard enough anyway without also constraining the output order.
8:25 PM
I was also considering that rows/colums/diags could be run backwards to get up to 4N+4, like PONM -> 10
But that's even crazier :P
I think I'll allow any order
9:19 PM
> I want to sent mail from my printer and I want send invoices with my accountancy program. How to make this possible? -- Article feedback on a Microsoft article I'm reading about transport routing in Exchange Online.
What is with these random article feedback statements today?
Like, how did the user even find the article in order to comment on it?
Dredges of googling for tech support?
I guess. It just seems odd that they would happen to stumble across this article that maybe a couple thousand people in the world have read.
9:36 PM
Q: Make The Finest Magic Code Square

Calvin's HobbiesIn math a magic square is an N×N grid of numbers from 1 to N2 such that every row, column, and diagonal sums to the same total. For example here's a 3×3 magic square: In this challenge we'll extend the idea to magic code squares where, instead of numbers, each grid cell is a printable ASCII ch...

Parker Square reference! :D
Now to see if a popcon can be upvoted... :P
10:30 PM
@AdmBorkBork Woolworths? Are they referring to the Australian supermarket chain?

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