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12:19 AM
Q: Why do I feel like Code Golf is ruining the point of python?

OmegaO333Da Zen of Python Sparse is better than dense. Readability counts. ... If the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea. If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea. As the Zen of Python, Python is meant to be readable and easy to understand, but many of the python co...

12:32 AM
> the problem might go away if you spray enough @inlinable on it.
thanks Swift
12:51 AM
Q: What’s the point of voting to close for “Needs details or clarity” without telling the author what detail or clarity it needs?

TimwiPosting in question Apparently 4 people have voted to close this, but not one of them thought to leave a comment. Let’s say it gets another vote and gets closed. What do you expect the author to do? Take a guess at what detail you thought was missing and resubmit? What about the already submitted...

Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Alternating sublists, Reversed squares
1 hour later…
2:27 AM
anyone up for a new LoTM?
better late than never
3:15 AM
@NewPosts "Why doesn't this site about making code as short as possible at the expense of everything else conform to a Python style guide?"
@cairdcoinheringaahing funny people
2 hours later…
5:31 AM
Oh no
Biggest reversal I've ever had on the network
6:29 AM
Huh I wasn't impacted by that at all
i suspect it was targeted voting :P
(note that it wasn't a user deletion or anything)
Oops, misread that
Yeah it was on a lot of my Thunno 2 answers
7:03 AM
For once I don't think that was me :p
2 hours later…
9:16 AM
Please don't post noise
@emanresuA ITS NOT NOISE
it's just a big image
Still noise that serves no purpose and conveys no useful information.
Is silence a form of noise? It serves no purpose and conveys no useful information.
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
i have zoom school today because of the air quality lmao
@TheThonnu i do upvote a lot of those but pretty sure it wasn't me lol
1 hour later…
12:44 PM
@noodleman That’s weird, it’s not as bad here as it was a couple days ago
1:02 PM
@Adám Yes, and an infinite amount of silence is constantly being moved from here to the bakery - you just can't tell
That system message is too easy to copy and make look real
@lyxal I think ROs shouldn't make prank messages like that.
that's half the reason I did it :p
1:19 PM
@Adám It's harmlesss
@Adám it conveys the information that no other information is being sent.
@PlaceReporter99 You can be silent while others are talking though, in that case are you lying?
@mousetail I shall make a correction then:
@Adám It conveys the information that no other information is being sent from you.
@mousetail happy now?
Whoever just starred all three of those messages, please unstar at least two of them
No need for all three to be starred
First one is the best IMHO
A rickroll is nor worth staring
Especially a super obvious one
1:32 PM
@mousetail but it has two stars
The other one has 2 too
Since we need to unstar one of them I propose we keep the first one
@mousetail that's half the joke :p
A lame joke IMHO
it's tradition (tm)
And it's a good tradition but not every single instance needs to be saved for posterity
1:35 PM
this is the only instance that's been starred for a long time
They disproportionally get starred I feel, but I don't have hard data. Maybe you are right
@lyxal You're an RO, you can just unstar everything except pxeger's message
The infinite amount message was the first one to be starred
@user I think the infinite message and one of the fake messages should be kept
The fake messages just build on the infinite silence thing
They're right after it, so if you click on the first message, you'll see the other two too
@user but they're different jokes
related, yes, but different content
1:40 PM
Yeah but there's been plenty of conversations in the past where people make tons of differnet jokes in quick succession and only one of them gets starred
Are you okay PlaceReporter
@user as has been plenty of conversations where similar jokes that are starred
It never works though, they get into the starboard out of order
Oh well, I guess another RO can decide
In the meantime, there's the single-star message about rickrolls by mousetail that can be cleared
@user it’s useful
2:00 PM
Whomstever decided to go in a star spam spree: don't star spam. It is a silly and a danger. It creates starboard clutter that people don't need to see
@lyxal fortunately an ad played
@mousetail: Hi, I just signed the strike, am a former employee (Jason Punyon), and would like to be marked as such.
@RestoretheDataDumps Sure
3:06 PM
@Bbrk24 the air quality isn't that bad anymore, but for some reason the department of education decided that we had to go remote today
A: June 2023 Data Dump is missing

AMtwo DISCLAIMER: I was recently impacted by the Company's layoff. I am going to carefully respond in a way that ensures I don't reveal anything the Company may feel is confidential--particularly with regard to strategy, or future plans. Any knowledge I have on strategy or future plans is both dated a...

4:05 PM
I just noticed I now have more rep on PLDI than any other individual SE site (though CGCC + SO combined still passes it)
5:05 PM
Wait, meta SE has its own chat site that isn't chat.stackexchange.com?
It has a different notification sound too
5:32 PM
yep, SO has its own chat server too
I think all others including the not .SE domains like AU, MO, etc. are on the main chat server
Math used to right
5:53 PM
yes, and I think it might actually still technically exist
6:25 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pajonkLast odd digit of power of 2 code-golfmathsequence Task Given \$n\$, output position of the last odd digit in the decimal representation of \$2^n\$ (counting from the end). Rules There are no odd digits for \$n=1,2,3,6,11\$ \$(2, 4, 8, 64, 2048)\$ - you may output anything that is not a positive...

