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12:00 AM
competitor immediately gets silenced, turns their backs and runs away as quickly as they can
@Zacharý Dunno. Notice the third flip switch from the right:
BASIC and APL ... wow
honestly though, "GOTO" should be where "→" is...
@EriktheOutgolfer Other than pairing LOAD/)LOAD, SAVE/)SAVE, REWIND/)REWIND, */×, and //÷ it doesn't look like they tried matching anything.
@Adám well, some of BASIC's statements can't be paired with any of APL's, and some would need to be paired with glyph overlaps (which obviously don't exist on the keyboard), but I'm pretty sure a better job could have been done...
12:12 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer Hm, this German layout direct key-combos for the overstrikes and the most common (at the time, obviously) -names:
@EriktheOutgolfer … notice that is paired with PAUSE and [⎕] with PRINT. That does make sense.
@Adám Is that a cassette tape?
@Adám lol the screen caught my attention a bit...I guess there's what we call a "rubber duck" today up there, and somebody is doing something with "WHATSAPP"...
@Pavel Yes. The only type of swappable high-capacity storage device at the time.
> at the time
12:17 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer I noticed too. But then most of the text is garble. The plot thickens. Also notice that the computer's owner is an APLer.
On a more serious note, aren't cassetes extremely prone to corruption? Which is why old films appear to have a lot of weird artifacts and discoloration
Yet it's in BASIC mode ... heresy /s
@Adám yeah, those books, and that "NSA" at the top
...aren't cassete tapes an analog format?
@Pavel Not when used digitally ;-)
12:20 AM
@Pavel …aren't all magnetic storage devices analog?
Actually, aren't all storage devices analog (at some level)?
I mean, technically
But the point is, cassete tapes are a super unreliable storage medium
@Pavel Only if used to store analog data (like traditionally done with sound), but e.g. VHS uses the tape digitally and is quite reliable.
1:17 AM
@Adám well they're both prone to physical contamination, corrupting the data
1:55 AM
Digital VHS appeared in 1998
and wasn't used much
from Wikipedia
2:48 AM
transplante cardíaco
I hope archives of Twitter last a long time.
ok so, basic idea for a 2d core war type game:
you have heads which execute commands and stuff
heads have two modes
the default mode moves around, executing commands on the grid
some of these commands will affect a sequence of commands stored in the head
the other mode, activated by a specific command, will cause the head to execute this sequence of commands instead of the commands on the gridd
that's the idea i guess
3:55 AM
@Downgoat oh so wait if I'm not being complete idiot what you're asking is if I'm willing to share expenses for plane thingy as in like lend you money or something? or what I am confused still sorry lol
@HyperNeutrino oh no XD lol im just curious how much you spend in general to get the required hours for your pilot's license (or whatever Canadian equivalent is)
share info
um I don't have any sort of pilot training lmao
@HyperNeutrino oh rip
sure have $-1
4:01 AM
If I'm editing a python file in vim without a .py extension, how can I tell it to use Python highlighting?
@HyperNeutrino I'll take $-1
@Pavel :set ft=python
4:13 AM
I still can't get into Vim as an editor, even just using Vim Keybindings
I use different editors for different tasks
Throughout the day I use Vim, Sublimte Text, VSCode, Visual Studio
I prefer VSCode for anything project based, EG. More than one file, but if I'm just editting one file I usually boot it in Sublime Text.
I don't understand why so few editors have visual block
It's really the killer vim feature for me
I don't even know what that is ;-;
4:31 AM
@quartata most half decent editors have visual block equivilent
Sublime, Atom...
@quartata Notepad++ even padded with spaces if the box was selected out of bounds of the text, making it very easy to place spaces for explanation formatting
@Downgoat the native ones of both of those are very annoying though as the keystrokes to extend vertically vs horizontally differ by more than just the arrow keys. And neither AFAIK has a mouse+some key drag-to-select
visual block is basically just :norm but worse
@dzaima alt+drag in sublime and extending is control+shift+arrow key
@Downgoat alt+drag isn't working for me and control+shift+right extends by a word not a char, making the selection not a rectangle
not sure why I don't have any plugins for select or anything
you might have an old version of sublime
4:41 AM
@Downgoat right, updating
@dzaima oh i thought you're talking about up/down. You can just do shift arrow key, no?
@Doorknob For me at least by the time it gets to the point where I might consider cooking up something like that I can probably do a regex sub faster
When I'm just quickly deindenting visual block is great
@Downgoat not VS code or at least I haven't found it
@quartata who said VSCode was a half-decent editor
who said anything other than vim was
4:47 AM
@Downgoat oh i just noticed that I'm doing shift+alt+down for downwards extending. Either way, letting go of alt every time to move right is pretty annoying
Atom has... other problems
yes this is why sublime is best
