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Code Golf & Programming Puzzlescodegolf.stackexchange.com

Launched Q&A site for code golfers and for those who interested in code golfing (from beginners to experts), and programming puzzles.

@totallyhuman Wat? The most common co-signup with PPCG was CR‽
That's ... surprising
12:43 AM
anyone here use cmder?
@Downgoat o/
do you know how to add WSL ubuntu to cmder?
@Downgoat Yeah, if you make a custom configuration you can specify an executable to use with it. Let me switch to Windows quickly
@Downgoat Ok, so press Win-Alt-p to get to settings and go to Startup->Tasks
Create a new Task with the + icon and name it {bash::wsl} or something.
actually I got bash working, how to get zsh working?
I added -c zsh to the command and it still loads bash
@Downgoat Go to Bash, echo exec zsh > .bashrc
It's the only good way I can find.
1:17 AM
@Pavel can I make right-click not paste
also can I disable the weird background transparenyc
and increase character width
also is there a way to prevent the cursor from flashing
and enable mouse support / scrolling?
@Pavel what was that snippet that turned [] bracket style into ][ brackets?
can't find it
nvm found it
@Adám Both sites were launched at the same time, chances are they were simply the two most active Area 51 entries at that time.
@Downgoat I believe your answers are No, Yes, yes, from your zshrc, and no.
Anyone want to write Hello, World! in pain flak for 50 rep?
Right click being copy/paste is just part of conemu and this is the behaviour you'll get on every Windows terminal. Transparency and character width are in cmder settings. The cursor shape is handled by the application cmder is running. If you don't have mouse scrolling, that means WSL is doing something funky that won't let it work since Cmder supports scrolling by default.
1:37 AM
@Pavel I mean like scrolling in vim
@Downgoat Oh, Vim mouse support only works with a certain set of terminals, and conemu isn't one of them unfortunatly.
I lost the game
1:59 AM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Are you sure it's even possible?
I know it is possible
Eh, xkcd?
You just lost the game by thinking about it
wait crap
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ I still don't understand how Pain-Flak works. The source code > says Unclosed '>' character. Isn't the source code mirrored first?
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Is it intentional that braceCheck(source) is executed before the source code transformation?
If not, I have a working Hello World.
@Dennis I can't decide how I want to make it
the source is not mirrored it is run through this:
2:16 AM
Yes, that's mirroring.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Is that not then tacked onto the end of the original source?
@Pavel yeah
@Dennis it does check if it is balanced before the mirror is run
I was planning on keeping it like that but Idk if i should, what do you think?
Please make more idiomatic source+=source.reverse.tr(...)
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Nah, move after.
I wouldn't make that decision right now.
2:21 AM
I am just adding it so by default it checks after mirror but you can flag with -l to change it back
Have yall seen this?
Everything about this angers me so much. 1. It's part of a huge circlejerk that Javascript is awful when this is really not evidence of such because you can do it in any language ...
Two words: Operator overloading.
2. Everyone keep insisting that this is an absolutely awful interview question and that no one should be expected to know the answer. I'm not an industry expert but to me that seems like something that a) most people should know the answer to if they are familiar with OOP and b) isn't that dissimilar from actual code that might be encountered. </rant>
@Pavel Yeah, I feel like devs should know they can define equals however they wish
@Dennis I finished the changes and push the new flag, so by default the code mirrors then brace checks but if -l is used or --hard then braces are checked before and after mirroring
My bounty is going only apply to the -l hello world
Soft Hello World: ><))))))))))))()()()((}{(}{(}{)((((}{}{)((][][][][(][][(]][[)((]][][][][][[)(()‌​])][)][(][][}{([)()()()]][[))])()()([)])][][][([))))}{)((}{(((}{}{(((((>
2:29 AM
Did I hear something about a bounty having to do with Brain-Flak ...
Pain Flak!
Dennis may push it to TIO tonight if he wants to
Which is a Brain-Flak derivative
can you not hammer reopen?
@HeebyJeebyMan sorta
@Dennis I pushed the hello world into the readme
There's no 'sorta' to it. It's undoubtetly a brain-flak derivative.
2:31 AM
@HeebyJeebyMan here
Has to be run with the -l flag to get the bounty
What is the -l?
Checks that braces are matched before mirroring code
Hah, no problem
I tried but everything broke
@NickClifford JS is a good idea
2:34 AM
@NickClifford JS is a bad idea
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Hard Hello World: ><))))))))))))()()()((}{(}{(}{)((((}{}{)((][][][][(][][(]][[)((]][][][][][[)(()‌​])][)][(][][}{([)()()()]][[))])()()([)])][][][([))))}{)((}{(((}{}{(((((}><{
Dennis is Wizard confirmed
My language is not even on TIO and dennis is already getting my rep
(Explanation please)
2:36 AM
@Dennis if you post it on the hello world challenge your rep is going to arrive shortly
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ )))))}{}{)))}{))(}{((((])][][][([(])()()([((]][[()()()(])}{][][)][(][([())(]][]‌​[][][][[))(]][[)][][)][][][][))(}{}{))))(}{)}{)}{))()()()((((((((((((}}{{
Ah I see dennis beat me to it
and he golfed you
I spent far more time than I would have liked finding my old Brain-Flak answer
... The parens are unreal
I assume dennis is adding pain-flak to tio to claim his rep
2:41 AM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ No he did not.
Not yet, anyway.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Are you sure you want to keep -l and not make it the default?
@Dennis I will swap it
2 bytes longer. not hard to shave off
Why have a soft mode at all? Isn't it supposed to be a pain?
2:44 AM
The soft mode is kind of interesting IMO. But I don't have an opinion.
@Dennis ok Pain-Flak is ready to hurt
and DJ floated in and out
I can't tell if dennis is golfing or if he is adding PF to TIO
@cairdcoinheringaahing -1 profile still says "i am clearly dog" but your avatar is clearly identicon help stuck in paradox
dog == identicon
it's obviously the only logically valid explanation
2:51 AM
that's like saying because "pneumatics" is pronounced like "neumatics", "n" is the same as "pn", and therefore "n" == "pn", and finally "p" == "np"
Riker just solved p=np
tired me gets more stars than non-tired me
I should try being exhausted more
How to star bait by riker: Get no slep
no I got sleep but then I did bio hw and now I'm just sad
I'm gonna go be sad asleep o/
2:55 AM
To quote XKCD: "This entire think is the quote, not just the part in quote marks." [Quote marks, brackets and editor's note are all in the original. -ED.]
3:21 AM
If n==pn, that implies that p==1, but not that p==np :(
(or that one is zero, but that's just nonsense lol)
or that n==0
Yeah, like I said. Nonsense ;)
oh. I thought you were saying that it would imply that 1==0
Oh I see the confusion. Not well worded lol
And even with n==0, you can't get to p==np unless p is also zero :/
3:29 AM
Well the best proof ever presented was busted. I guess the world will never know.
3:57 AM
CMP: When both signed and unsigned type are usable, which one do you choose?
(C++, int and size_t, assuming all data fits in 31 bits of an int)
4:19 AM
@user202729 Which ever one you get when you don't specify (which is usually signed)
4:30 AM
What's that esolang that's literally just the C preprocessor? IIRC it's yours @pavel
Just call it "C preprocessor".
Why do we even need a new name for it?
I'm not making it, it already exists, it's called Preproc
5:03 AM
@MDXF preproc
@Pavel Yeah found it
33 messages moved to Broccoli
2 messages moved from Broccoli
5:43 AM
Q: Introducing the PPCG Podcast!

