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3:24 PM
I wonder if there's a better choice of language for these sorts of questions.
@EriktheOutgolfer do you know how to apply a given function to every other element of a list in Jelly? i.e. what atom goes before ¦?
it's not a builtin
so JḤ$
or if you want to start from 1
ಠ_ಠ Make monads/dyads before ¦ act as though given an implicit J
that's not always the case
for example you might want to do something with truthy elements, so
Hmm, good point
3:37 PM
oh btw starting from 1 if you can have the right argument be 2 then you can also do this
See, the ideal behaviour would be, if the atom returns a list, use that list. If it returns a number, apply that atom over J
how do you know what an atom returns?
like, add some additional argument to attrdict to decide whether an atom is "number-returning", "char-returning" or "list-returning" or even "anything-returning"?
@EriktheOutgolfer That would work, but would probably be too much of a change to make into a PR
it would be very fundamental
@EriktheOutgolfer any golfing tips for ṚḤJḤ$¦DFS%⁵¬?
3:40 PM
what for?
A challenge. I don't want to say which though :P
Just basic golfing tips I may have missed?
looks like you wanna outgolf dennis or something?
@EriktheOutgolfer Not a chance :P
The only times I've outgolfed Dennis in Jelly is due to the creation of new atoms
3:42 PM
that's not an outgolf tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing hmm...seems like you haven't missed any tip so far for me
that "DFS" seems familiar
Depth-First Search?
@HyperNeutrino huh no chance
Yes I also thought about that.
3:45 PM
Unless you were a user in 2011, you don't know what challenge I'm doing :P
CMM: Does this worth/be valid as an answer in Hello World challenge, and how should it be scored?
@user202729 Yes, and the number of bytes is the size of the file on the calculator. If it doesn't tell you the size, then no
There isn't any file. As I said earlier the calculator is nonprogrammable.
@user202729 In that case, I'd probably ask on real meta, imo
Q: Expand an Array

Strakl SethExpand an array to all directions by duplicating the outer elements You will be given two inputs: an array and the expansion degree For example if I give you [[1,2,3][4,5,6][7,8,9]] and 3, you must output: 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 6 ...

4:23 PM
Proton CMP: sympy or sanity?
as in do you think it's a good idea to have number literals in proton be sympy numbers (arbitrary precision)
yay typing 1 into a Proton repl now prints like 1000 bytes
anyway gtg o/
4:50 PM
Should we downvote answers which fail to meet the requirements of a question? In particular, the answers with -1 and -2 votes on this question?
@SimplyBeautifulArt In the general case, yes.
Flagging as NAA would just irritate the mods - a DV and comment should be enough.
@wizzwizz4 not naa, but generally you custom flag or even vote to delete if you can, invalid answers are grounds for deletion
I remember posting my first invalid answer...
It was also my last.
but it's recommended to first post a comment explaining the answer is invalid for some reason and wait for 48h before doing such a thing so that they are let the opportunity to fix or delete it themselves
oh and also I post invalid answers way too often, it's the little details that get in the way
Well the answers are about 5 years old and unfixed.
5:03 PM
and they do have comments
So... I shall flag them with an explanation of why they're wrong?
the mathematica one definitely
Flag for mod?
yeah, since you can't vtd yet
in my experience flagging in such cases (either due to being unable to vtd or the answer having a positive score or it not being often seen due to age) has worked well without any declines with comments saying you shouldn't do that
:P Anyways thanks
5:07 PM
I've vtd'd too
I've... posted a comment. (I feel so insignificant. :-p)
I find it bothersome that some of these answers are hard to spot as incorrect without major amounts of math.
@wizzwizz4 Lol
@SimplyBeautifulArt I find hyperoperations relatively simple.
@wizzwizz4 you have done some useful contributions to the site, you're not insignificant :D
That's relatively.
5:09 PM
Compared to what?
@SimplyBeautifulArt Calculus.
@EriktheOutgolfer Perfect timing, huh?
no I saw the "(1)" on the newest questions tab
Yeah though so, at least you were online
(I would have pinged anyway)
@EriktheOutgolfer Have time for some JHT?
5:22 PM
I'm there now :-)
Q: Alternested numbers

Mr. XcoderConsider the array of positive integers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, ... Then, concatenate them: 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526... And then split them into chunks of variable length, each length being equal to the Nth positive integer: [1][23][456][7891][01112][...