@quartata isn't it easier to deindent with <
vim for larger huge projects is unmanageable unless I use so many plugins I might as well use sublime..
@Downgoat oh it seems to be shift+right mouse
4:50 AM
@Doorknob meant more generally than vim
although there are similar tasks
@Downgoat really not worth it
@dzaima what OS are you using? it might be different
@quartata what isn't?
@quartata VSCode supports it
@Downgoat linux mint
@Downgoat I did. VSCode is great.
ST is also great, mind you. I say they have different usecases.
@Pavel opls you can't call something 'great' when it has 30ms keyboard latency and takes 10 seconds to boot
4:55 AM
it does not
I dunno I find the whole UI very sluggish feeling
This isn't Atom
I get no latency while typing and I have a decade old thinkpad
atom feels faster than VS code imo once booted
@Pavel I just installed it. It informed me that Microsoft wants me to send them "usage data". The opt out link (or so I thought) opens a website in my browser that explains how to open the settings file in VS Code and paste "telemetry.enableTelemetry": false into one of the settings files. I kinda want to uninstall it already.
4:58 AM
@Dennis The settings was my least favorite part
On the latest preview build, there's an actual UI for them
On the release build there's just a JSON you hand edit
That's like when I tell my Google assistant to lock the screen, and it displays instructions to lock the screen. If I hand my hands free, I would have done so already.
@Downgoat 10 seconds to boot???
.NET Core makes you set an environment variable for the telemetry optout
@quartata Back when I used atom it took 10 seconds because I had so many extensions
^ i am mixing up my slow electron apps
Oh we're talking about Atom nevermind
5:01 AM
Though even with like Hyperterm where it doesn't take forever to boot
VS Code is peculiar in that it is a fast electron app
Though even with like Hyperterm where it doesn't take forever to boot
Atom and VS Code take the same time to boot for me (three seconds). Sublime opens instantly.
it is still very sluggish and often freezes/crashes when large amount of things are printed to stdout
@Dennis Yeah, I use VS Code and Sublime for different tasks.
5:02 AM
I'm kinda surprised I'm the one here arguing against JS/electron :P
Sublime for quickly editing files, and VS Code for larger projects
@Downgoat Oh I am definitely against it
VS Code succeeds despite the electron
Oh, I'm not using Sublime for anything. The font rendering is way too ugly.
Admittedly, that's a problem with GTK apps on this aged distro.
I didn't even notice it was a gtk app
They covered it up pretty well
5:05 AM
@Dennis sits back in macOS font rendering :')
I tried to switch to windows earlier this year
everything was fine but the font rendering hurt my eyes
also the absence of a good terminal emulator was another issue
@Downgoat Did you try cmder?
iTerm2 is just great and does all things
Luckily, Google Chrome does its own font rendering, Qt apps are fine, and I don't really use anything else.
5:07 AM
And electron apps get Chrome's font rendering
2 hours later…
6:55 AM
I've had an idea for the LDC
@ATaco LDC?
Language Design Challenge
what is that
yesterday, by Erik the Outgolfer
Language Design Challenge: Make a language with this concept at its core: Range
hey, how can i do lambda (insert variables here): (do stuff with those here) in a transpiled language? I could not find a way to add them to the language
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
@ATaco Esplain?
Tacit langauge, the only non-number datatype is a Range, which has two data points. A length, and an indexing function.
8:43 AM
@ATaco what do you mean by indexing function
When you ask for range[5] it will give the value of f(5), assuming f is the indexing function.
@ATaco so a range is just a thin wrapper around a function
I never said it wasn't a cheap solution.
But it does allow for things like range_a + range_b which creates a function that is the concatenation of two ranges.
ldc language idea: all arrays are stored as deltas + start
9:02 AM
That sounds neat :o
unfortunately it doesn't go much further than making arr+1 O(1). Maybe instead of just subtraction, store any function and x_n fn n_(n+1)?
Basic Sum-it parser is done :D
or uh.. lexer, I guess
9:24 AM
I have a working lexer for a non-transpiled version of Physica but have no idea how to write a parser D:
My lexer converts mountains to numbers, then my parser just needs to iterate through the "tokens" (numbers) and use them to index into an array of operations
@Mayube your mountain range idea made me want to visualize Parenthetic. The Hello, World is ..boring
9:44 AM
brain-flaks Hello, World! is slightly less boring, but it's also not lossless
I'm doing some debugging and then I'll write up a Hello, World! in Sum-it
oh hey, first try at printing an ascii character, wasn't even counting what charcode I was pushing, managed to push H
10:02 AM
hmm, this is problematic
"He" so far is 791 bytes :P
10:14 AM
managed to golf it down a bit, realising how much "golfing potential" this language has (IE: bytecount will always be huge, but there's often room to reduce it)
I think it's impossible to create certain numbers (eg 5) from mountains
oh wait no
oh my lexer's just wrong :P
11:02 AM
Q: Unable to decode all information from Oracle RAW data

