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4:00 PM
Plus, if we help him win, me might get some of his taco-bell
It's basically the other use of
The homework aspect worries me though
If we don't give him blatant solutions and just nudge him in the right direction I don't see a problem.
I'm uncomfortable with solving something that has a cash prize yet to be awarded, but then I guess all the other competitors have access to the internet too...
Wait, a cash prize?
Whoa, what professor is this
100 of whichever currency it is, plus a Taco Bell (presumably a meal, not a franchise)
4:02 PM
$100 and a taco
@trichoplax No, I'm pretty sure it's an actual Taco Bell
@quartata Bet you somebody will post a golfier version rather than a nudge
@quartata :P
it isn't even homework, it's contest
lol, I'd totally enroll in a class that's giving away a franchise
Q: Java Asterisk Rectangle

Noah SherryFor my Computer Programming 2 class, my instructor has given us the assignment of creating a rectangle made of asterisks with diagonal lines drawn through it in Java. He also told us to write it in as few bytes as possible. I've gotten it down to 190 bytes, but I need to find a few to simplify th...

4:03 PM
Hell yeah. I wish my professors gave me cash for golfing
Is it just me, or is main bot getting slower?
100 is grade i think
also, it seems a bit odd that food is being included with a $100 cash prize
It's an RSS feed I think
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Ohh that's true
oh, if its a 100%, then that makes sense
4:03 PM
Still I'd definitely do it for the taco
I took 100 to mean grade too, but if so that's way too generous
Or lax, rather
It's probably extra credit.
But shrugs
Which is still rather strange
I wish I had added a progress bar to this
The suspense is killing me
I'm in
my school computer, piece of garbage
they restricted the registry, cmd, notepad, etc.
oh and task manager.
4:10 PM
yeah ikr...
because of kids like me
but I've got a workaround for cmd
I create a .txt file. open with wordpad
A: Enterprise Quality Code Prime Sieve

DennisJelly, 25,394 bytes 0‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘...

then I write my batch. and I save as .bat
and it works!
so maybe with cmd acess I may be able to get into some other stuff.
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei I still don't understand that challenge
ill tell you tho its super weird writing code with a rich text editor
I can bold it and make it change colors =/
4:11 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TheLethalCoderNot sure if there is already a challenge with these specs but anyway... Creating a Crossed Square You are to take input of an integer of three or more and output a square made of any printable character of your choice. Input An integer of 3 or more. Output A square that is made up of a char...

@AshwinGupta Ack
@quartata yeah.
Pretty sure that sandbox post is like an exact duplicate of the homework thing everyone was just arguing about
if any of you ever end up teaching at a university, please give your students a golfing challenge
I want to hear how it goes
@NathanMerrill @Dennis
4:17 PM
I'd be surprised if Dennis hasn't already
I don't think my students can write code.
what do you teach?
Teach them to - it'll help their research!
(depending on said research)
Real analysis. Pure math rarely requires coding.
@NathanMerrill I think he teaches upper division math
Ah, real analysis.
4:20 PM
if they are submitting papers to some publisher, you could score them based on the length of their papers that a publisher publishes
the only browser on this is MS explorer.
Oh, fun.
I'm dead.
4:20 PM
@Dennis I was hoping for some computationalable group theory but okay :(
@NathanMerrill He could score them based on how long their LaTeX snippets are
if I could access their dumb, dysfunctional, app store I might be able to find another one, but for the time being its just explorer.
you can download on MS explorer as well :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TimmyDTogether Everyone Achieves More (related: one, two, three) code-golf string ascii-art An acrostic is a style of poem/writing where the beginning character of each line, when read vertically, also produces a word or message. For example, Together Everyone Achieves More also spells out the wo...

