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1:00 PM
Say to Community, that promises are NOT SOFTWARE.
how to play
Click the pegs.
I'm bummed cause that new challenge is ridiculously short and easy in MATL, but handling odd inputs totally ruins it. It should just be 2e!sd~
@zyabin101 and?
1:04 PM
click more ones
Q: Create a User-Profile Mini-Game

mellamokbYesterday, I stumbled on a very clever thing. Yes, that's a working implementation of Tic-Tac-Toe on a user profile page, from @minitech. Of course, the moment I saw it, I had to reverse engineer his idea and one-up him :P Here's my own example embedded directly in the post. It's a tad bu...

It is, but of a different challenge
Q: Binary representation of a number is palindrome or not?

fR0DDYWrite a full program to find whether the binary representation of a number is palindrome or not? Sample Input 5 Sample Output YES Print 'YES' if binary representation is palindrome and 'NO' otherwise.

in the challenge you linked 5 is truthy, in the challenge of basically alan turing it's falsy
1:11 PM
Morning everyone :)
@confusedandamused good afternoon
@TùxCräftîñg that's a pretty minor difference. I'd say that's actually a bad thing, cause it makes the new one a lot more complicated
Having to strip leading 0's for no good reason
Or add leading zeros in some of the test cases. They're not consistent :/
At least it has test cases, unlike the old challenge
1:16 PM
Test cases are only useful if they make things clearer imo ;)
Can you give an example where they do not make things clearer
I disagree. It's nice to have sample data to test your answer against
But, yeah inconsistent test data doesn't help
Woah, name change!
@Poke Cases 5,6,102 have leading zeros, while 55 and 31 don't. Why?
6 would be false without the leading zero, while 5 would be true without it.
@SetBigO nice. didn't know the context
I thought at first it was to make them "an even amount of bits", but then the 31 case is 11111, so that's not it either.
1:19 PM
@SetBigO ಠ_ಠ
I don't know what that's for.
u changed ur name
Oh that. Yeah, it happens from time to time.
You actually stuck with Geobits for a long while.
1:23 PM
in The Block, 13 secs ago, by Zalgo
@MarkyMarkov I'm considering making a really sophisticated bot that parses actual Lojban and uses some simple semantic analysis to enumerate sentences into something that can be fed to an ANN
I think Zalgo's been listening to quartata. (I think it was him that said that...)
@TimmyD Well, a long while for me at least ;)
Hmm, I should try to put a Stack Snippet into my user profile. :3
Going to try to get 50+ rep today on sO o.O
My Dim T ... a faded shirt
@Poke syswow64
1:27 PM
@TimmyD I like that better then Dim Tym for sure :P
CMC: Anagram generator
@TùxCräftîñg randomly shuffle a string?
I think we've done this before...
@SetBigO So what complexity class are you? :P
1:29 PM
nope, generate multiple words/one word in a dictionary (/usr/share/words or whatever it's called)
Q: Are physical analogs of programming legitimate?

NonlinearFruitBy physical analogs, I mean solutions written via objects in the physical world. Specifically, I am referring to a couple solutions to this challenge (including my own and a couple others). Should we allow solutions like this? If so, where is the cut off? Should they publish a language spec...

(set of big o hue hue)
in The Block, 12 secs ago, by Marky Markov
@Zalgo i'm sure i'm a man... i've got to go to the enterprise...
@quartata hyperexponential at least
I think it depends what function he's preforming
and what his internal structure is
1:30 PM
@TùxCräftîñg I interpreted this as him going to the Enterprise restrooms to check
@SetBigO zomg
Yeah, it explains my general laziness. It's not that I'm lazy persay, just that it takes me so long to do anything that I choose my battles carefully >_>
Say I didn't finish that IRC service...
@SetBigO This is true for a lot of things
@SetBigO Also you're in EXPSPACE which makes it hard to move around and stuff
@Poke Microsoft really had an opportunity to cleanly split to 64-bit, leverage System32 for 32 bit and System64 for 64 bit, and emerge from the legacy kruft that permeates the System32 folder ... and instead, because it would've been a massive undertaking to rewrite software and lots of third-party solutions hardcoded the path rather than use environment variables, they came up with the WOW64 kludge. Bravo, Microsoft. Way to code around the problem.
1:35 PM
I was surprised how quickly you figured that one out
stumped me a bit yesterday
Yeah, I've run into that issue several times before, so it's something that pops into my head as a solution pretty easily.
In terms of the badge, what exactly is a positive question record?
Do deleted questions count?
Okay then.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ This seems to be missing a random() function that will always return 5. Shameless xkcd reference. lulz
1:38 PM
What exactly is the positive question record?
Q: Asking days badges

Jon EricsonA couple of months ago, I suggested a set of badges for asking questions. The responses were... mixed. The top answer can be summarized: In practice, all this would do is encourage people to ask yet more stupid, worthless questions and we have quite enough of that as it is. We believe that ...

