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12:46 AM
1:27 AM
@Anush In the file name or in the file contents?
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11:29 AM
Q: Letter Boxed, part 2: this time, solve it

Robin RyderThis challenge is a sequel to Letter Boxed Validator. The New York Times has a daily online game called Letter Boxed (the link is behind a paywall; the game is also described here), presented on a square as follows: You are given 4 groups of 3 letters (each group corresponds to one side on t...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Robin RyderTwo palindromes are not enough Some numbers, such as 14241, are palindromes in base 10: if you write the digits in reverse order, you get the same number. Some numbers are the sum of 2 palindromes; for example, 110=88+22, or 2380=939+1441. For other numbers, 2 palindromes are not enough; for e...

11:51 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Robin RyderAnswer chain: decreasing character scores Assign a non-negative integer value to each character, and write a function or program which takes as input a character string and outputs the sum of of the values of the characters in the string. Now run your code, taking as input the code of each of t...

12:36 PM
@Adám file contents
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3:07 PM
CMC: Golden ratio; 1.618033988749897
in The APL Orchard, Dec 11 '17 at 15:33, by ngn
Is it just me, or did tweets cease to one-box?
@Adám that's longer (i'm not counting the ⎕← in mine)
@ngn Sure, but it is the exact equivalent, just using an inner dfn.
3:32 PM
@Adám Arbitrary precision or a fixed amount of decimals required?
4:04 PM
@Mr.Xcoder It's just a CMC, so not too strict, but at least in principle, it should work for arbitrary precision, and practically, it should fill a standard precision, e.g. 64-bit float.
@Adám Should we take the number of decimals for input, or have a fixed constant
@MilkyWay90 Either way. Doesn't even have to appear in the code, but can just fall out of the implementation.
@Adám Python, 17 bytes print(.5+5**.5/2)
@Adám Okay
Can be golfed with Python 2 for less precision
@MilkyWay90 How?
@Adám print doesn't need parenthesis in Python 2
4:19 PM
@MilkyWay90 Oh, and you can write print.5+
Python 2, 15 bytes print.5+5**.5/2
4:51 PM
@ngn Wouldn't the literal be 3 bytes shorter? :)
@Mr.Xcoder no. oK prints with limited precision. the answer is not exactly 1.618 but some floating point number that rounds to that
Oh ok. Thanks for the explanation
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6:16 PM
Q: Output the nth 'boring' number

Geza KerecsenyiThere are 9 main types of numbers, if you categorise them by the properties of their factors. Many numbers fall into at least one of these categories, but a few don't. The categories are as follows: Prime - no integer divisors other than itself and one Primitive abundant - A number \$n\$ whose ...

6:42 PM
@Adám tweets lately have an issue
@Adám Jelly, 2 bytes (floating-point error): Øp
5½‘H returns the same value
7:09 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer That's 5, sqrt, decr, halve?
@Adám increment, not decrement
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh yes, otherwise you'd want 2÷ not ÷2
@Adám exactly
Q: Golf the smallest circle!

BarrankaThe problem: Given a non-empty set of points in the cartesian plane, find the smallest circle that encloses them all (Wikipedia link). This problem is trivial if the number of points is three or less (if there's one point, the circle has a radius of zero; if there are two points, the line segme...

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10:49 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Twitter has been breaking all over the place lately. Trying to open Twitter in anything on mobile except a web browser or the app fails like 80% of the time.

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