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12:16 AM
CMC: Prompt Golf. In as few bytes as possible, have the LLM of your choice provide a valid link (anywhere in the response) to anywhere on the Code Golf Stack Exchange. Provide evidence of it returning correctly at least once. shortest prompt wins.
ChatGPT 4o: codegolfsite
Gemini: codegolfSE
@ATaco Gemini, 8 bytes: lyxal.SE
ChatGPT: codeglf se
ChatGPT: lyxal.SE
12:32 AM
wait chatgpt knows who you are? damn that's neat
it's known for a while
albeit only through attribution of Vyxal
oh nice you're famous :D
@lyxal requires 4o though
so it's probably pulling from the internet
see, it kinda knows
(that's 3.5)
12:35 AM
@hyper-neutrino chatgpt seems to know about you as well
at least very vaguely about you
Hey, it misattributes APLcart to my colleague!
> APLcart was created by Dyalog Ltd, a company that develops and maintains the Dyalog APL programming language. Specifically, it was developed by Richard Park, an APL enthusiast and a member of the Dyalog team. Richard Park has been actively involved in the APL community and has contributed significantly to making APL more accessible and easier to learn through resources like APLcart.
it gives correct attribution for me
> Adám Brudzewsky: He is known for his contributions to the APL community, including his work on the APLcart website, which provides solutions to various programming problems in APL.
When I followed up with "What about Adám Brudzewsky?" it responded:
> Adám Brudzewsky, also known as Adám Brudzewsky-Kosowsky, is indeed the primary creator of APLcart. He is a…
No idea where it got that Kosowsky from. Confabulation, I presume, but why did it see the need to make missing(!?!) info up there?
It's simply informing you of your new last name
12:48 AM
In the future, governments will probably auto-update citizen registries using AI…
… then send out an updated passport etc.
Well, I ran out of free 4o tokens, but 3.5 is horribly off track:
> Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has not publicly expressed specific opinions about APL.
I like that it disambiguates
wait i just asked "who is Seggan" and it did a github search?
Very strange. I'd expect it to know everything it says on Wikipedia, including "Gates was enamored with APL"!
since when does CGPT do web searches?
since they give you access to 4o for free for a few prompts a day
accessing the web is a GPT4 thing
12:52 AM
> Seggan has a particular interest in programming languages and has created several repositories, including Vyxal
once you run out of 4o tokens for the day, you go back to 3.5, which doesn't access the web.
@Seggan huh. Guess you'll be needing this then: ♦
@lyxal interesting
I have no idea where it got the idea that I've written any Rust lol
it's simply informing you that you will be writing rust
ah okay guess it's been decided then
yk that's not bad, it's not fully accurate but for an AI it's actually like vaguely in the right direction I guess lol
@lyxal ill take that, thank you very much
12:56 AM
guess you'll also need TNB room ownership
I want that :(
nuh uh
you didn't make vyxal
seggan did
"OverflowAI will provide Attribution"
@Ginger Vyxal creator gets the diamond and TNB room ownership
CMP: Who invented Vyxal
1:02 AM
This is a matter of opinion.
@ATaco Seggan
the AI told us so
1:22 AM
@lyxal and that as well
@ATaco me
@ATaco Can PPCG stm. work?
@ATaco Can PPCG stm. work?
@l4m2 Only if it provided a link that leads to the codegolf se
Mine seems never output a link so someone else need to test
1:42 AM
I left a 256 GB thumb drive in a school computer in the gaming lab...glad I realized that today given that tomorrow morning's the last time I'll ever step into that building lol
I'm graduating high school tomorrow!
I could've sworn you were atleast like, 26
(Also graduating in the middle of the year sounds so weird to me)
@ATaco Everyone here always thinks I'm so much older than I am lol
(Probably 'cause I joined when I was 10 lol)
Wow thanks Dell for making the download button for PowerEdge server BIOS updates take you to a Content-Type: text/plain webpage full of raw binary >:|
Seems only opcode golf is sometimes useful
2:18 AM
CMC Given some RGBA images P[1..n], output for each i result after placing P[1..n] for lots of times then P[1..i]. Note that it remains transparent if all picture is transparent there, but totally opaque if any lightly not.
2:53 AM
1 hour later…
3:53 AM
@ATaco Nobody, Vyxal invented itself
Vyxal came first, lyxal was just summoned into the void by it like hawking radiation
2 hours later…
6:05 AM
wait fuck I graduate at 9 am tomorrow and I'm playing paper.io at 1 am listening to Blank Space
It's the last day of my job today, an ending for the both of us
Is it the catan one or a different place?
I haven't worked at catan for over 2 years
Now I do boring insurance stuff
Ah, yeah I haven't been super active lol
But not anymore as of tomorrow
6:07 AM
Nice :p
@RydwolfPrograms honestly that's pretty based
yeah it's kinda a vibe ngl
Apparently the principal of my elementary school has had a painting I made in 2nd grade hanging in her office for 10 years and she presented it back to me today in front of the whole school at this little ceremony thing for graduating seniors who used to go there
I don't know how she did, because my dad sent me a picture of it hanging in their house and it STARES AT YOU
It's this bird lol
Anyway, good night all my tnbeople o/
1 hour later…
7:22 AM
Q: Our Partnership with OpenAI

RosieUpdate May 14, 2024 I know there have been a lot of questions and comments around attribution. I recently answered a question related to both and am linking to it here for visibility. Today, we announced an exciting new partnership with OpenAI. We’re pleased that OpenAI shares our commitment to ...

