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12:05 AM
hooray! VSL for iOS works!!!
@Downgoat What am I looking at
@Pavel VSL for IOS
uselessness intensifies
No that's a blank screen
@Pavel a successfully built empty app probably
12:09 AM
@Christopher My sister has several plushies of those
@Pavel wow that is great
been taking pictures in rain
very wet
If perl has $_ and @_, is there a %_?
I've only seen the first two but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Pavel VSL iOS toolchain works which means the iOS VSL library, View controller creation, app delegate, cross-compilaiton, deployment, codesign, and linkage
@Downgoat But is there itoa :P
12:15 AM
@Pavel i could imagine what it would do, but that wouldn't be very perl-like (or sane for that matter)
I'm imagining either something like kwargs or like globals()
@Pavel yeah (i'd say kwargs) because iirc @_ is basically only for function args
Ok what do generics and itoa have to do with each other
@quartata VSL. seemed like a fun function to have
@Pavel ok itoa -> dynamic memory -> allocate memory -> Pointer<T>(alloc:) initializer to allocate memory -> oh no Pointer<T> is generic D:
12:33 AM
Q: Escape from the tarpit (Cops)

NathanielThis is a cops-and-robbers challenge based around defining languages and proving they are Turing complete. This is the cops' thread. The robbers' thread is here. Cops As a cop, you will prepare two things: A formal specification of a programming language, or other computational system. (Com...

It bothers me that I had that idea but he posted it first then it is a Pop-Con and closable
1:12 AM
we had a similar question already btw
except instead of turing completeness it was sorting a list or something
1:41 AM
@WhatWizard I'm not sure how to feel about this new username
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

aoemicaRacing Master code-golf ascii-art I'm looking to find the fastest racer around. Show me your fastest lap around this 18x14 track shown below. ______ / \ / \ / ____ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | ...

:44028877 -7 is the lowest I've ever seen on NMP
That's also the first time I've seen an NMP message be removed
do not close spam
^ that. Flag as spam. Anyone can do it - it doesn't require any privileges
Why not both?
1:51 AM
There's no point in VTCing spam when it's just going to be nuked anyway
So essentially you're wasting a close vote
Also encourages other users to close vote instead
And puts it into the wrong review queue
I don't think any of those are real problems though
And also potentially draws the spammer's attention to this new-fangled "comment" box for them to put more crap in
CMP: Have you ever run out of close votes?
1:54 AM
@Pavel Once - when I VTC'd a bunch of old crappy popcons/underhanded challenges
@Pavel what are you unsure of?
Question: Occasionally, roughly every other day or so, I get a bell and a message in my terminal that reads as follows:
Message from syslogd@localhost at Apr 15 18:57:32 ...
 kernel:do_IRQ: 3.43 No irq handler for vector
How do I make that stop?
It gets rather annoying when I'm just doing stuff in the terminal
Or is this message actually super important and I'm bad
service irqbalance status?
2:04 AM
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status irqbalance.service
● irqbalance.service - irqbalance daemon
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/irqbalance.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Tue 2018-04-10 18:49:18 PDT; 5 days ago
 Main PID: 817 (irqbalance)
    Tasks: 2 (limit: 4915)
   CGroup: /system.slice/irqbalance.service
           └─817 /usr/sbin/irqbalance --foreground

Apr 10 18:49:18 localhost.localdomain systemd[1]: Started irqbalance daemon.
Everything seems fine here
but idk
Next time it happens get some dmesg
Still the last line of dmesg output
(It happened like 10 minutes ago)
what comes before it
[80787.432422] wlp3s0: authenticate with 10:da:43:88:21:2a
[80787.434384] wlp3s0: send auth to 10:da:43:88:21:2a (try 1/3)
[80787.437150] wlp3s0: authenticated
[80787.437774] wlp3s0: associate with 10:da:43:88:21:2a (try 1/3)
[80787.441703] wlp3s0: RX AssocResp from 10:da:43:88:21:2a (capab=0x1411 status=0 aid=7)
[80787.462226] wlp3s0: associated
[80787.480408] wlp3s0: Limiting TX power to 30 (30 - 0) dBm as advertised by 10:da:43:88:21:2a
[80787.484869] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlp3s0: link becomes ready
2:17 AM
._. ld pls
Don't you have to declare it global?
I still wonder what that "abbreviation" is about.
Maybe it's that it fits in the width of a tab and still have two spaces left, which someone might say makes the code looks nicer?
I can't think of anything else it could be
as accepts .global
2:26 AM
I've only ever really seen MASM
And even then very little
1 hour later…
3:42 AM
How do I go about suggesting a new tag? Do I post something on meta or just start adding it to posts?
Generally people just make the tag and add it to stuff, but what you should do is raise a question on meta.
If you're not sure if the tag will be useful, ask on meta
4:00 AM
This page is not customized...
I don't know if close voters of "Escape from the tarpit" didn't know about the community consensus on popcon (they're ontopic) or just dislike them.
BTW @WhatWizard what was your VTC reason?
@user202729 That question doesn't fit the requirements for pop-cons.
I VTC'd as too broad but I also think it is off-topic, for lack of winning criterion
> Things that MUST be included in a popularity contest

