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5:49 AM
Ever wonder what it'd be like if instead of using names like Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we used butter brand names to indicate what day it is? Like today might be the Lurpak the 18th of Cheddar, 2024. I think that would be a fun way to do dates and could even lead to improvements in calendars. Let me know your thoughts on this.
3 hours later…
9:19 AM
Lyxal stop being American it's very much the 19th both in Australia and UTC
NP might be using 0 indexing
Bet you didn't think of that did you.
9:35 AM
@NewPosts french revolutionary calendar moment
3 hours later…
12:21 PM
is NP the dairy queen
2 hours later…
2:28 PM
Q: Minesweeper Board

HaDongGiven a Minesweeper density map of size \$m × n\$ where \$m,\$ \$\$ \$n > 1\$, generate the corresponding mine map where: \$1\$ indicates the presence of a mine. \$0\$ indicates no mine. Test Case [8, 8] # corresponding to m × n where m is number of rows, n is number of columns Density Map: 0 ...

@hyper-neutrino Can you comment on a closed post?
If not, then maybe force-ping @@HaDong and ask them to use the sandbox.
mods can indeed comment on closed/deleted posts
Then maybe comment to use the sandbox. They closed the post so fast that I didn't have time to.
Anyone can comment on a closed but not deleted post right?
Jun 15 at 5:15, by Sandbox Posts
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HaDongMinesweeper Board Given a \$m × n\$ Minesweeper density map, generate the mine map where \$1\$ stands for a mine, \$0\$ stands for no mine. Test Case [8, 8] // corresponding to m × n where m is number of rows, n is number of columns Density Map: 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 3 0 7 0 3 ...

2:38 PM
@mousetail Sorry, I meant deleted
They seem to have also defaced their sandbox post for some reason before deleting it
Their profile text reminds me of someone who recently attempted to vandalise their own post.
I wonder if comments on deleted posts onebox in chat
no, they do not
That would allow the <10K plebs to see it
@Adám It's literally just the same account
No sockpuppetry involved
2:58 PM
i left a comment letting them know they can ask for a review in this chat room
1 hour later…
4:14 PM
CMC Given a list of numbers, output the smallest divisor so each number mod the divisor is unique
4:28 PM
@mousetail The numbers have to be unique then.
Yes you can assume the numbers are unique
And I assume everything to be strictly positive integers
@mousetail APL (Dyalog APL), 19 bytes: {⊃⍸∧/≠⍤1⊢⍵∘.|⍨⍳⌈/⍵}
@mousetail APL (Dyalog APL), 17 bytes: {⊃⍸∧/⍤≠⍤|∘⍵¨⍳⌈/⍵}
bah, I forgot to visit 4 days ago
5:12 PM
CMC Which 4 floating point numbers with absolute less than a million give a sum furthest away from the true value in your favourite programming language?
You should either use a built-in sum function or the simple one where you add the numbers in order
@Simd The true value?
In many languages, the true value cannot be compared with a float.
Other than those, languages will use either one or negative one for true, and thus the answer is 4 duplicates of the float closest to ±10⁶.
@Adám you can compute the 64 bit sum exactly by for example using math.fsum in python or mathematica online
I don't know what that means.
@Adám consider a real number and round it to the nearest 64 bit float
Sure, but how does this address the question you replied to?
5:38 PM
@Adám Sorry I must have misunderstood . Is the question clear now?
@Simd No, what do you mean by "furthest away from the true value"?
@Adám abs(sum-correct value) is as large as possible
But what is "value"?
For example 1e19+0.5-1e19 equals 0 in python
The correct value is 0.5
Why is the correct value 0.5?
5:50 PM
Of course 1e19 is not less than a million
@Adám x + 0.5 - x = 0.5
Oh, I think I get it now. I completely misunderstood what you meant by "true value" (namely "true sum"). I thought you meant the value used by my language to represent a Boolean True.
Sorry for the confusion!
@Adám force ping?
Mods can ping anyone in any chat room, even if they've never been there or don't have access.
6:16 PM
(you may have heard it referred to as "superping" which i think is the formal terminology)
but yeah we can ping any user in any chat room even if they don't even have a chat account; one will be forcefully created if we superping them
the most important part usually is just that we can ping users who haven't visited the room before or who have not been in the room for too long and can no longer be pinged by normal users — also it immediately notifies them unlike normal chat pings which wait for the user to not see it for like 15 minutes or so
6:29 PM
@Adám I don't think that can be right
7:15 PM
@Simd Sure it is, for how I understood your challenge at first.
@hyper-neutrino whoah
@lyxal But then it should be the 18th of Cheddar, 2023
8:11 PM
no, since the epoch is 1970
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
@Adám I am not sure how to turn it into a challenge
@Simd What, your CMC as now understood, or what I initially understood?
@Adám as now understood
Then you already did. I personally don't find it particularly interesting, but it is a clear enough challenge as-is.
I meant on main
I don't see much of a difference, but by all means, put it in the sandbox and ask folks.
10:31 PM
@hyper-neutrino it also allows you to ping yourself without needing to do a self reply
Which is always funny
the more I think about the set theory based esolang idea the more I think I'll need a full mathematical system to implement it and I can't just go with lazy lists
like, how do I implement the Cartesian product of infinite sets in an useful way?
hmm, maybe diagonally?
10:49 PM
Fairly certain that's how we do it in Vyxal
Both 2 and 3
@RubenVerg vyxal 2 implementation of what I believe is this: github.com/Vyxal/Vyxal/blob/version-2/vyxal%2Felements.py#L1465
@RubenVerg complement reference?
@RubenVerg Vyxal 3 infinite case: github.com/Vyxal/Vyxal/blob/version-3/…
@lyxal wow this is ugly
@Ginger wdym?

New set language

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@RubenVerg inline generators :)
And having to handle lazylists ourselves because there's no nice single class in python that does it
11:00 PM
@Ginger read the first few messages, interesting idea but not really what I was thinking of
I think cartesianProduct does what I want, no?
the thing about finite indices plus the impl mentions diagonals
11:18 PM
@DLosc only the day is 0 indexed

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