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6:31 AM
Could SOMEONE please give me A TRUCKLOAD OF BUTTER because gosh dang I need some of that yellow diary please I need it so badly
7:07 AM
TIL Windows 10 Notepad autosaves to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad\*.autosave
7:38 AM
I've been playing on a server I made for some of my friends, and I have a secret plan to use a flying machine to get to the outer end islands before we fight the dragon collectively
So when nobody's online I'll go to a second ring stronghold, activate and go through the portal, then carry out my plan. And once they start the fight, I'll promise them I'll be there any minute, then swoop out of nowhere in enchanted diamond with an elytra :p
1 hour later…
8:54 AM
This is so sad. Due to copyright issues, homedesign365 (the galvanised square steel account) has to use a different song for the videos
9:07 AM
How TF does the line wrapping actually work?
I used the ! trick on code.golf on several problems but in this case it doesn't actually skip the start of the line?
But writing a long line with p does not effect wrapping?
Hmmm it does seem to print "KO" as expected on Primo's interpreter
10:10 AM
Halp! My CEO just used :9 as an emoticon in a DM to me. What does it mean?
he meant to type :O but pressed 123... instead of ?
oh, I guess it's more likely to be :( :(
(lol, maybe unexpected for an APL programming/tech company, but my CEO is actually a cis-woman)
@Neil Ooh, that's dangerous. If I'm not mistaken, 9 is used to write ) not ( on her national keyboard layout!
@mousetail Naᠨ I don't think so.
@Adám oh, I didn't think of that
10:23 AM
@Adám i ride an eskate that goes to 50 km/h (minus wind resistance) and honestly i probably should not be still alive
yikes, those tiny wheels… what happens if you hit a drain grate/twig/pebble/beer cap/…?
you die.
no actually the wheels are quite larger than regular skate wheels
they're obviously still small in comparison to bikes but can ride across tram tracks with some bumps
tbh the most dangerous thing is cars, you're one guy not checking his surroundings before crossing an intersection at a red away from slamming full speed into the side of an SUV
The most dangerous part of everything is cars
3 hours later…
1:15 PM
@RydwolfPrograms dont eyes have a set stronghold they go to?
1:25 PM
no, they just go in the direction of the nearest one
question for scoring:
i have a bash answer that calls itself recursively, so it relies on the current function being called `f`. I could add one byte for the function name, i guess, but if i'm doing that i'd rather use that byte in code to call $0, but this doesn't work in ATO so i can't provide a link that works
so what do i do?
1:46 PM
if it needs to be a function then you have to write out the complete function declaration
@NewPosts how is the colour of your diary relevant?
2:14 PM
@Neil right, but in real bash i could just as well call $0 and that would work, for only 1 byte more, but that doesn't work in ATO because of reasons
do you mean a shell function or a shell script that calls itself recursively? if it's a shell script then you could try putting chmod +x $0 in the header
2:30 PM
currently it's a function
the main issue is that $0 isn't set in ATO, so calling $0 $i instead of f $i does no work
3:09 PM
@mousetail thought this said CORS
That's the localstack and AWS configuration speaking :p
2 hours later…
4:56 PM
I love the US military. Who else could design a website that looks like plain HTML (but worse in subtle ways), requires clicking through multiple security warnings to get to it, and probably runs on 25 year old technology because you don't need security updates when you have missiles
Oh and I just noticed they didn't actually remember to put any of the images in
It used to make me mad that the .mil TLD is reserved purely for the US military, but now that I think about it, maybe it's a good thing all the jank gets contained within one top-level domain
5:32 PM
I love markov chains:
User: Hi!

Bot: Try turning off catlock.

User: What's that?

Bot: But i am a compromise at some point said shed lost interest then after who are in my other person didnt know they broke.

User: Oh, that's too bad...

Bot: Try turning off catlock.

User: What color is the sky?

Bot: Like the paste to throw their hat in kitty.

User: My cat is a siamese

Bot: No harm.

User: What do you think about politics?

Bot: Where apl bqn jelly and the morning and care enough job at age 1618 you to each other things like the people the robot its the people and what the real kitty.
> capitalist pigs begging helplessly for a cat
cat mentioned
@mousetail Since they launched that Tesla, this is also true of space travel :P
5:49 PM
Why is my markov chain sexist
> bot: Heck, if an easy-out from the time it gets a woman and she just hear yourself, your brain mixes the end i do you want to pull a woman and the same compassion humans can. imo there's two parts of the needs differently.
> bot: Honestly, politics chat room though, it's just took my face). i think the policies are in the ring.
6:12 PM
2 hours later…
8:42 PM
Damn, Nvidia's now the most valuable company in the US after the AI boom
They just topped Microsoft
Imagine if they'd ended up acquiring ARM too
Also the fact that a company called "Arm Holdings" doesn't make handcuffs should be a crime
@RydwolfPrograms *which is still ongoing
@RydwolfPrograms @lyxal we found your shell company
prepare to be raided
@RydwolfPrograms severely misinterpreted this the first time I read it
Bet it exists
9:00 PM
don't know whether to be happy or disappointed
On to part 2 of the rule I guess
ugh TNB give me strength
I want to play minecraft so bad but I know I should do three more hours of work to stay on track to save enough for college
wait hold up TNB is like the patron saint of procrastination why am I here of all places for that
I hear you. I have dishes to wash, a home to clean, kids' lunch boxes to pack, and a baby to sit. What am I even doing here?
9:24 PM
Aug 7, 2015 at 18:38, by aditsu
abandon all work, ye who enter here
and enter not here, ye who abandon not all work
This was supposed to be trigonometry code xD
Idk why the first-person is so hilarious to me
Techbro becomes the wrong Apple, 1944 colorized
@RydwolfPrograms ... Uh
10:01 PM
From time to time the LLMs seem to just give up and say something random. I've gotten walmart warehouse stocking data before in a robot that was supposed to be a tour guide
(I only use LLMs for my dumb jobs, not by choice, fwiw)
Did I show the one from fiverr?
I don't think so, or if you did I didn't see it
10:20 PM
It doesn't seem to like poetry
Aww my uni got rid of the LLM thing they had on their website and it was apparently to help students navigate the site. I never gave it a go but now I can't attempt to jailbreak it.
Also as my alarm was going off this morning, I thought "ugh I need to turn it off for the morning" and then thought "ah that's better". But then I heard it and realised I hadn't turned it off

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