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1:32 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardYou work in a kitchen which has a peculiar rule. When you mix something into a pot you must always add at least one new ingredient. So you can add pasta, oil, salt then pesto, but not pasta, pesto, salt and oil since pesto already contains salt and oil. You only have one pot per dish, so you can'...

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6:16 AM
CMQ How would you compute the 10th smallest number in a large array in linear time?
6:31 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

Mukundan314Positionally, 153 bytes / / \ 1 \ > ^ ^ - < v> . : v> s /\ / ;< I " "emspX !-pmmf Try It Online! This is shorter and much easier to understand compared to @emanresu A's answer. Explanation coming soon

Huh the ping in that's highlighted
(didn't ping though)
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8:27 AM
@SandboxPosts Get in the pesto Get in the pesto Get in the pesto
6 hours later…
2:52 PM
CMC Given an integer N, output a minimal list of swaps to get all permutations
2 hours later…
4:54 PM
Q: Is it a tetrate of two?

isaacgThe tetration operation consists of repeated exponentiation, and it is written ↑↑. For instance, 3↑↑3 =3 ^(3^3) = 3^27 = 7,625,597,484,987 A tetrate of two is an integer that is equal to 2↑↑n for some nonnegative integer n. As an edge case, we say that 2↑↑0=1. In this challenge, you will be give...

5:05 PM
@mousetail all permutations of what?
5:35 PM
A list of N elements
1 hour later…
6:44 PM
is it valid to take input as code to represent a data structure. reason im asking is cuz in a lang im using, there is only string input so it is hard to input other data structures, but if it can be represented in code, then i can exec the string input and easily get the input with no troubles

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