true_glerI have an application where I can upload files and add metadata to the file. This metadata information is stored in a database, but parts of the added information is encoded somehow (sadly I have no access to the source code). The raw representation of the metadata in the Oracle database is as f...

11:32 AM
Q: Codegolf Rainbow : Fun with Integer-Arrays

Kevin CruijssenIntroduction: (Source: Wikipedia) When we look at a rainbow it will always have the colors from top to bottom: Red; orange; yellow; green; blue; indigo; violet If we look at these individual rings, the red ring is of course bigger than the violet ring. In addition, it's also possible to have t...

Q: Codegolf Rainbow : Draw in Black-and-White

Kevin CruijssenIntroduction: (Source: Wikipedia) When we look at a rainbow it will always have the colors from top to bottom: Red; orange; yellow; green; blue; indigo; violet If we look at these individual rings, the red ring is of course bigger than the violet ring. In addition, it's also possible to have t...

@ConorO'Brien I've been on the down-low for a while, but I'm getting active again.
11:49 AM
"Yay it incorrectly Parses!"
For some reason, can't imagine why, .NET doesn't have Jelly's SMBC encoding as a default Encoding option. Who knew?
12:44 PM
For the "Fun with integer arrays" challenge I'm getting 99 on the test case [39525, 41278, 39333, 44444, 39502, 39599, 39699]. I'm using the formula (((4 * (n^2)) - n) + [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. This results in for n=99 [39105, 39106, 39107, 39108, 39109, 39110, 39111], but the test case says n=98. Am I just using the wrong formula? It works for all other test cases
@Okx the distances between the items increase with higher ns too
oh yeah, thanks
1:00 PM
Is it possible to alter this program to output Hello World! instead of Hello, World!
I understand the output of the comma is within +++[.>]
@BetaDecay yes, though at the cost of 1 byte
@dzaima Thanks, that's perfect!
A: Hello World 0.0!

Beta DecayUnary, 10197 1137672766964589547169964037018563746793726105983919528073581559828 bytes I'm surprised that no one's done this yet... It's too long to post here, but it's 1137672766964589547169964037018563746793726105983919528073581559828 zeroes. Or, more easily read: ~1067 zeroes. Thanks to @d...

1:18 PM
> Thanks to @dzaima for saving 10^197 bytes
Thanks indeed…
2 hours later…
3:33 PM
Q: Derive a normal distribution from two numbers

LonzakFor a loadtest I have to figure meaningful numbers for the maximum number of requests per hour and minute. The only thing I have is the number of requests per working day (which is a timeframe of 14 hours). The easiest (but most inaccurate) would be just to take the average but I think it follow...