4:23 PM
@NathanMerrill "Proof trivial" (13 bytes)
@NathanMerrill 0, "Construct a new domain with {blah} as an axiom." ;-)
I'm curious if any of you have done (or read about) math without the axiom of reflexiveness
@quartata You're not the only one.
aka x = x is not necessarily true
Reminds me of that programming language where every statement only has a 60% or so chance of being evaluated correctly.
4:29 PM
oh, wikipedia to the rescue:
"There are some logic systems that do not have any notion of equality. This reflects the undecidability of the equality of two real numbers defined by formulas involving the integers, the basic arithmetic operations, the logarithm and the exponential function. In other words, there cannot exist any algorithm for deciding such an equality."
@mınxomaτ Java 2K, probably.
@NathanMerrill I was tutor for a beginners programming lecture at university and we had weekly challenges. I wrote code golf challenge.
@NathanMerrill lol I wish. Can't download any 3d party programs without specific premisions
I read my agreement form, I've got to tread very very carefully here.
Now thank god, I've got chrome now. The app store they provided finally started working and chrome was in there.
also it looks like I've got java 1.8_73 so I can run jars that I write at least.
While I'm waiting for this tree I'm also going to assemble a dictionary of soundex codes to words for my pun generating technology (TM) (C) (R) (SM)
Hm. So far, 7z outranks every compression available for squashfs. Makes me wonder, why it isn't an option by default.
4:41 PM
Pun generating technology? Is that legal?
pls don't let it be
@RohanJhunjhunwala For your experimental challenge, it just occurred to me that you could get around the problem of people misunderstanding and posting short code. You could say that a new entry in the same language must be either a permutation of a subset of the current winner, or it must be longer than the current winner. I'm not suggesting you change it for this challenge, but thought it might help for similar future challenges
The current winner for language X would then be the longest uncracked answer
Well that's satisfying... :D
Gonna upvote something of your's now ;)
Why is my gravatar different in chat?
@ThreeFx No! Please don't! How could you? </s>
@DJMcMayhem And just to rub it in, it's gonna be a question :p
Hello from Mom's phone from Engels! I'm back home!
Is that punishment? I like writing challenges more than answering them, so it's more rewarding to know people like them
5:06 PM
Well, IMO 11010 still looks better than 11005 :D
Ooh, I should try to get to 11,111 :D
CMC: Given an string representing a number in an unknown base, output the lowest base it might be in.
You must support bases up to 16
That wouldn't be that hard in C
5:13 PM
Can the output be in base 16?
>x{x.chars.max.next} in Ruby then
@quartata That's a beautifully simple solution
@quartata 9
I thought of that, but wouldn't it give : if the max char was 9?
5:17 PM
Oh, woops. I'm dumb
Stupid ASCII
@DJMcMayhem BTW what does CMC stand for? Code\ChatM...Challenge?
(Yes I'm new)
Wait, if output can be in hex, what should "ff" output? 10?
5:18 PM
I guess so
Just say the output is in whatever base it's outputting, then it always gives 10
@BusinessCat haha, even unary?
Well... no
@trichoplax yeah sure after this challenge winds down we can take another shot where the wording is much more concise, and a slightly more fair way of scoring
"Hello, World!" in Python + g: import g;g.h("Hello, World!");g.o()
This exploits the fact that the o function, described as outputting things as numerals, just uses the str function that can convert to strings anything.
What the heck?
"9".next is "10"
OK, so I guess that does work
But it outputs in bijective base 17 with a weird digit set
Hope you don't mind
5:23 PM
What if you input 1
Outputs 2 as it should
It could be unary
Well that's a problem in the specification.
Unary is weird anyways.
Well, I was randomly sent out of room
@BusinessCat Base 2? I'd count only 0 as unary in this context, otherwise A could be unary too
5:24 PM
Yeah, ignore unary
It's a shame I have to do x.chars
Otherwise the challenge is to count the number of distinct characters (if there's no assumption about what each character means)
If this was a fully fleshed out challenge, should all 0s give 1 or 2?
Should get them to add .max for strings