MegoA long time ago, in a chat room far, far away, there was an idea proposed for a PPCG Podcast, featuring members of the site talking about PPCG- and programming-related things. Due to time issues, the podcast project never really got off the ground. Recently, I took it upon myself to revive the p...

3 hours later…
8:19 AM
No problem, I solved the font issue.
9:11 AM
I'm going to lose my mind: I'm sure there's an English word for "acquirable in great quantity". I thought "massable" existed but apparently not
I thought about it but "bulkable" doesn't exist
@Fatalize Usually we say something is available in bulk
I can't think of just one word that fits the description
Is this "aquire in one instance"? Otherwise amass or stockpile could work.
9:19 AM
but amassable and stockpileable don't exist ;_;
I'm gonna have to change my sentence. Thanks
Any word exists if you want it to - dictionaries might disagree, though :P
Just use undictionarable words :P
Dictionaries are not definitive sources for what words are in a language - rather, they're our best attempts at listing every word in the language
But muh French academy officially accepted words though…
Inventing words feels dirty
Good thing not everyone feels that way, or we'd have no words :)
Inventing words is easy. Making them mainstream is harder
9:24 AM
@Emigna Like "fetch"
In what way?
One of the finest cinematic masterpieces of this century
Can't really view it at my clients office, but I'll have a look later then
3 hours later…
12:01 PM
@Mego My sister, my girlfriend and my girlfriend's sister know every single line from this movie. It's kinda scary.
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
Q: Make (a ==1 && a== 2 && a==3) evaluate to true?

