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12:24 AM
it's a little disturbing that the first time a new user loads a stack exchange site, a good three quarters of the screen is blocked by useless nothings
@JoKing it's better than when a new user visits stackoverflow.com
yeah, i guess 75% is better than 100%+no obvious way to get to the actual site
1:30 AM
@emanresuA yep that looks valid, i use ans sometimes too, especially when i need to use actions
5 hours later…
6:26 AM
CMQ: Could Github Copilot be considered a "language"?
Perhaps. You'd have to make sure the completions were deterministic across every account
1 hour later…
7:39 AM
Idea: Time-travelling self-modifying esolang that loops through paradoxes.
What would happen in case of a paradox? Which state would be saved and which would be new and how? I'm having a hard time imagining how that's different from a normal loop
Honestly I'd be more interested in a Patrick's Parabox style esolang. Because I'd love to see some infinity and epsilon while golfing
Oh that would be cool
whats that
I want to see baba is you used to solve some challenges
7:54 AM
:| whats that???
Both are puzzle games
Patricks Parabox is about recursive boxes inside of boxes, and if you have a box at the edge of itself and exit it, it's a paradox and you enter the special "infinity" box
Baba is you is about pushing words together to change the rules of the game
8:28 AM
someone needs to watch more Real Civil Engineer
I don't know why I still watch that guy, every video disappoints. It cuts out the only parts I actually care about every time.
6 hours later…
2:09 PM
@Seggan me from at least 2 years ago
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
in flax, 5 hours ago, by PyGamer0
@Zionmyceliaadamancy do you have a good idea as to what i can do with that unparseable nilad in the middle of the monads?
@PyGamer0 Don't you already append the nilad to the chain's argument?
if you're looking to abandon your general scheme of quasi-stranding i'd say maybe it could be treated as a monad for indexing into the list or something of that sort
Alternatively, you could give every monad a dyadic function that only applies when an "unparseable" nilad is found
that could be interesting
might actually be useful fairly frequently in some cases, even assuming all of the aliased dyads exist as independent digraphs already
@Zionmyceliaadamancy its was an idea, now i am think of peusdostranding
@Zionmyceliaadamancy i didnt understand that, can you give some examples?
3:51 PM
@PyGamer0 Let's say D is the double monad, then it could also have a "unparseable dyadic" function such as "double left then add right". Meaning that 5D gives 10, 5D3 gives 13 (as the 3 is currently "unparseable", so we use the "unparseable dyadic" behaviour) and 5D3D gives 26
Allows you to implement a few shortcuts for commonly used dyadic patterns
ooooh nice idea
Very noce
4:23 PM
Is this valid?
seems to be a code snippet
Not really the point but I'd be in favor of allowing snippets for questions
kolmos have less of why snippets are disallowed but i feel like there's no reason to allow them on them either
and i assume you'd still want to forbid output being through setting a known variable
4:36 PM
Personally, I have no issue with snippets, so long as the I/O isn't via variables
Either a function that returns something or a snippet that prints to standard out
I agree IO with variables is easily abusable
But, at that point, what's the difference between a snippet and an already allowed format?
Just the fixed number of bytes per language for a function declaration
that will be the same every time
@mousetail not exactly
Really, the only difference I can see is omitting print in Python answers that are just strings
4:38 PM
depends on the function args and return values
A kolmognorov complexity probem by definion has no args
but returns values matter
i.e. fun s():String vs fun s():Int
I think snippets should print the output rather than assigning to a variable, since variable IO is still disallowed
e.g. allowing f'{int(input())+2}' instead of having to print it
so what ure saying is "snippets are allowed as long as they dont break any other rules"?
tbh isnt the variable io rule applies only to snippets?
4:41 PM
@Seggan Basically, yes. Some of the other rules may need to be made a bit more explicit
I think all the exceptions are covered by the spirit of existing rules
anyone feel like writing up an answer on meta?
My biggest problem with snippets is actually defining them
snippets don't exist as a language concept
What actually is a snippet? Anything that isn't a full program or function? If so, how can a snippet actually accomplish a challenge's task without being a full program?
