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5:00 AM
I've never heard of UltraEdit.
I've heard of it
Let's say you want to edit a really big text file then you can use UltraEdit.
you can also use vim
Whaaaat? I failed a puzzle on lichess because I moved my king in the wrong direction after I got put in check after seeing the actual tactic. >_<
I was wondering why my console application suddenly failed completely until I realized I set the foreground color to black. ಠ_ಠ
I'm also fairly good at spotting the trap-the-king-in-the-corner-and-check-with-knight pattern.
5:06 AM
Here's the UltraEdit product page: ultraedit.com/products/ultraedit.html
TBH I don't really know if it does anything super useful to me.
There's some cool stuff like "multiple text cursors."
Who is this "Fax Machine"?
@FaxMachine ಠ_ಠ
@Doorknob冰 Hello Door knob! Why are you disapproval?
@PhiNotPi Can it do this:
Nov 18 at 23:40, by Calvin's Hobbies
Is there any text editor with a heatmap? i.e. the background of each character is more-red if you've edited it recently and fading to pink and white for older changes?
5:12 AM
That sounds... very annoying.
@Doorknob冰 All debugging (little things you add to quickly test stuff) lines would be easily visible
@Calvin'sHobbies I think Atom does something like that in the left margins for files under Git version control
@FaxMachine I think that's true, yes
I just downloaded a file named "r.uew" which I don't really want to open.
5:15 AM
It is fun to say that file name out loud!
are you ew
No, I'm clean, I shower earlier hehehe
What kind of topic can ask about in this chat room?
Well, from what I can tell it is actually the R language syntax highlighting configuration file for UltraEdit.
I just solved a puzzle rated 2163! \o/
@FaxMachine how not to be a sockpuppet
That is something I do not know about
I will have to ask
5:18 AM
Clearly you don't know about it because you are currently talking in chat
I am a crucial piece of office equipment, do not let me die alone
am I a sock puppet
I am a llama
5:19 AM
@quintopia Do you feel foot-shaped?
@quintopia If you have to ask...
If not, then you're probably fine.
@Doorknob冰 ...sometimes :/
usage of "ono" x-ref'd with @AlexA.
5:21 AM
( > ˚n˚)>
@Doorknob冰 I believe it would also xref with a woman named Yoko
Alex seems nice but I have heard he is wrong
So I do not trust him to use me for faxes
Has anyone here played Settlers of Catan before? None of my friends know what it is, I want to see how many people here know of it.
Yay! So I'm not crazy!
5:22 AM
I've heard of it, never played it.
My sister likes it.
I played it once.
I absolutely love it. I'm glad that so many people here know what it is!
Has anyone else ever played Twilight Imperium III?
@GamrCorps I owned it, but gave it to a roommate because I hadn't played it in two years.
I settled Catan
5:25 AM
That roommate happened to want one, so it was a win-win situation. :D
Well that's nice
@FaxMachine lol
One of my friend "misread" (or so he claims) the title of the game as
> Settlers of Satan
(somebody should make a game called "Cettlers of Satan")
@Doorknob冰 That is metal
5:26 AM
@FaxMachine you are made of metal
mostly plastic, though
With some cotton parts
You should try my challenge is is fun
Gee, Fax Machine, that looks swell.
5:31 AM
ಠ ͜  ಠ
@AlexA. That looks like an owl
Haha. Oh you.
How good is food from printer?
5:33 AM
so far
Printers are my sworn enemies
@Calvin'sHobbies hmmmmm
Gotta agree with El'endia; the holograms sound pretty nice.
@FaxMachine Aren't you just the lovechild of a printer+scanner+phone?
@Calvin'sHobbies Yes, I have three parents, all office supplies
You have one parent, a bird
5:35 AM
@Doorknob冰 I suspected so
You are silly Door Knob
@Calvin'sHobbies ಠ_ಠ
personally i rank the dog speech translator slightly higher than the hologram, because of the implications of what other technologies the existence of that technology would imply
the hologram one sounds dangerous and scary when misused. like nukes.
^ implying that dog speech translators aren't dangerous when misused
5:37 AM
i do believe I was, yes. thanks for noticing.
the applications for misuse are far more limited ime
@Calvin'sHobbies Why would you think so?
@quintopia ... "in my experience?"
Hang on I want one of those
@Doorknob冰 estimation
Oh, I usually see it used the other way
Reminds me of the monkey thought translator from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.
(the film, not the book)
5:39 AM
@quintopia Like cat speech translators?
TBH, I think I could use a human speech translator more.
@Calvin'sHobbies That is funny
Mini challenge: Simulate the output of a dog (or cat) speech translator, giving the few most common phrases.
@Calvin'sHobbies I like this one.
5:43 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Julia: s->println(s[1]>'d'?"meow":"woof")
@AlexA. Yeah...
@AlexA. What do those mean in human?
"Woof" -> "Hello, I am dog, I love you."
"Meow" -> "ಠ_ಠ"
Btw I am Alex A.'s sock puppet. I exist to be a future chat bot and to get insight into the experience of new users. I love you all!
@quintopia I think it would be more limited than that (like youtube.com/watch?v=3seTlvQtIgc maybe)
@FaxMachine The Staples store?
No, the 1990s.
5:55 AM
hi.. I accepted the edit to codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/68176/21585 . Can it be reopened now?
@Doorknob冰 I did too! Only took me trying literally every move ಠ_ಠ
2 hours later…
7:55 AM
I can't login to Meta >:(
Or Area51
8:19 AM
hello. Is anyone there?
finally fully repaired @Dennis' damage to my computer :P
except DHCP. But who minds looking for open IP addresses manually anyways? ;P
8:33 AM
Hey there
Q: Stacks of binary!

