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3:00 AM
Yay! Detour now has turbo mode!
My girlfriend's theory is that PETA is a sham organization set up by the meat industry to make the public hate vegetarians.
@Geobits it was a while back
@AlexA. This makes sense.
Hating vegetarians for PETA is dumb, though. Kinda like hating Texas for Ted Cruz.
I totally hate Texas because of Ted Cruz. (lel i kid)
3:02 AM
Don't you mean:
> Hating vegetarians for PETA is dumb, though. Kinda like hating America for Texas.
That works too ;)
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Yeah, I knew that... I just didn't know JS had such wide Unicode support for variable names
^ meme, jQuery, downvote, golfiness. Need I add more?
No, but must s/\$//
@AlexA. So PETA is like a straw man? Interesting theory. Stranger things have happened in the food industry :P
It sounds super conspiracy theorist-y but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it were true
3:08 AM
@ETHproductions needs perl
I'd be surprised. PETA has that ring of authentic assholery that you can't easily fake.
"The greater good" mentality and all that crap.
@Geobits One time my sister's dog sat on her husband's pillow and left a brown ring
3:13 AM
Okay, it turns out that I was only using the "quickstart" version of Chapel for my previous work.
Anyone know the BF compressor that results in the shortest output for a given input string?
I have upgraded to the full version.
@Doorknob primo
@AlexA. Yes, that's PETA for you: Positive Evidence of Trail of Ass
@Dennis HAH
3:14 AM
copy's is the best I know of
@Geobits HAH
@Geobits One of my friends likes to call it People Eating Tasty Animals
The "hello world" example program now compiles to a 896941-byte executable, thanks to libraries.
@Dennis Didn't he just do HW? I mean, I have a string and I want to convert it into the shortest BF code possible.
Yeah, use primo
Apply primo to affected area
3:15 AM
oh, hahaha
google copy sh brainfuck generator. too lazy to get a link.
I mean, copy.sh isn't bad, but for HW, it's 128 : 81.
there we go
I think it was actually made by a PPCG user
For my input text it has a ratio of 1:11, which isn't bad
@quartata I've seen copy around
mostly on SO
3:18 AM
What's the input?
no :P
New challenge: BF string compressor, code golf, given a string output the shortest possible BF program to print that string
3:20 AM
that exists
That's... not code golf.
meta code golf
@Dennis Because Brainfuck fucks your brain, your code must be as short as possible.
Q: Brainfuck Golfer

JiminPOne of easiest code written by a programming language is a program printing sequence of characters (ex. "Hello, world!"). However, some esoteric programming languages like Brainfuck, even this simplest code is quite annoying to write. Your task is to write a program (don't have to written in bra...

@Doorknob I was joking but really it exists?
@Dennis O
3:22 AM
@Doorknob seriously what's the input string
@Doorknob So why are you asking here? >_>
@quartata sekritz
@Geobits I wasn't sure if there was a better one
y u haz sekritz
Better than PPCG submissions? That's crazy talk!
@quartata sekritz are tasty crackers
3:24 AM
I wanna see if it might be better by hand.
@quartata Probably not
are you making a puzzle for puzzling? is that why you want it secret?
Well, not really, but close
hm that'll be cool
hey, what tools do you guys use for software designm?
I'm stuck on how a particular feature on my personal project should work
so I'm looking for recommendations on helping me think it through
3:31 AM
where do you find those? I burnt my last one.
I usually just order them Amazon. They'd probably cheaper on ebay or something like that though.
do they come in 2 packs? I would want a backup
My last message seems to be missing some words. Maybe time for a replacement.
@NathanMerrill You can get a whole bag:
3:34 AM
I don't want the SMALL kind
I think my head is regular sized
how do I get the measurements for those?
"It's only a model."
Might still be a bit on the small side.
Q: Calculate the Cross Product

