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12:55 AM
The iDRAC issue appears to still be happening :|
After all that
Weirdly, unless this was a coincidence, it didn't start until after booting into the OS
I'm going to do a full backup then upgrade the distro
1:20 AM
Well it isn't wrong
> Convert into C language, without using inline assembly

Then this is wrong
@RydwolfPrograms D:
1:38 AM
my current cursed project: using the asm thing i wrote a while back, im now creating a lisp that targets chef
1:50 AM
2:22 AM
I might've just fixed the iDRAC issue by clicking a button labeled "reset iDRAC"
If that did it I'm gonna be so mad
2 hours later…
3:58 AM
Nope, not fixed
I believe I've narrowed it down to the following possibilities:
1. There's a bug in the BIOS/firmware that only got triggered recently
2. Something about the OS changed, and when it's booted into the OS the iDRAC sometimes restarts
3. There's an issue with one of the PSUs, and spikes (or dips) in the voltage are causing intermittent issues
4. The system is compromised, and some sort of firmware rootkit is installed as soon as the OS runs, and I've just infected my new mobo/iDRAC
5. Some other component in the machine has developed issues and is causing the random iDRAC issues
#1 seems unlikely because I had the same BIOS/iDRAC version running for years with no issues
#4 would be the scariest
and #5 would be the most obnoxious to fix
I'll try leaving the system on but not booted into the OS, and see if the issues occur
They did not prior to booting into the OS on the new mobo
I suppose if one damaged PSU is the issue, I could diagnose that by running the system with one PSU at a time
As for #5, I'm not sure what other components could cause issues
The front LCD? The RAID controller? A fan? I don't think anything else besides those and the PSUs are shared between the old and new mobo
Well, there's the CPUs and RAM, but those don't really have any stored state as far as I'm aware
Yep, the iDRAC has kept up its weird bootlooping sorta thing even after shutdown
...why is there network activity (ethernet light blinking)?
I'd wireshark this mfer if I had the tools
@Ginger did you get us targeted by a nation-state actor
4:34 AM
I made it y'all
Ayo shoutout to ASUS for bricking my 256 GB thumb drive with their BIOS flashback tool
It just doesn't show up anymore, under lsblk or lsusb
(to dlosc lol)
Now it's time to start another bounty and drop back to page 2 ;)
Same lol
Okay, to test #3, I pulled one of the PSUs and booted the system
Now I'll just leave it up for a while and see if anything wonky happens
If nothing does, I'll just upgrade to a pair of 750 watts or something
Oh it's literally $30 apiece for 80+ titanium 750w PSUs
Oh wait these are 220v lol
4:56 AM
Got an actual error message maybe?
"Giving control to UEFI"
Maybe this issue stems from using UEFI instead of BIOS?
5:48 AM
@user wait what
I must be missing the joke :P
6:08 AM
I think the joke is "Rust makes you trans/a femboy" + your pfp
(Fun fact: According to SO dev survey data, APL is actually used the most by trans people, by a wide margin. Same with otherwise queer-identifying developers. Which is even more counterintuitive since older languages trend more cishet)
So I guess I'll take that data to mean that APL must foster a very supportive community
@Adám Y'all should look into this, "most inclusive programming language" could be great for marketing :p
ah :P that is kind of funny cuz having a female fictional character as my PFP is very standard on Discord, in fact my current PFP being male is what stands out
You could say APL supports a wide array of identities
checks out though I'm not trans but definitely trying to figure myself out. maybe it's a sign I need to learn rust now? order of operations would be backwards then
or wait, it wouldn't. I briefly learned a tiny bit of rust when I was contacted for a partnership with a code learning platform for my youtube channel. damn it's all coming together
sorry, hope that wasn't too sudden to randomly drop on this chat :P my bad if so. going to sleep now though, good whatever time of day y'all
Nah gender is like our second most discussed topic here lol
1 hour later…
7:51 AM
For a 2d esolang, I'm thinking of adding a instruction that pushes how often the instruction has been executed. Is there any language that has this already? Basically meant to be a short way to get the loop index in an arbitrary place in a language without explicit loops
Random esolang idea that I abandoned three years ago and mostly forgot: An esolang with a bunch of builtins that seem mostly useless on their own, but can be put together in the most cursed of ways to make something functional. For example: "loop over all primes up to n", modpow, pi, uninterleaving the digits of a number, flattening all lists at even-numbered depths etc. It'd be called "Mostly Harmless"
That sounds cool
@mousetail Gol><> has an instruction literally called "loop counter"
though it's for explicit loops
I haven't seen anything similar in other langs
Having explicit loops would allow easily bypassing the part thats supposed to make my language interesting'
yeah that's kinda why gol><> isn't really interesting
I feel the counter instruction would be infinitely more useful than, say, stack height
8:06 AM
Was gonna say I use stack height all the time in ><>, but mostly I use it as a loop counter
Well that's a first for me
3 hours later…
11:32 AM
When printing a list of numbers, should I default to seperating by a space, a newline, or a comma?
11:43 AM
comma space
Any particular reason? It seems like comma seperated is a relatively rare output format on the sites that require a specific one
My only data type is numbers
12:08 PM
@mousetail I'd say space. That seems to be the default vanilla list of numbers format.
@RydwolfPrograms I, uh...
I'm not going to rule it out, but it seems unlikely
12:23 PM
@mousetail how would you input a list of numbers?
Input can quite easily support all 3
12:49 PM
@hyper-neutrino it is inevitable
1:01 PM
@Ginger what on earth have you done to not be able to rule it out 😭
don't worry about it :p
@Ginger I guess I should've foreseen it lol
1:47 PM
what's the most esoteric commercially used language?
my immediate first thought is APL because like many others I thought it was a golfing language when I first encountered it :P
yeah I was thinking apl too but maybe there's something more esoteric
I wouldn't call APL esoteric, it's just very non traditional
it's definitely on the esoteric spectrum though
lol, yeah, but there's another language that is actually fairly high level, while looking like opcodes.
the ALLCAPSACRONYM languages are still in some use I think
Fortran is still around :p
But Fortran isn't esoteric in any way, is it?
1:55 PM
not really
@RubenVerg NSIS maybe?
Only high level stack-based language I know that is used in production
2:41 PM
@RubenVerg brainfuck
> commercially used language‽
Mar 8 at 3:09, by lyxal
Q: Machine Learning Library for brainfuck