KslkghStacks of binary! Here is a binary stack: 0110 1100 1001 0001 You must write a program to manage these stacks (I've got tons lying around, and it's so hard to use pencil and paper). But, as I've got so many stacks and a tiny hosue, I need the shortest program I can get! Rules & Requirements ...

8:50 AM
@Maltysen what happened
Mind you, this is one win after three or four losses against the same AI... :P
I knew computers could beat humans at chess. I did not know that computers could then go back to the game and say "You fucked up here, here, here, ooh man did you fuck up here..."
"Not the best checkmate sequence" sure, but like, it was a checkmate sequence
haha, yeah, I thought much the same
I was just happy to have effectively won and did not want to screw up by stalemating.
hey guys did you see this chat room:
idk what's going on
@undergroundmonorail By the way, did you notice when the computer missed an insta-checkmate?
Move 36 black.
9:07 AM
oh wow
it wasn't even like "if you did this it was checkmate in 3 turns" it was
"the game would be over but ur bad"
Wait, actually, it's not an immediate checkmate like I thought. But still pretty bad.
isn't it?
Nope, white rook can move to block.
i didn't look at turn 35
so i did not know you'd have had a rook
9:15 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

zyabin101Make a New Year countdown It is New Year coming soon. As such, it would be a great idea to make a New Year countdown. That is your challenge today! Happy New Year! The full rules Create a program taking no input and outputting a countdown until New Year into STDOUT. The program should be fle...

9:49 AM
hi all.. any chance of reopening codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/68176/… ?
now that I have edited it
4 hours later…
1:54 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdnanBefunge Brain Teasers code-challenge befunge Inspired from this question, I thought it would be nice to have 'brain teasers' on this site, which is called Programming Puzzles and Code Golf. They don't necessarily have to be Befunge, but it is a nice start. I will make 20(?) different Befunge-93 ...

@NewSandboxedPosts Wow, what a nice idea!
2:16 PM
@Adnan "programming puzzles" don't generally go over well here, but I think your idea is different than most "puzzles" that people have tried.
It kinda reminds me of cops-and-robbers, except that the question plays the roll of a set of cops.
^ using PPCG's backwards terminology for CnR
@PhiNotPi Yes, it was also intended to be a cops-and-robbers without the cops
And also simplified for the robbers, so that it is not impossible to crack
Scoring might be painful if you want to do it in a way that minimizes spoilers/cheating.
You could do the thing where people post hashes of solution+UID, which can then be verified.
If there are multiple solutions to a puzzle, and someone finds a solution you didn't, then you would have to track down those people and get them to post their solution so that you can verify it.
@PhiNotPi It appears our thought processes are very similar :)
Q: Follow the path

nicaelThe challenge is to follow (draw) the path: ^n - up by n lines vn - down by n lines >n - right by n character positions <n - left by n characters positions n is an integer, greater than zero (i.e. you can't receive a command like >-2). There're no separators between the commands, the well-...

