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1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Read a French number
@RydwolfPrograms Assuming some stability, then x=>(g=d=>JSON.stringify(x,(a,b)=>b===1/0?d:b===-1/0?-d:b))(5,q=g(8)).replace(/5/g,(_,i)=>q[i]>5?'1e999':5)
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7:42 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhilipposAuto-golf an esolang The lack of a social life drove a poor nerd into inventing another superfluous esolang called !+~%. For no good reason it knows the following commands: ! (out(Accu); Accu = 6) prints the accumulator value as decimal string to stdout (without newline) and resets the accumulat...

8:23 AM
CMC: Golf an HQ9+ program, which basically means do nothing if it contains a Q, otherwise remove anything that's not 9HQhq.
8:35 AM
first thing i can come up with for jelly is ¹f“9Hh”$f?⁾Qq
casefolding might come out shorter though
8:54 AM
probably not
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12:48 PM
Q: Limited letter renderer: BIOPD

PhilipposThere have of course been challenges to render ASCII art fonts here and there. This challenge doesn't add anything to those. In contrary, it subtracts from them for a good reason. If you allow all characters, it's a lot of boring work the task is mainly about clever compression of the font and s...

Q: Parse nested absolute values

bsoelchThe absolute value of a number \$x\$ is normally written as \$|x|\$. The left and right side of the absolute value uses the same symbol, so it is not immediately obvious how to parse nested absolute values e.g. \$||1-2|+|3-|4-5|||\$ Your goal is to parse such an expression containing nested absol...

Q: Parse nested absolute values 2

bsoelchThe absolute value of a number \$x\$ is normally written as \$|x|\$. The left and right side of the absolute value uses the same symbol, so it is not immediately obvious how to parse nested absolute values e.g. \$||1-2|+|3-|4-5|||\$ Your goal is to parse such an expression containing nested absol...

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4:03 PM
On this sandboxed challenge, sbd commented that this would be trivial in most languages. Is anybody experienced with irreducible challenges here? Is this trivial?
Can't you just add infinite number of parenthesis around the whole thing?
well that wouldn't be irreducible, right?
4:31 PM
it wouldn’t
@noodleman I know. My solution is better though. — Flummox 50 mins ago
VTC as lacking objective winning criterion
me omw to upvote the other answer :trollface:
i think they are both good solutions, i upvoted both, it’s just kinda weird behaviour
5:32 PM
I mean if "we're all here to have a good time" and the way you have a good time is by feeling good about your solution supporting a broader range of inputs than strictly necessary... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
sure, but boasting in the comments is detrimental to other peoples' good time
i don’t think it’s really a problem at all
as long as it’s clear that this site is about friendly competition
5:58 PM
mfw Toasty has two separate users named "Someone"
how do yall think I should format package names? my current plan is name#discriminator for anonymous packages and author.name for non-anonymous ones
6:14 PM
What java distribution is the smallest? I need one but I only have 50kb/s internet atm. Wonder if there is some TCC equivalent that will download faster
Q: ASCII-art milk carton

noodle manThe following is an unfolded milk carton: +-----+-\|/-+-----+-\|/-+-+ | | / \ | | / \ | | +-----+/---\+-----+/---\+-+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-----+-----+-----+-----+-+ \ / \ / \ / \ / \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ Th...

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8:18 PM
@Ginger this was supposed to go in TST :|
9:18 PM
Q: Perform Gray Addition

Dannyu NDosObjective Given two non-negative integers encoded in unbounded-length Gray code, add them and output the result, where the result is also encoded in Gray code. Gray code There are many equivalent formulations of Gray code, but here's an intuitive one. The Gray code encodes each non-negative integ...

