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1:28 AM
@l4m2 Like, to prevent interrupts, or what?
1:52 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosCalculate NDos-size of given integer Objective Given a nonnegative integer, calculate its NDos-size as defined below, and output it. NDos' numeral system The concept of NDos-size comes from the numeral system I made. It represents every nonnegative integer by a nested list, as follows: With the ...

Err... help? Is there a better way to prevent the mentioned loophole?
1 hour later…
2:53 AM
@RydwolfPrograms interrupt & multithread
8 hours later…
10:34 AM
Q: Is code golf going to be opting into the voting reputation requirement test?

lyxalOver on Meta Stack Exchange, there's a question asking for sites to volunteer for a trial of removing reputation requirements for voting. Is that something the Code Golf and Coding Challenges community would be interested in? (this question isn't in support of, or opposition against the trial)

cc @hyper-neutrino @cairdcoinheringaahing @JoKing and @WheatWizard
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11:51 AM
Does anyone else find elm's "friendly" documentation and error messages highly unhelpful?
I don't want to digest a whole paragraph that only uses the 100 most common words in the english language to understand something. Give me terse, direct, technical, but clear language, with a link to some explanatory documentation if necessary
12:31 PM
> The top line (called a "type annotation") is optional. You can leave it off if
you want. As you get more comfortable with Elm and as your project grows, it
becomes more and more valuable to add them though! They work great as
compiler-verified documentation, and they often improve error messages!
I feel like that should be opt-in
not something you see every time
Opt-out at least would be nice
But in general I feel like adding too much "explanation" about error messages can be unhelpful, because in more complex cases they're often inaccurate anyway
2 hours later…
2:14 PM
IMO Rust has just about the optimal level of verbosity
Well, it can be a little annoyingly bulky, with the code snippets and stuff
1 hour later…
3:23 PM
@pxeger yeah
@RydwolfPrograms this
3:49 PM
It's mildly annoying when features are geared a little too much towards beginners, even though most people aren't beginners, and beginners don't stay beginners for very long
Like Java adding the thing where you can make a main method without a class
That seems useful even outside of beginners though
It's only for main methods, you can't make other methods toplevel
And you only have like one main method per project (occasionally more but still not a lot)
Still makes it a easier and less verbose to write simple scripts
I assume it still implicitly creates an anonymous class?
Yeah, an unnamed class
You can define anonymous classes to act kinda like functions so you can actually write a full program with multiple functions if you really wanted to, as long as you don't need to define any new data types
4:02 PM
Ugh I'm in CS today and we're doing presentations on what we've been doing and four people have all presented on doing the same Unity tutorial
Well those unity skills will soon be useless lol
Why's that?
They are changing their pricing model so you now pay per install of your game, with a much lower limit than before. Many gaming companies are saying they can no longer afford to sell their unity games since they'll now cost the company more per install than they make
I think there's a free tier
Yes, before you could earn up to X profit and qualify for the free tier, now the limit is much lower and many indy companies now will also need to pay. And companies that already paid now need to pay way more
They want to apply it retroactively too to existing games, which probably isn't legal, so there is a lawsuit going on. They may still back down, hopefully
4:26 PM
This is a good video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlPOn0nAOeo

Seems like I lied though, the limit for indie devs is higher actually but the pricing is more when you reach the limit
@mousetail It’s not lying if you thought it was the truth.
2 hours later…
6:25 PM
@lyxal I mean, I doubt it, but it's not exactly a mod decision first and foremost - it's a community decision
7:30 PM
@mousetail godot supremacy
1 hour later…
8:52 PM
@Ginger They did just get 100,000 dollars in sponsorships already as part of the debacle so things are looking good for Godot. Maybe they can finally fix the bugged shadow rendering
(Or maybe that was already fixed a while ago, it's been a bit since I checked)
@cairdcoinheringaahing the original question hurts my brain too much >_< i dor get it for some reason it seems simple but even looking at the answer i dont follow :')
3 hours later…
11:34 PM
Having seen tree stack automaton, I'm now tempted to write an esolang whose storage model is a tree
maybe with a tree-shaped execution too, but I'm too spoiled with Cascade

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