Q: Destroy all files on computer in one line using encryption, Unix

Keegan KuhnSuppose there is an evil organization that is trying to take over the world. All their information is stored on a Unix server. You have SSH access to this server, but their SSH server closes after one line on code! You need to destroy their code, but you know that rm -rf / will not work because y...

5:48 PM
Q: Largest Prime Exponents

MegoGiven an integer n >= 2, output the largest exponent in its prime factorization. This is OEIS sequence A051903. Example Let n = 144. Its prime factorization is 2^4 * 3^2. The largest exponent is 4. Test Cases 2 -> 1 3 -> 1 4 -> 2 5 -> 1 6 -> 1 7 -> 1 8 -> 3 9 -> 2 10 -> 1 11 -> 1 12 -> 2 144 ->...

6:10 PM
Does using a non-SE website for a challenge (like google) count as cheating?
umm, yes?
how does the other site count as the se api?
I'm talking about the language "Halovi" codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/144172/26600
Should it be deleted?
I don't think that's valid? op hasn't said any other sites are allowed, and if they were then you'd pretty much download the solution from the internet
@Mr.Xcoder I think .abe is 05ab1e's extension, although I don't think there are any docs to that
from 05ab1e readme.md "Create a new file where you want to store your program in (like test.abe). Normally, an 05AB1E file ends with .abe, but any other file extension can also be used. To run it, do the following:"
readme.md is one of the best places to hide docs imo
6:23 PM
You can change the extension if you want, but please leave it 05AB1E.. (not 05AB1E-Okx-8-bytes or smth)
not talking about that
I know, I was talking to Okx.
@Mr.Xcoder but you said that's the format in the readme.md
update your files
"There, create a new file called <language-name>-<your-username>-<number-of-bytes>-bytes.<language-extension>." smh
Yes sorry, I have to update
6:26 PM
The Jelly code for identity is literally the most useless code ever. call = identity and def identity(argument): return argument :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing It doesn't even vectorize :PP
> Explanation?

ಠ_ಠ totallyhuman
It is pretty self-evident though
Yeah, but still :P
... Mego's challenge pushes mine into the shadows ...
6:30 PM
Dennis just outgolfed 3 users in Python, included one with sympy by 5 bytes :P
@Mr.Xcoder Sure it does.
@feersum ಠ_ಠ
@cairdcoinheringaahing What sympy? :P
@Mr.Xcoder @Mr.Xcoder D: Why'd you delete it
Double ping @__@
Does that actually work?
6:31 PM
Brb struggling to outgolf Dennis
yeah I gave up :P
That was pretty fast, wasn't it?
Well, in all fairness, you were trying to outgolf Dennis insert meme here
Evil laugh I succeeded once.
6:51 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thing is, Dennis actually has outgolfed every single answer on the site (even the 0 byte ones), but doesn't post them so it can still be competitive for others... ;)
Meta-DennisScript? :P
7:16 PM
CMC: Given n, generate the list [-n, -n+1, -n+2 ... 1]
I have 3 bytes in Jelly :P
Range, Upend, Negate?
Alternativly R_‘
7:52 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing SOGL, 5 bytes: ⁽∫κHP
8:13 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Haskell, 11 bytes: f n=[-n..1]
okay i made a basic API for running stratos so that people can test the language http://api.okx.sh/stratos?code=<code>&input=<lines of input separated by a comma> will add a frontend soon
Actually, 4 bytes: 2@±x
8:31 PM
hi @Maltysen
am I being blind or is the variable n in fact never used in codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/144132/9206 ?
no one in the ppcg chat room!?
@Lembik that appears to be correct
tested w/ removing n=
Why do people post so many questions about manipulating integers converted to lists of digits?
8:47 PM
@Riker how odd but thanks
does anyone know what requests.utils.quote does?
in python
import requests; help(requests.utils.quote)
oh thanks
what is \u2019?
I get "KeyError: u'\u2019'"
oh right single quote?
so request.utils.quote can't cope with Director’s Cut
Are you using Python 2 or Python 3?
Works as expected in 3.6.1:
>>> requests.utils.quote("Director’s Cut")
8:54 PM
Also in 2.7.13
Maybe it's your terminal settings? Do you have it set to an encoding that doesn't have that character?
hmm.... python 2. Could you try this code? bpaste.net/show/c30e0d399c97
let me fix a typo :_)
Seems to work fine
Except for the typo :)
did you get to Director's Cut?
it crashes on that line for me
it takes a minute to get there
8:59 PM
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

