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12:08 AM
@lyxal $\omega \times r \times \sin \theta$
Under physicists' convention.
@lyxal It's not just the radius that needs to be a vector, it's the angular velocity as well. none of the answers are correct, it should be || ω x r ||
Oh, it asked for the vector...
it said linear velocity, which is why I took magnitude
there might be a trig way with theta, but I'd have to think about it more since I'm rusty with trig
but r sin theta sounds right
@DannyuNDos yeah, if you have theta as angle to equator then ωrsinθ works, or if you have theta as angle between radius and omega then ωrcosθ works
1:01 AM
incredibly based NIST
1:44 AM
@lyxal ...that's worrying
unskippable too
worst part is that it quite often gives 2 minute ads
for shorter content
1:59 AM
2:38 AM
I now have a matrix homeserver :3
3:20 AM
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4:46 AM
5:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

None1Delete the program Write a program that deletes itself. For compiled languages like C or Java, delete the compiled file, not the source code. Rules This is code-golf, so code in the fewest bytes. Besides the standard code-golf rules, these rules apply as well: You may not assume the name or the ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HaDongMinesweeper Board Given a \$m × n\$ Minesweeper density map, generate the mine map where \$1\$ stands for a mine, \$0\$ stands for no mine. Test Case [8, 8] // corresponding to m × n where m is number of rows, n is number of columns Density Map: 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 3 0 7 0 3 ...

5:26 AM
mfw fandom wiki for formal method and Z notation
5:55 AM
like, I want to explain it so that someone with no prior knowledge can do the challenge, but I also don't want to talk down to people or make people feel restricted to using one specific method.
working on a sandbox post and wondering if any of y'all have advice for it, especially the 'methods' section; as I've gotten scolded for being too handholdy before.
6:05 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

None1Non-decreasing code that checks non decreasing strings and creates decreasing responses Let's define a non-decreasing string to be a string that has non-decreasing Unicode values, and a decreasing string to be a string that has decreasing Unicode values. You task is to write a program, that consi...

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7:45 AM
@guest4308 Your challenge seems very complex and also mostly mathematical. Is there any way you can simplify it to focus more on the code aspect? Algorithms are generally more interesting to golf than formulas
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9:09 AM
Youtube back at it with the abstract physics
it's not too abstract, but that was def just a 'memorize it' thing for various shapes without learning the formulas until college classes
in this case it's 1/2MR^2
you'll still find plenty of guides online for calculating moments of inertia
9:27 AM
@mousetail I think this may be where I need help. when I hear 'algorithm' and 'formula' I think the same thing both times. are you saying I should be more explicit with the steps?
An algorithm has loops and branching, a formula is just a calculation
an algorithm can't calculate things and formulas can't loop or branch?
What I mean is branching and looping make gofling interesting. Good challenges require a lot of control flow since they give a lot of freedom for golfing. You can't really golf trigonometry and basic operators much
ok, cool; that sounds more helpful, thanks
9:42 AM
@lyxal if they didn't break eggs then it's not an omelette
Is it named, a model like Peano Axiom that defines ordinal number without introducing set?
1 hour later…
11:04 AM
posted on June 15, 2024 by Sylvester‭

The Challenge Your job is to, given input positive non-zero integer $n$, output an ASCII representation of the tiled Fibonacci squares up to the $n$th number of the Fibonacci sequence....