* A popularity contest must always include an objective validity criterion, which is a set of rules that regulate what every answer must comply with. Answers that do not comply are invalid and will be removed.
* A clear specification of the goal that must be achieved. Questions like "do (this) the most creative way" should be avoided. Creativity should be the tool, not the goal.
(1) Done.
(2) Yes, "try to not be cracked" is a goal.
No it is not.
SE chat is too slow for WhatWizard to change profile image.
@WhatWizard How?
I've left a comment on the post with all I care to say further.
4:11 AM
I legitimatly like the old profile pic
I do think it was way out of line for a moderator to unhammer this so quickly.
It's not nice when viewed at full size but at chat-resolution it's actually pretty cute
And then there's
@Pavel Oops onebox...
@WhatWizard How is (2) not "try to not be cracked"? I am curious to hear another perspective
try not to be cracked is really a validity criterion. Cracked answers are essentially just invalid. It is also not really something that can be judged and voted on. Restating the point in my comment, the doesn't actually change the challenge. It is a challenge without a SC except for a technicality.
5:01 AM
Q: New Tag Proposal: Self-Referential

Jo KingThere's a lot of questions that result in code that refers to itself. Typically these questions get assigned the quine tag, though it's not quite applicable in some cases. I propose a new tag self-referential, which is applied to questions where the answers in someway refer to their characteris...

5:24 AM
@WhatWizard Three other uders had already voted to reopen.
I was aware. I still feel the same way.
1 hour later…
6:41 AM
@Cowsquack Why did you use that and not a for loop in explicit? Is one way preferred over another?
I just translated the apl code to j
So is this code good? (code review)
No (J code cannot be good).
@feersum /: |: \:
The idea is to delight in the awfulnes.
6:46 AM
Guess I can just measure the performance myself.
7:22 AM
CMC: inductively define a "valid arithmetic expression" as follows:
(a) Any natural number is valid
(b) If s is valid, then so is (-s).
(c) If p and q are valid, then so is (p+q).
(d) If p and q are valid, then so is (p*q).
So 3 is valid, (-3) is valid, (3+(-5)) is valid, ((-5)+(8*13)) is valid, but -3 is invalid.
Write a program that outputs every valid expression (i.e. every valid expression is eventually printed, and no invalid expression is ever printed)
2 hours later…
9:04 AM
hi all
hi @user202729
9:27 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

The random guyA tribute to adblock users popularity-contest Introduction Back in the days we were used to have a lot of adds when we wewre browsing the internet, especially popups. Now, with adblocks extentions, we can go to our favorites websites without getting any ad. I miss those ads. Bring them back. ...

9:39 AM
@user202729 do you think there is an algorithm which is faster than n^4 ?
10:12 AM
@LeakyNun isn't that every integer?
Right, but print the expressions as well
Oh wait that's not what you mean
Natural numbers can include zero, but always include the positive integers
The only valid form of the negative integers here is in parentheses. (-5) is valid, but not -5 by itself
Subtraction - and division are apparently invalid too
a-b has to be written a+(-b)
10:28 AM
@user202729 that looks very elegant, nice, I think you can simplify it to (# $&, [: +/\ _3[\])
Hm, I wonder if it is possible to write J/PCRE polyglots…
@Sherlock9 right
@Cowsquack the expressions, not the values
11:18 AM
Q: Output some reserved word

mdahmouneFor a computer language, a reserved word is a word that cannot be used as an identifier, such as the name of a variable, function, or label. For other computer languages, keywords can be considered as the set of the language instructions. Challenge Using your language of choice, write a code in...

11:36 AM
Q: Valid arithmetic expressions

Leaky NunRecursively define a "valid arithmetic expression": Any natural number is a valid arithmetic expression. If s is a valid arithmetic expression, then so is (-s). If p and q are valid arithmetic expressions, then so is (p+q). In the above, a "natural number" is recursively defined as follows: ...

