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12:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HaDongTrailing zeros of base-B factorial Given integers \$N\$, \$B\$ in base 10. Count the number of trailing zeros of \$N!\$ when expressed in base \$B\$. Sample I/O // N, B -> number of trailing zeros 15, 3 -> 6 // 15! in base 10 = 11122000100002000202000000 in base 3 90, 8 -> 28 150, 17 -> 8 997, 53 -

12:53 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

la.evis.Please let me know if there are any tags or test cases I could add :3 Write in Deranı code-golf natural-language Deranı is the constructed writing system used by Toaq, spoken in the fictional country Toaqgua. Its inhabitants have this really good stew and they believe in a hybrid whale/moth, but ...

1:30 AM
@UnrelatedString Not for long tho, 'cause in two months I won't be a texan anymore :p
Not sure where I'll live after college, probably going to depend on what route I take after college, if I go with military pilot I wouldn't get to choose anyway
tfw you forget to type a whole sentence
@RydwolfPrograms come to think of it what are your weather preferences like
Cool, cloudy, not super humid
the six months of summer here in nc feel hellishly hot to me, so if i had free rein over where to move top priority would be somewhere cold
@RydwolfPrograms makes sense
i was almost wondering if it being actually hellishly hot in texas like
broke you enough to wrap around to preferring it
Nah, if anything I'm less tolerant to heat than people in cold climates since I'm used to air conditioning being treated like a necessity for survival
1:39 AM
Like if your A/C breaks down here, it's treated like an emergency situation, the idea that a building could exist without air conditioning sounds insane to me
apparently they actually do that even in some developed countries
Several of CMU's dorms don't have air conditioning
what do they even do in the summer
hide under an icebox?
@RydwolfPrograms jfc
like it's cold in pittsburgh but
...i guess it's not like they get used in the summer...?
my university has recently sent out emails stating that the campus' cooling system is not able to keep up with the current weather conditions and requesting people to avoid physical activity and avoid charging electronics and close blinds
UT Austin is actually super cool (in more ways than one :p) in that they have their own power station and power grid, and they use centralized cold water generation to provide cooling to all the buildings
That fact was almost cool enough to make me apply
1:42 AM
They say South Korea has the worst climate. 'Cause we need both an A/C and a heater.
That's kinda...true everywhere
Do Canadians need an A/C?
at least in like ontaria
i would assume so
Even then, the South Korean climate tends to pose the extreme in summer and the other extreme in winter.
+45°C in summer, -15°C in winter.
And in the upcoming August, I'm gonna envy Russia for their cool climate.
I mean, I've been to Russia in January 2018. The climate was so cool.
2 hours later…
3:37 AM
What if you wanted to yet a chicken burger at McDonald's but they didn't give you chicken on the burger?
Gotta be the goofiest thing
Missing the core part of the thing you order
You get a chicken burger for the chicken yet they don't put it on
(this is a real thing that happened to me just now)
(i am currently standing at the waiting area while I gets remade hopefully with the actual key part of the burger this time)
It did thank goodness
4:07 AM
@DannyuNDos oh absolutely
the summer where i live typically gets up to like, high 20s to approaching 30s (low-mid 30s after sun and humidity) which isn't terrible globally speaking but still enough to require some sort of cooling
this past week our temperature was mid 30s (low 40s after sun and humidity)
5:04 AM
I have executed my plan perfectly: I am now in the end islands, dragon untouched, waiting outside an end city for a guy to log off he doesn't see me get the advancement for entering it
All it took was staying up until 6 am last night
what is the context for this devious plan
I'm hosting a server for some friends, and they're planning to beat the dragon together as a server. I was busy when the server started, so I've been far less equipped than everyone else the entire time, and far from them. So the plan was to sneak to the end, take a flying machine to the outer islands, and acquire an elytra and OP gear, then when they start fighting the dragon, fly back, and style on them aerially
I collaborated with one of my roommates' boyfriend, but he's the only one who knows
Jun 18 at 7:38, by Rydwolf Programs
I've been playing on a server I made for some of my friends, and I have a secret plan to use a flying machine to get to the outer end islands before we fight the dragon collectively
I made sure to go to a second-ring stronghold in the opposite direction as everyone's bases from spawn
Use a morph mod to be the ender dragon and do a little trolling
5:10 AM
Why do that when we have ender dragon at home
(me in an ender dragon skin with a dragon head and a pair of elytra)
6:00 AM
I stared at a pair of endermen
By accident
And they cornered me and killed me
What horrible luck
I have an extra flying machine kit to get back
But that's gonna be such a pain
Bring a water bucket just in case
6:34 AM
In the moment I didn't even think to use it
7:26 AM
Plan complete, acquired an elytra and some shulker shells, then put it all in my echest and died to get home
Now that I have the advancements I can add mending+unb3 to my elytra and return to raid more for full OP diamond gear
8:08 AM
Been listening to a ton of Twenty One Pilots and Shinedown recently
8:34 AM
CMQ is my challenge about absolute error when adding 10 floats very different if we consider relative error?
