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Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Fibonacci word fractal, Longest N-Sum Sub-Array
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3:22 AM
yesterday, by Wheat Wizard
It's like going to a pizzeria because you want a burger. Maybe you can order a pizza that's similar enough to a burger that you will be happy, but you are better off looking for a place that makes burgers.
Well the jokes on you
because Domino's has launched a burger-style pizza range
Get gamed on nerd :p
3:58 AM
Hmm, should we turn this into a challenge? Golf an unstoppable virus?
2 hours later…
5:38 AM
ugh, I forgot I had postponed Windows updates for a week, a week ago
5 hours later…
11:02 AM
@lyxal Of all of the cheeses to use on a pizza, American plastic burger cheese has to be the worst choice
You might as well just use cling film melted with a hairdryer
Gotta keep the taste authentic tho 😎
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12:13 PM
A: Nominations for Language of the Month, Take 2

Wheat WizardElm Elm is a purely functional programming language for the browser. It's very similar to Haskell but is designed to be easy for Javascript programmers to pick up. Why Elm? Elm isn't very used on this site, but it has some potential. Elm shares a lot in common with Haskell but while Haskell has a...

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1:38 PM
i just converted "never gonna give you up" to midi
and imported it into jummbox
im exporting it
oo jummbox
i wish itd run in my browser y_y i have to use ultravanilla beepbox
@thejonymyster yeah that got updated a lot since i last saw it
CMP: assuming that, for some reason, vectorizing is off the table; is it reasonable for arithmetic performed on a list to coerce the list into a number by its length?
I'd do what Ash did and use its sum
Adding a sum is a very common operation
Adding a length, not so much
@lyxal here it is
can y'all understand the words lol
i should upload the full version to youtube lol
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2:17 PM
@NoHaxJustRadvylf ah yeah, good point
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