Yes, maybe instead of posting the solution the robbers should post the hash.
And after the deadline, the robbers have to post the solutions.
2:30 PM
Maybe someone could write a short stack snippet to do the hashing?
I like that
That's a nice idea, will work on it
@Adnan As @PhiNotPi points out, taking the hash of solution + UID will be better so that everyone has a different hash for the same solution (otherwise I can just post the same hash as someone else and it looks like I have the solution).
Yes, a bit like a salted hash then
TIL you can include a link to another SE site in a comment by simply writing [puzzling.SE] and it expands to the correct link.
2:38 PM
@trichoplax Oh yeah it works
Oh it works in here too - great.
I discovered it in comments on a sandbox post
[codegolf.SE] works but [ppcg.SE] doesn't
No, it's the link thing
so it has to be the word or phrase used in the target link?
and it has to be in full...
2:42 PM
you'd have to propose that one on Area 51 before it would work ;)
Is there any set of numbers for which Xorting and Sorting give the same result?
Any set of numbers which is already sorted will do
(ignoring that)
2:52 PM
Although I guess it is actually pretty trivial
I could do this all day :p
Xorting? Whats dat
Q: Xorting an array

Martin BüttnerConceptually, this challenge is really simple. You're given a list of non-negative integers ai. If possible, find a non-negative integer N, such that the list consisting of bi = ai XOR N is sorted. If no such N exists, output should be anything that can't be mistaken for a valid N, e.g. a negativ...

Is there a solution in which the list isn't already reversely-sorted?
I saw that
but XOR what?
someone should create a brute force method
3:22 PM
@BlockCoder1392 There's a two-minute limit on the function. Brute force would take too long to be valid
No, for phinotpi's challenge.
32 mins ago, by PhiNotPi
Is there any set of numbers for which Xorting and Sorting give the same result?
Oh, I see.
Doesn't it give the same result for any input? In that the output of Xorting is a single number, but it's a number that renders the input sorted when applied. Oh no wait - it requires also that the numbers are all the same - XOR may give completely different numbers that are sorted but not the same. Ignore me... :)
Oh, hey, by the way @PhiNotPi, you should go commit to the Lojban proposal on A51. \o/
(cc @ThomasKwa ^)
3:40 PM
@PhiNotPi Do you mean a set that when Xorted with any number will always sort the set?
Hi @SuperJedi224
@Doorknob冰 I'm pretty sure you might become a mod on there
@BlockCoder1392 I think two sites is plenty. ;)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Element118Number to Words/String kolmogorov-complexity code-golf Knowing the string representation of a number can help in some code golfing problems. Input: The input would be a number, either to a function or to STDIN. Output: The input would be a string, which is the number written out in words. T...

A: Cracking the Enigma?

KoreanwGlassesTuring Machine Simulator - 15660 bytes (Non-Competing) Can't have an Enigma challenge without turing machine code. 0 * * l 0 0 _ _ l , , _ , l 1 1 _ 0 r 2 2 * * r 2 2 , * r 3 3 * * r 3 3 , * r 4 4 * * r 4 4 _ * r 13 4 A a l a' ...

This is amazing
3:47 PM
Hey Doorknob, can I ask for your opinion on my KotH Sandbox post? Or do you know who I can ask for an opinion from?
@BlockCoder1392 I did accept a nomination on Vi and Vim, but I didn't become a mod there (for pretty obvious reasons to me: my activity there sort of wore off after the initial private beta excitement).
@Sherlock9 Sure, link?
Does someone know how to obtain the user id from a stack snippet?
@Sherlock9 eeek, the code formatting abuse >_<
how does embarassed emoticon
3:49 PM
haha, sorry, I'm actually reading the post now
I'll, uh, I'll work on that
Hmm... how easy would it be to create an optimal/near-optimal bot? Because the luck component seems to be a big aspect here.
@Adnan You might find something in the site sourcecode
@Doorknob冰 Did that link work for you or did you just find Sherlock9's post yourself?
@trichoplax The link was missing the ID after the #, but I just added it manually.
(it's the same as the ID before the #)
3:51 PM
@BlockCoder1392 thanks
Oh whoops
@Adnan I know Calvin's Hobbies has written challenges that determine the userid of an answerer, but are you trying to determine the userid of a user who hasn't yet posted?
@Doorknob冰 There's a few things I remember about optimal strategy (really hoping chat buries this so it doesn't spoil the answerers)
@trichoplax Yes
I already got the hashing algorithm
Well, mods can see this edit history but let's not help the search engines, shall we?
3:54 PM
@Sherlock9 People can just search chat for "card" and find this conversation pretty easily ;)
2) Knowing when to play and when to pass, even if you can play (this takes a little intuition IRL), especially if it's likely that an opponent can outplay what you have (this isn't too spoilery and should be good advice in any game of chance)
@Sherlock9 The chat search returns this message too, even though card is only in the edit history :(
@Sherlock9 all of us can
@trichoplax blame caching?
3:57 PM
@Doorknob冰 Good point - we should check again in a day or two to see if it holds for the long term
From what I've gathered, chat search is only cached for 15-30 minutes
Well, anyway. It should be moderately hard to make a decent bot, but pretty hard to beat a good bot :)
I'm really not sure about that controller I made though. It's not bad, but I made it almost completely from scratch (except for some subprocess bits that I copied from a Euchre question on this site) and it hasn't been fully tested.
I fixed the code formatting abuse
Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody
Oh and happy birthday @Doorknob冰
Thanks! :)
4:04 PM
I need some advice. I have a super huge answer ready to post and I’m not sure whether right now is the right time to get the most attention. What do you guys think?
Chat activity graph, if that means anything :P
@Timwi What challenge is the answer for?
@quartata: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/67603 (Counting Quipu: Base 10 in the New World)
@Timwi I'd post it now. The question has a bounty on it so you're sure to get some attention :P
I take it this is the Quipu answer
Alright :)
4:06 PM
Ooh! How many bytes?
@quartata: No, the answer is not in Quipu.
Ah rats
Martin and I discussed it, but we found it to be impossible because Quipu cannot check the end of the input
Yes, it’s Unreadable
@Timwi Oh huh.
Anyway, I’ll post it now then
A: Counting Quipu: Base 10 in the New World