7:02 PM
@hyper-neutrino Kind of
You can still, through a bug in chat, create a different chat server for a site
@cairdcoinheringaahing did you remove the second word from your username or is chat doing chat things again
No, I'm still "caird coinheringaahin g"
I just see "caird ♦" next to your pfp
Yeah it abbreviates names too long to fit
though the inspector shows " ♦caird coinheringaahin g"
7:06 PM
That's why hyper's now hyper-neutrino instead of HyperNeutrino, since in all of its brilliance chat would shorten HyperNeutrino to nothing on small resolution displays
A: What kind of unusual chatroom is this? It does not freeze

MithicalIt looks like somehow, the room isn't hosted on Mathematics.SE, but rather chat.Math.SE. If you go to the "all rooms" button on that room, it takes you to https://chat.stackexchange.com/?tab=site&host=chat.math.stackexchange.com. To contrast, the same button in the main Math.SE room links to http...

It finally froze in 2021 :(
Also I do see your full username in that taller layout
@RydwolfPrograms incredible
They must have finally merged the chat servers, as that room is now on chat.SE not chat.math.se
If I read the transcript on my phone it wraps after like 2-3 characters which looks ridiculous
...or at least it used to? It's not now
ah it is after a refresh
My username is split as "B / br / k24"; Seggan is "Se / gg / an"; mousetail is "mou / setai / l". Somehow Rydwolf is "Rydwolf / Programs" which is actually correct
Well the diff is mine has a space
So it wraps in a sensible way
7:13 PM
Sure but I get wrapped after one letter
Your name takes up less total space than mine somehow
Oh it gets better
user is " / / user" with two lines of blank space
How do you mess that up
Wait, @user Do you not have a CGCC account? Your SO one doesn't show you having any accounts on any other SE sites
They probably hid all of their accounts
You can hide accounts so they don't show on the list
but his chat bio says to look at his CGCC account, and if I can't see it...
Just search his username on CGC-oh wait
7:30 PM
@Bbrk24 Whoops, I set my parent account to SO to get my profile picture to update a couple days ago, should be back to CGCC now
I'm fairly sure I have the same profile on all sites, though
You know that if you "update" the parent user to the same thing it already is that still updates your chat pfp
Thanks, I love chat's quirks
I used to think chat was glitchy on mobile when I had an iPhone but now that i have an Android, it's even worse somehow
On an iPhone, you couldn't see the input box until you tapped on it or something, but on Android, even if you minimize your keyboard you just get a big blank rectangle for a couple seconds until the text you typed appears
You can't zoom, and clicking on the reply arrows at the left of a message is next to impossible with fat fingers
I have the reply arrow problem on iOS too
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Daniel ScheplerFinitely generated subgroups of free groups code-golf mathematics abstract-algebra decision-problem Suppose you are given the free group \$F_n\$ on \$n\$ generators, a finite subset \$S\$ of \$F_n\$, and an element \$x \in F_n\$. Then there is an algorithm to determine whether \$x\$ is in the su...

7:50 PM
...it might be possible to build a string and pipe it to swift and have any failures be compiler bugs. Someone has already invented type-level group theory in Swift
And they did embed an undecidable problem in the type system that way
Actually they didn't come up with a way to invert an operation so maybe not
8:17 PM
imagine having a non-turing complete type system
Swift's type system is TC in multiple ways. Someone implemented a tag system at the type level -- actually, I think it was the same person
oh well i guess google is terrible at giving accurate results to obscure programming problems
has anyone tried golfing in swifts type system?
I did but it was a really boring one
8:20 PM
what was it?
struct A{enum T{typealias T=A}}
oh right i saw that
Only compiles with an even number of .Ts
typescripts type system is almost as useful as a praclang
I've written string processing golfs in TS types
8:23 PM
yeah that’s the thing it’s best at
you can do math stuff but you have to do it in unary
You can do it with tuple lengths
of course, decimal to unary is pretty trivial but ye
@Bbrk24 i mean the intermediary steps have to be in unary though
8:28 PM
yeah i love it but it also hurts my soul
Have you seen the compiler — idr whether it was a plug-in or a fork, but it let you run arbitrary bash scripts at typecheck time
lmao what
2 hours later…
10:33 PM
I've seen some golfs done on AMD64 machine codes, but has there been AArch64?
woah my entire screen just went black for a second
10:52 PM
were you closing vscode by any chance?
no, I closed a chrome tab
11:03 PM
my computer does that when closing vscode
@Bbrk24 that happened on my old laptop, except instead of turning black it would go rainbow static
11:38 PM
And we don't have anything for IA-64, aka Intel Itanium. How pitiful.

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