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8:00 PM
@Dennis let's say I want my language X on TIO. is it possible to put the arguments it receives in a file, and call it like ruby x <code file> <arg file>?
If it's a desktop that has a displayport port then i have to assume it can support 3 monitors...
I could understand a lappy toppy
I'm just gonna send an e-mail with everything I've found and see what they think.
sounds like that's probably what they want
They've got two weeks apparently, but they wanted an idea by tomorrow. I'll be a day early
Q: C# is the Main problem

Martin RosenauThis programming puzzle is inspired by another question which has been asked here yesterday but which was deleted by the author... The challenge: Create an executable binary (Windows .EXE or Linux binary) file which prints the following text to the standard output: Main() is the main method of...

8:05 PM
Speaking of computer hardware, these things are ungodly fast. My new home laptop has two of them in RAID-0 for the boot drive, and from powered-off to usable Windows desktop is around 1.5 seconds.
> You are only allowed to use Visual C# (or your favorite C# IDE); no other tools and no "non-standard" libraries.
@TimmyD I remember upgrading my laptop from an hdd to a 512gb samsung ssd. So much speed. Then I switched it over to my desktop, so now my laptop is slow again :(
Does anyone know if gcov handles #line properly? I figured I'd ask before I tried a simple test
Google seems inconclusive
I've been using SSDs for boot volumes (at least) for around four or five years now. And the other day, I had to actually boot up an old machine that had a pair of WD Raptors in RAID-1 for the boot. Holy cow, it was like watching paint dry.
I've become spoiled.
So, really fun and engaging? I love watching paint dry.
8:09 PM
I was going more for the time aspect. Not necessarily the engagement aspect.
Oh. Then yeah, pretty slow ;)
"Fascinating" is the word you're looking for
But the time flies since you're having so much fun.
It's way better than watching grass grow, at the least.
That might have something to do with fumes though.
I answered codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/96772/53745 but it's non-competing because I used vim
@TimmyD Your boot drive costs more than my laptop :(
8:16 PM
@Shebang x2 because they're RAID-0
The laptop as a whole was around $3800
Yeah, I meant your whole RAID-0 'drive' cost more :P
@Tux Language-specific challenges are allowed, provided that they feature a challenge unique to that language, which this qualifies.
@TimmyD The issue was using vim instead of VS
Was getting to that part - trying to find the meta on that.
The answer was obviously incorrect anyway.
8:27 PM
Correct about their rule (except the IDE one) if I read correctly
Yeah, I'm no C# expert, but I'm fairly sure the unicode escapes would compile to the banned letters.
> Marking an answer as non-competing does not exempt it from being invalid.
Wait... does the banned string rule apply to the executable?
A: Definitive policy about answers not meeting the challenge specification

DennisScope As I see it, there are five types of invalid answers: Answers that produce incorrect results. This is the most common type, and usually an accident. Answers that produce correct results, but break a rule of the challenge, ignore parts of the spec or violate a loophole. For example, ans...

I was sure it did, but now I can't find it.
8:28 PM
Please help, I installed SwiftKey and now I cannot type correctly >_>
@feersum If yes then the thing can't be answered without hard machine code hacks
@feersum Hmm. It says the cs file "generated by the IDE", so I guess not.
CLion don'y support Makefiles
still waiting for the day when computers automatically put the entire HD on RAM, and simply save it back on shutdown :)
8:30 PM
@Downgoat SwiftKey doesn't fix hoof problems, and I don't know why you thought it would :P
you'd need some sort of reserve power to give it time if the power suddenly dies
@NathanMerrill Won't happen because software and media expand to to fill the available space :)
RAM is cheap nowadays, but it isn't "put a couple TB in your PC" cheap.
downloadmoreram.com RAM problems fixed
all you need is for RAM price per GB to be the same as HD price per GB
8:32 PM
Why would that be expected to happen?
@Geobits who need TB's of harddrive space?
25gb should be enough for anyone
(unless you're running windows, in which case you should stop running windows)
have you met any gamers?
8:33 PM
I have more than 25GB of photos I've taken. That's not even counting music, movies, games, etc.
Heck, I can name individual games that are more than 25GB
@Geobits no, I meant that I cannot type "p l s h a l p" anymore
That's... not a problem.