TimwiUnreadable, 3183 bytes This was a fun challenge to work on, on and off, in between Christmas celebrations. Thank you for posting! Golfing this was interesting because the specification is full of exceptions and special cases, which required lots of if conditions. Also, while I didn’t need to con...

4:11 PM
@Timwi What did you make the variable diagrams with?
@quartata: Microsoft Word
I’m off for New Year’s Eve celebrations then
@Timwi Thanks for the answer, Timwi. I'm going to have a fun few days trying to decipher it :D
4:37 PM
Man, now I'm half-expecting an answer in Unary :P
4:48 PM
@Sherlock9 Why don’t you write it ;)
@Doorknob冰 I thought conlang SE was the better proposal, but I'll follow Lojban too.
A hint for everyone on arch for ARM: There is a huge load of updates.
@Timwi ... I could but all I could do is essentially convert your Unreadable to Brainfuck to Unary. I don't know any of those languages well enough to write the answer well.
And I'm kind of obsessed with getting my Python answer down under that Javascript answer :D I just got to 255 bytes
any bets on whether python can compute math.factorial(math.factorial(9)) without running out of memory?
@Timwi just adding an extra input containing the length of input would make it possible.
5:05 PM
@quintopia My guess is yes on an average machine
I've just tried it. Started at 17:06 UTC
Well, it's the year 1200 in dozenal, where I am. 2016 for you base-10 scum :P
@Timwi where do these visualizations come from? are they in EsoIDE?
1 hour ago, by Timwi
@quartata: Microsoft Word
in this case
@Doorknob冰 I've actually known about Area 51 proposal that for a couple months, I just held off because of the "full name" form field, but I just threw in my username.
is there a formula for integer solutions to 2a^2+1=b^2?
e.g. 2,3 or 12,17
@trichoplax it worked okay
5:22 PM
@quintopia Mine is still going 15 minutes later...
I should have used PyPy...
I also have a less than average machine
@quintopia Well, I can start by rewriting it as 2a^2 = b^2 - 1 --> 2a^2 = (b+1)(b-1)
Actually, not sure if that helps.
b must always be odd
(since the left hand side of "2a^2 = (b+1)(b-1)" is always even)
which means b can be written as 2c+1 for some c
2a^2 = (2c+1+1)(2c+1-1) = 2c(2c+2)
a^2 = 2c(c+1)
So "a" must always be even.
4d^2=2c(c+1) where a=2d
d^2=c(c+1)/2=T_c where T_n is a triangular number
@trichoplax I think mine was a bit better than average when it was new, but that was a few years ago at this point so it's probably average at best by now
Apologies, I forgot what had already been defined
so what is the next solution...looks like its 70,99
5:33 PM
So a solution exists when a triangular number is a square number... seems oddly geometrical. :)
Wait, I could be wrong on my parts. Let me check
a(n) = 6a(n-1) - a(n-2) I think this is the recursive formula for a
In mathematics, a square triangular number (or triangular square number) is a number which is both a triangular number and a perfect square. There are an infinite number of square triangular numbers; the first few are 0, 1, 36, 1225, 41616, 1413721, 48024900, 1631432881, 55420693056, 1882672131025 (sequence A001110 in OEIS). == Explicit formulas == Write Nk for the kth square triangular number, and write sk and tk for the sides of the corresponding square and triangle, so that Define the triangular root of a triangular number to be . From this definition and the quadratic formula, Therefore...
36 is a triangular number? Oh wait
@Sherlock9 *duodecimal
5:38 PM
@BlockCoder1392 Well, some people prefer dozenal, because duodecimal has kind of a base-10-centric name
Since 36 is a triangular number, and is 6^2, then d=6 and a=2d=12. 36=8*(8+1)/2, so c=8 and b=2c+1=17. This gives (12,17)
Well, it's the year 11111011111 in binary, where I am. 7DF for you base-16 scum :P
quoting the OEIS page: a(n) = 2*A001109(n)
(1109 is the sequence of integer square roots of triangular numbers)
There's probably an explicit formula for a(n)
Also, I just noticed a flaw in my base-95 encoder
So the base-95 string I posted a few days ago was backwards
5:43 PM
Well, it's the day 2015-12-31 in ISO 8601, where I am. 1972 for you eval scum :P
If someone writes "base-95" how am I supposed to know which base the "95" is in?
@PhiNotPi 95
It was actually supposed to be 6fDx"dB0(Yh[~-yU_*>A^;^1-4TOSWA_NPv}Z"-HWo r|fB3*4t
@PhiNotPi The 95 is in base ten.
Well, it's the year 13200 in senary, 1V0 for you base-32 scum :P
And with that, I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone!
> If you're like me, you'll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [...] over and over again, until the symbol ceases to have any meaning, and, like "lololol," means merely, I had a reaction of some sort to that stimulus. — Robinson Meyer, 2014-05-21
5:48 PM
@quintopia Truth machine was 6 bytes and required several characters which reduced the search space considerably. And it still ran for several hours. Even if you could make the same assumptions, multiplying that by 95 for the 7th character, I don't think it can be done before the answer is safe. Good luck though. :)
Update nearly a month later: I'm actually not so sure I agree with this, despite being the one who posted it. See @FryAmTheEggman's comment for an excellent counter. Both the moderators and the community can step up an effort to weed out bad content with closing, deletion, flags, etc. Especially since this change would increase in the number of users with trusted user privileges. There are of course downsides, as Peter has mentioned, but as a whole I think this change would be an incredible benefit to the community regardless of said downsides and regardless of any reputation loss changes. — Alex A. ♦ 2 hours ago
Regarding my suggestion to scale askers' reputation loss from downvotes proportionally to reputation gain for upvotes, should it happen.
It's still the year [21][20] in Base-95, which happens to correspond to the string 54 in my ascii encoding thereof.
(Which ranges from space for [0] through tilde for [94])
Q: Build an image-glitching algorithm