9:12 AM
@Simd if you change it to relative error then everyone will add a bunch of values close to 0.5 since it doesn't matter what n is
actually, just add 1 and n-1 copies of 2^-53, as that will still result in 1 and give you the maximum possible relative error
9:54 AM
@Neil that’s pretty cool!
If I add 1 to n-1 copies of 2^-53 isn’t my relative error pretty small?
Unless n is really really big
10:32 AM
relative error: 1 + 1e-99 + (-1), expect 1e-99, get 0, relative error 100%
@Neil if n = 10 doesn't that give you a smaller relative error than your absolute error code does!
@Neil if n = 10 doesn't that give you a smaller relative error than your absolute error code does?
1 hour later…
11:45 AM
@Simd sorry, when I wrote n-1 I meant 9
12:04 PM
@emanresuA what if we forced the submitted program to be written in that subset? that is, to be able to interpret itself? That would be too goofy right? I've actually changed my mind and I think would be a pretty good Idea for that.
12:46 PM
CMC: selfhost your esolang
@RubenVerg *compile your esolang to webassembly
1:35 PM
@RydwolfPrograms ooooooh
2:13 PM
@UnrelatedString A lot of my university's dorms don't have AC. They tell us it's actually good because everyone's out in the (air-conditioned) lounges so it's easier to make friends, but that's a lie
I managed to survive because my room was in the basement where it was (relatively) cool (also, my roommate had like 4 fans on full blast all the time), but people on higher floors had to live in an oven
sounds cramped
The dorm where I lived was actually super cramped
I imagine you had more than 70L of space though
The toilet stalls were small enough that my elbows kept touching the walls, and I'm not even that wide. An obese person would not have fit in that bathroom (no exaggeration)
@lyxal I used galvanised steel and eco-friendly wood veneers to make my room more easy to live in
live picture of user in the toilet stall (it's narrow)
2:19 PM
Not live, I no longer live there (thank god)
@user but did you borrow expansion screws from your aunt?
@user how do you know I didn't suddenly materialise the stall in your current location?
@lyxal Don't have any aunts in the area, unfortunately
@lyxal Well I don't see the stall next to me. Is it invisible? Are you constantly materialising and unmaterialising it faster than I can register it?
what does the z axis have to do with anything? but the first option
Ooh, now I can find work as a mime
that's right
I've done you a service to reward you for doing a good job at being the president of vices
3:02 PM
apparently schnorkeled is a word
I do not know how I feel about that
nor how the profile spammer who now has that word in their about me feels about that
bathyscaphs is also apparently a word
3:15 PM
I just realised that my spam compilation list is missing a fair few names
currently there's only 222 names on there
but race conditions + github gists api taking a bit to write info means that some names are overwritten when I do mass batches
I think the real number of people added to the compilation can be determined from the revisions count
which is currently 294
72 larger than the reported 222
@user dorm living sounds hellish enough even without having to use communal space. i could see bathrooms being manageable if everyone just had to do it on a hard schedule, but the last time a friend of mine voice called from a dorm kitchen (specifically to play league of legends? while in a kitchen?? i cannot remember why or how) it sounded like a nightclub
@user oooooh nice
...dorms usually have some kind of curfew that the doors get locked after, right? if they didn't i'd almost think that if you did get stuck with an upper floor room the strat would actually be to use the room purely for storage while spending virtually all of your time outside
maybe there's nowhere safe to sleep outside (or campus police would catch you) but i guess with enough fans it might be manageable inside as long as you're okay with your roommate seeing you almost naked and sleeping without a blanket
Not here, at least. There'd be people walking around everywhere at all hours
i cannot sleep without a blanket unless i'm unbelievably tired
which has happened far too often, granted
but maybe there are, like, weighted mesh nets that could work like a blanket without actually providing any warmth...?