@Lembik Maybe.
12:02 PM
@user202729 :) I am wondering if its worth posing a fastest-code version
the code-golf version hasn't been super popular sadly
12:30 PM
Q: Render an ASCII maze

AJFaradaylook! It's an ASCII maze! Soo coolzors, amazeballs and stuff. +-+-----+---+ | | | | | | ++ | | | | ++ +-+ | | | | +-------+ | | | | | +---------+-+ But, but, but... it's a pain to work out which direction all the parts of the maze are going. I just want to draw the la...

1:06 PM
Q: Autogram programs

NathanielThis sentence employs two a’s, two c’s, two d’s, twenty-eight e’s, five f’s, three g’s, eight h’s, eleven i’s, three l’s, two m’s, thirteen n’s, nine o’s, two p’s, five r’s, twenty-five s’s, twenty-three t’s, six v’s, ten w’s, two x’s, five y’s, and one z. Such sentences are called autograms. Y...

1:43 PM
@user202729 hi
2:00 PM
Well, i think i finally have CHARM Quark's design down. Time to implement it :D
CMM: Do you think that our current quine rules are good?
@user202729 hi
@LeakyNun hi
L+A+L -> A: Zip A with A that has been mapped with L2, map result with L1
I see no use for this (L is Link and A is Array), but i'm adding it anyways for consistency lol
still doesn't reply
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Muhammad SalmanDescription : Your job is to create a simple golfing languages that uses stack based syntax (stack-oriented programming language). The language only needs to support some basic stuff. addition , subtraction , multiplication , division , modulo , prints. (These are necessary). This is code golf...

2:19 PM
... Now I feel confused.
If a challenge can be solved by a program not fully know about itself but has the [quine] tag,
must there be a part that encodes itself and something else?
Wait, what's the blue (1) circle?
@user202729 I don't think they could be made much better. Defining what a proper quine is is hard.
2:44 PM
Anyone know of a good Curses library for Haskell?
When I get frustrated by Haskell, I curse at it without a library.
Why is it called Curses anyway
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kyle GullionRecovering Range Parameters code-golf Description You are given the results of a range function where every element has been rounded down to the nearest whole number. Your goal is to recover the original list. For example, the following function (in Python3) will produce an input for your pro...

The bots seem to be busy today? ...
3:11 PM
Q: Rotational Average

AdmBorkBorkGiven an input integer n >= 10, output the average of all deduplicated rotations of the integer. For example, for input 123, the rotations are 123 (no rotation), 231 (one rotation) and 312 (two rotations). The average of those is (123 + 231 + 312) / 3 or 222. As another example, take 4928. The ...

100+ diffrent operations with only 29 diffrent bytes defined for CHARM Quark at the moment. I may have gone a bit overboard with the per type per order functionality
4 types, about 10 different operations per byte. (A good portion of those bytes there are just parser signals, like strings and numbers)
16 of them are just for numbers (base 16)
What do quarks have to do with it
Just the name :P
i like subatomic particles
And even with all that, some instructions still vectorize
as in, takes two arrays, and applies itself to each pair of data in the arrays
So stuff like a vectorized AND (AND is bundled up with the instruction that does addition and mapping) is implictly avaliable
3:24 PM
@Pavel hscurses is the only one I've heard about
hscurses it is
3:51 PM
@Dennis unfortunately or not, I think that's actually what a meta consensus says, however, as I said, it's not usually something to stumble upon for long :)
@EriktheOutgolfer I disagree. The code golf tag describes the winning criterion perfectly. — Dennis ♦ 1 min ago
There's a meta consensus that says the code golf tag doesn't make a challenge a code golf?
I don't think it says it exactly like that, more like "the winning criterion must be in the challenge text itself"
4:19 PM
Q: ASCII Mountain Range

CAD97This is a CC-BY-SA challenge from the CCSC Mid-South Programming Contest 2018. Author(s): Brent Yorgey Source: Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Mid-South Programming contest 2018 https://ccsc18.kattis.com/problems/ccsc18.mountainrange Good news: you have been hired to do all th...

I'm afraid I broke your link.
hi guys! i know this is not a code golf related question, but maybe some of you know answer to my question, that I tried to find any answer on the internet, but i had no luck. is there any way to practice a google code jam exercise after the contest time is over?
By clicking the appropriate link in Problems column, you can "participate" in the listed contests.
the problem is that they made a new layout for this year, where there is no place to upload your solution: codejam.withgoogle.com/2018/challenges here is a particular problem's site: codejam.withgoogle.com/2018/challenges/0000000000007883/…
4:50 PM
Ah, didn't know that. That's unfortunate.
i found the answer: it doesn't work and the developers are working on it: groups.google.com/forum/…
Q: Fruit bagging factory

AngsYour mission is to build an algorithm (program or function) that can optimize packing fruit from a conveyor belt into bags to be sent off to retailers, optimizing for a largest number of bags. Each bag has to weight at least a certain amount. Your bagging machine has always a lookahead of n frui...

