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12:24 AM
in The Garbage Collector, 6 hours ago, by Alexis King
I hate to say it but “please consult your soul before commenting” goes hard as hell
5 hours later…
5:32 AM
@Ginger "Eggheads" is by far my favorite insult. It's too funny to be offensive
5:55 AM
I really just wrote a ternary in js as cond : ontrue ? onfalse
@lyxal Is that unusual? Oh, you swapped the symbols.
well for a start it's not how ternaries work
the question mark comes first
not the colon :p
Fun fact: Syntactically, cond : ontrue ? onfalse is valid JS (if followed by another : something)
Only at the start of a statement, but yes
Also as an object member.
6:25 AM
is it meant to be non-deterministic?
Yes, ? is actually the "deal" function, as in dealing 1 card from a set of 2 cards.
cond : is a condition though.
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7:31 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Scotty JamisonHey Slobs! Organize your Code - Alphabetically! So much code being written these days is an unorganized, illegible disaster, and this Code Golf website seems to attract the worst offenders - I mean, just look around! Lets add some order to this chaos. The Challenge Build a Quine (i.e. a program t...

8:07 AM
My roommates threw a huge grad party at our place...it's been a strange night
4 hours later…
11:41 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

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7:00 PM
Q: Compare two strings, with NaC

3-1-4-One-FiveI just thought of this idea: if we have NaN ("not a number") for floats, how about NaC ("not a character") for a single unknown character in a string? Your input should be two strings. Both strings are assumed to contain only uppercase letters in A-Z and an NaC character, which cannot be an upper...

2 hours later…
8:49 PM
@NewPosts What a coincidence--I was just recently contemplating whether FunStack's character type should get an equivalent to the number type's planned 0/0 value.
9:23 PM
@NewPosts I read "NaC" as sodium carbide and became thoroughly confused.
9:35 PM
Fun fact: A single layer of graphene absorbs exactly πα (~0.023 = 2.3%) of the light that passes through it, where α is the fine structure constant
2 hours later…
11:45 PM
thanks vite + svelte
for reference, it's on port 4565
oh though it is so nice to be able to use style tags as normal strings
rather than having to do weird jsx/react stuff
oh svelte how I've missed you

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