Wait, so SwiftKey is forcing you to type with correct spelling?
Yeah, where's the problem?
The problem should be clear
8:35 PM
You can't say "gaot"?
It's not. But your typing is.
@TimmyD Path of Exile :P
It's starting to become clear, yes. But it isn't the typing.
@Downgoat Are we going to write VSL in C or C++ finally?
Write it in BASIC.
8:36 PM
@Mego Pretty much any modern MMO.
I am not Downgoat without "y u do dis"
If we are so unclear about C or C++ I am going to rewrite the parser in assembly to solve everything :P
@TuxCopter C++
You're not Downgoat right now anyway. Downgoat is red.
Elder Scrolls, Neverwinter, heck even pseudo-MMOs like World of Tanks
8:37 PM
@Downgoat ;_;
I think Civ V is >25 GB
If so, it's the only "large" game I have installed right now
I never got into Civ V, but I am excited for Civ VI
Me too
@Geobits it's okay I uninstall swift key because it suck
8:38 PM
@Downgoat get swype
@Downgoat Use Dasher
I never did like swype. The stock keyboard seems to work better than any of the third party ones I've tried.
Doesn't the Google keyboard have the same gesture typing?
@Shebang yeah, I just use that now, I meant the concept more than the product
8:40 PM
@Geobits apart from how insanely slow Swype was, I thought it actually worked better than the stock one
Well, "insanely slow" was a big part of it ;)
yeah I mean in terms of word recognition though
@Maltysen that is only android afaik
@NathanMerrill That drops tomorrow, doesn't it?
@TuxCopter for keybaord?
8:42 PM
@Downgoat no, only android stock keyboard has it built in, but you can buy the third party keyboard for iphone too
@Downgoat Yes
I'm not sure if it's explicitly Swype, but Windows Phone has that style keyboard built-in.
@MartinEnder Oh. Mine does fine with that, but I don't swipe-type. I've never had issues with the word recognition/suggestions for actual typing.
@TimmyD So you and the other 3 people with Windows Phones can enjoy it :P
Yep. It's great.
8:44 PM
If your hands are just right, swiping works great. If they're the slightest bit sweaty, it's terrible. I live in Florida, so...
Mar 15 at 4:38, by Vihan
yup, all 3 of them
My fingers are too big for touchscreens :( Trying to click on links is an exercise in futility
Does your phone not magnify the relevant section when your finger tap is ambiguous?
@MartinEnder Usually it opens any other link except the one I meant to tap
Q: Sieve of Eratosthenes, Step by Step

OliverGiven a number N, draw a properly aligned NxN board of numbers, leaving 1 blank (as a space) (I will show diagrams with N=5) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Your job is to construct the Sieve of Eratosthenes, step by step. First, start with 2. It's pri...

8:46 PM
@Mego real question is how penguin have fingers
did you buy finger hands?
@Downgoat s/fingers/flippers
@Downgoat Who's Vihan, and why do you guys share an avatar? :p
Nah, Vihan is a ghost
@Mego s/flippers/flappers
@Geobits the goat of christmas past
8:50 PM
@Geobits goast
It's weird to think that, by Christmas, I'll be living in a completely different part of the country :/
Moving is fun :D
Unless you're moving to Arkansas.
Moving is especially fun when all you have to do is pack and unpack boxes
Definitely. Even better when you don't even have to do much of that. The military-contracted ones would tell you not to box anything up, so they could do it themselves (liability and all that).
C++ question: Do classes instances need to be pointers?
8:53 PM
And for cyclic references?
at least one of them needs to be a pointer then
8:57 PM
@Geobits They will be Google-contracted, not military-contracted. Slightly different.
Less chance of a court-martial
Seriously? Google contracts a mover?
Less, but not by much. I never heard of anyone getting court martialed for boxing their stuff up.
@feersum I believe they give you money to get a mover
If you box up your stuff, does it have to be put in another layer of boxes?
@NathanMerrill That's what I would expect.
8:58 PM
at least, that's what they offered me
@feersum No, they'd usually unbox it in front of you and rebox it.
@feersum ...and put that box in another box...
And get pissed while doing it (for obvious reasons).
@Geobits No, they just toggle whether your stuff is boxed up. If it is boxed up, they ship it out without boxes.