5:29 PM
@betseg let's extend our pbrain program to this question codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/162408/41805 :P
Q: Program my autodialer

brhflBack in the day, telephone autodialers used punched cards with one column for each digit of the number to be dialed. Columns had seven rows. The first three rows represented the numbers (1,2,3), (4,5,6), and (7,8,9) respectively. The last three rows rotated this arrangement by 90°: (1,4,7), (2,5,...

5:42 PM
@NewMainPosts 9500th question!
@Cowsquack ok lets go
first we have to fix the tio
what is wrong with it tho
oh wow last 3 messages ended with an o
removing [<<<<<<++<+++++++++++++:>>>>>>,] makes the program halt
wait it esgfaults
should we create a room
5:49 PM
we already had one
we can ask a mod to unfreeze
i cant find it tho D:
@mods could you please unfreeze chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/50556/coding-bf
cc @betseg the room is ^
@Cowsquack may I ask why it needs unfrozen, after having over a year of inactivity?
(I'm not a PPCG mod but I am a mod with the ability to unfreeze, I need a good reason to unfreeze a long-dead room though)
we're planning to continue with the project
6:00 PM
the project being a pbrain program for this challenge?
or a different unrelated pbrain project?
sorry if I seem overly specific, but... :P
the room was originally created for that challenge, but now we are planning to work on it more for another challenge (and perhaps golf it more for the first challenge)
@Cowsquack I'd suggest making a new room then, rather than unfreezing a room that was for a specific project.
especially if it's not related to the first challenge.
my two-cents. I'll unfreeze it in the interim, but I still suggest another new/dedicated room.
@ThomasWard @betseg what do you say
there you go, unfrozen for now. (I still recommend a dedicated room separate to a specific-challenge-created room, but that's my recommendation, and not something i can really enforce)
@ThomasWard thanks :D
6:04 PM
@Cowsquack makes sense, archiving and stuff
Q: Simple Math String

Muhammad SalmanDescription : Your job is to find the given number N (or what ever you name it). Input : You will be given a string in the following form : dN ± Y = X Where d = a number N = number to find Y = number X = numebr Output : Solve the equation and output the result. The value of N. Exampl...

6:49 PM
Q: Where are my pennies?

0x45Given string S representing a dollar amount, make change for that amount of money use the least number of coins to make the change and record the amount of each coin in a list. Here are the coins available to use and their value. Coin : Value Dollar Coins : $1.00 Quarters: $0.25 Dimes: $0.10 Nic...

7:22 PM
Someone is downvoting every single answer on this challenge
bah, that's just something you're used to here in PPCG, a few serial downvotes
Yeah, for some reason there are people that think "I dislike this challenge, therefore I'll downvote every answer."
Should this question be ? It is about kolmogorov complexity but it is not a kolmogoov complexity challenge itself.
actually, OP didn't add the tag himself
@WhatWizard IMO it shouldn't. Even though it's about it KC, it defeats the purpose of the tag to find similar challenges
7:34 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't understand why that is relevant
nah, just a comment
Q: Interleaving Sequences

BeefsterInterleaved sequences represent an arbitrary merging of some number of sequences. An interleaved sequence can be made by appending elements to a list one by one from some number of lists, choosing the next element from some list each time. Therefore, an interleaved sequence will contain exactly ...

7:53 PM
@DJMcMayhem Mmm, indeed. Apart from the confusion about operators I thought it was a fun challenge
8:36 PM
Most frustrating game: Unfair Platformer.
9:08 PM
@mınxomaτ Is that like Cat Mario/Syobon Action
> This plugin is not supported.
Frustrating indeed.
I got that too but assumed it was become I was on my phone
9:40 PM
Having gotten a chance to play it now that I'm at home, I've determined it is cat mario with crappier controls
Q: Embedding Google Map API on Squarespace

MasumasuI cannot see the map on the actual Squarespace website although I'm available to see the map on the Squarespace editing page. I would like to figure out what the problem. You need to use your API key for seeing this map. <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- var map; var marker = [];...

1 hour later…
11:07 PM
@mınxomaτ more so than Getting Over It?
@Pavel the controls don't feel that crappy
They're floaty as fuck
Anyway, it's basically lamer cat mario
@Pavel floaty?
IDK about floaty, I just feel really inaccurate
Eryi's Action is $3 on steam if you're into that kinda game, and is actually pretty well made
Good art. Plot. Lots of content.
@Pavel :| feels way better than a lot of controls to me lol
maybe i'm just too used to notdoppler physics

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