11:39 AM
Anyone here speak french?
"Le contact a brillamment été créé à partir du nichandle administratif"
Google translate creates some utter nonsense
12:15 PM
@mousetail using wiktionary and a search engine in combination with google translate usually solves problems. nichandle is not a french word, and doing a search from france only brings up information about NIC handles, so the thing google translate gives me seems to be correct: 'The contact was brilliantly created from the administrative nichandle'. presumably, 'contact' in this context could mean a domain name or something like that
brilliantly doesn't really make sense though
A company would not really describe their way of transferring domains as brilliant
why not?
Just seems very odd. It's a very standard process that works the same everywhere. You could describe it as "efficiently" or "quickly" or some other terms but brilliantly just seems very odd to me. Brilliant means like exceptionally smart and novel, while the process is neither exceptionally smart or novel. And even if it was it would be weird to describe your own process that way.
Also I asked in a different chat where someone translated it as "Successfully" which makes a lot more sense
12:36 PM
Try to construct ordinal numbers and got this: ```
A1. Exactly one of x<y, y<x, x=y
A2. ∃x P(x) → Ex P(x) & ∀y P(y) → x≤y
D1. min(P) = such x
D2. 0 = min(true)
A3. (∃x ∀y P(y)→y≤x) → (∃z ∀y P(y)↔y∈z)
A4. ∀x ∃y ∀z z<x → F(z)<y
T1. ∀x ∃y x<y
Pf: Otherwise, ∃x ∀y y≤x.
Apply A3 to get ∃z ∀y P(y)↔y∈z
Let P(y): ¬(y∈y), get ∃z ∀y ¬(y∈y)↔y∈z
requiring ∃z ¬(z∈z)↔z∈z, conflict
D3. S(x) = min(λy. x<y)
A5a. x+0 = x
A5b. y≠0 → x+y = min(λt. ∀u u<y → x+u<t)
T2. x+y≤x, x+y≤y
A6. x*y = min(λt. ∀u u<y → x*u+x≤t)
Quite like Treat set as ordinal with upperbound
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6:39 PM
Today in "headlines that get way more interesting when you just woke up and can't read":
Definitely didn't read that as the Moody Center replying to the bomb threat by counter-striking the threatener with a blast themselves
bro was not prepared to fight against the QUEER ARTILLERY
@mousetail The word could maybe have a different connotation
Also "nichandle" looks so french that's so funny
6:58 PM
Welp, time to lock in, o/
I'm getting pretty good at this work-from-home thing
7:57 PM
my parents said some transphobic things about me so I moved in to some friends' house for a few days and I've never felt this euphoric in my life
have my parents been holding me back all this time?
wouldn't surprise me, but I'm glad you're happy :D
(transcript readers: she mentioned this in the vyxal discord a few days earlier)
8:11 PM
this seems like a good time to say I'm proud of all of you
for being gay and doing crime
and the like
thanks lol
a little confused but he's got the spirit
I reckon I sound more confused than I am lol
it's just cool to come back to this site after a few years and find lots of happy gay people
(gay in the terminally online umbrella term sense)
yeah ik what you meant
I... appreciate it, I guess :p
also any accusations of crime on my part are mostly false and unfounded
8:38 PM
@RubenVerg yeah probably :P
parents are a fuck sometimes
definitely didn't read that as "pants"
2 hours later…
10:26 PM
I now believe that the answer to all problems in life is to always just multiply everything together
Stuck in traffic (with radius r) and you're playing chess at the same time (with velocity v)? Multiply the two together, throw a random coefficient into the mix and now your car can move like a knight and a queen at the same time
Robbing a bank (at time t) and needing to move the money (call it x amount of dollars) a long distance (n kilometres away)? t×x×k and you'll zip away
It's really the solution to a decent amount of life problems
11:02 PM
... thanks
11:12 PM
See that's because the original problem uses addition and not multiplication
11:41 PM
You know those holes in the side of microwave ovens?
Those ones on the side wall?
That's where all the tiny people stand to perform their duties
When it's time to uphold their end of the social contract, that's where they all conglomerate and start waving at the food you put in there
It's a social contract because they also send a team down to the food to skim a tiny bit off the top to sustain the tiny people population
Then, once done, they go back to living their lives in whatever metropolis they have in the back of the microwave
This explains why metal is a no no to put in the microwave oven
The tiny people go to wave at it, realise it's not food, and show their displeasure and anger
Further, when the microwave oven is plugged into the electricity socket, the little people in the microwave are able travel between microwaves and can share food supplies with other microwave colonies
this is all true
I know it is these are my observations
And the number panel is where they have their admin division
They have workers there always listening for button presses and when they hear one, it gets relayed up to the central control centre
Radiation waves is a story they tell to try and disguise their operations
The truth has always been that the tiny people go and wave at your food and the energy from their actions is what heats the food up
I found out because I placed a whistle in the microwave (didn't turn it on), and one of them came down and made noises with it

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