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4:03 PM
@MartinBüttner Well I guess I will. There are so many variants that it probably makes sense anyway.
Oh, I started to write my explanation and realized need a wrapping/left-infinite tape. That probably explains why it doesn't work with BrainSteel's interpreter.
hi all
any low level coders able to tell me if checking for NaN is the same speed as checking equality of floats?
4:18 PM
I assume NaN should be faster. Actually, I call dibs on it.
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@Optimizer call dibs?
@Lembik I can tell you that NaN doesn't have a unique binary representation. Also, the bits that are the same for all NaNs are also the same for infinities, so I wouldn't be surprised if it takes more processor instructions to check for NaN. (IANALowlevelcoder though)
@MartinBüttner hmm.. thanks. I can't think of a sensible way to benchmark it sadly
4:22 PM
why not ?
compile some code and disassemble it?
@MartinBüttner that would work ..
@Optimizer because of -O3 just removing my code
@MartinBüttner but float equality means comparing all bits, NaN for a float variable will be faster if you start checking bit by bit
@Mego how did you get extended ASCII characters to work in Seriously? I can't get it to work :/
@Optimizer what processor are you using that checks for equality bit by bit...
4:24 PM
@MartinBüttner that was just a guess. its not bit by bit ?
if I remember my hardware lecture correctly, processors operate on entire words at a time (that is, 32 or 64 bits these days)
shouldn't 2 == 2 check that both LHS's and RHS's bits are 00000010 (for 1 byte data type)
yes, but the hardware checks all of those bits at the same time.
so in 1 cpu cycle, they can compare more than 1 bit ?
well, if we are really talking low level, nothing it really in parallel.. right?
at the very lowest level, I'm pretty sure it is.
4:27 PM
also, even if we consider all bits are checked in parallel, then it might simply mean that for NaN, hardware has to check lesser number of bits
so eventually effecting throughput.
no, because the bits that identify a NaN would also match in an Infinity. you have to check that one chunk of bits is 1 and the other chunk is anything except all zeroes.
I don't know if any single processor instruction can do that.
this representation you are talking about is processor dependent or language?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LukeThe Language Relay! A typical relay race only has four competitors per team, but where's the fun in that? Instead, let's see how many teammates you can cram onto the bus to the stadium and still finish the race. (This analogy is starting to break down, so I'll cut to the chase.) Your task is to...

@Optimizer Float comparison is more than just checking if the representation is the same. For example, positive and negative zero are equal.
@Optimizer neither. it's the IEEE 754 standard for floating point numbers
4:30 PM
@Dennis umm, wouldn't that already be covered if you compare all bits ? so all 32 bits for 4 byte float data type
No, because positive and negative zero are two different floats.
A: Implement a Truth-Machine

yogsotothSPLEMIT21 1 Byte T SPLEMIT21 (short for Shortest Programming Language Ever Made In The 21st [Century])

@Dennis Floating point amirite
4:34 PM
Argh, I'm trying to explain my BF answer, but I don't remember how it works...
@Dennis Which answer?
58 mins ago, by Dennis
A: Sign that word!

DennisBrainfuck, 40 bytes ,[>>+>>,]<<[[<<]>>[-[<]>>[.<<->]>+>>]<<] You can try the code on brainfuck.tk.

@Dennis whoa
Fixed a typo by the way.
Showering in upvotes
That's shorter than PHP
4:38 PM
21 hours ago, by Dennis
okay seriously stop abusing upvotes
@quartata Why would you do that? Most normal people use soap and water ...
I spent way to long on this:
A: Find the Interweaved Source Codes (Cops)

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴVitsy, 4 programs, 228 bytes; Score 17/144 (if safe/cracked) Heeeyyyy @VoteToClose. I don't expect this one to be up long, but you never know… I love your language, now that I'm using it a lot! Interweaved program 1E2P-0P1E^l*312359121E4/13+1*-205+-5Pv*92t\9\[931[2-\D+\*12/]1N5*[t22*^50\+[\72C...

@TimmyD Just like how people like showering in money.
It's a status symbol thing I suppose.
I'm still waiting for the day when Code Golfing etc. becomes profitable ^_^
4:43 PM
1 rep = 1 dollar
@quartata Yes, please.
SERIOUSLY?! _____ — Alec Teal Aug 20 at 9:36
A: Sign that word!

jimmy23013GolfScript, 1 byte $ Yes, only 1 byte. Try it here.

@Mego Someone from the past wants you to beat this
@quartata I propose a different system: 1 rep = 1 dollar, 2 minutes coding = 1 dollar, 1 minute wondering how Dennis got his code so short = 5 dollars.
@anOKsquirrel Online interpreter or local interpreter?
4:54 PM
@quartata Unfortunately that's 2 bytes in Seriously
It seriously needs implicit input
@GamrCorps Hey, today I'd get money for that.
@GamrCorps I'M RICH! I spend hours baffled by Dennis!
@Mego lol same
Wait a second, we're getting $30/hr for coding?
4:56 PM
we SHOULD but we dont
Lets start a Coder's Union
Equality for all coders
If we spend that hour simultaneously coding and being baffled, do we get $150/hr?
Hi guys
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

apsillersScoring an Asynchronous Prisoner's Dilemma Game In a round of the prisoner's dilemma exercise, two players each decide whether to cooperate or defect for that round. The scoring for a round is: Player A and Player B both cooperate: 1 point for both Player A and Player B both defect: 2 points f...