Hey @Adám, is Dyalog still hiring? ;)
@Skidsdev Yes. Send your CV to careers@
I've noticed that we have many KOTHs but few challenges lately. I've been stuck with my silver badge on the latter at ~390/400 for weeks :|
@Mr.Xcoder I wanted to complain that I've been stuck at 99x/1000 for gold for a couple months but it looks like I've just got it :D
Lol your about me is so funny... and relatable :P
@dzaima Didn't you mess with CSS in this case?
@Adám no, what I did was replace all divs and spans with <a>s with regex :p
@dzaima Oh ⍨
@dzaima yoooooooo if you manage to get that dark theme working, I'd love to have it
@Adám Hmm on second thought, how open are Dyalog to remote employment? Because Bramley is definitely too far for me to commute, and I still have 7 months left on my lease :P
4:04 PM
@Skidsdev Very open. Many core people are not in Bramley. Where are you located?
Currently Sheffield, although I have plans (not set in stone) to move to Canada next March
@dzaima *{display:flex}head,script{display:none} gives an "interesting" side-scroll experience…
@J.Sallé the theme I'm using is a somewhat modified version of an old version of this
@Skidsdev OK, you're in the UK. Then you could visit HQ every once in a while. Where about in Canada? (I used to work for Dyalog while living in Montreal.)
@dzaima yay, that just changed my life. Also, Stylus of xStyle?
4:07 PM
@J.Sallé no idea what's the 2nd one, I'm using stylus
@dzaima I'll check it out
my own crappy PPCG-specific style is this, no idea how much I changed of the SO dark theme to make it work though
@Adám London Ontario, couple hours south of Toronto, and yeah I could definitely visit HQ semi-frequently, just not viable to commute every day
@dzaima ah, nice! Thanks! I just don't use bright themes anymore when I can avoid them
@Skidsdev Right. I currently live in London (UK) and it is also too far to commute. But Dyalog has a big house in Basingstoke where people visiting can stay, so I'm there every week, Monday-Thursday. H.PWiz (who also lives a bit too far away) is staying there right now too.
4:17 PM
Sounds perfectly fine with me, I'll shoot an email in now
@Adám H.P works for Dyalog?!
@Mr.Xcoder He's a summer intern.
@J.Sallé I often just don't use things that don't have dark themes. I wasted probably ~4 hours trying to figure out how to make Processings IDEs scrollbars dark-themed :p
Oh, so that's what this message is about?
@dzaima D: I feel your pain
4:19 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Yes, he was in his room upstairs. I was down in the kitchen.
@Skidsdev What kind of position are you interested in?
@Adám Overall I'm pretty flexible, I've not really had the chance in my professional career to specialise. Although in personal projects I tend to enjoy working on libraries/frameworks and automation tools the most
@Skidsdev What language(s)?
My primary ones tend to be C#, PHP, JS and Python, although I've dabbled in around 10 or so others too
@Skidsdev While not strict, we have three main types of programmers: The Devt Team develop the interpreter and related stuff in C and C++. The Tools Group maintains and develops APL tools, and help customers with APL. And then we have interns who are (relatively) new to APL, and tend to work on a few side projects. Marinus e.g. made Py'n'APL and H.PWiz is working on Jupyter support and materials.
@Skidsdev Do you know any APL?
@Adám Not really, I've read quite a few of your explanations of various APL concepts, but I've never written any APL myself
4:29 PM
@Skidsdev Then I'll have to teach you! At Dyalog, everyone must know (at least basic) APL, even accountants, social media people, etc.
@Adám Sounds good to me! :D
@Skidsdev What's best for you, mornings or nights?
@Adám Generally nights. As of today I'm no longer working though, so really any time works :P
@Skidsdev OK. This week has a bit of an odd schedule for me, but I should be available after 20 every night. Also Thursday from 10-noon. Just ping me.
@Mr.Xcoder hahahahaha
4:37 PM
@Adám Sounds good. Should I still send that email or should I wait until I have some APL under my belt first?
@Skidsdev Go ahead and send the email. If you want, you can mention that you have arranged to learn APL with me.
4:51 PM
Yo @dzaima, do you know how could I change the vote icons with that alteration you made on the script? I've tried altering the .vote-up-off thing but it doesn't seem to be changing at all
@dzaima oh wow, I just tried loading up the latest SO dark version and it yeah, I've changed a lot
@J.Sallé I have no idea, I'm happy with the gliders from the gradscript
I should just probably make a gh repo with the SO dark + my PPCG modifications
5:45 PM
I love it :D
@NewMainPosts wat
6:06 PM
aright here's my PPCG dark theme
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Aidan F. PierceMost distinct Turing-complete character subsets (Inspired by Fewest (distinct) characters for Turing Completeness) code-challenge restricted-source Challenge: In any language you choose, find the greatest number of distinct and disjoint subsets of characters allowed in that language (i.e. no ...