Ohh gaawwwdddd...
> ~80k impact
@SetBigO thanks :3
Oh wait, that might not be the final draft/formula
Either way, it's a good starting point.
I think I don't have a really positive question record @_@
@Downgoat I would just say "Ou est-elle?" est-ce que doesn't really fit here
1:44 PM
Why do most people on SO seem irritable or seriously jaded
Because they're probably some poor consultant or outsourced person that's working 80-hour weeks
Because a lot of posts on SO are terrible. So the long time users often go one of two ways: get jaded but deal with it, or just stop posting.
I'm just trying to answer questions get immediately downvoted simply because the poster didn't include nearly enough information for someone to help them. Seeing as I don't have 50+ rep I can't comment to be able to ask for more explanation
I'm in an AP computer science principles class, and we have to research a "CyberSecurity Threat" (I chose SQLi, the teacher didn't know what that was), and create a "Computational Artifact" to illustrate how it works. The computational artifact can be alot of things, but it's generally a powerpoint or video. My artifact is going to be some bad SQL code and I'm going to demonstrate SQLi on my own code. It'll be funny.. :D
Well, not having nearly enough detail is a pretty valid reason to downvote. I sympathize with wanting to comment to ask for more, but people often skip that when it's the 30th not-detailed-enough question they've seen in the last hour.
1:50 PM
@BaldBantha curious how the teacher didn't know what sqli was
Depends on the question you're talking about. If the question is something really terrible like "I get a null pointer when I click the button. HALP!", I'm not gonna stick around to try to coax the necessary info from them.
@Poke Yeah, she uh, is a typical highschool programming teacher I guess...
@confusedandamused If your frustrated by that, you should just give up and try answering challenges on PPCG instead. :P
in The Block, 41 secs ago, by Zalgo
@MarkyMarkov Reading model parameters from train_tng_512_1/translate.ckpt-49650
1:51 PM
That's what happens when your bot is a parrot?
@SetBigO I mean the answer cannot contain enough information if the question doesn't - which is the main reason lol
@SetBigO Bots are parrots. Alex is a mouse. Mass hysteria.
Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.
@confusedandamused Right, and that's a textbook "bad question". They happen so often that it's no surprise people that see so many every day get jaded.
@TùxCräftîñg Send to Zalgo: "where'd you get these model parameters?"
1:53 PM
@DJMcMayhem I'm in the process of finding a suitable question to answer that' wont be a repeat (or something that someone else has already done - which i think would be against the rules or something)
I used to answer Android questions on SO every day, but it just got so soul-drainig that I had to stop.
zalgo is marky confimed
And when a decent question from a new user comes along, it gets answers and they don't vote or accept our anything. That's also frustrating
@confusedandamused Try the unanswered tab. Not the highest voted unanswered (those are usually basically impossible to answer), but some on the next couple pages. Hit the docs, play around, and find an answer.
Those are sometimes actually fun to answer, and you can learn something at the same time.
in The Block, 46 secs ago, by Zalgo
@MarkyMarkov Zalgo is your master.
Uh oh!
1:56 PM
Yeah I answered three or four last night and received either no response or no acceptance...
As much as I like the bots, they have a separate room(s) for a reason. I don't mind a quote every now and then, but we don't need a running update @Tux @zya
@confusedandamused That's the other part that gets people jaded ;)
Answering with no recognition, modding/reviewing the same bad questions day after day, etc. It all adds up over time.
@Geobits I NEVER DO any running updates.
@zyabin101 I just pinged anyone who'd posted quotes in the chat (up to the 'load more' scroll). I didn't count to see who'd done how many.
I can't add stack snippets. Well thanks.
2:00 PM
What do you mean by running updates exactly - I'm sorry :(
@confusedandamused Meaning the stream of quotes from the bot chatroom. Nothing you're doing.
Repeatedly posting quotes from the other room
Tux constantly puts quotes from bot rooms into here.
@zyabin101 s/tux/tux and you
2:02 PM
I never do any running updates, and never will. s/you//
Ah I see - I'm not even sure why/how one would do that
