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12:04 AM
TIL about civet, coffeescript for typescript civet.dev
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AComplete an equivalence relation In set theory, a relation from a set \$A\$ to a set \$B\$ is a set of pairs of elements from \$A\$ and \$B\$. For example, \$\{(1, 5), (1, 6), (2, 4), (3, 5)\}\$ is a relation from the set \$\{1, 2, 3\}\$ to the set \$\{4, 5, 6\}\$. A relation \$R\$ from a set \$...

^ feedback pls
12:30 AM
Whenever I see a bunch of MathJax in a challenge my brain just turns smooth
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: (untitled), Add two rational numbers... esoterically
5 hours later…
6:01 AM
@emanresuA Is there any issue with removing "as few pairs of elements as possible"?
cause, you may run into issues with answers/weird edge cases that don't satisfy that requirement, but before I suggest straight-up removing it, I don't want you to run into any methods that trivialise it
Well... with "as few pairs of elements as possible" there's one definitive minimal output
Without that you could just take the cartesian product of the domain with itself or something
True, you just take the unique first and second elements, then cart-prod
Doesn't that work anyway?
@SandboxPosts Also, I'd suggest adding in test cases with n = 3 and more
Nope, you basically need to group the set into linked subsets and then add in all the missing pairs
Another way of phrasing it is, the smallest equivalence relation that contains that set
@cairdcoinheringaahing ... What exactly do you mean by that?
@emanresuA Where the input exceeds 3, and has more than 3 pairs. Trasitivity is the difficult criteria to add, and with only 1, 2 and 3 in the pairs, it's a lot easier to do
@cairdcoinheringaahing I added two more testcases, are they good?
6:33 AM
Q: I (rev)?(pal)? the source code, you (rev)?(pal)? the input!

BubblerJust because the reverse and palindrome were not too challenging individually :) Write a program (full program or function) that satisfies the following: given a string input, the program as-is outputs the input string unchanged. the program reversed outputs the input string reversed. the progra...

I have the fanatic badge!
6:51 AM
@NewPosts gg ez
@lyxal I got fgitw by 2 seconds!
uhhh stacklangs and one-char-to-print-a-thing langs D:
Could be more interesting in pip :d
7:39 AM
@NewPosts flashbacks to 2 years ago :P
@Bubbler Yeah, Jelly is hurt here by it's always-print functionality
i've been trying to think of if there's any way to use nilad printing to work around it but it doesn't feel promising
8:33 AM
Why nasm on dos 1.0 was so huge? Even larger than modern fasm
for jelly, I think "call nth link" combined with string syntax abuse might work
ooh, plausible
4 hours later…
12:50 PM
Q: What is Vyncode?

lyxal This was prompted by the recent meta post about byte compression in scores, as well as other bits of confusion and uncertainty I've seen on the site. If you've been around on the main site in the last 4 months, you may have noticed answer headers like these: And you may have wondered "hang ...

that certainly took a while :p
5 hours later…
I don't even know how that would be remotely possible without querying the API or scraping the HTML
That's not allowed ofc
You just need to make a payload quine
And you can possibly do some clever stuff since the answers will already encode in some way the previous answers
I must be misinterpreting the question because if you post answer #2 then how do you handle the case where you get answer #4 as the input
You don't have to
You only need to handle the ones up to your answer
Lemme clarify that
Or what if someone edits their answer to golf it, retroactively invalidating yours?
6:16 PM
That won't be allowed, as I'd assume is typically the case with answer-chaining
7:12 PM
@NewPosts I added a "Can I use it for other languages" section, since that's what a few people have asked when they learned about it
7:22 PM
I need a PHP+C polyglot solution to "mixed" types, possibly using union structs... :d
Hm hm
Math puzzle: We toss n coins and each one shows heads with probability p, independently
of each of the others. Each coin which shows heads is tossed again. What is
the mass function of the number of heads resulting from the second round of
Maybe I'll post a question. That will be closed. But sometimes people have time to contribute with some cool ideas before...
Q: PHP+C polyglot solution to mixed types

Olle HärstedtSome built-in functions in PHP return mixed types, like file_get_contents that returns both string or false. Union structs in C can be used to simulate this, but is there a way to make it polyglot, that is, can be run in both PHP and C without (major) modification? Macros is often one way. $resul...

Oh there you go
Hm maybe C99 generics can help.
C11 actually
didn't know C was around in 1911
7:36 PM
It existed as a platonic idea I'm sure
Q: Funny Numbers :D

Joseph GiarratanoThe task is to calculate the average "funniness" of a given number given the following scoring system: 1 point for each "420" in it 2 points for each "69" in it 3 points if its an anagram 4 points if it has (not for each) "8008135" 5 points for ending in "420" 6 points for ending in "69" Then, ...

@lyxal you'll want to see this
Joseph Giarratano, certified memelord
@RydwolfPrograms this is gonna be fun
@NewPosts lacks OWC, I've left a comment saying as much
hold off on the CVs for now though
seems like an okay first question
7:44 PM
we do not talk about my first post
Jun 7, 2022 at 3:02, by emanresu A
@thejonymyster 69, 420, 6969, 42069, 69420, 420420, 696969, 4206969, 6942069, 6969420, 42042069, 42069420, 69420420, 420420420, 420696969, 694206969, 696942069, 696969420, 4204206969, 4206942069, 4206969420, 6942042069, 6942069420, 6969420420, 42042042069, 42042069420
Completely unrelated ofc
8:05 PM
@emanresuA lol that was a cool CMC
@DLosc updated it btw, thanks :d
wonder if there's a shorter solution
@mathscat There is ^_^
(I found a fairly quick 1-byte golf of yours)
@OlleHärstedt They're not common, but for stuff like are perfectly on topic
8:23 PM
@DLosc I have no idea
Hint: 50% of Pip golf is figuring out ways to get rid of parentheses
apropos, why is Ra.a grouped as R(a.a), because according to the precedence chart . has a lower precedence than R. Or isn't that how precedence works?
8:42 PM
@mathscat I think you're misreading the precedence chart. . has a higher precedence than R; it is farther down the page, but that's because the chart is ordered from lowest to highest precedence.
Which, yeah, does seem a bit confusing... Maybe I should reverse that.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Cool :)
I've just checked a couple precedence charts for other languages and sure enough, the highest-precedence operators are at the top.
yeah, don't know how you shaved off a byte then
8:54 PM
Hint #2: There's a tip for it
I did try out yank, but I didn't consider that : would work.
I wasn't 100% sure it would work till I tried it
But the reversed form is always commented out, so it doesn't matter if it's a syntax error
9:46 PM
As soon as I saw how long this answer was, I knew who had posted it :D
always excited to see new answers on that post tbh
interpreter is a good tag
Agreed. It's on my (quite small) list of Watched tags.
10:31 PM
Saw this question had been bumped; thought, "Hey, Ouroboros would be perfect for that." Turns out 5-years-ago-me had the same thought. However, I was able to golf one byte, so current-me gets the last laugh I guess. ^_^
10:49 PM
Heh that happens to me a lot
Sometimes past me outgolfs me tthough
The reason you said Ouroboros would be good also applies to Trilangle...
came up with something but it has extra whitespace in the middle of the output. left a comment asking if that's okay
11:04 PM
I was gonna say Downgoat isn't active here anymore, but then I saw "Last seen this week" on their profile, so maybe you'll get a response.

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