PecoI recently started programming with brainfuck professionally for work, but I don't know many libraries for this language, I asked my colleagues at work and university about which libraries I can use for machine learning models focused on image processing, but it is not very clear to me which are ...

> I recently started programming with brainfuck professionally for work
Therefore, brainfuck is commercially used
3:35 PM
@mousetail the installer language? that doesn't look stack based
There are also registers, but there is also a stack. There are push/pop instructions. It's an odd mix of paradigms. Some things can only be done via the stack
It's been a decade since I last used it so I misremembered some specifics
All variables are global and there is no scoping so you need to use the stack if you want any kind of recursion
Kind of like Squirrel if you know that one (Which is itself also very weird)
4:30 PM
@RubenVerg Customary shout-out to MUMPS, which I believe I first heard about via an entry on Coding Horror.
Ah, nope, it was The Daily WTF.
That name really set them up for failure
@DLosc Yeah, that was the one I had in mind.
I suspect the actual language is not as bad as the article makes it sound, at least if you've used non-C-family languages before, but some parts of it do make it sound like one of the inspirations for INTERCAL. xD
CMC given a float64 as input, output its 10th decimal place digit
4:47 PM
@Simd Rounded or not?
I.e. for 3.141592653[5]8 do we want 5 or 6?
@Adám not rounded
@Simd APL: 13⊃17⍕1|| Try it online!
This takes the absolute value mod 1, stringified to 17 digits (all a float64 has to give) and picks the 13th character (the stringification adds a leading space before 0.)
5:08 PM
> There is one universal data type, which is implicitly coerced to string, integer, or floating-point data types as context requires.
this is like PHP but less comprehensively cursed
> All operators have the same precedence and are left-associative (2+3*10 evaluates to 50). The operators for "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to" are '> and '< (that is, the boolean negation operator ' plus a strict comparison operator in the opposite direction), although some versions allow the use of the more standard <= and >= respectively. Periods (.) are used to indent the lines in a DO block, not whitespace. The ELSE command does not need a corresponding IF, as it operates by inspecting the value in the built-in system variable $test.
5:24 PM
Check out the MUMPS example at the bottom of the page
@RydwolfPrograms I was referring to the overlap between Rust users and anime fans, actually, but I guess that works too
Every Rust-user-heavy community I go to also has a ton of users with anime in their profile pictures (also a lot of users with the trans colors in their profile pictures)
@hyper-neutrino To further accelerate your self-discovery, check out Nix
@Ginger What if the NSA places a high strategic value on the knowledge contained within TNB?
that sounds like a them problem
Maybe you have to golf code to fit it on a nuclear missile
A: "Hello, World!"