GooseThis challenge is based off of this recent and popular Stack Overflow question. The challenge Write a program or function that contains an if statement condition reasonably equivalent to (a == 1 && a == 2 && a == 3) That conditional must evaluate as true, and output 1 as a result of the condi...

@user202729 Please also add the relevant link when introducing the sandbox to new users
Already added.
Ok then
Q: Are baseline submissions serious contenders?

DennisOne of PPCG's oldest rules, mentioned in What topics can I ask about here?, is that all answers to challenge questions must: Be a serious contender for the winning criteria in use. For example, an entry to a code golf contest needs to be golfed, and an entry to a speed contest should make som...

" I do hope to reach a consensus" — Dennis, 2018
@Fatalize Always the optimist
2:07 PM
> every answer has almost as many upvotes as downvotes
@Fatalize Also every answer has experienced significant shifts in vote totals :P
@Mego I remember your answer being top, then when I linked it had like +2, and now it's back to +4 :p
Q: The maximum possible number of different types of candy algorithm?

yo2011There are two candy shops, both of which have N Candies for sale. The first shop sells each candy for one golden coin; the second shop sells each candy for one silver coin. You have N/2 golden coins and N/2 silver ones (N is even). Each candy is of some particular type(not necessarily unique), r...

@Fatalize A few hours ago, it was at 1 (+7/-6)
2:30 PM
oh god we have another popularity contest kinda issue
@totallyhuman glad someone else realized this too
Informal APL learning session tonight at 18:30 UTC in https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/52405/apl. See https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/41299896 if you don't have 20 Stack Exchange rep points.
2:48 PM
we're also getting bombarded with spam
*off-topic stuff
I can't really close the recent challenge...
a ⊷ b = a
that's such an appropriate character :o
What does it represent in normal Haskell?
2:57 PM
(I guess it's UnicodeHaskell)
@totallyhuman what would that stand for?
haskell is pure ascii
@totallyhuman What would it be in normal Haskell?
const a b = a
@totallyhuman And what does that mean in normal language?
2:58 PM
const(a, b) == a
maybe that helps, sorry i'm kinda getting used to haskell :P
@totallyhuman Nope, sorry :-( I'm ignorant.
wait = is check equality, not assign? is it := in haskell or something like that
= is assign
ok i shall try and explain because it's my fault for confusing everybody
oh ok. you used == in your translated example so i got confused
you can define operators like a # b = a + b
3:00 PM
Q: Can this challenge be made on topic?

GooseI'd like feedback on this challenge I posted which was closed as unclear. Make (a ==1 && a== 2 && a==3) evaluate to true? One issue raised was the vagueness of "reasonably equivalent to". I was just trying to communicate $a == 1 for PHP, or a == 1 for JavaScript, so on. I know that different la...

that's the same as f a b = a + b
python equivalent: def f(a, b): return a + b
Its better if you call = define not assign
oh okay
Or def f(a): return lambda b: a+b...
Mmmh, curry.
3:03 PM
let's not do currying in python pls
Or, in APL: f←{⍺+⍵} or just f←+
someone should make indian food out of snakes
and call it
python curry
Q: Must askers be able to answer their own question?

user202729The question is all in the title: Must askers be able to answer their own question? This question tries to close some off-topic'ish questions on the main site that no vote-to-close criteria currently applies.

Q: C Code to swap Knights in 3x4 chess board

ComputerEnggThere are six knights on the 3x4 chessboard: the three white knights are at the bottom row, and the three black knights are at the top row. Exchange the knights in the minimum number of knight moves, not allowing more than one knight on a square at any time.

