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1:14 AM
@lyxal this is definitely plausible :p
1:32 AM
@lyxal Thanks for asking, but it's ok to keep frozen more. I think I have decided to keep Atlas the same as it is but will be working on a new lang now that is somewhat similar
1 hour later…
2:38 AM
I was working on test cases for this Sandboxed challenge and found a really interesting algorithm that seems to work for constructing any number that can be expressed in closed form with no nested square roots :P
Been working on a proof that the method does indeed work for all such numbers, and so have been distracted from, y'know, actually posting the challenge :P
1 hour later…
3:46 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

N. VirgoOutput the works of Shakespeare with the greatest probability We all know that a monkey hammering out random bytes will output the works of Shakespeare with some probability. This probability is extremely low. But what if the monkey would type out a computer program instead, and then we run the c...

3 hours later…
6:43 AM
Q: Shapes Biscuits - An Un-identical paradox

Ow JiPuzzle I have a packet of Shapes biscuits. I would expect all of them to be identical, but alas, stacking all of the Shapes does not result in a perfect hexagonal prism. I'd like to find out what percentage of shapes are different from the rest. In a packet of Shapes, there are n Shapes in total....

Can you really call them biscuits tho?
Well, technically they are, but crackers is more accurate
Because they be savoury
Can this code python code be made iterative instead of recursive? math.stackexchange.com/a/4823095/1131135
7:03 AM
@RydwolfPrograms I feel every time I come up with an interesting challenge someone reduces it to something trivial within 5 seconds
I think the answer is yes
@mousetail can you give an example?
@lyxal the UK and US have completely different meanings for the word biscuit
7:27 AM
I don't even think there is a British word for the US biscuit
7:38 AM
Uhh... scone?
@DannyuNDos I am not sure they are really the same
Would you have clotted cream and jam on a US biscuit?
IIRC they're served with strawberry jam here in South Korean KFC?
That's great :)
8:09 AM
bah, it seems that I've earned an 70th silver badge
huh, nobody else even has a bronze badge, let alone silver
1 hour later…
9:17 AM
**CMC** Output pinyin of 《施氏食狮史》:
shí shì shī shì shī shì , shì shī , shì shí shí shī . shī shì shí shí shì shì shì shī . shí shí , shì shí shī shì shì . shì shí , shì shī shì shì shì . shī shì shì shì shí shī , shì shǐ shì , shǐ shì shí shī shì shì . shì shí shì shí shī shī , shì shí shì . shí shì shī , shì shǐ shì shì shí shì . shí shì shì , shì shǐ shì shí shì shí shī shī . shí shí , shǐ shí shì shí shī shī , shí shí shí shī shī . shì shì shì shì .
2 hours later…
11:19 AM
CMP: Chat Mini Proof-read request neil.rashbrook.org/charcoal2.html
in the process of doing so now
11:59 AM
I'm still going btw I haven't forgotten or switched to something else
there's a lot to proofread :p
12:19 PM
notably, ReflectOverlap is defined in terms of itself and is described as being Less
and of course markdown ate the newlines
one tick, I'll fix the quote spacing
anyhow, hopefully that helps
I tried to give feedback as if I was writing feedback for my own reference guide
also, wow Charcoal has some questionable overload choices
questionable as in "goofy" or "funky"
also, where's the character for print?
i'm not seeing any character
12:40 PM
ruh roh
think I've discovered another Area51 problem
Every time I try to click "log in" it goes to a "redirecting you to area 51" page
> you will be redirected automatically
very doubtful
oh huh
it was a userscript problem
3 hours later…
3:57 PM
@lyxal I think it's because there isn't one. If you put a literal in the code not as part of another command, it gets printed.
Good Afternoon, @Willtech looking for the rules of Code Golf
4:20 PM
@Willtech what do you mean?
@Ginger Well I see each challenge, I searched for rules, what languages are acceptable, for example?
you're looking for information on how to answer?
as well as some of the other articles in the Help Center
@Ginger Good work
...thanks, I guess :p
5:13 PM
@lyxal thanks, that's really helpful.
6:12 PM
@Simd @DannyuNDos this was discussed extensively on English SE when I asked about it. The general consensus seems to be that there is no term that a British person would readily understand, but "scone" is closest: english.stackexchange.com/questions/600828/…
Having jam on a US biscuit isn't unheard of, but it's not the most common way to serve them
6:29 PM
@Someone American ‘biscuits’ seems right
Definitely not scone
Or American-style biscuits
7:19 PM
Q: Solve the word problem*