This had only 1 upvote in Sandbox, but whatever.
9:56 PM
@Ginger I'm one of them; is there a way to change my Toasty username but not me SE username? I can do that if it would be easier for you
Could that also be causing the room search feature to not work?
I just tried to change my username and got a 400 Bad Request
@Someone that's bad :p
@Someone doesn't matter to me
@Someone wdym?
When I go to toasty.ginger.rto.community/rooms/new and type a room name, nothing happens
@Someone that's... concerning
does it list rooms if you don't search anything?
10:07 PM
It 400s if I try to add the room
okay, something is very wrong with your user data
hold on...
"There's nothing there" after loading for a few seconds
you've broken reality, good job :p
Is it because there's another "Someone"?
I sure hope not
10:08 PM
I changed my SE username to "Somebody"; I'll try again
No, still not working
you didn't get issued a token
how'd you sign in? that shouldn't be possible
By authorizing with SE
you did everything normally?
that's... extremely strange
Nothing goes to the browser console except the favicon 404
AFAIK yes I did
log out and back in
10:11 PM
Still not working
you're just not being issued a token???
how is this possible
I go to "Log in," then "Log in with Stack Exchange"
Then I get :Logged in successfully"
log out, I'm going to nuke your account
we'll see if that works
okay I'm logged out
well, I misfired and managed to delete every user instead ._.
that's not good
10:14 PM
The status page still says it's antifreezing 14 rooms, so at least it seems to still be running
Should I try to log back in now?
@Ginger F
managed to undo that, luckily
hold on, trying to actually delete the right user
That's good
alright, done
log in again
"Account created!"
Still not working, though
10:16 PM
still no token???
what I don't understand is why it's not redirecting you to the login page
Do you want to delete my account again and have me try creating it again with a different SE name?
the name's not the issue here
It did redirect me to the SE authorization page the first time I logged in
That was several days ago, and it had the same issue then
what cookies do you have for the site?
10:19 PM
use the Application tab
After logging back in I have a cookie called "token" consisting of a string of letters, numbers, and an underscore
that's correct
But there is that rejected Session cookie
Actually it looks like it wasn't rejected, that's just a warning
what cookies are listed in the Application tab
No cookies there
10:20 PM
oh wait, I may be stupid
The only options are "Service workers" and "Manifest," and Toasty appears to have neither
it's actually under Storage, I was thinking of Chrome :|
I am on Firefox
typo lol
it should be under Storage then
10:23 PM
does the token start with FWR6?
Yes, it does
So I do have a token?
I was looking at an old part of my database, so I didn't see the token initially
yes you do, that's working fine
I was just being stupid
now lemme try and figure out why nothing else is working for you
Do you have to own a room for it to show?
10:25 PM
Oh that's the issue
(unless you're a moderator 😎)
I don't own any rooms
Or moderate them
well, that would be it d:
wait, does it let you click Add Room?
Okay, I didn't realize that. Sorry about the confusion
When I click "Add room" it 400s
10:26 PM
hmm, that's a bug
it shouldn't let you submit the form without choosing a room
so, two things I need to do: fix that, and add a note that says "only rooms you RO are listed"
the username bug worries me though
you say it 400s when you try to change it?
Yes, it 400s when I try to change my username
@Someone what request data gets POSTed?
hmm, it's supposed to include a role key as well
I'm betting I did a silly and forgot that
yes I did :|
@Someone reload the page and try again, should now be fixed
That worked
10:32 PM
And now my username is "SomeoneElse" to avoid future confusion
you can change it back if you want, it doesn't matter much to me
thanks for your help tho! can't believe I missed that
no problem! I'll leave it
what room were you trying to antifreeze? I may be able to add it for you
The Hangar, which is the main site chat for Aviation SE
10:34 PM
hmm, you'll have to ask the ROs to do it
I asked in the room if other people there would be interested in having it added

 The Hangar

General discussion about aviation.stackexchange.com The white ...
It gets fairly little use, so we have to sent "hangar anti-ice" messages fairly often
well, I'll need permission from an RO or mod to do it
or they can do it themselves, of course d:
Toasty really is overdue for a tuneup, it has a few glaring issues that really need to be fixed

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