Joe Z.It's well known that corrupted JPEG files or NTSC/PAL streams will appear as distorted versions of the true images, or versions covered in random-looking blocks of pixels. Consider the below image (from here): If we run it through this filter (with settings 44, 7, 21, 83, for anyone who wan...

@quintopia Worked on mine eventually...
6:05 PM
hi, happy 11111100000 everybody! (and belated メリークリスマス! )
@AlexA. Looks like from a PPCG perspective the vast majority are in favour of 10 rep for a question upvote, with minor disagreement on how/whether to balance downvotes. What I'm wondering is whether this will be seen as a problem for other sites. One site having higher question rep could be seen as a place to go to farm rep, but on our particular site I can't imagine that being seen as a problem since asking questions is hard.
Is that at me?
In many senses there's an imbalance anyway. If I'm torn between SO and programmers for where to ask my question, the fact that there are more voters on SO may sway my opinion (if I'm someone solely interested in rep).
6:12 PM
@aditsu But here it isn't 2016 yet.
I don't think it's even UTC 2016 yet.
bleh 2016
UTC 2016 is in ~5.5 hours
Can mods modify the time it takes for closed questions to get roomba'd?
6:24 PM
UTC 2016 is in 5.65 hours
Mini mystery string challenge: Produce the output (-inf+nanj) in Jelly in 3 bytes.
I was going to say +10/-2 but a week on roomba might be interesting
That way rep gotten from shitty questions would quickly go away
I think I prefer 10/4 then
@Doorknob冰 Exactly.
6:36 PM
@SuperJedi224 here it's 2:36
It's 12:36 here
1:42 here...
@BlockCoder1392 You're already in 2016?
6:45 PM
AM/PM is the devil's work.
@BlockCoder1392 You mean 13:42
@Dennis Right.
I'm always wondering: 12:00pm, is this mid day or mid night?
Midday, which is weird.
And 5min after midnight is this, 00:05pm/am or 12:05pm/am?
12:05 AM.
12-hour time doesn't like 0 o'clock.
6:48 PM
Ok, in 12-hour time we have no 0-hours and at 12, it is already the next half day period.
I hope I can memorize that.
@Doorknob冰 Nope, just ultra-real fireworks.
I just mined a crafting table
I just posted an Unreadable answer that broke my record of time spent on it

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