MaltysenThis challenge is very simple and I'm surprised that it hasn't been done before. You just have to calculate the cross product of two 3D input vectors. The formula for the cross product is given by: a x b = (a2*b3 - a3*b2)i + (a3*b1 - a1*b3)j + (a1*b2 - a2*b1)k where <a1, a2, a3> and <b1, b2, b3>

oooh, there are detachable parts!
I could replace my creative side with another logic module
then I'd definitely be a pure vulcan
3:36 AM
@ETHproductions Bruh you've seen ESMin.
You might need that creative side for software design, though.
yeah, that's why detachable is great
I can just stick it back in
@Geobits Only for getting through interviews. Then you can safely turn it off. Employers only pretend that they want creativity.
Oh, well sure if it's for an employer.
well, until I get that ordered, any recommendations for software design tools?
otherwise its the top result on google
3:40 AM
What is a "software design tool" even supposed to do?
Design software
Go with the third result instead. First is too mainstream.
There's a stack for that
what if the earth is destoyed and the nineteenth byte transcript is the only thing the aliens find
3:40 AM
oooh, I had no idea
@quartata He should report his findings back here to prepare for that.
@quartata They'd have an... interesting... idea of what humans were like.
They'll think we were a species with detachable brains that communicated via stars and disapproval faces
I'm pretty sure that's at least accurate of this community
Is there a page that shows area51-like stats (q/day, a/q, etc.) for non-beta sites?
3:42 AM
@quartata And puns. And xkcd comics. But yeah, that's pretty much it.
> Chief diet consisted of carrots.
Don't forget the all-important ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
wow, the top 4 answers on this question all came at the same time, and have still managed to keep an even score (even though one of them is accepted): stackoverflow.com/questions/974019/…
@Mego I don't think so
I'm sure there's a way to get the data from SEDE
3:43 AM
But it would be nice to be able to see those stats for graduated sites
There's always a way to get it from the SEDE. The issue then is that you have to use the SEDE to get it.
count distinct(Id) from Posts where PostTypeId = 1 and DeletionDate is NULL group by CAST(CreationDate as date)
That'll get the number of questions posted each day (untested)
Use it as a subquery, do AVG and get the average q/d
That's pretty far from valid sql
It actually isn't...
The inconsistent casing is beautiful either way.
3:47 AM
1. It would need to be a SELECT clause.
Advanced SQL programmers only shout the most important parts of the instructions to make sure the computer is extra careful to get them right.
@Mego Oh right, select count(distinct Id) from ...
I stopped using all-caps keywords when I left QBASIC.
Who uses the weird mix of casing and what is said mix?
3:52 AM
@AlexA. I don't use SQL myself, but it's my preferred style for people who do write SQL to use.
Use caps to encode a secret message :)
(using SR because that's the one I was curious about)
That doesn't seem right
3:53 AM
It's not
It's giving 0.29822361546499476 for us
Sounds about right :P
Oh wait duh
Upside down
3.353188507358094 is still not right...
3:53 AM
select AVG(CAST(qs as float)) from (...)
@Mego If your query is right, SR has existed for at least 239 years.
@AlexA. Same result
with dude as (
    select COUNT(distinct Id) as QPD
    from Posts
    where PostTypeId = 1
        and DeletionDate is NULL
    group by CAST(CreationDate as date)

select AVG(CAST(QPD as float))
from dude
10.843273 on SR
Still 3.35 for us
3:56 AM
Which is not even close to the average A51 gives us
Wow, SR has 42% unanswered.
Is the average on Area 51 cumulative over the life of the site?
I thought it was average within some window
Which means A51 puts more weight on recent questions (likely)
Or the query is missing migrated questions
3:58 AM
Gᴏᴏᴅ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ
Looks like A51 uses the past month's stats
with dude as (
    select COUNT(distinct Id) as QPD
    from Posts
    where PostTypeId = 1
        and DeletionDate is NULL
        and DATEDIFF(DAY, CreationDate, GETDATE()) <= 30
    group by CAST(CreationDate as date)