Wheat WizardIn this challenge you will receive a list of positive integers \$W\$ called a word, and a square symmetric matrix \$M\$. Your task is to determine if the word can be turned into the empty list by applying a series of valid moves. The valid moves are: If two consecutive values in the list are equ...

is there a list of common golflang features? want to write a tiny lang to golf in for fun, was curious what are the most common things to have in it
7:37 PM
@RubenVerg I'd look at the common features of Jelly, 05AB1E, and Vyxal, prioritising their 1-byte built-ins.
Or if you're going for minimalist probably nibbles
Another "minimalist" approach is simply the vocabulary of an array language.
outside builtins, you can get real creative with how programs compose them, but you're always going to want to prioritize being able to tacitly compose them over conventional praclang constructs with variables
the basic choice, which still offers a lot of room to innovate, is to go stack-based
but you can also do chains or if your design motivates it even true prefix/suffix
Since you're already proficient in APL, maybe just inherit its syntax (more or less), with some carefully chosen built-ins to maximise golfiness?
7:56 PM
@Adám the problem with stealing primitives from other languages is coming up with new glyphs for them :)
Why do you need new glyphs for them?
hm, fair point
I suppose nobody would mind if I made my indices-where-truthy primitive a
though I think there's a fine line between "language with lots of things from APL" and "APL with easier to parse syntax"
It wouldn't be the first golflang to use APL glyphs.
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
I think this place must be unique in the ratio of answers to votes
12 answers, three votes
That's pretty common for easy challenges
@NewPosts I thought that was about group theory.
Heck, too sadge word problem is undecidable in general.
10:07 PM
Q: Output an image

JakavInterestingly, although there are challenges that work with images, there is no challenge to simply output an image. This is that challenge Goal: output an image in the shortest possible code. Output: Any image output is accepted. This is code-golf, the shortest code that can accomplish the task ...

@Neil fair enough
I didn't realise map gets its function by evaluating a string as code
I would have thought it used a function literal
@RubenVerg there is
When I was designing the list of built-ins for vyxal 3, I made a list of 340 useful things I saw in Vyxal 2, jelly, 05ab1e, husk, apl, j and bqn
10:47 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

ceilingcatWE32k machine language on AT&T UNIX System V, 37 bytes 00: 84 4c 4a MOVW %sp,%ap ; set argument pointer for upcoming sycall 03: a0 01 PUSHW &0x1 ; push file descriptor = 1 to stack 05: 37 0f BSBB 0xf <0x14> ; push address of string to ...

10:59 PM
@Neil That can't be right, you should have a silver parsing badge by now
You have 404 score / 151 answers, and need 400 score / 80 answers
@lyxal it's not a function as such, it's just an expression, e.g. Map(q, Times(i, k))
@emanresuA I do, thus the "nobody else" and "let alone silver"
Ah. Looking at the top users page at least Arnauld, Martin Ender, Dennis, Jonathan Allan, ovs and Kevin Cruijssen should have bronze
@lyxal demo: Eθ×ικ
@emanresuA huh, I must have misclicked
(probably clicked on silver parsing again by mistake)
11:05 PM
@Neil ohh so it's like a sort of a structure?
Either that or you interpreted this as a full list of everyone who recieved the badge
maybe, but I thought I double-checked for silver at least
@lyxal still not following. in my demo, q is the string Charcoal. Being iterable, Map evaluates Times(i, k) once for each character in the string, where i is the character and k is the index. This results in a list of strings, which prints by default
At first i thought it required along the lines of Map(q, lambda x: x * k), but I realise it's more similar to a control-flow structure
a bit like And, which evaluates its RHS 0 or 1 times?
11:44 PM
I think so

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