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12:00 AM
oh woops, let me change that back, that was dumb.
Didn't see your answer @DJMcMayhem
Q: Output a string's cumulative slope

Dmitry KudriavtsevChallenge Given a string such as Hello World!, break it down into its character values: 72, 101, 108, 108, 111, 32, 87, 111, 114, 108, 100, 33. Then calculate the difference between each consecutive pair of characters: 29, 7, 0, 3, -79, 55, 24, 3, -6, -8, -67. Finally, sum them and print the ...

aaaaaand there we go
I think that, in general, banning builtins to any degree tends to make the challenge harder but not more interesting, which is a net negative, I believe.
@DmitryKudriavtsev That's impressive, seeing how you commented on it. :P
No big deal though
Umm I edited the rule, then refreshed the page about a minute later, saw the answer, then commented
12:05 AM
Ah, OK
Brain-flak answer inbound

"To actually execute the code, you must fight the snake to the death. Only when it dies will the `execute` command work." wat
Guys do you have any suggestions for new commands for LGC?
Anyone know about ISP routing and networking?
Would there be technical limitations of an ISP that sells internet up/download bandwidth based on the total amount? So the user can choose (say every day or at least every month) what their respective up/down bandwidths should be as long as they total to the same thing? e.g. You could have a total of 40Mbps and one day set it so download is 35 and upload 5, then another day make download 10 and upload 30.
Because as a video maker I'd gladly trade decreased download speed for increased upload speed :/
12:20 AM
A: Output a string's cumulative slope

DJMcMayhemBrain-Flak, 48 bytes {([{}]({})<>)<>}<>{}([]<>){({}[()])<>({}{})<>}<> Try it online! This ones a little bit harder than my other answer, haha. Lets walk through it. { While the top of the stack is nonzero: ( Push: [{}] The top of the stack * negative one. Pop...

At least I outgolfed one of the python answers.
@HelkaHomba Depends on the type of connection. Notably, ADSL (asymmetric DSL) won't give you great upload speeds because the upstream is encoded in the crappy part of the signal.
Q: Number Triangles

WallyWestCredit My thanks to Rand Al'Thor's letter-based question for the inspiration for this code-golf challenge. Background The nature of this challenge is based off the algorithm mentioned by Rand in his "A Triangle Formed of Three Letters": Start with a sequence of 10 letters each of which ...

This sentence employs two a’s, two c’s, two d’s, twenty-eight e’s, five f’s, three g’s, eight h’s, eleven i’s, three l’s, two m’s, thirteen n’s, nine o’s, two p’s, five r’s, twenty-five s’s, twenty-three t’s, six v’s, ten w’s, two x’s, five y’s, and one z.
Aww, no one replied
@Dennis Ok, but say for coaxial. I'm sure it's my ISP not my wire limiting my upload speed (>:U @Comcast)
12:29 AM
@HelkaHomba American ISPs...
@Dennis waiit wat?
Not a professional one anyway. There's no money in code golf.
Q: Divide an array into two, make the difference of each group's sum maximum or minimum

Xiaojun ChenThere is an ArrayList of large number of positive integers (sorted). Now it needs to be divided into two non-empty ArrayList. Find the two such ArrayList, let the difference of the sum of each ArrayList be the largest (or smallest), and what is the complexity in time?

@NewMainPosts Not sure what that's supposed to be....
12:48 AM
What's that word for describing typical day-to-day language?
Level River St looks like an anagram name but I can’t tell what it’s anagrammed from
12:55 AM
1:09 AM
Sandbox has 2998 answers now... so close.
sandboxes two questions
Where is the sandbox in terms of most-answered thread on SE?
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

DennisURL shorteners / shortened URLs Every once in a while, we get a challenge that requires fetching some data from the internet. While some of them manage to ban URL shorteners in time, other don't. I propose to forbid them by default because of the following reasons. URL shorteners that were cre...

Ahh... I love seeing my artwork resurface after such a long dormancy.
Q: Progruzzle & Colf

Super ChafouinEver fancied creating cool twitter hashtags such as #brexit or #brangelina? this golf is for you. Write a program that accepts two strings A & B as input and merges them according to the following algorithm: let n be the number of vowels groups in A (e.g. britain has 2 vowels groups : i in p...