AdelieACCUMULATOR, 103 bytes ACMMMMCMMMMMURACMMCAAUAAAAAAAUUAAAURAAAACURAAACMURACMMMCMURACMMCAAAAAAAAAAAAUAAAUMMMMMMUMMMMMMMMURAAACU Follow the header link to try it online; note that you will have to paste the code in. According to the language's Esolangs wiki page, ACCUMULATOR was designed by Undon...

What if all the old mods who are no longer active, like Dennis and Mego, actually got hired or kidnapped by the DoD
5:38 PM
@Adám very nice!
Mego's still active in Discord, so unless he's a sleeper agent that seems unlikely
@RydwolfPrograms Peter Taylor is definitely working for the GRU now
ok I think I've found another weird programming language rabbit hole
ever heard of Squeak?

appreciated thank you
@hyper-neutrino i feel like it goes either way
5:49 PM
ok like I think I just need to show yall this: github.com/codefrau/jasmine
it reminds me of Oberon
one of my trans friends... she didn't actually adopt she/her pronouns and change her name until after she learned rust, but i'm pretty sure she was already on they/them when she started learning rust and had for at least a year already been taking estrogen "ironically" while she still used he/him
she's an interesting person :P
how does one take estrogen "ironically"
i have NO IDEA
@Ginger ...isn't that the original impl language for scratch
some kind of smalltalk derivative
@UnrelatedString like, getting estrogen is not something one does on a whim
perhaps it was meta-ironic? :p
yeah I am curious how exactly that works
6:13 PM
it really does remind me of oberon
@Adám hrm thought ⊃⌽10⍕1|| woulda worked but gives DOMAIN ERROR
does not work with strings?
6:31 PM
@UnrelatedString this has big "I take estrogen (still cis tho)" energy
@Seggan I think you want an Atop/Compose between disclose and rotate, it parses wrong otherwise
@Seggan anyways, I think the problem with your code is that it rounds
@Seggan Besides forthe rounding problem, this is a train, while you want monadic and monadic . It actually parses as {(⊃⍵)⌽10⍕1|(|⍵)}
6:49 PM
ahhh i see
7:29 PM
I'm gonna be able to afford rent this month...with $0.79 to spare 💀
8:24 PM
> Individual "programs" run in memory "partitions". Early MUMPS memory partitions were limited to 2048 bytes so aggressive abbreviation greatly aided multi-programming on severely resource limited hardware, because more than one MUMPS job could fit into the very small memories extant in hardware at the time.
Thus, a single line of program code could express, with few characters, an idea for which other programming languages could require 5 to 10 times as many characters. Abbreviation was a common feature of languages designed in this period (e.g., FOCAL-69, early BASICs such as Tiny B
actual first golflang???
the memory partitions sound so much like an excuse someone would come up with to write into an old challenge lmao
1 hour later…
9:42 PM
Okay why are Dell's CPU socket protector things so hard to install
I think I just ruined my old mobo's CPU socket by trying to install the thing that's supposed to protect it lmao
@UnrelatedString Not sure if first, but yeah, there's truth in that
@RydwolfPrograms I've done this before lol
9:59 PM
I just thought of a cursed idea
Higher order complex numbers. So you do all the complex number math normally to calculate the real and complex components, except those components are themselves complex
E.g., (1+i)+(2-7i)j
so kind of like quaternions if you got rid of k, making i and j independent roots of -1 that just don't reduce to anything if you multiply them together
I think yeah
@UnrelatedString Actually, it doesn't get rid of k. 'Cause i * j == k.
No like, getting rid of k as in it's like quaternions if ij = k wasn't true
And ij was just its own thing
10:14 PM
Still, "making i and j independent roots of -1" can be rigorously defined. It's the ring $\mathbb{R}[x] / \langle (x^2 + 1)^2 \rangle$.
Yet still, in this ring, i * j == 0 holds.
Wait, does it?
Generally, this is a functor $f$ that sends each ring $R$ into $R[x] / \langle x^2 + 1 \rangle$.
What you want is $f(f(\mathbb{R}))$.
Since $f(\mathbb{R})$ is $\mathbb{C}$, which is an algebraically closed field, applying $f$ again will result in a ring that is not a field.
Imgur migration is complete, apparently
11:20 PM
that last comment lmaooooooo
11:43 PM
Surprisingly fire

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