@UnrelatedString Oh yeah, a couple of the lounges were somewhat populated, but most people spent most of their time either in their own rooms or in one of the other buildings, so not much opportunities to make friends
3:29 PM
@UnrelatedString Same
I use a comforter even in the summer lol
i didn't even know not using a comforter was a thing
i mean at my dad's place we just used this kinda thin fleece as our only blanket
I didn't know comforters were a thing until I moved to the US
but now that i've moved back in with my mom my only blanket is a comforter with a thin cover around it
My parents are always telling me to use a thin blanket and stop wearing thick sweatpants in the summer
@user oooh, interesting. what kinds of blankets are normal in inda
just thick fabrics, fleeces, or
3:31 PM
idk what other people use, but the ones my family had were made of this thin, rough sort of fabric
were there multiple layers of it or was it just never cold enough you'd need it thicker
Just one layer. I think I wore a sweater if it was colder?
(though from the roughness i assume it did at least do a lot to impede airflow that might contribute to coldness)
i have slept in flannels before but only when i'm sick
and in that case it was less because the blanket couldn't keep me warm enough and more because it was too cold to leave the blanket otherwise
Gotta love the morning it's-too-cold paralysis
i actually get a bit more of that now than i used to, despite sleeping on an actual healthy schedule for the first time in my life
having my alarm on the other side of the room does help if i'm not too sleepy, because the hell of hearing it get louder and louder is far worse than feeling cold, but sometimes i still just dive right back in
been getting better since i started turning the fan down at night though
because the thing about my room is it's on an upper floor and the ac sucks at reaching it, so it gets way too hot in the day, and can take a while to cool down at night
See I tried doing that but then I just get up in the middle of the night because I'm bored and can't sleep, scroll through whatever on my phone, and then I'm too tired to put my phone back away from me so I just drop it near my bed. Then I wake up in the morning and snooze the alarm
i really only get up in the middle of the night if my bladder is screaming at me or if i had some kind of nightmare
Me too, but boredom trumps sleepiness (and the warmth of the bed) :P
and usually if i had a nightmare i also happen to be really thirsty so my bladder's screaming at me by the time i'd try to get back in anyways lmao
@user oh also if you struggle with the shower thing i've found that it's super super helpful to just turn the water temperature down to lukewarm if not a bit chilly for the last minute or two
3:41 PM
Unacceptable, it's not a shower if your skin isn't red when you step out
there's less shock, and if you do end up turning it cold-cold afterwards (which i try to do but the cold water this time of year isn't that cold) then you feel so much warmer after you shut it off
i've never been able to take a fully cold shower despite trying, because having to adjust to being covered in water and that water being cold at the same time is too overwhelming, but apparently i'm fine with it after starting with warm water
back when i used to go to pools or beaches it would take me upwards of 5 minutes to inch my way in unless it was so hot out that the water was kind of warm
that or i'd jump in all at once to get it over with and feel so bad for the next minute or two that i really hated myself for having done that
Do you not like the feeling of water at all? I get hating water on your feet, but do you also dislike washing your hands with cold water and stuff?
cold water on my feet is pretty nice
i was actually just about to bring that up because the last few times i was at a beach, it wasn't even summer and nobody wanted to swim but it's still fun to just kind of wade through the tides a bit
@user if the water's cold enough it feels like i can't get all the soap off, but just having my hands in cold water is fine
even if my hands are already super cold
i've also been getting used to washing my face with lukewarm water now that i've actually bought some damn acne products to get rid of these blackheads that have been completely ruining my self esteem for most of my life
after i washed my face this morning and before i put the post-wash gel on, the skin on my nose actually felt dry
3:51 PM
@UnrelatedString Wait what
Wet feet feel absolutely disgusting. It's one of the reasons I hate swimming pools
@UnrelatedString Nice
when i started using this cleanser i already noticed the skin stayed not oily for way longer than i was used to, but this is the first time it's felt truly dry
which could maybe be a problem but i still just feel so accomplished
(and also have a separate moisturizing cleanser my less-oily family shares with me :P)
@user thanks
I have acne too but none of the acne products my mom bought for me worked, although that might be because I would only remember to use them once in a blue moon
i've never had like pimples or anything, and didn't even know blackheads were acne until this year
I have resigned myself to having bumps and valleys all over my face, and being unable to use a proper razor for fear of popping one of those things
it took me a while to start washing my face even once a day and for most of my life it was just with bar soap
3:56 PM
Q: NaN is not equal to NaN

3-1-4-One-FiveIn many programming languages, the floating-point value NaN, or "not a number", in some programming languages generated by the expression 0/0, does not compare as equal to itself. In this challenge, you have to take input as five vulgar fractions, each matching -?\d+\/\d+ (for example, 2/3, -1/5,...