@NewMetaPosts ninja'd
3:03 PM <- why is the textarea respecting the width and font-family attributes but not height?
@HyperNeutrino Dyalog APL supports currying. APL curry, yum!
@user202729 It might be useful to keep the question undeleted. That way it serves as a way to more easily find the question it is a dupe of.
lol my internet connection is so slow I can't even load things because it will just timeout before it can finish
@HyperNeutrino Can't load page...
3:07 PM
oh huh
specific error?
@user202729 For what it's worth, I think I've actually solved like one or maybe two of my 70-ish challenges.
Oh I get it
it's because I'm on school board internet so it doesn't really allow me to host stuff from my computer on this network
and I can't use ngrok either because it's now blocked as a proxy/filter avoidance site
@totallyhuman Currying is wonderful. It makes partial application so much simpler.
@HeebyJeebyMan Closed questions get auto-deleted after a certain amount of time (30 days?)
@HyperNeutrino You could copy the rendered html and put it into JSfiddle or similar.
3:10 PM
@Mego not in python though
not built for it :LP
yeah but I need it to be running a live server for the purposes for which I intended to use it
@Mego Too bad...
... but I remember some duplicate questions still exists and are highly upvoted.
@totallyhuman By default, functions aren't curried, but you can certainly make curried functions.
I posted a challenge on Sandbox. Somebody can review it
3:13 PM
Don't worry, @NewSandboxedPosts will show up soon (or already)
@totallyhuman What does a become due to a ⊷ b = a and what does the b signal?
@Mego it's still not built for it and makes for annoying implementations
@NewMetaPosts o0 wat is going on
It got undeleted which confused nmp
@totallyhuman It was undeleted, and thus appeared "new".
3:16 PM
@Adám it defines a function (⊷) that takes two arguments a and b, which returns a
actually nmp never posted it before...
a function that returns the first (or left) argument
1 bot sent to live on a farm
@Adám oh come on that was a great horror movie opening line.
Creative banner...
3:18 PM
(NMP actually did nothing wrong - I'm just keeping up the tradition of silly messages when dupe oneboxes are removed)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Manish KunduDefinition The rank of a word is defined as the position of the word when all the possible permutations (or arrangements) of its letters are arranged alphabetically, like in a dictionary, no matter if the words are meaningful or not. Task Your task is to write a code to take any word as an inp...

@Mego Is the tradition documented?
the memes post was deleted...
@user202729 See?
Apr 19 '16 at 18:45, by New Main Posts
3:21 PM
Dec 22 '15 at 22:34, by New Sandboxed Posts
The NewSandboxedPost looks like a really popular thing to do (Jelly ịŒP or something), may be a dupe.
@Mego I know about the tradition. I'm just curious if the subject has ever been addressed officially.
it could've but we can't now
"Officially"? Probably not
Editing/trashing duplicated oneboxes just saves vertical screen space, and it's a prime opportunity for goofiness
3:23 PM
why can't we just have some fun
@Mego and we all know goofiness and cat videos make the internet what it is.
3:39 PM
Why does ManishKundu's sandboxed posts seem to get extraordinarily many comments?
because they said "hi." in chat
that is definitely the only reason
... and there are some real issues, too.
@user202729 Simple but interesting challenge idea. Lots of beginners' issues in proposal.
@ManishKundu Don't worry, they can all be easily fixed.
@ManishKundu If you spend some time solving some challenges, you'll get a feel for many of the uncertainties that challenges can involve. In general I'd recommend newcomers to answer quite a few challenges before venturing into the field of writing challenges.
3:52 PM
4:19 PM
@MDXF I seem to have broken Cubically in the polyglot. Could you perhaps help me fix it?
Which polyglot?
Q: Add a language to a polyglot

user62131This is an answer-chaining challenge in which each answer builds on the previous answer. I recommend sorting the thread by "oldest" in order to be sure about the order in which the posts are made. Note: This has become quite a long-lasting challenge, and posting new answers is fairly difficul...

Currently listening to the podcast. Didn't expect a penguin to sound like this
@Fatalize What, congested? :P
I was wondering if that was the mic quality or that :P
4:25 PM
A bit of both
My mic doesn't have any sort of filter on it, so I'm limited to what software can do
Q: Accumulate some L.s.d

Toby SpeightPrior to the decimalisation of Sterling in February 1971, a pound (£ - from Roman libra) comprised 20 shillings (s - solidus), each of 12 pennies (d - denarius). Additionally, until 1960, each penny could be divided into four farthings (some parts of the Commonwealth also had fractions of farthi...

Is there any useful diff function for polyglot challenge?
(BTW B has special meaning in Cubically)
@Fatalize recorded somewhere?
or is something live right now
@Poke Starboard >.
4:30 PM
Q: Introducing the PPCG Podcast!