@NathanMerrill From my understanding, it will either be that or a mover contracted by Google. Moving cross-country is a bit complicated :P
9:01 PM
Cross country. Pfft :P
@Mego awwww, try moving abroad ;)
@Mego or maybe they use google.com/express trucks
Somehow I knew the snark from the expats/military people would be coming
At least you don't need to buy a new car when you get there.
That was the most painful part.
@Geobits Nope. Actually, I just recently got rid of my old car. It got to the point where fixing it would be more expensive than it is actually worth.
9:02 PM
And public transportation is very good in Seattle
Public transport was really good in Japan, too. Except on US bases. Completely expected, but it makes getting to work that first week or so a bit complicated.
Plus Google will probably unleash their self-driving cars on Seattle and NYC soon
@Geobits ♪ And I would walk 500 miles...
Yeah, I got a bike. The walk to work was around the runway, so a couple miles out of the way.
@Mego I thought that cities were the one part they hadn't figured out
9:05 PM
Poll(ish): Aside from evaluating numbers and strings (a la ast.literal_eval) can anyone think of good real world use cases for evaling a string
@Mego I had just gotten that song out of my head
@quartata Creating huge security flaws
@quartata dynamic coding for newbs?
@quartata useful for evalling equations
@quartata would memcache storage fall under ast.literal_eval?
eval is one byte shorter than float
9:06 PM
@Shebang The best reason
eval() is fine, as long as its pure
It's a pain in the ass to transpile.
to say the least
It could be left out of the transpiled stuff until later (if it's ever included).
question: what's the best way to show someone a math proof online? sketchboard.io kinda works
True but it just got me thinking if there's any point at all
9:09 PM
@quartata wouldn't literaleval be harder than normal eval?
Well, one of the guiding ideas for Pytek was to make it more flexible/stronger/abstract so that more can be done with it. I think \eval contributes towards that. It doesn't have to be implemented right away, but I think it should be implemented eventually.
@Maltysen literal eval just requires some parsing, eval requires linking the entire interpreter in the case of a standalone executable target
@El'endiaStarman bahh I know but I'm lazy ;(
Well anyways we have bigger fish to fry for now
@quartata Yeah, like a borked parser.
@ConorO'Brien Um, sure, but how would they be delimited? Ideally, it should take the arguments as arguments. If somebody knows how the interpreter works locally, it should be straightforward to execute the same program on TIO.
@Dennis well, I want to parse the arguments without having the auto-parse of the command line
9:16 PM
What are you trying to accomplish with that?
having quotes inside quoted args, basically
Only shells mess with that
That wouldn't be a problem with TIO.
but that's how I'd be doing it locally, to circumvent shell processing
should I just change the version used on TIO?
9:18 PM
maybe I'll just add a flag for it
so just use single quotes and stuff when you're calling from the shell and don't worry about it anywhere else
and make default use regular args
@quartata nevermind
That would be the easiest option. -af <arg-file> or something like that.
yeah, good idea. thanks!
I think I've caused you and TIO enough pain trying to get node on it :P
9:24 PM
@NewMainPosts I kind of wanted to do this in Retina, but padding the numbers is just going to make it annoying. Meh.
I always upvote retina solutions :)
especially on numeric problems
@ConorO'Brien I like them. Some problems are super hard with Retina, though.
Like this one
I saw that and forgot about. seeing again: wtf
Idr how many hours I spent on it.
@MartinEnder Started the bounty on the quine question!
I get to re-obtain 14k now :D
9:38 PM
I know what that's like. I'd already be @16k if I hadn't offered so many bounties...
oh wait shoot who was I in a rep competition with
oh, ETHproductions
well, I was already 500 rep behind him anyhow.. :P
I finally made it onto the first page of users!
\o/ really happy about that
TODO: get back on the first page of users
@Dennis Thanks! It would have happened sooner if you hadn't learned brain-flak. :P
9:43 PM
Do you know an online todo list service?
something like Trello?
@DJMcMayhem it's the long age paradox: "I want someone to use my language but I like getting all the rep by being the only person who knows it"
@PhiNotPi Yeah trello is good thanks
9:45 PM
@ConorO'Brien Hehe, yup. That's why V uses unprintable characters. Nobody wants to learn that.
what about the goat?