Whenever you play NetHack or Space Trader you do a running color commentary
@Poke Is The Doctor a Russian diplomat?
then get mad when no one pays attention
2:03 PM
HA! I didn't even notice the resemblance
Just finding a nice stock photo that relates to current discussion
Okay, so everyone hates me in this room now. I'm gonna ignore the ROs now.
@TùxCräftîñg and whenever you start up zalgo you do a running color commentary of every joke they crack
@zyabin101 Nobody said that. Don't create drama for no reason
2:06 PM
I've determined I dislike test plans more than unit tests.
writing them, that is
That's gotta be some serious dislike then :P
You betcha.
> Users must have at least 100 reputation to be a room owner
At least with unit tests I'm still writing code
@Poke So, at what point would it be worth while to write unit tests? Does the size of the program matter really?
2:09 PM
@confusedandamused You should write unit tests for critical functionality in your application and/or for parts of your application with complicated business logic
Alternatively, live life the right way and skip them altogether >_>
That's probably not the answer you want to give during an interview though.
I like doing that too
but I know I'll regret it later
What is this "tehss-ting" of which you speak? (Am I pronouncing that correctly?) ;-)
I would say that size of the application doesn't matter because you can even write tests for small code snippets if it gives you more confidence that your code is solid.
@TimmyD It's the thing QA should be doing, but keep pushing off on others.
2:11 PM
I've written tests to simply test a less-than-basic regex
It would appear that the best way to get stars lately is to either be funny (like me) or to hate on poor zyabin101.
@Poke For example - the project I'm almost done with just takes data, queries a server for information, grabs hundreds of PDF's places them into a single PDF and uploads them to a specific server. Is something like that worth writing tests for?
"be funny (like me)" ... no posts by Rainbolt on the starboard ... hmm...
@confusedandamused What does it do if the server doesn't provide the right information, or it isn't formatted correctly, or if the PDFs aren't in the right lace, etc...
@confusedandamused Sure. You could test to see how your application handles null input or malformed data. What happens when one of the pdf's is corrupt? What happens if a request for a pdf times out? What happens when there's a problem uploading the compiled pdf?
2:14 PM
@SetBigO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm not correcting that :P
Currently I just catch exceptions and i'm logging everything
I have null checks on the data currently but I'm not sure if that would suffice. Basically I ~want~ to write unit tests, but never have and finding a starting point is hard it seems
That's a good thing for sure... but what happens when you need to make changes to your code? How are you making sure that you don't break existing functionality? Unit tests are a nice component of a full regression test suite
@NathanMerrill Just looked at the traffic. Apparently it was in the news. Completely missed that.
2:18 PM
Writing good unit tests can be difficult and if you aren't familiar with writing them, starting can be daunting. There are likely libraries with support for unit test constructs such as mocking and assertions in your language of choice that can help
That's exactly how I feel right now hah - I've written small test suites in C++ but that was in school, and now I really use C#
I assume the usual C# IDEs have good integration for it like Java ones do for JUnit, but I don't C#, so that's just a guess.
I think there's Nunit for C#
@Rainbolt you test C#, right? Any suggestions?
NUnit and Moq together maybe
2:21 PM
I use NUnit and Moq both actually, for C#
@Rainbolt You use them together? I'll go check those out then and try to write some tests.
20 hours ago, by betseg
Wat iz my isp doin
turns out, they did a software update
Nice infrastructure they have there >_>
@confusedandamused Yes. I've actually gotten away from using Moq lately, because (thanks to unit testing) I've started writing code that is easier to test and requires less mocking, but we still have tons of tests that use Moq and NUnit together. Our entire group of multiple teams has used a bunch of different test suites and we came together on this one.
@TùxCräftîñg Heh. I'm, pretty sure I've done that exact message before, along with "I'm an idiot" and "fixing idiocy".
