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12:36 AM
@A__ Okay:
You see the run of js thing I mentioned earlier?
"but I found a better way"
I just made a program to do all the runs and got jjjj*<jjjj*<v
then encoded it to normal malbolge
@A__ Yeah that was later
And that's for performance, not golfing
But the j's probably aren't going to allow this to get to Hello, World in the next googol years
I made a normalized malbolge to malbolge python script
1:12 AM
The New Sandboxed Posts bot is not working right now.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A__Normalized Malbolge to Malbolge translator In this task, you will write a program/function that takes a Normalized Malbolge program and outputs the resulting Malbolge program. This is possible, because @MilkyWay90 had already done it before. Input A data structure that (somehow) represents a N...

@A__ Okay
I see, the bots here are really slow.
1:48 AM
it's RSS, you're only meant to check once per hour or so
2 hours later…
4:15 AM
@KrzysztofSzewczyk I have a question about Malbolge:
As you can see here with the program (bO, it has extra random memory beyond the program itself
How is that last bit of memory generated?
4:33 AM
Oh nevermind I got it
Wow, that's har
4:45 AM
I made the crazy tritwise operation
I picture myself in 5 years making a primality checker in Malbolge
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
It seems too challenging to make a decoder
from Malbolge to Normalized Malbolge. I have only successfully decoded 1 character.
6:26 AM
I now realized that MilkyWay90 was doing supernatural stuff.
6:42 AM
Whoops, my guess was wrong.
I just didn't have enough time;
1 hour later…
7:59 AM
@A__ decoder is quite easy
@KrzysztofSzewczyk is encoder quite hard?
Nope, I can give you my C version in less than kilobyte
that is both encoding and decoding
I'm using it (sometimes, when needed)
Let's start things off that you don't even use xlat
Is c0.c a submission to an existing challenge?
the readme
> If filename starts with c, it's task given to me in chat.
discuss.area51.stackexchange.com has invalid certificate
Q: Church Booleans

Ryan SchaeferChurch booleans A Church boolean is a function that returns x for true and y for false where x is the first argument to the function and y is the second argument to the function. Further functions can be composed from these functions which represent the and not or xor and implies logical operati...

+25 in a day
I didnt even think it's possible
and 0 downvotes
8:19 AM
@KrzysztofSzewczyk Haha, I downvoted the challenge.
evil villain.
I'm already working on solving it in brainfuck
why the image looks like monochrome
Q: Weigh your words!

negative sevenThe challenge Given two strings, each of length up to 30, consisting of printable ASCII characters (codes \$[32, 126]\$), put them onto a balance scale in the fewest bytes of code! This consists of the following steps: Calculate and compare the weights of the strings Choose the appropriately t...

1 hour later…
9:46 AM
Q: What is this code? Who can help me to translate it?

hanif alahi what is this code and how can i write it or translate it? java.lang.Boolean##0V@AQID3JJUH895KTBDztW/TPOZEic/4w/AhA6suZnt4BEgrKc=

10:16 AM
@A I will try to ping myself.
@A__ Please conduct chat experiments in the chat sandbox.
10:42 AM
I've hit 40 submissions by now
including 15 in Malbolge, 14 in Brainfuck and 4 in Seed.
11:40 AM
Heh, a fellow Seed programmer :)
Have you figured out how to make sub-6000 byte answers yet?
2 hours later…
1:42 PM
Q: Fancy String Replace

Quinnlet S, a and b each represent a string Goal: Write a standard string replace function where the you replace all occurrences of a in a string S with b so long as a is not already part of an instance of b for example, if we have the string S = My oh my that there is a big ol' that and we wanted ...

2:27 PM
Oh no, SE went down for maintenance.
A _
A _
SE is back.
They took ~ 4 minutes to maintain it.
Rip SO
2:32 PM
how do you know it wasn't just your network
your DNS is colluding against you
A _
I refreshed the page.
User: *adds aol.com to personal email block list*
User: *also complains that spouse@aol.com is blocked and the system is stupid*
Head. Hit. Keyboard.
are whitelist and blacklist options available
Yes indeedily-doodily.
2:34 PM
so it's completely pebkac
my favorite
Classic Issue ID: 10T
:51427520 It's fine, the website is down so no one will hear it obviously :^)
@Poke It computes forever? Works in J
@Adám yeah... wolfram seems to not like checking if undefined equals something
2:41 PM
@Poke 1. It isn't undefined; clearly 0×0×0×… is 0. 2. I thought there'd be a timeout or something.
@Adám oh sorry... one of my other tests was this
A _
@Veskah I think the website was already back when they started the conversation. I could access the website. :(
something something regional maintenance something error budgets
@Poke even something as simple as x*∞ kills it
3:10 PM
Or just
@Blue A tad ironic, no?
@A_ Not hard
I'll make a python one since Krzysztof made a C version
oh good
6 hours later…
9:21 PM
TIL: The [ in Bash's if [ condition ] ... fi is actually /usr/bin/[ and not part of the syntax
It's not actually part of bash. it's syntactic sugar for test
Except it requires an extra ] as the last argument
though bash did add [[
which is different
10:14 PM
@Pavel Bash is stupid
Extremely so
PowerShell ftw
As much as I can't deny how ridiculously useful it is, the syntax is a hideous mess
And like 95% of what's useful about it is just whatever happens to be in /usr/bin, not bash
Which is why I use Powershell
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
@Pavel that's because it's if condition; then ...; fi. [ ] just happens to be something that's useful in an if condition, but you could easily use it with && or || instead.
11:49 PM
@DJMcMayhem It has the same problem as C/C++ imo - too much stuff was added as an afterthought, and the syntax and function has never undergone an overhaul
I feel like it's worse. (but then again I'm biased since I use C++ every day)
@Mego familiar story
I wonder
My thought works if it is counted by char count

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