He doesn't use V
Iirc only three people have ever posted answers in V, and I came up with all of them lol.
@DJMcMayhem GS2 use unprintables and is used by some persons
@ConorO'Brien thank you :)
@MartinEnder my pleasure :D
quick question: do you think --cheat was necessary for the quine, or it just made it easier?
10:07 PM
@Dennis Can you pull Charcoal? File input should work now, with something like ./charcoal.py <code_file_name> -rif <input_file_name>
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SEJPMIt's time to parse (everything)! code-golf parsing Introduction The real world is hard. Internet standards suck. However they're used everywhere anyways. One standard in particular has been the source of a lot of trouble and frustration. ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 is used in many many ...

I updated my avatar for Halloween!
Profile refresh, someone?
@mbomb007 No change on your profile
Anyways, cya all later.
Forgot to click "save".
10:11 PM
@mbomb007 Black background lol
@ASCII-only Pulled and changed the wrapper. Could you test?
Charcoal, 57 bytes: `×⁶¦()M↙↓¹⁰M↖↖¹⁰M↓↓²↘⁸M↑__M↖M←¤:M↗¤”o¶↷↘.ù↓À×@Ea∨#⁼⟲¤”`
@Dennis Looks like it works, thanks!
10:19 PM
Is this some sort of weird bug?
@ASCII-only Do you have a code page?
@Dennis Kinda? -e enables parsing with the code page, but it isn't finished yet, which is why you see weird 8-bit ASCII characters instead of unicode ones in the compressed string right now
ASCII is only 7 bits.
*extended ASCII
10:22 PM
Oh dear, I accidentally pasted your code in the omnibox and it froze my browser.
@TuxCopter It actually can be 56 bytes (¦ isn't needed here) but I have no idea how to get it to golf it off automatically
@Dennis Oh no D: I don't think it was the best idea to add compression before I had a full codepage
Just was for a few seconds. Chromium is weird that way.
Speaking of browsers, I used to love firefox, but seems to have gotten worse over time, any other similar browsers you can recommend?
10:37 PM
@flawr Define similar
I'm learning about trichoplax right now
How similar would you count as similar
Firefox became more and like Chrome lately, so I guess Chrome is technically similar. However, since you think it got worse, you probably won't be happy with Chrome as well.
If you mean Gecko-based, maybe K-Meleon would work, also Waterfox, Lunascape, Pale Moon or Conkeror
I used to love firefox because of its speed and certain plugins and the flexibility you had, but it seems they restricted all those things in the last bunch of years.
10:39 PM
Or else use Opera or Vivaldi (warning: both use Chromium)
Do you mean WebKit?
@Dennis No, Opera uses Blink (whoops nevermind), but Vivaldi is definitely Chromium-based
@ASCII-only Blink is Chromium.
Blink is a web browser engine developed as part of the Chromium project by The Chromium Project with contributions from Google, Opera Software ASA, Intel, Samsung and others. It was first announced in April 2013. == Engine == It is a fork of the WebCore component of WebKit and is used in Chrome starting at version 28, Opera (15+), Amazon Silk and other Chromium-based browsers and frameworks. Much of WebCore's code is used for features which Chrome implements differently (such as sandboxing and the multi-process model). These parts were removed from the Blink fork, which made it simpler, and gave...
Blink is the engine, I thought Chromium was the actual browser
Ah, Blink is a WebKit fork. I knew I couldn't be that wrong. :P
10:45 PM
@ASCII-only If a Browser uses Blink, which is a part of Chromium, then it's Chromium-based in my book.
@mınxomaτ I wouldn't say that, isn't that like saying K-Meleon is Firefox-based?
WebKit/Safari/Blink/Chromium... it's all KHTML under the hood anyway. :P
everything is basically varying degrees of IE
Which is just Mosaic.
it's all just nice looking rock
10:56 PM
@Dennis But isn't Netscape Mosaic Killer Mozilla like the opposite of Mosaic
@Dennis Can you pull Charcoal again? I've just pushed a few bugfixes. (Thanks in advance, I have to go)
CMC: output the product of the difference and the sum of two inputs, squared.
@ConorO'Brien difference is abs(a-b)?
oh, the squared makes it not matter
and test cases please
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ yes
11:08 PM
test cases?