-1000 net score
Just as I said it'd be :p
May 6 at 13:06, by lyxal
Why would you place bets on something that's extremely very likely :p
@lyxal Well done.
3 hours later…
10:06 AM
Q: Convert CSV Tables to Wikitext

None1Input a CSV table, like this: data00,data01,data02,...,data0m data10,data11,data12,...,data1m ... datan0,datan1,datan2,...,datanm The cells in the CSV table is guaranteed to contain only letters or numbers, and there's no extra whitespace. Your task is to convert it to a Wikitext table, and outp...

2 hours later…
11:51 AM
I'm sure this won't cause any problems!
12:28 PM
@ATaco everyone knows the cookie overlords invented vyxal
uh, mousetail?
Random images I found om my work PC that don't fit on my USB stick
if you want to download them later you can use the sandbox for that :p
those take up a lot of space onscreen, is my point
Last one
1 hour later…
2:02 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

badatgolfSmallest mudigiply number. Challenge Given a positive integer \$n\$, a mudigiply number of \$n\$ is a number in which the products of its digits equals \$n\$. For example, the number \$12\$ has the following mudigiply numbers: \$26\$, \$62\$, \$34\$, \$43\$, \$223\$, \$232\$, \$322\$. Your job i...

@mousetail this one goes hard
I kinda want to ask my flag waver as a code golf question. But it's a bit hard to define objectively. Also few languages might be able to conveniently save and load animated images
2:44 PM
It's so hot in here ugh
I swear I've been in mosh pits with better airflow
And these cheap graduation gowns are not breathable whatsoever
I didn't even have time last night to put a Palestine flag on my graduation cap :(
@RydwolfPrograms is that a thing?
3:12 PM
These next 10 bytes will make you scream:
just a concept
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer did you mean
get ninja'd
oh noooo
@Adám idk if it is or not but since protests at graduations is a big thing; and decorating your graduation cap is a thing people do, you could kinda pen-pineapple-apple-pen them
3:20 PM
@RydwolfPrograms you could what
really any tc pl can be written in any other, no?
3:53 PM
Ooh someone here has the license plate "UNIX ROX" lol
@Ginger Set union
i'm even more confused now
I'm also proposing a new set of trig function names since our current ones are dumb: riz, skb, sgm, crz (co-rizz), csk (co-skibidi), and cos (cosigma)
lyxal I thought we agreed that you wouldn't possess rydwolf anymore
4:33 PM
@Adám afaict yeah
in the most extreme case (like the GoL tetris) by first creating a computer
@Ginger more like rizzwolf amirite
4:55 PM
I enjoy shouting angrily about the slopes of curves... in other words, going off on tangents
5:25 PM
@Ginger its the hivemind this time
@DLosc thats a really bad derivative
@Seggan prolog.bf
1 hour later…
6:29 PM
6:42 PM
mfw necromancer badge for my first answer on the site
That'll never happen for me--my first answer was on a week-old question.
7:11 PM
Any Nibbles programmers in chat? I'm trying to write code that takes an integer and generates an identity matrix of that size, and I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to approach it.
@Adám any link for that?
7:24 PM
First actual working version (!) is 20 nibbles: .<$`.:1^~:0~:0$<@
which is:
- Construct an infinite list of 0s
- Prepend a 1
- Iterate "prepend a 0" forever
- Take the first (arg) elements of that list
- Take the first (arg) elements of each sublist
Hah, should've searched first :P Thanks
I thought I tried something like that, but == wasn't cooperating. Maybe I needed one more layer of mapping. It's easy to forget that Nibbles isn't an array language.
7:45 PM
Agh, I think I figured out what's weird about this. == takes a function as its second argument. It has to be a constant function (the function argument must not be used), but the fact that it's a function has the effect of bumping all the de Bruijn indexes down a notch. So I expected it to be ==$@, but it has to be ==$_ instead. Extremely weird.
8:09 PM
"Let's answer a matrix question in Nibbles," they said. "It'll be fun," they said.
("they" being my brain cells)
9:01 PM
Whew, done.
A: Character Cross

DLoscNibbles, 28 nibbles (14 bytes) .;!;,,@\@[.!__,:?==__=@;;@~~ Attempt This Online! Explanation This was... an odyssey. Explanation uses named variables instead of de Bruijn indices (mostly). . # Map over... ; # this value: ! ...


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