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7:38 AM
CMC: Decrement the largest value in a list
(you can assume there's only one)
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1 hour later…
10:55 AM
@emanresuA APL: ⊢-⊢=⌈/ Try it online!
11:17 AM
that's a new one :p
Why? They downvoted you once.
no I mean gaining rep from a user removal
usually it's red and lost reputation :p
Aug 26 at 5:30, by lyxαl
oof got a -30 from user removal
for example
I'd have 10 times the reputation I do now if every user was removed
@mousetail I can help you with that
11:44 AM
@emanresuA Pip, 9 bytes: gR MgD Mg
@mathscat Ooh, using replace is nice. It's a shame the spacing messes things up. I had a completely different 9
12:01 PM
ahh, I tried to implement that first, but I missed that you don't have to use \g
CMC Given a list of numbers, return the slice from the longest to the shortest element, (in either order). For example [5, 3, 1, 2, 7, 5] => [1, 2, 7]
guaranteed unique maximum and minimum?
12:28 PM
@lyxal no superscript 2? bottom text
12:42 PM
@lyxal oh that's really clever
62500 reputation ??!!!?
rydwolf gonna be rep broke
rep debt
negative reputations
1:48 PM
Gonna have to skip town
Leave the country
Move to Code Review
I will have my people there hunt you down and make you pay up your debts :p
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SquareFinderDecrypt an Autokey Cipher code-golfcipherstring The autokey cipher is closely related to the Vigenère cipher (both were invented by Blaise de Vigenère). Decryption involves the encrypted message and the key. For simplicity, let us assume all characters in the message and key are capital letters (...

You can pay in installmenents
Interest will be charged of course
Q: Print the answer before a given answer

Rydwolf ProgramsIn this challenge, you'll take an answer as input, and print the answer before it. If the answer passed as input is the first answer, print your own submission's source. You'll be passed any answer in the chain up to and including your own answer, but none after it in the chain. For example, if t...

Changed the formatting a bit to make it more readable
2:13 PM
@emanresuA Charcoal, 11 bytes: IEθ⁻ι⁼κ⌕θ⌈θ
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3:44 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CursorCoercerGenerate Conway's Atomic Elements Background The look-and-say sequence begins with \$1\$, each following term is generated by looking at the previous and reading each group of the same digit (eg. \$111\$ is three ones, so \$111 \rightarrow 31\$). The first few terms are $$ 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221...

4:00 PM
Q: I reverse the source code, you reverse the source code!

noodle manWrite a program that outputs its source code in reverse when run, and outputs its source forwards when I reverse the source. If your program is "abcd", when run with no arguments it should output "dcba", and when I run the program "dcba" it should output "abcd." This is a quine challenge, so both...

4:42 PM
I love the trend of transforming the link text for transformed source code
it's pretty good yeah
5:10 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

The Empty String PhotographerCatouterr A cat that writes to two streams? I’m in! Write a program with these special properties: If the input string ends in outerr, remove that part and write it to STDOUT and STDERR. If the input string ends in err but not outerr, remove that part and write it to STDERR only. If the input s...

5:43 PM
@NewPosts just realized this is a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/16043/… but i can't close my own question, just VTC it, so yeah
i think my title is better though lol
I think their title is more interesting. But I think your challenge is better.
I'd honestly be open to closing that as a dupe of the new one since the old one has annoying bonuses.
But the bonuses don't really matter much. Who would ever even read from the internet in the first place?
@WheatWizard a good question. Nobody has the attention span to read anymore! </sarcasm>
6:00 PM
@WheatWizard they're not bonuses, they're penalties
the older one has a lot more answers, i think it makes sense to keep that one open
Bonuses and penalties are isomorphic.
Adding 50 for doing something is the same as removing 50 for not doing it.
Hey my new answer still shaves a byte over 5 year old answer
6:26 PM
TIL catch is is legal in Swift
Q: Compute the number no larger than each item in an array

SimdInput: an array of length \$n\$ containing integers in the range \$0\$ to \$2n\$. For each integer \$x\$ in the array, compute the number of integers that occur before \$x\$ that are no larger than \$x\$. As an example, if the array is [3, 0, 1, 4, 3, 6] the output should be equivalent to: 3: 0...

I have gone fastest algorithm crazy
do {
  try frobnicate()
} catch let error as Foo {
  print("\(error) is a Foo")
} catch is Bar {
  print("Error is a Bar, but isn't bound in this scope")
} catch {
  print("Error isn't a Foo or a Bar, but it is bound here: \(error)")
7:10 PM
...what language is this
oh yup
2 hours later…
8:55 PM
hey, it's @xnor
long time no see
9:30 PM
@mathscat @emanresuA Nice! If you don't like the spaces, you can do gRMXgDMXg, which looks quite nice.
My initial try, before looking at y'all's solutions, was 10 bytes: D(gg@?Mg)g
Aha, but:
@emanresuA Pip, 8 bytes: g-!*g-Mg
(-p flag, as usual)
idk why i love pip so much but it always makes me go yay pip
i really need to go back to learning it haha
9:45 PM
10:07 PM
Q: Add (Some) Combinatorial Games

HelloWorldInput: Two space-seperated strings of one of these forms: A floating-point number, for example -1234.5678 (support of exponential notation is optional) star followed by a positive integer A nonzero integer followed by *up on off dud which stands for "deathless universal draw" A sequence of 1), 2...

@mousetail BQN, 20 bytes: ((⌊´+·↕·¬´∨)⍋⋈○⊑⍒)⊏⊢
I hope there's a shorter way. It really hurts that there's no "range from a to b" builtin. The code to find the indices of the max and min values is the ⍋⋈○⊑⍒ part, which is quite elegant.
Ah, 16 bytes: ⊢⊏˜⍋(⌊+·↕⌈¬⌊)○⊑⍒
10:42 PM
Oh hey I have 999 answers
I guess I had better do something special for #1000
@thejonymyster Because Pip is awesome
yay awesome pip
@emanresuA answer a challenge which immediately gets closed as a dupe / unclear and is forgotten forever :(
@user No, (d tinylisp (q awesome))
Oh shoot I keep mixing them up
Pip is the golflang
11:10 PM
@user no, Grolton is the man, Hovris is the dog, I reckon.

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