2, 3 => 25; 5, 1 => 576; 0 n => n^4
trying to factorise this thing...
doesn't need brackets
slightly shorter now, actually
@ASCII-only Done.
11:12 PM
lambda x,y:(x*x-y*y)**2
oh, right, difference of squares
shorter than the formula easterly irk has, unless I made a mistake
no, you did it right
hooray, maths class taught me something!
11:13 PM
@DestructibleWatermelon ?
I have the same formula
FOG is harder tho
well, his is expanded
I meant the writing or whatever
The GPL is licensed under a closed license, ironically:
 Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. <http://fsf.org/>
 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
not ironically TBH
11:18 PM
@DJMcMayhem halloweenify your avatar
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ why? is it because the GPL is copyleft?
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC don't boss people around please
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC because the license isn't supposed to be edited
@DJMcMayhem Meanwhile I'm forever stuck at 3rd
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ soweee
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ why not?
why should it be edited
CC licenses are licensed under CC licenses
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ ...to make better forks
11:22 PM
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC why would you fork a license
that's called making a new license
I just did some back of the envelope math and if I had kept up the rate of rep I had back in November-December (about ~70-80 rep a day) I'd have about 30k. Now I wish I hadn't been so pathetically lazy.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ yes
Then again, I'm not sure I really wanted to put that much effort into code golf :P
idea: string rewriting thing, like ///, and 2d languages
in one thing
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC don't know how to... >_<
11:24 PM
if you take a list of integers and adjust them so they all go from 0 to 1 [0,3,6,2] -> [0,.5,1,.3333], what is that called?
@DestructibleWatermelon That would be cool
@DJMcMayhem use cat I showed you
@DJMcMayhem invert it? do whatever is crazy or weird you can do to an image
@Downgoat I have to say, your "Halloween avatar" isn't very spooky and actually looks pretty good
I'm guessing the joke is that it's supposed to look like trichoplax but joke aside I think I like this better
@NathanMerrill normalization?
11:30 PM
maybe? google says that normalization has to do with vectors, and it normalizes it according to sqrt(a^2 + b^2)
but the rest of the process is correct
You normalized it according to the infinity norm instead of the 2-norm.
does that math actually work out?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ remind me?
Math terminology is not absolute. It's a type of normalization.
sqrt(a^2 + b^2 + c^2...) = a + b + c...?
11:32 PM
@NathanMerrill no
I didn't think so
@NathanMerrill sqrt(a^2 * b^2 * c^2...) = a * b * c
@DestructibleWatermelon no
Sep 26 at 13:49, by Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ
user image
then what does "infinity norm" mean?
@DJMcMayhem no, that's totally right
11:33 PM
Oh, whoops, ignore me
@NathanMerrill for positives
@NathanMerrill max (or max absolute value)
@HelkaHomba *non-negative
ah true
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Haha, idk, it isn't really spoopy
11:34 PM
:( mine isn't spoopy
just cute
@DJMcMayhem Are you kidding? That's freakin' terrifying.
@quartata oop, yeah
It's learned how to use our haberdashery technology
Well, one of the square roots will be correct
11:35 PM
Next thing you know it'll learn how to use guns
Plus look at its eyes
Full of malice
The p-norm means (a^p + b^p + c^p...) ^ (1/p)
Infinity norm means the limit of this as p --> infinity.
Ugh. Construction really is the worst. It took me 30 minutes to go one mile as I was coming home from work today. :/
@DJMcMayhem so the verdict is yes? :3
Lol, I might do a few touch ups first
puts index fingers to temples thou shalt changeth thy avatar!
11:38 PM
I'm gonna eat first...
CMC: smallest (by sum) pythagorean triple where each number contains a digit 9 (when expressed in base 10)
Mathematica's CloudDeploy is really cool; is that new?
I don't remember it
@DJMcMayhem ok now I know your age. [that was a small shock]
@ConorO'Brien FOG, 10 bytes: 22^p2^pSpX
nice to see FOG again :D
11:43 PM
I can never remember subtraction in FOG, I go from s to - to m and finally end up with S after looking it up >_>
why isn't it just -?
because that's ssomething else iirc
oh + and - are inc/decrement
11:56 PM
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Really? How old did you think I was?
@DJMcMayhem as old as downgaot
I don't know how old he is
@DJMcMayhem (young)

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