@DJMcMayhem eh, 1
My docs are finally confirmed to be unclear. :p
5:26 PM
@DJMcMayhem The challenge would either say that the specific characters 0123456789ABCDEF have values 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or else it would say that a character can have an arbitrary value, so '7878' could be binary. Without that clarification (or an assumption), it's not answerable
I might post this on main. I like that it's simple but not ridiculously simple.
It's definitely not as simple as it first appears
@trichoplax Why would they have arbitrary values?
@trichoplax The latter challenge is just "count unique chars"
Specify whether output can be a string if you do
3 mins ago, by trichoplax
Otherwise the challenge is to count the number of distinct characters (if there's no assumption about what each character means)
5:28 PM
Oh, whoops :P
I agree that's not an interesting challenge that way. I'm just saying it needs to be made clear which one is being asked ;)
@trichoplax OK, well I'm definitely asking the first. Do you think that is an interesting challenge?
@DJMcMayhem Definitely more interesting :)
@DJMcMayhem Whether the output needs to be a number makes a difference
Python 3:
lambda x:''.join(sorted(x))[-1]
This outputs a single character string though
Oh hang on - that's off by 1
@trichoplax I just ran it, and that's not right. That just gives the largest "digit"
It's more interesting than I thought...
5:32 PM
I'm glad to hear. :D
So it would need to be converted somehow in order to add 1 anyway
The only thing I'm not sure about is what base output should be in, and how many bases should be supported.
This seems like a trivial task, but turns out to be trickier, which seems like an ideal combination
I'll probably sandbox it later today
@DJMcMayhem Yeah, my answer abuses the base rule rather badly
5:35 PM
I guess as long as the output base isn't dependent on the input it shouldn't matter which base is used
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,B,C,D,E,F,G isn't going to catch on as a base anytime soon
Well, I'd like to say it has to be in decimal, but I know lots of people get their feelings hurt when they can't answer in unary
"Decimal unless your language can only handle unary"?
Maybe that was a poor choice of words
@DJMcMayhem I think up to base 36 is fine as this includes digits + A to Z
5:36 PM
You mean Retina people?
And CG people.
i like base-10
@BusinessCat Pretty much
Although CG is pretty inconsistent about that
Most things can take decimal input but decimal output is not really a thing yet
@Laikoni that's what I was thinking, since solutions that handle a-f should be easily extendable to a-z
5:37 PM
So it's usually decimal input and unary output which is double the annoyance
Can Retina do base conversion? Obviously that would make the code much longer, but it's possible?
Yeah, it can.
Decimal to unary and unary to decimal are only two bytes actually.
Wow. What's the excuse for unary I/O then??
@trichoplax it used to be more like 200 bytes
Oh really? Should I bother mentioning unary then?
5:38 PM
@MartinEnder That's some serious golfing...
@MartinEnder Yeah those weren't the good days
I still need to learn retina...
@MartinEnder That's due to a language change rather than a golfing discovery though...?
Oh, yeah.
lol it took me a few seconds to realise that...
5:40 PM
@trichoplax yes, I added character repetition and the capability to count things
what's that survey site we use?
@ColdGolf Hallo
@NathanMerrill Straw Poll.
5:40 PM
I was wondering, since I got a question limit on me, do I post in the Sandbox first what I want or wait until the limit goes and post directly?
thanks :)
@ColdGolf I recommend always using the Sandbox first.
@ColdGolf Always post to the sandbox first whether there's a limit or not.
@MartinEnder Are you going to do/doing the printable challenge in Retina?
5:41 PM
I don't use the sandbox as often as I probably should
@trichoplax Even I know how to make a successful challenge?
@LeakyNun Probably not.
By the way, for all you mods out there impatient for our design there is something you can do:
Feb 24 at 20:58, by Aqua Tart
I don't think it's a coincidence that we graduated as soon as we suspended @VoteToClose.
@ColdGolf Yes I recommend everyone use the sandbox, even after years of experience
@trichoplax You sure?
5:42 PM
Q: Evaluate a Dice 10,000 roll