4:45 PM
i define a snippet as any non-function that cannot be run by itself
The next level down from a function in a actual language is a expression or statement
The only way I can see it doing that is by allowing I/O as variables, which is a different discussion
@Zionmyceliaadamancy the second question is what puts me off snippets
also if anyone's seriously considering this note that this would have to apply only to challenges posted after some cutoff date
@Zionmyceliaadamancy IMHO you should only be able to take input maybe from STDIN but defiantly not variables
4:46 PM
@Seggan the question then becomes, what does it get to need in order to be run
ususally any main wrapper
@mousetail Restricting I/O to only STDIN is perhaps the worst ruling on I/O imo
sometimes extra code
Or similar
as long as it's not variables
4:47 PM
The best way to do I/O in my view is to allow any natural way of taking input and providing output in that language. E.g. function returns, alert in JS, inserting into the code for ///, CLA for Jelly, etc.
@Seggan what i'm trying to get at is if there's constant known boilerplate for making a snipped usable, just... submit the boilerplate
instead of enshrining it in meta somehow
The idea is basically just to make languages where function definitions are very long seem more competetive
Namely, let the people who use the language decide on whether a specific way of taking input is a) natural, and b) valid
a good example of this is the jelly community just sort of collectively deciding that you can't use ³ for 100 in function submissions even though they are usable in programs that take no command line arguments because it just seems wrong
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Honestly except for the fact that it's disruptive I'd be in favour of restriction IO to only STDIN STDOUT, with the assumption that people will make trivial wrappers to get other ways to work.
I do legitimately think we should get rid of the special rules for ///
There's no reason to have it and it's just weird.
4:55 PM
as in define a new language that inserts inputs into /// code then runs it? honestly yeah that would be a good idea
Did you mean: itflabtijtslwi?
@WheatWizard My problem with this is Jelly, where because of it's limited implicit I/O, and the way that it can auto read from STDIN at times, means that changing the way you take input in a challenge can be a genuine golfing technique
@UnrelatedString no
@Zionmyceliaadamancy this
@Seggan Or make a wrapper "language" that automatically adds the boilerplate, if you don't like having it in your bytecount.
5:08 PM
what im saying is that there is no common boilerplate for most submissions
im against snippets, if my positon is unclear
i am deeply confused considering that is also my position
@Seggan Oh, sorry. I misunderstood due to arriving in the middle of the conversation.
If there's not a common boiler plate then I'm not sure it should actually be left out.
IMO, a valid submission is any submission that is invokable, that is, functions are invokable, full programs are invokable from the command line, but snippets are not (except from a REPL which we disallow)
I think we do allow REPL submissions, they just have to be marked as a separate language.
5:11 PM
i asked a while ago and someone said REPL was not allowed
Yeah, Python 3 is different to Python 3 REPL
if REPL is allowed, why dont we see more Java REPL, System.out.println("Hello, World!") answers?
in any case, my definition still holds if a repl is different from the language
I don't know, actually. It would sometimes save bytes for Python, too--you could essentially write a full program but wouldn't need print().
(in some cases)
is there a java repl
anyhow i think the main reason there aren't a ton of repl answers is usually they're trivial variations of normal answers in the non-repl language; for the most part you see them when there's some deeper quirk at play
6:00 PM
@DLosc There's also _ in python repl, like in this answer
6:20 PM
A: Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event

SteffanProlog Prolog is a logical and declarative programming language. It's quite interesting. From TutorialsPoint: Prolog or PROgramming in LOGics is a logical and declarative programming language. It is one major example of the fourth generation language that supports the declarative programming par...

6:34 PM
Suggestion: delete LYAL langs that have been learned
Yeah, might be worth it. I think the original idea was that we might repeat languages, but so far there have been enough interesting nominations that that hasn't been a real consideration.
7:00 PM
@DLosc I just realized, in Regenerate, (a!b) is the same as (?>(a|b)), if it had (?>...)