select AVG(CAST(QPD as float))
from dude
@Mego ^
4:02 AM
31 seems to be the most accurate
GETUTCDATE is probably better than GETDATE, which I assume uses the current locale.
Though with the server residing on a UTC-based machine, it shouldn't make a difference
(safe assumption since all SE time is UTC)
4:05 AM
I'm trying to link my computer with a computer at my university to perform remote computing.
I'm having some minor difficulties...
I'm derping
4:15 AM
How do I do multiple with (...) subquery thingies for a single query?
Specifically, why doesn't this work:
with QuestionsEachDay as (
    select COUNT(distinct Id) as QPD
    from Posts
    where PostTypeId = 1
        and DeletionDate is NULL
        and DATEDIFF(day, CreationDate, GETUTCDATE()) <= 31
    group by CAST(CreationDate as date)
), UnansweredQuestions as (
  select COUNT(distinct Id) as UQ
  from Posts
  where PostTypeId = 1
    and DeletionDate is NULL
    and DATEDIFF(day, CreationDate, GETUTCDATE()) <= 31
    and AnswerCount = 0
), AllQuestions as (
  select COUNT(distinct Id) as AQ
  from Posts
I'm trying to add Chapel's stuff to my path, but it's not sticking
4:20 AM
too long of a path?
I have source /home/[me]/Documents/chapel-1.12.0/util/setchplenv.bash which sets the environmental variables properly
and I've added it as the last line of my ~/.profile
Tried closing/opening terminal, logging out/back in again.
Maybe a complete restart is in order.
Typed this out and it was valid on the first try.
I love when that happens.
4:43 AM
I'm surprised that only 92% were answered.
@ThomasKwa The API says that 97% are answered...
Why does Area 51 say 98?
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Well what's the difference in counting?
Maybe API / Area 51 is all time?
4:49 AM
5:01 AM
Anyone know how to do unary x(x-1) in Retina, where x is input?
It's making me uncomfortable that after changing a bunch of code, all of my tests still pass.
I feel like it must not really be compiling the new code or something.
I have to have introduced some bugs.
> We programmers are so used to writing a bunch of code and having bugs, that when we don't, we think something's wrong.
^ what I just said to my fiancée. :P
@El'endiaStarman Just what happened when I nailed my bracket fixing algorithm for ESMin.
Bugs are good. They tell us that we're human and made mistakes. A lack of bugs is bad, because that either means we've hit the Skeetularity or we made mistakes so bad that they're not even noticeable.
@Mego Or that you're Jon Skeet.
5:11 AM
Anyone have an answer for my previous Retina question?
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ I suppose you could do s/^1/1a/ and then, in a loop, s/a1(1*)/1$1a$1/.
You mean to have x^2 - x ones, right?
@feersum Yes
Why is this so upvoted?
A: Paint Starry Night, objectively, in 1kB of code

LegionMammal978Mathematica, score 14125.71 "a.png"~Export~ConstantImage[{75,91,110}/256,{386,320}] Simply saves this image: to a.png.

@Calvin'sHobbies Because it involved minimal effort.
5:18 AM
I hope the people realize that a lower score is better (the question doesn't explicitly say)
Woo, I got remote computing work between my laptop and a linux computer in the my university's lab!
I probably shouldn't have, but I upvoted this. — PyRulez Jan 24 at 4:18
It's a fundamental physical law that users must upvote it.
Though Alex is right; it's not a serious contender and probably should be deleted
I motion for punitive action.
This was the reason the standard loopholes were created.
5:23 AM
It's normal that in any code challenge or KOTH, someone will post an initial attempt involving minimal sophistication or effort.
I don't think it's fair to single out this one just because it got more votes.
Nah, I think it's a perfectly valid answer, I just don't get why it has the most votes
@PhiNotPi (This is actually too strong of a suggestion)
Was wondering the same myself, blame all the FGITW
@feersum Agreed. Let's smack all of them down.
5:27 AM
If all solutions must be serious contenders, does that mean Unicorn answers aren't really allowed?
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ What's Unicorn?
@Mego The greatest language ever.
Kind of like brainfuck in the way that it uses only a few symbols but it won't ever win a code-golf
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ We had a brief discussion about this (I still have to write up a meta post about it) which starts here:
Jan 16 at 21:16, by Dennis
@TanMath In a code golf competition, what is the point of taking an answer in one language and apply an encoding for the sole purpose or making it longer? On top of that, you haven't attributed the answer you encoded, in violation of our terms of service.
5:34 AM
@Dennis So are one-time joke esolangs (like Unicorn) are okay?
There's no consensus yet. My personal opinion is that encodings of a language (Unary for BF, Unicorn for ES6, etc.) should not be used to achieve a worse score.
I'm also not a fan of the shortened-X languages, but I suppose they're technically valid
Of course, if the challenge is not a code golf, Unary or Unicorn might actually achieve a better score.
I just dislike code that is "I took this answer and applied a trivial transformation on it"
5:40 AM
What do you mean by shortened-X language?
@Dennis I'm assuming something like (example) BF with all of its char combinations shortened down to 1 char?
So +> would shorten to a or something like that.
I think?
@Dennis Shortened JavaScript, for example (Jolf, ESMin, Japt, JavaScript Function Golf, TeaScript, etc.)
Or like ShadyAsFuck for Brainfuck
@Mego ESMin is no longer really JS.
ESMin is stack-based, no?
5:44 AM
Somewhere in between.
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ Wasn't it just purely shortened JS when you first created it?
@Mego In defense for JS golfing langs. I'd say now they're as close to JS as Pyth is to Python imo
@Mego Not quite. I wanted more than that.
Hence the blocks for compression (obfuscation), copy-paste, etc.
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ TeaScript and ESMin are about the only ones you can argue that for. Japt, Jolf, and JavaScript Function Golf are literally just shortened syntax.
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ That might be true for many of them, but it's definitely false for JavaScript Function Golf.
5:45 AM
@ՊՓԼՃՐՊՃՈԲՍԼ I retract my statement about ESMin, then
@Dennis JavaScript Function Golf?
@Dennis That's a thing?
It's the "language" that zyabin guy "made"
A: 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz

zyabin101JavaScript function golf, 89 bytes for(var i=1;i<=100;i++){var s=(i%3==0)?"Fizz":"";if(i%5==0)s+="Buzz";if(s=="")s+=i;p(s);} I made this framework for you! The p(data) function at its finest. The annoying variant uses p2a() and weighs in at 91 byte: for(var i=1;i<=100;i++){var s=(i%3==0)?"Fi...

I just watched that answer get downvoted three times.
5:46 AM
Well that's boring :/
That's not that golfy.
I'm not sure if it has potential. That particular answer is a lot longer than the vanilla JS submissions.
It's a boring, unoriginal "language" created by a user who insists on using memes and worn-out catchphrases all the time
I had a similar idea before (semi-golfing JS), but I scrapped it.
It feels like there've been a lot of not-good members trying to make names for themselves recently by trying to be "legit"
But I don't know why I feel like that. Am I wrong?
5:48 AM
@Ampora Not good at golfing, you mean?
A: Is this number a prime?

zyabin101JavaScript function golf, 16 13 bytes p(pr(iai())); I made this golfing framework for you! function golf has just got a primality test function, that you can try online in the console on the language page! The primality test function took me 3 commits on GitHub. Returns 1 if prime, else 0. ...

Anotha one
eww, they all start with "I made this for you"
@ThomasKwa No like actually low-quality users.
I don't have the energy to go through all of their posts and edit out the nonsense
With bad questions/answers/etiquette etc.
5:49 AM
Nyquil is kicking in :/
@ThomasKwa That's his battle call apparently
> My battle call is: "I made this for you!"
Is it bad to edit that out?
Sep 17 '15 at 1:15, by Doorknob
@Geobits I made this for you
Sorry, wrong user.
@ThomasKwa If it does not positively contribute to the post, there is no harm in editing it out
@ThomasKwa I don't think it's worth bumping it to the top of active posts just to edit it out
5:51 AM
If it negatively contributes to the post, nuke it from orbit
This is code golf, fellas. I remember when all my questions ended with that
@Ampora And I remember editing all of those out :P Thank you for stopping that
ಠ_ಠ. But also thank you. But also ಠ_ಠ
I'm disappointed that the code golf wikipedia page only has 2 links to PPCG. I'll be right back, after adding a bunch more
5:54 AM
Q: Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

GEOCHETI edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be removed during the editing of the post by an editor?

By all means, edit it out.
Is CJam on github?
ah okay, got it
6:10 AM
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ In the short term, it gets bumped. The alternative is people intermittently looking at it for years.
6:56 AM
The choices are: Temporarily bump the posts after cleaning them up, or leave the nonsense, which will make others think the nonsense is acceptable. The choice is clear.
7:13 AM
> Golfing languages tend to be stack-based in nature as stack-based programming languages tend to allow more semantic meaning with less syntax.
I sort of disagree with this. Probably has something to do with me being a Pyth programmer.
@Pietu1998 I think you can tell, but that page is just very, very outdated
@Sp3000 That was edited in today. Look 10 messages up.
I think we should start a stack-based vs. functional language edit war on the code golf page and get everyone banned from Wikipedia
7:37 AM
i should probably sleep instead of playing pandemic koth
Hello guys!
goodbye guys!
A: "Hello, World!"

