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12:24 AM
Q: Find the percentage

caird coinheringaahingWe haven't had any nice, easy challenges in a while, so here we go. Given a list of integers each greater than \$0\$ and an index as input, output the percentage of the item at the given index of the total sum of the list. Output should be whatever the natural representation for floats/integers...

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5:46 AM
Q: Decode a UTF-8 string to character byte counts

Dannyu NDosGiven a UTF-8 string, give a string that represents byte counts of each characters. Rules: As long as the input string is encoded in UTF-8 (without BOM), its type doesn't matter. In C++, it can be char[] or std::string. In Haskell, it can be [Int8] or [CChar]. The output must be (in usual case...

6:11 AM
Q: I'm stepping down

DennisIt's been an honor to serve as your moderator for the past four years. I would like to continue to do so, but after witnessing how Stack Exchange treats their volunteers, I decided that I'm no longer going to volunteer for them.

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8:04 AM
Q: Balance a string

AZTECCOcode-golf POSTMAN Hello golfers! I just got a job as a postman and I need your help to keep it. I have to order a lot of mails before I go out to deliver them. Streets are numbered strictly sequentially, starting with 1 at the start of the street, and continuing in order skipping no numbers u...

A _
8:22 AM
(I am glad that restricted-source challenges do not include radiation-hardening optimizations. That means I can carefully think of how to optimize for it instead of disobeying the objective.)
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9:59 AM
@JohnDvorak hi.. are you about?
3 hours later…
1:23 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

gadzooks02Spreadsheet Columns code-golfsequencealphabet In most spreadsheet programs, columns go A, B, C, ... X, Y, Z. After this comes AA, AB, AC ... AX, AY, AZ, BA and so on. Your task is to convert one of these letters in to a columns number. Test Cases: A => 1 B => 2 Z => 26 AA => 27 AC => 29 AZ =

1:37 PM
@JohnDvorak hmm.. my attempt to code that up in python is:
n = 6

def a(n, k):
    if k < 0:
        return 0
    if n == 1 and k == 0:
        return 1
    if n == 1 and k != 0:
        return 0
        return a(n-1, k) + a(n, k-1) - a(n, k-n)

for k in range(n):
(the indentation seem to have disappeared annoyingly)
@Anush Indentation only happens in chat if you click "fixed font"
@cairdcoinheringaahing where can I click that?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't get what I am doing wrong. I am trying to copy the Ruby code from:
but I seem to have failed to do that.. as in my Python code doesn't seem to give the same output
any ideas why?
@Anush You may want to ask someone who knows what it does :P I can only help with the chat indentation
It looks like you wrote a(n, k-n) instead of a(n-1, k-n)
ah yes!
always trust ppcg over mathematicians :)
how can the python code be made iterative? It fails with a complaint about max recursive depth if you increase n much
1:58 PM
can anyone help with my confusion ? bpaste.net/show/Oivw
2 hours later…
3:58 PM
can someone explain to me why this website seems to be imploding
@aspaghetto Imploding?
Also, I'm remembering why I hate HTML/CSS so much :/
For TIO links where you are using the "Input" section to provide input by stdin, is there a way to run multiple examples? Eg in this awk answer I'd like to provide more test cases...
@aspaghetto Code golf specifically, or SE in general?
4:15 PM
all of the above except for whatever MSO is complaining about because they do not ex;st
although i am only here because of that PPCG meta post showing up in my TL
@Jonah You could use some bash trickery as all the interpreters are available through TIO, but I don't think there's any other way
A: Create a programming language that only appears to be unusable

TwilightSparkleRainbow (Note: Interpreter coming soon) I know this challenge expired. Rainbow is a mix of... a lot of things. Rainbow is a 2D stack-based language with two stack (Like Brain-Flak) and 8 directions (N NE E SE S SW W NW). There are 8 commands: 1, +, *, " do exactly what they do in 1+. ! toggl...

Thanks @cairdcoinheringaahing
4 hours later…
8:25 PM
@NewMetaPosts maybe we could move ppcg to an own site, independent of SE?
There was this, maybe we could revive it
It's pretty dead
@UnrelatedString I vaguely remembered this!
9:08 PM
@aspaghetto oh hey you're back
long story short a mod on mi yodeya (Monica) was removed without any real notice why due to conversations where she disagreed with a policy that had yet to be implemented
I believe many moderators are stepping down not necessarily out of support for monica's disagreement (which was touchy in and of itself) but mostly out of the fact that SE corporate decided to stop debating and just nuke her modship
@Riker I think this is the best summary so far, thank you
probably safe to say -most people are mad at SE's response, but some are also mad at each other, so it's all falling apart
Q: Find the leading root of a polynomial with a neural network

Dustin G. MixonThe challenge Find the smallest feedforward neural network such that, given any 4-dimensional input vector \$(a,b,c,d)\$ with integer entries in \$[-10,10]\$, the network outputs the largest (i.e., "most positive") root of the polynomial \$ax^3+bx^2+cx+d\$ with error strictly smaller than \$0.1\...

9:28 PM
@Riker not just mi yodeya, also like 5 other sites
@Doorknob did not know this, thank you
none as part of this current 'discussion' though, right? (removed, not resigned)
Monica was a mod on six sites. She had all her diamonds removed at once.
ah my bad I knew that, I thought doorknob meant 5 other sites not just mi yodeya lost mods
It's more than five now but yeah, those ones resigned.
is there any public info about what policy the mods and cm-s were debating before monica got kicked out?
9:38 PM
@ngn Not yet, as far as I can tell.
Not yet. Should be posted by SE this week. ... Hopefully this week.
The full story will probably never become public, but I think I'm probably allowed to say that nobody was acting out of malice.
Good to hear that there was no malice
@wizzwizz4 The discussion is quite lively in TMR. Would you like to join in?
@JohnDvorak Not really; I've had enough of this, and I'd have to be withholding information the whole time. It's just… sad, really, that it's got to this point.
I think you'll probably be able to figure out most of what happened when the next significant, network-wide announcement comes out, and then you'll probably agree that it's really sad. And frustrating. I will say no more.
Should I share your message in TMR then?
9:50 PM
If you like.
Do you happen to know when we can expect the announcement?
No, no clue. I know roughly when it was scheduled for (sometime next week), but…
Oh, I will say one more thing:
By last week, Stack Overflow's hand was pretty much forced – not to take the action they did, necessarily, but there were no more good options left. Don't beat up the CMs about it; they were nothing but helpful and understanding.
Good timezone!
How can I help?
9:55 PM
don't push other mods about it probably
cuz some of the debate was very charged on both sides
and I think most of them are just confused
other than that the ball is in SE's court
all that we can do is wait and perhaps catalogue anything we can (which has been already done quite extensively elsewhere)

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