1:18 AM
I didn't know @NewLoopholeProposal existed
It always has. New loopholes just aren't very common
With my upvote, I deem it an official loophole.
Feature request: a stack snippet on the loopholes thread that lists all "valid" loopholes according to vote totals/ratio.
Although, it might be nice to review if the "minimum +5 score, with at least 2/3rds majority" rule is actually the best way to do it, since it seems like that rule was just arbitrarily decided upon when the thread was posted.
Given how highly-upvoted everything is, it might be worth increasing the +5 requirement, or altering the required super-majority.
1:34 AM
Everything except built-ins. ;-;
@PhiNotPi what is it supposed to be?
@HelkaHomba you are the calvin's hobbies that I thought disappeared from this site!
you just realized this?
@Dennis what about builtins?
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC A card up a sleeve.
That's what people requested, but it's hard to make it look nice while free-styling 16x16px MS Paint with the default color palette.
1:58 AM
it's really nice :3
2:09 AM
@HelkaHomba Hey your sideways world is fun. Thanks for sharing it! I'm playing in it with some friends rn, and it's a blast. Also, a tip. If you start to go up on the sand on the right, then dig into the ground, you'll find a cave with a bunch of coal. Hope it helps. :D
Did Helka share the MCEdit filter for that? (I assume that is how he did it at least)
Yeah, he gave a download link
2:24 AM
@quartata Yep - github.com/HelkaHomba/Sideways-World-Challenge (it's in the description of all the episodes)
@DJMcMayhem Cool :D
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Calvin lives within us all
@ConorO'Brien I wish they were forbidden by default. I'm OK with using a Fibonacci built-in to solve some challenge related to Fibonacci numbers, but using it to calculate the n-th Fibonacci number is meh.
by the fault = by default?
Wth am I typing?
I wish I could blame autocorrect, but I don't use that stuff.
@Mods you should 11 an about for New Loophole Proposals, all the other feedbots have fun blurbs.
2:37 AM
Hmm. Should I bake "heavenly" white cake or ginger snaps
@HelkaHomba Any tips on not dying in here?
@DJMcMayhem Don't fall off :P
@DJMcMayhem Are you actually doing the challenge of staircasing up the tower or just playing like it's plain survival?
We're trying to do the staircase.
A slightly different approach than you though. It helps to have three people ;)
@HelkaHomba cake
We also set the spawn point to the clay spire, cause I'm not that good at parkour, haha
2:42 AM
@DJMcMayhem If you find sugarcane do tell. Otherwise making a bookshelf is very tricky.
Though I don't think any exists in the world
@HelkaHomba Will do. Can you see that little cavern i was talking about? by the sand area?
@DJMcMayhem I'm not playing right now. And I try not to touch the world between episodes so viewers don't miss anything.
That's fair
3:01 AM
@HelkaHomba I think there is necessarily an imbalance between upload and download speeds (at least, if you're not doing anything contrived and "unnatural") solely because reading is faster than writing. It's generally much quicker to copy and send data than it is to create it.
How is everyone doing?
@El'endiaStarman I get why ISP's do it that way normally, but for a growing ecosystem of online content creators, having the option to have upload speeds larger would be nice.
@confusedandamused slightly confused, somewhat amused, but mostly tired.
Sorry I got in the way conor
nothing a reply can't fix
3:05 AM
@El'endiaStarman Like if there are no technical challenges on their end, why would Comcast care if I'm uploading lots of stuff?
@quartata would cg be good at this? It's basically a regex
@HelkaHomba Well, which is greater, the rate of consumer growth or the rate of creator growth? (I'm actually not totally sure.)
@HelkaHomba I don't think I've ever heard anything but bad things about Comcast, so I think it's a safe bet to assume that they don't really make decisions rationally.
@ConorO'Brien clever
;) I try
night y'all
3:25 AM
@flawr He blew my mind with the statement that derivatives are linear transformations/operators. I suddenly understood calculus a little better, especially why you could take the derivative of elements of a sum independently.
Incidentally, I've been trying to think of game mechanics in a more abstract manner lately, and I wonder if there's any possibility that I might be able to find or construct a vector space of game mechanics. One could probably develop some really interesting games that way.
@El'endiaStarman this would be cool
Probably falls under the topic of General Game Playing: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_game_playing
I've also been pondering on games where the computer evolves or adapts to your playing style so the challenge constantly, but gradually changes.
What would be even better is if this evolution could include the core game mechanic, so that you could be playing a totally different game a week later or something.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ETHproductionsDo you know your ABCs? code-golf kolmogorov-complexity Write a program or function that outputs this exact text, case-insensitive: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. The output must look exactly the same as the above (again, case-insensitive), but m...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SCBHandwriting Recognition code-golf image-processing The MNIST dataset is a series of handwritten digits used as a standard testbed for machine learning, pattern recognition techniques. Each image is of a single digit, 0-9; as a 28x28 pixel grayscale matrix with values from 0-255. The challeng...