CyoceDetour (non-competing), 19 bytes `u @"Hello, World!" Try it online! This language was not designed with strings in mind. "How do you fit a string literal into a 2D language represented on a grid of characters?" You don't! Just put a `, and then define what the `'s stand for on the bottom wit...

So ugly
@quintopia no!
Goodbye then!
but i really should
7:44 AM
Any organic chemistry guys or gals?
@quintopia why?
Also, anybody know how to make a SE chat bot?
@TanMath I do know something about that stuff, if nobody else answers
Nobody really is here so I assume only you can answer
@Pietu1998 did you study line angle structures?
Like the zig-zag ones...
Nope. My knowledge is about high school level (in Finland).
@TanMath i stayed up all night last night. i should not do it again
7:59 AM
@quintopia what time is it now?
@TanMath yes. they are probably all asleep. github.com/ConorOBrien-Foxx/PPCG-Chat-Bot you could study this code
@TanMath 3am
@quintopia so you are in the east coast?
@quintopia bad assumption...so most of us live in US?
@quintopia I do not know JS
@quintopia Lol, time zones are fun. 10am here
@TanMath it would be useful to know if you wanted to write a SE chatbot
So, I was just trying my battle cry. Thanks.
8:03 AM
@quintopia OK..
I will try to learn it...
i need to learn about 99 things myself
@quintopia I'll keep a catalogue.
So are SE chatbots actually running in browsers only? Or is there an API that could just be used with anything?
99 things about quintopia: Thing 1. I'm a code golfer.
Thing 2. I like dogs and mustaches.
Thing 3. I don't like identicons.
4. I like Seriously
8:12 AM
@zyabin101 seems like you misplaced the "about". i said "about 99" not "about myself"
@TanMath ehhhhhhhhh
@quintopia oh...
@quintopia you do not like it?
1. Atoms are made of protons and neutrons and electrons
2. Protons and neutrons made of quarks
3. The universe is 13 billion years old
I could dump the Pyth instruction list
That's 95 facts
@TanMath I...don't know how I feel about it. I know it is severely flawed and frustrating to use, but it also good mental exercise.
8:15 AM
Don't let @Mego know that!
@Pietu1998 that's about 99 I guess
@TanMath sneakily pings Mego
@Pietu1998 No, it's only one thing of 99.
@Mego hi. Seriously is severely flawed and frustrating to use
8:16 AM
@zyabin101 That's why you dump it in 95 messages
@Mego I apologize for the random ping.
@Pietu1998 Stealth pings were already fixed. Everybody celebrates.
Except me
@zyabin101 look in edit history
@zyabin101 That wasn't even meant to be a stealth ping
8:17 AM
@Mego I'm pinging you just to say you've been pinged multiple times now
He was saying how I pinged @Mego while saying don't tell @Mego
8:38 AM
Someone was talking about the low reception of my JS function golf answer being about function golf just being a renaming of some built in functions. It really is. However, I also started renaming constants and soon will do variables as well. But that isn't a complete JS golfing framework, after all, so contribute to the GitHub repository!
1 hour later…
9:50 AM
Good night guys!
Q: Implement an encoder for RFC 1924 IPv6 Addresses

JosefIntroduction Everyone should know IPv6 by now. IPv6 has very long, cumbersome addresses. In 1996 some very intelligent people created a scheme to encode them much better in RFC 1924. For reasons I cannot understand, this hasn't been widely adopted. To help adoption, it is your task to implement ...

10:10 AM
Q: Find the quickest path to reach all of the peaks and go back to where I started

cozyconemotelI am standing at point (0,0) in a H x W map where the altitude is represented by digits, for example: 1132 2221 1230 # H = 3, W = 4 I'd like to experience the views from every peak, which in this case are the areas with altitude 3. However, climbing up hills is not an easy task, and I am al...

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11:12 AM
hi all
1 hour later…

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