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1:59 AM
Q: How would I solve this problem in c++?

Gaurav YaniThere are A different types of textbooks for students at a school, but there is only one of each textbook. Each of B students has 2 favorite classes which they want textbooks for. The students pick textbooks in a line and for a given textbook, if the textbook for the favorite class is available t...

2:21 AM
I found this one the other day:

An engineer, a physicist and a mathematician are discussing how to visualise concepts in higher dimensions. The engineer, thoroughly confused, gives up, and says, "Honestly, I have no idea how you do it, it's just so confusing". The physicist responds, "Ah, it's easy, you see. Just picture everything in 3d, and then add in time". The mathematician scoffs at this, and replies, "My method is even easier. Just visualise R^n, and let n = 4"
Programmers: just visualize a nested list 4 levels deep
3 hours later…
5:26 AM
@RydwolfPrograms How's that |: esolang going?
13 hours later…
6:27 PM
@TheThonnu is on a roll!
And there are a helluva lot more.
6:46 PM
Haha, yep
I just went for some easy challenges with Thunno 2
Might do some more now
1 hour later…
7:53 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

HippopotomonstrosesquipedalianTalkingHead, 11 seconds The first sound based programming language!!! Sound File

@AviFS Which would that be again?
@Hello,World! ...it's not the first though
I feel like there was one that used music notes?
yeah i know there's at least one
There's a ton
IIRC there's a tag for it on esolangs
and i distinctly remember it having a website that directly demonstrates actual sound file input
7:58 PM
and lemme guess: no interpreter
Aren't no-interpreter languages banned (for the most part) here?
sure isn't one linked from that answer
@RydwolfPrograms yup (IIRC)
the quality of this user's answers are pretty uniformly dubious
@RydwolfPrograms How many are you working on, hahaha
The one with the question about balancing | brackets with colons to disambiguate.
Well not that many, but the only esolang I can think of where |: is part of the syntax is IIRC not public :p
Ohhhhh wait that one
Completely forgot about it
@RydwolfPrograms Whattttt, how, lololol
8:02 PM
Was mostly just working on it to distract myself for a few hours before school finally ended lol
We discussed it for like 35 minutes
wasn't that like two days ago
... yup
maybe three
@UnrelatedString A lot has happened in those two days :p
You never even said what you thought of the stacking colons idea!
@RydwolfPrograms Uh oh, in a non-negative way, I hope?
8:03 PM
May 22 at 19:27, by Rydwolf Programs
Okay I need help proving something relating to an esolang I'm working on
I also just spent 6 hours at work so my brain is mush :p
...no fucking way it's been almost a week
@UnrelatedString damn
@AviFS Correct. School's finally over :p
It does feel pretty recent
@RydwolfPrograms Oh, wahoooooo!!
8:04 PM
Honestly yeah the 22nd was like yesterday
There was some other thing I did on the 22nd that also felt like yesterday yesterday
Oh right the concert tickets
Okay TIL I've had chat at 110% zoom for ages by mistake and now it looks so weird at the proper zoom level
Good weird
Recently I discovered that Windows had automatically set my laptop's UI zoom to like 150% and it looked so weird with it at 100% I decided not to change it
I'd love to have the privilege of using something other than 100% zoom in Windows
also, I was wrong: they did in fact link an interpreter
But if I don't, it messes stuff up for browser game dev when I'm trying to get things pixel-accurate
So I've just had to get used to 4k 100% zoom lol
so it's a valid submission, I was just a little trigger-happy
8:09 PM
@RydwolfPrograms Oh wait, I just checked and I've had mine at 125% zoom!
The letters are, indeed, too small at the normal zoom level.
based off of the interpreter source it seems to basically be a normal stack-based language piped through a STT system tho

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