@PhiNotPi Oooh, thanks for that link.
Q: B​u​i​l​d a n​e​s​t

ETHproductionsThe challenge is simple: write a program or function that, when given a finite non-negative integer, outputs a nested array. The rules Your code must produce a unique valid nested array for every integer 0 ‌≤ n ‌< 231. Every possible nested array with up to 16 open brackets must be outputted w...

3:38 AM
I think GGP could make for a cool KOTH, but it might be hard to secretly organize a dozen or so games for the entrants to play.
If we had a random game generator, then such a competition could be feasible. It's just a matter of having the generator be complex/holistic(?) enough that the competitors can't easily take advantage of it.
It might be more feasible/interesting if we limited it to specific categories of game, though, like card games / board games / abstract strategy games.
@NewMainPosts nestbuilding.stackexchange.com sounds like it should be a thing.
@Dennis what, like for birds?
Why not.
3:57 AM
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC "How is everyone doing on this fine day?" -> "people" xD
and "What's the translation?" -> "There's a translation?"
this is a fun website :-)
"It's like a game of telephone!" -> "This is not a game!" ...maybe it's trying to tell me something...
4:27 AM
... that moment when the page updates and a ton of avatars drop off of the sidebar.
5:12 AM
anyone know how to change the SSH port on a raspberry pi?
I just got one for my B-day and I'm setting up a port forward so I can use it through my laptop while I'm at school. I'd rather not use 22 because I feel more vunerable that way.
5:23 AM
@AshwinGupta I wouldn't worry about it
@HelkaHomba no? Isn't 22 the default though, so everyone would know which one to hack.
@HelkaHomba interseting.
Well maybe I should undo my changes...
Right but your pi is not a prime target for hacking unless you are using it to manage offshore bank accounts or something
Just have a strong password
well, I've got a password.
Its not exactly strong, but I'll come up w/ a better one later. (Guilty confession on stupid password)
5:27 AM
Tbh I don't know a lot about ssh or hacking. I just figure if 22 is good enough for millions of businesses and other personal users it's probably good enough for me.
@HelkaHomba yup, I'd agree.
Well, I've got it working on another port now, I think I'll leave it for the time being.
I'ts too much work to change it. Plus I don't know any Linux (one of the reason's I've got it) so I have been doing a ton of cut/paste
5:56 AM
@El'endiaStarman I now know what happened. Some messages are multiline. The progress counter only counts the lines of the output file.
6:07 AM
Is anyone on?
Q: Output the Sets

Beta DecayChallenge Given the symbol for a special set, output every number contained within that set. Input The input will be a single ASCII character: either P, N, Z or Q. Output Your output must be an infinitely increasing list of numbers separated by newlines. Depending on the input, your output m...

@AshwinGupta There are only 65536 ports, so trying to hide your SSH port won't achieve a lot. Just use a strong password or, better yet, an RSA key pair.
@Qwerp-Derp Hey
@BetaDecay I need a new built-in thingo for Logicode!
Can you give me one?
Give you one what? :)
6:16 AM
Like, a built-in function
I want to do something...
Oh... Lemme think
I think I just found the most generic developer job offering ever: jobs.github.com/positions/af468158-810d-11e6-8db0-85ee3ffb4542
Pretty generic
I rate it 5 out of 7.
Don't you know what you need?
> Chemistry, Biology, or Physics, along with some experience in writing software
LOL, easy job.
6:24 AM
@BetaDecay I don't think you need a rigorous definition of natural number or integer; N = {0, 1, 2, …} and Z = {…, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, …} should do.
Oh, okay that sounds easier
If anything, you should mention what P is: precisely those elements of P that has exactly two divisors in N.
Um, 3.333333333333 and 10/3 are not the same number.
Also, 10 decimal places after the comma are going to be a huge pain once the number gets big enough.
6:57 AM
The new GitHub markdown editing mode startled me. But nice.
@NathanMerrill alwsl things for the next few months: 255.wf/2016-09-25-alwsl-milestones
7:16 AM
The previous "world's biggest DDoS (which was 300Gbps that hit Cloudflare/Spamhaus) has been surpassed: theregister.co.uk/2016/09/26/google_shields_krebs
Is it a good idea to put up a question for a Logicode quine?
Or should I just make a bounty?
I'm thinking of throwing 50 rep into the ring if anyone makes a quine in Logicode.
@Dennis err
N doesn't contain 0.
or at least, in most places I've seen
7:37 AM
N is commonly used for the set of positive integers and the set of non-negative integers interchangeably
Some authors who wish to make the distinction use N_0 for non-negative integers and N for positive integers
Q: String and ASCII