@SuperJedi224 hiya
4:59 PM
I need to shave off 4 bytes from the Seriously math grader so I can out-golf Dennis
Lol you voted for everything
Any mathematica guys here?
Woohoo dropped a byte
5:05 PM
Just 3 more needed to beat Dennis
@Mego Dennis golfs 10 bytes
2**5-2 is a much shorter way of spelling 30 :P
(by much shorter I mean 1 byte)
5:10 PM
girl scout
TFW you think you discovered a clever way to golf your code more but it comes out to be the same length
Worse, when it comes out one byte longer
My code for error detection is 43 out of the 62 bytes :(
Err, invalid input detection
Vote to reopen?:
Q: Make the PPCG Logo

EridanCome November 1, Programming Puzzles and Code Golf will graduate, so in the next 11 months, we'll want to save some memories from when we were ungraduated. Write a program that produces the PPCG logo, seen here. You can use whatever methods you want, from an image to ASCII or anything else. ...

Vote to reopen?:
Q: Make the PPCG Logo

EridanCome November 1, Programming Puzzles and Code Golf will graduate, so in the next 11 months, we'll want to save some memories from when we were ungraduated. Write a program that produces the PPCG logo, seen here. You can use whatever methods you want, from an image to ASCII or anything else. ...

5:26 PM
@VoteToClose But the rules are rather vague...
Nothing has been changed since it was closed
I mod hammered it closed. Dennis and Martin's comments sum it up perfectly; the challenge should not remain open in its current state.
5:38 PM
I hit 7,000 rep :D
Nice work!
@Downgoat That's an...interesting...username.
@Stefnotch lol, I used to be vihan before but I decided to change it to something more "funky"
The User Formerly Known As Vihan
5:46 PM
@orlp :O mind blown
@Rainbolt ...wut
6:01 PM
There's few things quite as depressing as realizing you messed up and your code is now 20 bytes longer, giving you no hope of outgolfing Dennis
@mbomb007 damn, that star destroyer is yuuuuuge!
@aditsu yuge?
some people speak like that :p
coughdonald trumpcough
my favorite candidate also does it
6:08 PM
A Romanian expat in Hong Kong follows US presidental elections?
Q: When is Thanksgiving?

bkulBackground Some holidays have fixed, easy-to-remember dates, like Oct 31, Dec 25, etc. Some, however, want to be troublesome. They're specified as things like "the first Monday in September" or "the fourth Thursday in November". How am I supposed to know when that is? All I know is that Thanksg...

Why? :P
it's entertaining and worrying at the same time
the winner will affect the whole world after all
Fair point.
Dare I ask who your favorite candidate is?
6:12 PM
not sure we should get into politics :p I already gave a hint anyway
I personally have no qualms about political discussions but perhaps you're right.
*votes against Donald even though I live in Austria! :P*
I prefer the boss of the USA being an internet meme... :D
President Doge?
@Dennis you're welcome, could you explain what you did there and how?
6:26 PM
My favorite conversation between my dad and his sister:
Dad: "I just tried your foaming hand soap but it didn't foam."
Aunt: "That's because it's lotion."
6:38 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

randomraSimple Task Solved Thrice You should write 3 programs and/or functions in one language. All of these should solve the same task but for every pair of programs their should be at least one input which generates different (but valid) outputs using the two codes. The task You are given an integ...