MegoA long time ago, in a chat room far, far away, there was an idea proposed for a PPCG Podcast, featuring members of the site talking about PPCG- and programming-related things. Due to time issues, the podcast project never really got off the ground. Recently, I took it upon myself to revive the p...

@user202729 the commandline util seems to work fine enough.
I thought B might have been my problem but it turns out it was something else
5:18 PM
@DJMcMayhem Are you the one that pronounced the ch in "Brachylog" like in "church"? triggered
@Fatalize that reminds me, did you know that "Brachylogy" is a valid English word? So close :P
@Fatalize I think we all pronounced it in various heretical ways during that conversation :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well yes I know, that's how I got the name :P
> brevity of diction; concise or abridged form of expression
just remove the "y" to make it look like "Prolog"
@HeebyJeebyMan Cubically has been extensively modified since that answer; it works in Cubically v1.3 (which I've specified)
> Go check out the [repo][Cubically] to see why
Markdown fail :/
5:24 PM
Oop fixed
@cairdcoinheringaahing ...where did you think the name came from?
@Mego Yep, you've nicely encapsulated our disagreement in your comment on the baseline topic.
@Fatalize bra-churl-og?
5:52 PM
i always thought it was bra-chee-log...
^^ same
This debate again?
no debate
5:53 PM
brachy- comes from greek. You pronounce the ch like in psychology for example
huh. I've always misread it as "branchylog". mind=blown
^ pretty sure you're not the only one
mind.blown = True
hey folks, what's the accepted etiquette around posting solutions to your own challenges (specifically this one: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/153366/…) how long should I wait?
Mind's undefined, @totallyhuman
5:55 PM
@Jordan I read ECMAscript as EMCAscript for 3 years and just realized my mistake yesterday
@Zacharý ...wait what does that analogize to
@Zacharý They probably assumed it's... non-empty.
@Jordan usually as long as it would take you to come up with it
or rather, how long it took for somebody else to come up with it
Wrong language, I meant that it'll NameError
5:58 PM
@Jordan I usually wait a week, so as to let people with a weekly schedule have a chance.
👍🏻 thanks folks
so many downvote-worthy questions recently ;-;
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Toby SpeightWord ladder A word ladder is a puzzle where the aim is to create the smallest sequence of steps between two fixed words (a starting word and a target word), where each step changes one letter to produce a new word. All the intermediate words must be recognised in a dictionary (which will be sup...

6:15 PM
Announcement: APL learning session in the APL chat room in 14 minutes.
6:27 PM
A: Monospace Unicode font

RadoI'm also searching for mono space, rich Unicode font. So far I use DejaVu Sans Mono, but I wanted to know whether there is better (for me) replacement. So, as of today, I have downloaded the following TTF fonts and count their number of glyphs: DejaVu Sans Mono: 3289 Everson Mono: 9671 Fixeds...

why is unifont so ahead
is it too much to ask for a monospace font that actually looks good and supports a lot of glyphs
6:43 PM
@totallyhuman remember that fonts generally take serious effort to make >.>
esp for 10k characters
the explanation of the structure is not good >.>
it's very wordy to say it's just a pyramid of letters
also you don't have any string test cases
You don't have to handle strings in the input
then why is it there >.>
6:55 PM
lolwut? How do I input "PcSa" if not via string?
As in you don;t have to handle cases with " in the input
@Riker what if somebody took up the plan to go through unifont and gradually made every char look way better
@totallyhuman Then they should get a life
@cairdcoinheringaahing why do you even bother describing it
I tried to clean the first bit up a bit, let me know how I did
also, what? the input will be a square number? not a triangular number?
@cairdcoinheringaahing >.> do you not want an esolang where every unicode char is monospaced
6:56 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ah, gotcha. That's not clear at all from how it's worded on the challenge or the comments.
and can we use spaces instead of dots or something?
@Riker Yeah, it looks fine
@AdmBorkBork it's actually said once in teh "further specifications" bit I think
@Riker I'm going to say no, because it's about making Triangularity programs valid, which they wouldn't then be
6:57 PM
@totallyhuman Not really
@Riker Ah, didn't see that it had already been edited
@Riker Yes, triangular numbers are for right angled triangles, not equilateral/isosceles
@AdmBorkBork are you on discord?
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