AjayThe Challenge Given a string containing only lowercase or uppercase letters and no spaces. =>You have to sum up the ASCII values for each character instance in the input string. =>The sum up value will be converted to binary format. =>And, the result will be the number of ones in the binary v...

I know the dupe target exists, but I can't find a challenge that is just "sum up the ordinals of the characters in a string"
I fixed up the question a bit
@Mego Do you think a quine in LGC is possible?
7:52 AM
@AlexA. eOS "Loki" has been released. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I recommend it. It's much more stable.
8:24 AM
Argh how do I use PHP to make a common header bar thingo
Then how do I do it
<?php include 'header.php'; ?>
Why not header.html?
8:39 AM
i dunno
Is very confuse
Doesn't matter
Do html
Oh jeez, I'm on the PHP SO chat
Those guys are just...
So @betseg where do I put the php stuffs
In my html?
8:41 AM
<html> <!--stuff--><?php stuff;?></html>
Why a comment?
Or is that just fluff
It's just stuff
You can put whatever html stuff you want before and after the PHP tag
Thx @jrenk
And thx @Betseg
After 5 minutes of googling i think you can't include html
Just write html and rename file to php
ıt will probably work
8:44 AM
Yes this works too.
Wot doesn't work...
.php or .html?
.htaccess needs some things too, says the answer in SO
So this is my current code
    <DOCTYPE !html>


      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../app/css/styles.css">
      <script type="text/javascript" src="../app/js/main.js"></script>

      <?php include "header.php"; ?>
      <div id="mainbody">
        <h1 class="title">Logicode</h1>
        <h3>Welcome to the Logicode Documentation.</h3>

(That's title.html)


      <p>Hello, World!</p>
And that's header.php
Do just <p>Hello</p>
8:49 AM
Still borked
They're in the same folder, if it helps
Try <?php echo "<p>hi</p>"; ?>
title.html should be title.php I think
Yeah and that too
Hang on let me try it now
Yeah, that works
But the rest doesn't
Do it then
Don't search for logic in php
9:17 AM
So how am I meant to include the whole file
Write the whole file in echo
But then it's just the same thing as copy-pasting the header.html over and over (except now with a php tag)
You will edit the header once and it will be applied to all pages
someone here?
9:33 AM
Feq PHP is bad
How do I make the header in JS?
@TùxCräftîñg eyyy
@Qwerp-Derp pretty sure you can echo it too
A: Introduce Your Language!

TùxCräftîñgStraw, 25 bytes (Hello b, I'm Straw!)b</> Try it online! Simple regex substitution.

@RohanJhunjhunwala how to stack in silos?
and since it's probably more efficient than my ugly hack... :D
10:19 AM
That's a cool realization, isn't it? Then you should also look into the small but beautiful topic of the ring power series over a field (denoted by F[[X]], similarly to the polynomial ring F[X]). This forms a *discrete valuation ring* and there are very nice (and easy to understand) proofs about when a powerseries is (multiplicatively) invertible, or even invertible with regard to composition. And what the ideals look like etc.

This is a little bit more general than the polynomials but also gives some great insights! (Insights into calculus, but also into the beautiful properties of this r
(Sorry, I just love that topic=)
@TùxCräftîñg you have access to all of 32 stacks and 32 queues.
to add something to a queue do
queue queuenumber numbertoqueue
to add something to a stack do
stack stackNumber number to stack
And to pop
do stackPop number or queuePop number
rock and metal should be stack operations too
the number popped is returned into the hardcoded m variable
@TùxCräftîñg ^
10:53 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Camil StapsSmallest distance to a palindrome containing a substring code-golf Inspired by this CS.SE question. Task Given two non-empty input strings A and B, output the smallest distance from A to a palindrome that contains B as a substring. Distance is defined by the number of character replacements. ...