note that I'm do expert at anything at all so stuff may be ugly, but feel free to PR/bug me (though as I say that I'm gonna be unavailable for an hour or so :p)
6:19 PM
Tampermonkey tells me that your userscript is invalid :||
Oh because it only accepts JS files for some reason??? @dzaima How can I make tampermonkey use a CSS file / how do I use your css?
@Mr.Xcoder I'm using Stylus
@Mr.Xcoder ^
Stylish also works for user-css files
@Skidsdev it has a bad linter and has bad privacy setting by default and uses outdated stuff though
6:26 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Hmm... I don't think that works in Safari
Is there any such service that does work with Safari?
@Mr.Xcoder you could probably find a usercss to userscript converter somewhere
anyway gtg
K thanks, I'll try that
7:03 PM
> what would you rather do, be homeless or learn APL
> now that we have evidence they are mutually exclusive
~~ quartata
Do you get a free APL keyboard?
I hope so
Huh, turns out you can't buy them anymore
@Pavel What?
@BetaDecay When?
@BetaDecay Where?
@Adám ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7:17 PM
@Adám 1968
When you learn APL
@BetaDecay Layouts are free. Physical keyboards are for sale and available at our office. Yes, interns get to use an APL keyboard if they want to.
Do you get to keep it?
@Adám Do they get to keep it though?
@BetaDecay @Pavel Sorry for delay in answering. CXO says: I suppose that can be negotiated
@Pavel this was in a private Steam chat, where the hell did you get this
@Adám in context it was referring to your hospitality for the Dyalog interns
7:26 PM
@quartata Oh, you said that for real‽
@quartata Riker put it in a public discord
@Adám yes
@Pavel oh
@quartata Haha. Yeah, I guess its true.
@Adám Nice use of the interrobang :D
@BetaDecay Thanks. I prefer it when actually applicable.
7:32 PM
Those examples seem bizarrely matched. Going from You're buying a new hat‽ to You're dying‽
you're buying a new hat??!?!?!?!! how dare you!
@quartata *how dare you‽ (← rhetorical question)
Oh oh, now I just have to write this:
— Is this a rhetorical question?
@Skidsdev Jokes aside. Ready for a quick intro to APL?
7:37 PM
@Skidsdev Let's head over to the APL Orchard so we don't clutter TNB.
drops into the channel to wreak havoc, then disappears (read: good afternoon all)
Announcement: Anyone else interested in a quick APL intro ^^
Free keyboard?
better, free money?
@BetaDecay Do you want to become a Dyalog intern?
7:42 PM
No, I just want a keyboard
@BetaDecay Just order one then!
Why is it £130?
Feb 27 at 17:35, by ngn
@Pavel They are. When you order any custom hardware in small amounts, it ends up being expensive, unfortunately. If you know how to configure your keyboard, you probably don't need them. Some customers buy them because they hired APL newbies or just because the keyboards look and feel cool.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rushabh MehtaGraph 5-Coloring Honestly, I can't believe this hasn't already been asked, but here it is Background Given a simple undirected planar (the graph can be drawn in the plane without intersections) graph, it is a proven theorem that the graph is 4-colorable, a term we will explore in a bit. Howeve...

@Pavel Hm :/
7:53 PM
@NewSandboxedPosts that déjà vu though
8:45 PM
Some sophomore at our school ran through a glass window, thinking it was a door >_<
Is @Skidsdev @Mayube?
I changed my name over on StackOverflow and forgot it was network-wide :P
Is it Mayube possible to change it here only?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WoofmaoGolf me some Golf code-golf game Write a program to play Golf solitaire! (I'm somewhat surprised that I haven't seen this pun yet.) How to play Golf uses a standard 52 card deck. Play begins with 7 stacks of 5 cards each, one card forming the foundation, and the remaining 16 cards forming the...

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