and the only way to like exfoliate was by clawing the dead skin off with my fingernails because we didn't have washcloths and occasionally would buy a loofah but could never figure out how to use it
@user 🫂
...by proper razor do you mean like
a disposable razor, an electric razor, or a straight razor
if it's only breakouts you might want to look into how to shave or trim with minimal irritation, since the less hair there is the easier it is to clean, but if it's like super chronic probably see a dermatologist if your insurance covers it
come to think of it i think the reason i'm fine with cold wet feet is the low circulation
i don't feel like i'm subjecting my bloodstream to that much cooling if it's just my feet
i get uncomfortable if i'm trying to relax with cold dry feet, but if i'm not specifically trying to relax i can and will wear flip flops in the winter until my feet get so cold that it gets hard to move my toes or i start feeling pain somewhere
4:28 PM
@UnrelatedString I'm currently using a (somewhat blunt) electric razor. I meant like the kind of razor where you have to put cream all over your face and you occasionally go "ah! #%&*!"
5:11 PM
CMC: closest 100m x 100m square to London where no human has ever set foot before
Must be on land
(Well-reasoned conjecture is acceptable, since you can’t really prove it)
Location for the next CGSE meetup?
I doubt any exist in Eurasia. Perhaps near northern Russia in some mountain away from the coast
Ever is a long time, perhaps limiting the time frame would allow for more accurate answers
@user ahhh
i have no idea how shaving cream is supposed to work but apparently it can irritate acne even without worrying about popping anything
Is this slow sort named: while(next_permutaion(begin(),end()));
5:35 PM
@user true
5:58 PM
@mousetail Next? There's been one already?
@pxeger Does in land count? Because if so, a random square 500m below London would probably work
@l4m2 I think it's named bogosort
Slowsort is recursive
like bogo but isn't, bogo is random
6:23 PM
@user Yes it was last Monday. Where where you?
6:51 PM
@user and it seems like at the heart of it it's just a comically inefficient selection sort
i think i would lean towards calling the permutation brute force something like deterministic bogosort
because it is just deterministic bogosort
7:08 PM
If every single human in the world opened up a new Minecraft world and checked all 128 strongholds, statistically, we would now just barely be able to expect someone to find a completed portal
128? I thought there were 3
2 hours later…
9:16 PM
@RydwolfPrograms once per person?
@RydwolfPrograms 12-eye seeds aren't in the pool of randomly-generated seeds
9:33 PM
@Bbrk24 There's 3 in the first ring, but there's multiple rings, with a total of 128 strongholds. Bedrock might just have 3 though, I know it's different in BE
Bedrock just doesn't have rings, they spawn randomly according to ... some arbitrary rules
@emanresuA As of 1.18.2 the RNG is fixed I heard
and also don't always have portal rooms, one time I found a one-room stronghold
Ah okay
@emanresuA Are you sure the generation didn't just loop around on itself and hide the rest of the stronghold?
Yes I checked all the corridors
Java will always try to generate a portal room, bedrock sometimes just gives up
9:35 PM
9:47 PM
@UnrelatedString I'm curious about the same thing
I also can almost never sleep without the weight of a blanket
Except that one time curled up in between two filing cabinets in a secure Dell laboratory
@user At least for the one I use, it makes it worse for a week or so before it gets better (according to the labeling), so using it only occasionally might actually be worse than not at all
@user this is hilarious
@mousetail somewhere in northern Siberia I bet
10:12 PM
@RydwolfPrograms all i use is a salicylic acid cleanser for twice a day and a salicylic acid gel for as often as three times a day
probably not the most effective though :P
actually was just looking some stuff up while i was out getting these jeans hemmed since the tailor happened to be near the cvs, and it's kinda heartbreaking to find out sometimes there's just no substitute for extraction ;_;
guess i'll see if my insurance covers it
(apparently salicylic acid is still excellent for preventing new blackheads from forming though)
10:48 PM
@RydwolfPrograms I looked it up, it used to be only those three, they added the other 125 in 1.9
> 15w43a Increased stronghold count to 128 per world, rather than 3.
So I’m not wrong, just old
I haven’t been online much recently because the past few days have been hard on me. I have seen hell and it is flight delays.
I was in nothing but airports and airplanes for something like 26 hours straight
11:12 PM
My job sometimes involves going through user-entered queries to LLM-based chatbots for coding/data science stuff, and oh my god does it lower your perception of your average programmer
Or at least, your average AI-dependent programmer
Like...almost every prompt I see is completely impossible to answer intelligently. Like, "make a line graph with [categorical data]"
And the programming ones are always people using absurd combinations of libraries/frameworks who are clearly in over their head
11:32 PM
@UnrelatedString also a mild analgesic, although I hear it works better if you give it an acetyl group

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