Argh can someone make a highlight.js syntax highlighter for me pls
11:17 AM
11:31 AM
@Qwerp-Derp can someone?
11:58 AM
===total silence===
silence will fall
12:12 PM
if there are N close votes on a question and I specify leave open, should the resulting close votes be N still?
I have an algorithm that works (reasonably efficiently) for the bijective mapping of integers to nested lists
but it isn't really golf friendly
also I'm not sure if it has every combination of 16 opening brackets in under 2**32
If in my answer I have a sentence saying: Thanks to @user for ... will that user be pinged? Or should I start the sentence with @user or leave a comment?
@seshoumara There are no pings in main posts.
ok, thanks
12:29 PM
Q: www.shaperich.com/zynev-reviews/

Moti MotoA study done in Malaysia observed that patients treated with Tongkat Ali saw an expansion in their testosterone levels when they took the supplement. This expansion in testosterone likewise brought about the patients having enhanced temperaments and an increment in quality. What's more, obviously...

i wanna ask sth
in Charcoal HQ, 12 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title: www.shaperich.com/zynev-reviews/ by Moti Moto on codegolf.stackexchange.com
12:46 PM
Hey all
can we say that esolangs are speacial classes to be intended to shorten the code and make them unreadable?
My friends and I need help with an assignment. How do you develop a genetic algorithm overnight?
@ibubi Golfing languages, sure. Some esolangs can lengthen code exceptionally well
The unreadability part stands
@ibubi esolangs dont mean short. (#befunge)
But they both are part of a particular programming language(etc. python, js, c) right?
and can this article help me to build a esolang(javascript)? codeproject.com/Articles/345888/…
study the code of some existing esolangs
this article is visibly to create a high-level language
12:54 PM
@TùxCräftîñg so you mean there is not lex and parsers on an esolang
most of the time, no
ok i will examine a js esolang
cuz anyway a lexer/parser bork everything on a 2d language for example (jellyfish is a special case)
got it @TùxCräftîñg
12:59 PM
So, on below the character 'Ç' is a function in the class of 05AB1E, and it converts to list of ascii values, right?

Ç # convert to list of ascii values
O # sum
b # convert to binary
SO # sum as a list
dk osabie
@Mego Haha, oh well. Thank you very much
How ya doin
hows everyone today?
1:11 PM
@confusedandamused great :)
@TùxCräftîñg You should make a golfing language where a NUL byte is the string reversing function
@confusedandamused great
@confusedandamused gr8 m8 i r8 tudei 8/8
@betseg *********bruh*********
CMQ: Did monkeys eat banana before Jean François Paujot created the first yellow banana?
1:19 PM
@ibubi There is a room for 05AB1E. I can probably answer most questions you have about the lang and if I can't Adnan can :)
@betseg wt
^ very cool chart
missing a final section
'your mom'
^ is cool too
same issue
1:35 PM
Time to replace my banana phone
Challenge idea: make charts like these.
Closed as too broad
Q: What is an Explosive Word™?

TùxCräftîñgThis is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it an Explosive Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. +-------------------------+ | GOOD | ...

LOL. "Bomb" is not an explosive word. — Marius 5 mins ago
TNB is not a place to advertise your posts, whether on PPCG or elsewhere
From this, we can conclude that chat is not a place to advertise your posts.
1:48 PM
There is nothing to conclude, this is exactly what I am saying
@StewieGriffin Are you still working on your aesthetically pleasing prime tree. I might be able to help with the specification
woah that got stars fast
1:50 PM
@TùxCräftîñg coding a 2d language?
you post a cat on TNB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@betseg no
@Fatalize Technically, zyabin has concluded that the proposition implies the proposition: p -> p
It does not add to the proposition, but very technically, he can conclude that
@TimmyD Thanks for your feedback on my latest sandbox post, but I don't think I will post it because as your noted, people will find really large sets by picking sets like [1,1,3,3,7,7] and generate all possible products of primes from this
@Fatalize Makes sense.
2:13 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ ;_; y u do dis dr ham jam is best dr ham jam
cat ham jam is better
;_; y u sai dis
In [21]: summation(x/n, (n, -3, 3))
Out[21]: zoo⋅x
@Dennis ok I got you, I'll change it back to 22
2:28 PM
@orlp I just went with the definition the OP had chosen. There's no universally accepted definition of natural number; heck, there's not even a universally accepted definition of positive integer. In set theory, you want the natural numbers to contain all finite ordinals, so you usually include 0, which is defined as the empty set.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ hahaha
2:46 PM
@Downgoat cat ham jam equally good
Him, chat is pretty slow today.
guess who posted it

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