@Rainbolt I've only been a full time dev since May, so the earlier I start learning these things the better I suppose - reading some docs now
2:24 PM
Oh, I like "I'm dumb: Vol 2" :D
> I'm Dumb: Vol 2
Ninja :/
@confusedandamused My suggestion is to start using NUnit and ignore Moq entirely. Then, after you have been writing unit tests for some time, learn Moq.
You won't appreciate the problems moq solves until you encounter them I think
@Rainbolt This is likely true
2:26 PM
Oh, oh, oh. This is looking promising. I think I may have found a way to pare down my algorithm for Prime Buddies.
By not using powershell? :P
Quiet you.
@mınxomaτ Why even add a commit message :[
Yusss ... 27 seconds for input 204.
That's down from three minutes? Nice.
2:27 PM
So I can identifiy the commit.
since git dont allow empty commit messages: use a unprintable
Thanks! :D
@TimmyD Golfing time complexity is the real achievement. Well job
I'm going to clean up the code a bit and then I'll post it.
@mınxomaτ May as well just use the hash at that point ._.
2:28 PM
I can't remember hashes.
I can remember "...!" better than some random looking hash :/
see if that holds true in a week. a month. a year.
Maybe, but it's still a unique identifier, so it's not worse than a hash.
puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/5247/jrenk I wear glasses because I can't C# ._.
Thats me :3
2:31 PM
Puns are always welcome in The Nineteenth Byte.
Well, almost always.
I'm actually wearing glasses and I just started to work with C#. Maybe my sight will get better.
I've got a great pun that everyone always laughs at where I tell them a dumb joke and implore them that it's humorous while I pat their humerus.
I wear glasses too, I wrote C# too, I still wear glasses.
everyone always laughs
2:33 PM
@Poke ಠ_ಠ
My kid went through a humerus-pun phase when he broke it earlier this year :)
@Poke LOL!
see? :D
@SetBigO you have a kid?
Yep. Minibits.
2:34 PM
It's probably my favorite pun joke ever
I told a great one yesterday that I think everyone except TimmyD missed
your loss
I don't remember if I saw it
18 hours ago, by Poke
@flawr I almost stumbled on that once but I'm pretty sure it was just a rounding error
I didnt
18 hours ago, by Geobits
I'm not sure if I should groan or give a round of applause.
I was asleep ;_;
2:37 PM
I didn't miss it :/
ooo it wasn't timmy
it was nathan
@betseg Your profile picture is triggering me a bit :/
i was AFK
@jrenk lol
@Geobits I dunno. It was pretty hilarious and your response was underwhelming
2:38 PM
I used the word groan to indicate I got it and reused round. What more do you want from me? :P
haha :D fair enough
back to Geobits I see
You were Set Big O
This chat software sure is flaky about names.
Sorry to bother you @Rainbolt but do you have any suggestions on getting started with NUnit? Materials/resources?
2:41 PM
@confusedandamused Do you have a subscription to pluralsight?
meanwhile i haven't written anything in this test plan all morning. thank you, tnb
@Rainbolt I do - is there a tutorial on there?
@confusedandamused That's great! I recommend this video: pluralsight.com/courses/nunit-dotnet-testing-introduction
I'll begin watching now :) thanks!
@jrenk changed the profile picture
May take a few minutes
2:45 PM
To this, hopefully:
@betseg wow thank you haha
@Geobits I'm not that old :/
Ouch :P
@Geobits Always saw this as a sideways face rather than a circle, square, and triangle
2:48 PM
@orlp Congrats on hitting 20k!
Does anyone else read that username as "Oh really, P?"
Nope, it encodes their initials in the name.
I'd rather not write what I usally see it as >_>
Or. L P.
Won't reveal it in full.
@Geobits well now you've gone and built it up for me
2:50 PM
@betseg I'm sure they use the evil power of Active Directory for this.
I thought AD was deprecated... or is it?
Or maybe it might be a wallpaper.
Wallpaper :|
@betseg much better now ;)
Hey Geobits, can I talk to you on Discord for a second?
Doing some coding in my browser console when all of a sudden, this pops up:
> Hi, you must be looking at your console wondering what the heck this message means. It means you should be happy that this message is being logged otherwise something very wrong happened
@Sherlock9 I don't have a mic to do voice atm, but I can chat.
2:53 PM
@ETHproductions huh
@Geobits That's not a problem
@betseg the thing you should be looking at is the IE icon ;_;
@Rainbolt Sadly, I believe the subscription has ran out - but I'm checking about getting it renewed

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