DenkerAffeIntroduction Dice 10,000 is a dice game which can be played with 6 dice and something to write. Players roll the dice multiple times a turn and gain a score at the end of it. The player who reaches 10,000 point first wins the game. Calcuating the score of one roll is your job in this challenge. ...

@ColdGolf Always post in the sandbox. It's free feedback, how could you say no
@ColdGolf I've made plenty of good challenges, and also plenty of challenges I regret not sandboxing.
The only two people I know who don't are Helka and Doorknob
@ColdGolf It's not mandatory, but it's useful. If it turns out to be perfect already, there's no problem, but it's worth waiting a few days in the sandbox to get any feedback that wasn't obvious
5:43 PM
And they have Socratic so they can get away with that
@ColdGolf You might be surprised how much expertise (both golfing and general topics) is freely available in the sandbox
I want socratic so badly... I'm hoping to get it before 2017
@trichoplax the GCD explanation here shows what it used to be like (it contains the massive conversion code around two measly lines of GCD computation).
these days you do decimal to unary with 5 bytes (.+\n$*) for a single number or 6 bytes (\d+\n$*) for multiple. and unary to decimal with 1 or 3 bytes (. or M`. depending on context) for a single number or 7 bytes (\d+\n$.&) if there are multiple.
@LeakyNun Fry is
@MartinEnder alright then
5:46 PM
@NathanMerrill isn't "most output" something completely different than "most solutions"?
I wouldn't be surprised if leaky nun gets socratic before me...
er, it'd exclude specific busy beaver questions
Would this be a good challenge on main?
23 hours ago, by ColdGolf
CMC: Shortest code that prints/displays a longer version of itself, 2 bytes longer, then 2 more bytes each time. The longer version of itself must be able to perform the same functions of the original code.
@LeakyNun Stolen from Sanbox. Have to ask guy who made it.
but those are the ones I'm targetting anyways
5:47 PM
@LeakyNun As in, each time you run it?
@DJMcMayhem yep, for example ab would produce abab which would produce ababab etc
@NathanMerrill Most and Least sound like the easiest to understand for general people.
@MartinEnder Just had a look. Ouch...
I really should learn regex
@NathanMerrill I'm not sure I'm following. it just seems that one is scored by bytes and the other is more like a fastest-code thingy where you try to get as many solutions as possible within some constraint?
(the same goes for least-...)
although I'm not sure what the point of "least solutions" is.
@MartinEnder Least solutions is a tag for niche stuff.
5:48 PM
@LeakyNun that would be 13 bytes in V
@ColdGolf Can you find the post?
@LeakyNun It might be worth disallowing comments
no. least-solutions is basically smallest-output
@Laikoni explain
@NathanMerrill what "solutions" are you counting there?
5:49 PM
Sorry, 10
@LeakyNun Asked guy for permission. If he says yes, I'll post this question with improvements after my question limit is done, which is in around two days.
No, nvmd
CMC: write a virus for Linux
@ColdGolf Can you link to the post?
@MartinEnder hmmm...I went back to my proposed questions, and "solutions" doesn't make sense
5:50 PM
@LeakyNun Nuh un you ain't stealing it from me, son! /s
@ColdGolf Can you please link to the post?
@NathanMerrill I think ideally that would include "don't have a tag for this" as an option, to see how opinion is balanced
@ColdGolf I said "please" how is that rude
@trichoplax nah, that'll be part of the meta post
@LeakyNun did you now...
5:51 PM
@MartinEnder lol
but clearly, most/least solutions is not the option
You boys aren't getting the stuff from me. Nuh uh. meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
@ColdGolf wrong link?
@LeakyNun It might be rather easy to modify a quine to append two chars behind a comment.
@Laikoni Demonstrate
5:53 PM
@LeakyNun The one titled "whispering", no?
@LeakyNun However as I think of it, maybe not to easy ;)
@ColdGolf No, I was talking about the one where you produce a 2-byte-longer version of itself every run
@ColdGolf Actually, 6 bytes: Q"++"+ (built-in quine cheat)
When will anagol post a new challenge?
@LeakyNun Quines won't be allowed.
I know, but this is CMC
The 2 bytes longer thing is my original idea, and I might use it soon, on a main post.
5:57 PM
@LeakyNun When an anagol member will post a new challenge.
@ColdGolf I'm not convinced that will help with your question ban. We've had several "growing quine" challenges, and even if none of them was "grow by exactly 2 bytes" it's not exactly a difficult change to make to most standard quines.
@MartinEnder It's grow by 2 bytes every time, next time 4, next time 6, etc.
And quines won't be allowed.
I'm not sure what you mean by "quines won't be allowed"
Quine-like programs will not be allowed.
and getting 2 then 4 then 6 just means that you insert the two bytes into the very string that does the insertion.
what's a quine-like program?
5:59 PM
A semi-quine, for example.
what's a semi-quine?

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