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12:16 AM
...so yeah that's not panning out
wait never mind yeah what
Vyxal may have a button for this
If ß is ♯S... What is ♭S?
Idk if this is the algorithm that the multiuser difference Bolton uses
Dammit autocorrect
12:51 AM
it seems like ß defaults to monadic if it's in a ? (which doesn't need all-dyadic arguments to be dyadic), and the shortest way to fix that is to straight up hardcode the recursive call as instead
2 hours later…
3:11 AM
@emanresuA I'd like to know what you actually meant to say :p
3:25 AM
multiset difference builtin?
(incidentally that was my first guess for a jelly solution too but that was based on a profound misunderstanding of the prompt :P)
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
@UnrelatedString Yeah that
1 hour later…
6:17 AM
@UnrelatedString ß is read as variadic while within links :/
Which means that it isn't read as dyadic or monadic unless forced to, which basically results in it being parsed as a monad, as it's never passed a right argument
6:55 AM
masswerk.at/googleBBS is down due to Google search API stopping working. Is there a replacement(maybe using another search engine)?
3 hours later…
10:21 AM
Maybe this can be interesting for you guys? http://olleharstedt.github.io/programming/2023/03/19/memory-polymorphic-spldoublylinkedlist-pholyglot.html

> A memory-polymorphic, polyglot implementation of SplDoublyLinkedList (as transpiled by Pholyglot 0.2-betachicken)

It's a transpiler that takes PHP and outputs PHP-and-C code :)
1 hour later…
11:27 AM
@Ginger what does the slash in this line do? i can't figure it out on google

`cookiePath = self.cachePath / f"sechat_cookies_{md5(email.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()}.dat"`
@noodleman Path.join
why do you ask?
trying to reimplement it in TypeScript
yes it is yikes
more power to ya I guess
12:11 PM
Q: Printing the Skills of a Specific Person in an Organized Manner

Osama MohammedThe goal: Write a Python function that accepts a person's name and a set of skills along with their respective percentages, and prints them in an organized and formatted manner. Requirements: You should use the following defined function: def Skills(Name, **Skill): pass You should use ** ...

@NewPosts VTCed for lacking an objective winning criterion.
The example input isn't even valid python
1:13 PM
1:30 PM
@NewPosts ChatGPT?
Not to the standard of SE though
> According to Hugging Face, the chance that this post was generated by OpenAI is 1.43%
I don't think hugging face is especially accurate tho
That last line is kinda sussy imo
Because I hope that helps seems like something ai might say
Hugging face used GPT2 so it's not that accurate anymore
I tried a few different prompts with cgpt 3.5 but never got anything like the **skills thing
1:38 PM
@mousetail Ah that's why it ocassionally claims random posts to be 98% chatgpt.
2:08 PM
@DLosc sanitiser to determine where the out of bounds access was happening + debugger to figure out why
I had a reliable reproduction available already, so getting the sanitiser to trigger wasn't hard (the reproduction was discovered by chance)
(which is how I found the bug in the first place)
2:31 PM
@NewPosts Why is there butter in the nineteenth byte?
2 hours later…
4:42 PM
Oh no
My secret has been revealed!!!!
could anyone kindly translate this into Python for me please? ato.pxeger.com/…
5:21 PM
is taking input as a string representing an unevaluated value in the language a default? like taking 5.1 as “5.1” or [1, 2] as “[1, 2]”
Not sure but JSONish is ok
got it
it’s because i’m working with a stringifed float in TS types and it wants to make 0.0 become "0" instead of "0.0"
Outputting 0.0 for 0 should be fine
Or even 000.0000e12 or something like that
5:46 PM
@mousetail no the input was 0.0 and i wanted it to stay that way instead of changing to 0
That should also be fine
yeah it just means now i’m taking the number as a string
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
What's the most recently asked question that has over 100 votes?
7:28 PM
looks like c2x won't be a popular golfing language
@Neil link?
@thejonymyster don't have one sorry, was just noticing a clang warning that c will ban functions without prototypes
oh damn
Make a Clang fork that combines new c2x features but still allows anonymous functions
@Simd the ukraine flag challenge (one year ago) was quite close though
7:47 PM
annoyingly close, in fact :|
In five years it'll probably reach 100
hey it seems like that's the most-voted question of 2022
And my answer to it is the highest-voted answer of 2022
*almost twice as many votes as the second-highest-voted answer even
8:09 PM
@mousetail Call it ( (the left half of a C, if you look at it right :p)
Why is there no C variant named © yet, clearly a missed oppertunity
@mousetail Probably because of copyright issues
8:22 PM
@mathscat thanks! Good point
9:04 PM
@NewPosts is this vtc or flag as vlq
nvm i see the consensus
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Jan HInterpret a Turing Complete (strict) Subset of your Language Write a program which can interpret some programs exactly the same way as your language, where these can be used to model any computation. Some other programs it may fail on, but the way it fails to equal the language you're using shou...

9:21 PM
@NewPosts Monty Python intensifies
2 hours later…
♫Spam spam spam♫
i like how the 2011 big tech thing was Minecraft being released :p
Largest amount of SO users registered.... Hmm I wonder why that is
I wouldn't be surprised if a substantial portion of those are either socks or AI spambots

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