OkxUsing non-SE-sites on stack-exchange-api questions. I've seen a language pop up called "Holavi" which uses Google to cut bytes on stack-exchange-api questions. While this is a great idea and all, this is a) unreliable, and b) not using an SE site. Therefore, I think this shouldn't be allowed.

I don't see it in the output
Debug. Film name is: The Venerable W
Debug.  requests.utils.quote(filmname) The%20Venerable%20W
That's the end of it
ah... let me try the version I have actually pasted :)
I bumped the range to 2,4 and got the crash
9:01 PM
that's it, thanks
it must have been on page 3
It seems to be a bug in the Python 2 version of requests
so it's a little odd as it if you just copy and paste Director’s Cut in requests.util.quote it does work as you say
In [4]: requests.utils.quote("Director’s Cut")
Out[4]: 'Director%E2%80%99s%20Cut'
that's in ipython2
I wonder if the issue is due to incorrect encoding/decoding
is the quote somehow different before you copy and paste it into python
I know there a lot of different quotes out there
ah.. is it a unicode issue?
Possibly. Try digging in bs4's settings for the encoding
9:04 PM
With Python 3, Unicode Just Works (TM). In Python 2, you have to massage it.
does the code work in python3?
hmm.. it seems not to for other reasons
for filminfo in bs(requests.get("https://www.theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews?page=" +`pageno`).text, 'lxml').find_all('div', {'class': 'stars'}):
apparently python3 doesn't like that
the "^" points to the open quote of pageno
You have to replace `x` with repr(x).
Got the escaping right the first time. HA!
9:31 PM
Q: Drawing a square with an 'x' inside

John DTask: Make a program that draws the following figure line by line. Your program should wait for one-second after drawing each line. Your program can only draw line by line (you cannot jump to another point or re-draw over a line) The dimensions can be of any size (as long as it is viewable) ...

Lol, that is the exact problem of the very first CS Java lab from a local university.
CMC: ^^ in ascii with top/bottom diagonals lengths taken as input. Input 1 doesn't have to be supported.
1    2      3
/\   /\     /\
\/  /--\   /  \
    |\/|  /----\
    |/\|  |\  /|
    \--/  | \/ |
     \/   | /\ |
          |/  \|
           \  /
9:49 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Dyalog APL: +.*∘2 3
@dzaima SOGL, 19 bytes
DJMcMayhem's avatar looks like KSP
@Joshua Kerbal space program?
10:11 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing APL: ⌽-∘⍳
@Adám ⍳-⊢ with ⎕IO←0
@Uriel Ah, clever.
10:37 PM
Think the 3 answers with the lowest votes on Largest Number Printable should be deleted? They all rely on outside forces, or never terminate, which are violations of the rulez.
11:03 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt yes
@Riker thanks
@Riker no idea.
11:40 PM
@Lynn btw, I mentioned you as helping me get into nethack the other day in IRC (#em.slashem.me), and amy asked about you
she wants you and "Emily" to play SLEX more
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