^ heh, just thought about the simplest possible CJam answer and it would probably be q~,:)))+p where each of the ) does something else
Looks like a user made a pretty neat Lisp family language. Probably won't win any golfs but I applaud what appears to be a very nicely written interpreter and a neat language.
@MartinBüttner the online interpreter doesn't like that, smile is not implemented for long
:) is a command in CJam?
6:48 PM
: is (among other things) "map" and ) is increment
"HAL":) -> "IBM"
how do you open an array onto the stack? like [4,[0,1,2]] => [4,0,1,2]
(unless it's a string in which case I think the only possibility is {}/)
Cool! (Is there anything that CJam can't do?)
6:52 PM
of course not
woulda CJam function be 1 byte shorter? as you 3 extra bytes (q~p)
(it doesn't have regex support :(...)
@randomra yes, it would be
@aditsu ^^Here is something you have to add! :D
@aditsu I read that's actually where the name Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey comes from!
@AlexA. I read that it was just fan speculation, not official
6:54 PM
@Stefnotch well, there are other priorities ;)
@aditsu Oh, okay. What I read was likely speculation as well.
@MartinBüttner XD (I really should learn CJam someday...but I have to learn C++ before that)
Why do you have to learn C++ first?
Also, do you have any other short Labyrinth programs that I could test?
6:56 PM
nice try
XD Well, for some programming competitions....
not exactly short, but I've been golfing this the last two days, and it uses quite tricky control flow: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/58340/8478
test case: 8675309 should yield 8898683
+1 for "This could probably still be shortened, but hey, it beats Java Matlab Python..."
I really want to add JavaScript to that list, but I'm still 4 bytes away from beating that :P
6:59 PM
@Stefnotch Without commas for separation, "Java Matlab Python" sounds like one very odd language.
(The original text had some strikeouts...)
Maybe it is a language that:
1) Is as verbose as Java
2) Has as many functions as Mathlab
3) Is as short as Python
(Or: 🇰🇹🇭🇽🇧🇦🇮)
translate: pa
(from Slovenian) However,
wrong language :p
7:06 PM
That's Bing for you
Hey all!
7:22 PM
why was my message starred? because people somehow agree with me saying "hey all!"?
@Optimizer こんにちは -- no trailing "n" and a doubled "n" in the middle.
@Mego hello! you aren't getting a single message from me?
7:26 PM
@AlexA. there. happy ? mr who-has-japanese-speaking-gf
@aditsu I'm not sure I understand the question. What I did where?
I was wondering who was @Downgoat
@Optimizer Yes, now I am happy. (I know some Japanese too, you know ;))
7:29 PM
@Optimizer i finally figured after noticing his profile
@TanMath why would you finally figure out after i already told you
@Optimizer i figured it out before you said it
"I was wondering who..."
@aditsu Two characters are missing for me in "overboard" D:
@aditsu That's my server-side online interpreter, which I just updated to the latest sub-release of CJam. The permalink uses the two new features you just implemented.
7:39 PM
ah, so you're running the java code on the server, and made your own UI? also, what are the main extra features? command-line args and stderr suppression?
is there a golfing language that has an equivalent to datetime in python?
I think Pyth can execute Python code.
@AlexA. I'm still kinda confused why that "ha" is pronounced "wa" :p (but I know it's true)
or rather, why they spell it with は rather than わ
@aditsu は is pronounced wa when it's used to mean "is." I assume こんにちは has some literal meaning that involves "is" but I don't know what.
But yes, that confuses me as well.
@Mego local
7:42 PM
all i know is that japanese people mess up english pronunciations as much as possible
@aditsu For now, those and incremental output. I'm also going to store input/code on the server side (shorter permalinks for test suits), implement several different encodings (like CP437, for kolmogorov-complexity challenges), a virtual ANSI terminal (color codes, etc.) and image output.
@Optimizer That's a rather racist sounding over-generalization. And I'm sure any mispronunciations aren't intentional.
@AlexA. yes, but they do not have a specific datetime package
I am not making things up
have noticed this in almost all animes
I never said you were
7:44 PM
and I've seen 100+ at least
That is an impressive amount of animes you've seen.
true dat
I don't think that animes are generally representative of the Japanese populace as a whole though.
even in this season, I am following 7
@AlexA. that us true, but that still not clarifies whether the pronunciations used are representative or not
@Optimizer People who speak English mess up English pronunciations as much as possible. Have you heard Bostonians vs. Texans?
7:45 PM
@Dennis interesting.. I also have some plans to add some features, but the server-side part is a fundamental difference
@Optimizer Wow. I don't even know of seven TV shows in general that I care about enough to follow regularly.
@aditsu There's also gs2.tryitonline.net, hexagony.tryitonline.net, labyrinth.tryitonline.net, retina.tryitonline.net, shapescript.tryitonline.net, and vitsy.tryitonline.net. The idea is to do all the time-consuming parts once and have a whole family of server-side interpreters. Adding an additioanl interpreter takes roughly 5 minutes.
@AlexA. I have 4 :P
Which ones?
someone here was fascinated by the existence of a chess programming wiki, I think the game of life wiki is far more useless and quite extensive
7:48 PM
Agents of SHIELD, Doctor Who, Sherlock, something else
@Dennis what server-side languages do you support (for implementations)? or is it just a pipe-to-external-process thing?
> far more useless
hahaha XD
@Optimizer I made the mistake of clicking that.
@AlienG its not that NSFW though..
7:51 PM
I listened to it for 5 seconds, I hope my recommendation list won't be flooded by these...
@aditsu Pretty much the second option. The backend is here.
@Optimizer Enough to be weird.
is there a Golly (game of life) download that doesn't use sourceforge?
doesn't work in pyth!
@anOKsquirrel I don't know. Why?
7:53 PM
@SuperJedi224 I don't trust sourceforge
This is a task that is definitely not well suited for pyth!
There is no task well suited for Pyth
@TanMath What task?
@Optimizer I'm not that surprised about them butchering English words, but it's really hilarious when they actually import them into Japanese - terebi, conbini, biru, oiru etc
I know raitu
7:56 PM
@SuperJedi224 the thanksgiving one!
@Dennis wait, so the server side is written in bash?!
would you guys be interested in drawing a turkey for thanksgiving in ascii or just a picture?

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