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11:00 PM
are we actually going to get a graduation date that isn't a joke?
All kidding aside, I hear it's set for the October/November timeframe.
My face when reading this graduation stuff.
@PhiNotPi Hey now bugs happen
Your face must hurt then
@Geobits hush you
11:04 PM
I'm pretty upset that no one found out until now though. It seems like something that would be obvious if someone checked in on PPCG and saw that the A51 stats were higher than the graduation requirements (whatever they are)
To be honest, no algorithm could ever replace a human when it comes to stuff like judging communities.
I'd love it if they could check in on all the SE sites but they just can't
Part of the reason we have an eligibility check is to facilitate human examination
I'd say that a simple algorithm that flags it for the attention of a human is a good compromise but I have no idea how this works so
11:05 PM
System says "Hey, go look at this!" so that we can go look at that site and make a judgment call.
That's how it's supposed to work, at any rate.
I see we have a lot of Meta SE visitors
A lot? Not really, unless you see a swarm of people I don't.
@Sp3000 @DigitalTrauma might want to know whats going on
@PhiNotPi I counted 4 but one just left :P
@MartinBüttner Not trivial. I was going to use length to count the number of iterations, so it would save three bytes over not-sum-flatten-head.
11:08 PM
can someone pin something about this?
Wait for an official mod/CM response
That'll get pinned
For now this is just us saying random things and not having a clue what's going on so
big news, even if we don't grad right away
bah, this is killing my productivity
My productivity is literally negative right now.
11:10 PM
@NathanMerrill I planned on doing work with gifs. How much work have I done in the past four hours? Yes, that's right, zero!
@Phi you're making tools that are inefficient?
I just exited out of notepad without saving whatever it was.
@NathanMerrill it took me about 40 minutes to watch a 20 min anime episode with all this graduation excitement
What is that?
11:14 PM
snake game
Well, I'd call it Tron-like.
oops I refreshed, did the game quit?
ah, fine, I'll play
11:18 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies Waitwhat
see starboard
Mobile :/
@Calvin'sHobbies I can't join?
No? hmm
Phi and maty did
Nope, still won't let me join.
11:20 PM
try going to the tutorial screen and exiting out of it
@GraceNote while you're here. If this graduation thing is actually ever going to happen, can we at some point talk about what exactly graduation means for PPCG? I realise SE isn't going to expend much dev effort he unless we get really big, but maybe we could stop pretending being a Q&A site when the beta label comes off?
I saw a board with current games, with ppcg listed
The password being ppcg
that worked
@MartinBüttner Define how you would "stop pretending to be a Q&A site"
If this is about rep rewards for questions being bumped to +10, that's not happening on an individual basis for Code Golf alone. If that were to happen, it'd be a network-wide change.
(I've had a longer post to address something on your Meta about that for some time but kinda got destroyed when Community Ads came out)
11:24 PM
what do you mean by network-wide change?
all questions are +10?
or that its custom for all sites?
All questions worth +10
@GraceNote Why? It is something that can be done on a per-site basis, right?
@GraceNote have a look at the tour page. 90% of that doesn't make sense here (and customising the first paragraph isn't going to fix it). Same goes for two thirds of the help centre. And bounty reasons. And close reasons. And some other things.
@MartinBüttner I thought mods could edit close reasons.
A new user reading any of that is being told this is a place to receive help with problems they have.
@quartata only a few of them
11:27 PM
@quartata Only in the sense that it can exist mechanically but on an actual application basis it's not happening on a per-site basis.
curvefever.com/… anyone else wanna join?
@GraceNote Hmm OK
@MartinBüttner Do you have an organized meta post defining all the components that could potentially be changed to address this?
I have several pages of texts around the site that don't really apply here, which I'm meaning to turn into feature requests soonish. But yeah, the gist is, the entire page is telling new users to so things they shouldn't do here.
I'll let you know when I do that.
If yes, point me at it and I can be sure the right people can get a look at it. If not, get one started, then point me at it and I can be sure the right people can get a look at it.
11:29 PM
Will do, thanks.
I think the only section that needs to be edited is the "Get answers to practical, detailed questions" section
(Tomorrow... hopefully)
That for sure is misleading
> Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.
@quartata you haven't seen my list :P
@MartinBüttner oh boy
Anyways that was just my two cents. The rest of the tour is mostly explaining how rep and badges work so
The beginning is the most misleading
@GraceNote By the way, will we get some sort of comprehensive response as to what's happening on our beta status question soon?
Q: Hey Stack Exchange, how are we doing?

Alex A.The last time we heard from a Stack Exchange community manager was in March of 2014, when Grace Note came to talk to us about the progress we've made as a site. That was back when code-trolling was a thing, and the community's response to the news wasn't particularly positive given how code troll...

11:32 PM
@quartata When I get some answers as to what happened, yes
Not asking for one right now obviously, just wondering if we'll get one soon :P
Thanks for popping in and answering some of our questions and stuff
No porb
I just rekt somebody on that snake game.
you beat me by 2 points, thats not rekt
11:36 PM
> rekt
Haha, both times I played, I did beat everyone by a substantial margin.
I actually need to leave now.
OK so I finally uninstalled Conor's userscript and tried out @Downgoat userscript and I have to admit that it is really shiny
I don't know what will happen with our design but I hope it is similar to this
@quartata we need to make sure the designers are aware of it
11:43 PM
A: Determine the depth of an array

El'endia StarmanMinkolang 0.15, 31 bytes $I["\"o-d$~1`2&+!xdz`,3&d$z]zN. Try it here! Explanation Essentially, what this code does is keep a running total with +1 for each [ and -1 for each ], keeping track of the maximum value reached, outputting that maximum at the end. $I ...

> We stand for question equality, we stand for recognition of the great Challenge-Writers, we stand for loyalty and devotion to the cause of competitive programming. We will not rest until justice has prevailed. We are... the Knights of the +10.
So no chance of +10?
@Calvin'sHobbies It seems unlikely. It doesn't make much sense for it to be a global thing, and Grace just said that SE isn't going to give it to us on a per-site basis so
@AlexA. should know
didn't someone say that +10 questions happened to stackapps?
11:47 PM
Q: Increase reputation awarded for questions

Alex A.It has come to my attention that the amount of reputation awarded for questions can be adjusted on a per-site basis. For example, Stack Apps awards +10 reputation for question upvotes. As you probably already know, we currently award +5 reputation, as do most Stack Exchange sites, including Stack...

@Maltysen Yes.
StackApps is.... special.
no rep doubling for me I guess :(
@quartata and

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