Well, I guess not the same, because it can still "backtrack" into whichever alternative was chosen.
@DLosc also if we were to repeat languages we'd probably want separate nominations for the repeats to vote on anyhow
Apparently you don't get rep for upvotes on meta?
Or am I the only one that doesn't?
That's correct, no one does.
@Steffan Nope, meta cannot change your rep
The only exception is on MSE, which is a weird blend of a main and a meta site
oh ok
well on MSE you have your own separate rep
7:06 PM
@Deadcode Is (?>...) "match ... and never backtrack into it once it's been matched"?
@DLosc Yes.
What is regenerate?
Is it a regex thing?
@WheatWizard An esolang made by DLosc, which instead of matching things, generates (prints) all the expressions the regex can match.
Ah yeah, makes sense
basically inverse regex :P
7:08 PM
Because what you are describing is basically a prolog cut.
Yep. That's why I used the ! symbol for it.
@caird what happened to your name!
Don't take downvotes into effect, so is an overestimate (assuming you've never done a tag wiki edit on meta)
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Wow, that's a lot.
I'd have 6550 rep if meta gave me rep, but since it doesn't, I have 6680. Very very sus
@Steffan Keep in mind that SEDE only updates once a week on Sundays
Does it add your main rep or is it just the amount you would get from meta?
So any rep you've earned this week isn't included
@WheatWizard Adds your main rep, so gives the total rep you'd have
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Ohh, okay. I retract my previous statement. :P
7:12 PM
Ah yeah, I was thinking I probably didn't have over 100k in meta votes
Removing the + @UserRep gives 200
Not that much :P
Uh that's probably not what you wanted to do.
I'd have roughly 17k rep from meta upvotes :P
Well I have very few sandbox posts and basically nothing else except LYAL and LOTM nominations
@Steffan Given that you have 9 meta posts, you can probably go through your posts, count upvotes and downvotes and get an exact value
7:14 PM
I'd get about 3000
From what I know, I don't even have any downvotes :P
Oh indeed I do
I'd have 318 from meta then
@Steffan You'd only have 186, as 3 of your posts are CW, so wouldn't earn rep
I'd have about 13K.
id have more rep on meta than main lol
@Seggan That can't be right, you have 16 posts on meta, so you'd be averaging 220 rep (or 22 upvotes) per post
Remember, the query adds your main rep to your hypothetical meta rep
7:32 PM
that gives me 700
8:05 PM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy by the time I get used to it you're already gonna have it changed back!
back in my day people would change their username back and fro all day long
8:19 PM
Cursed zsh finding of the day: anything between a null byte and a space is ignored
ummm i just found this account called sockpuppet683 that link to my acct? is someone trying to pretend that i have sockpuppet or what
> http://stackoverflow.com/users/current
im dumb dumb
i just noticed too lol
@pxeger (techincally, it's anything after a null byte in each word of a command)
It does make sense because null bytes terminate command line arguments...
but why would zsh allow that in code?!?!
@AidenChow they just express their love for you!
8:20 PM
@flawr the trick is to just pronounce it as "caird coinheringaahing" :P
yeah good luck with that! can't even pronounce my own name!
why do they even have a link stackoverflow.com/users/current anyways
i feel like im gonna get trolled by that every once in a while, like why do they have a link to my profile?? lol
@Zionmyceliaadamancy in my brain its "caird coerinjagdkasfing" :P
with "jagdkasf" being some unintelligible palatal sounds
Ngl, for me, it's just "caird" :P
@Seggan .... aaaaaay macarena
8:33 PM
My brain keeps going back and forth between "co-in-hearing" and "co-in-herring," but otherwise I think I've got the pronunciation down.
@flawr ...?
remember the song?
and if so, do you remember any of the lyrics apart from ay macarena?:)
@flawr no
@Seggan ---------------D:
8:58 PM
@flawr #only90skids
@Seggan I think this might be the original version
9:39 PM
@NoHaxJustRadvylf Wikipedia suggests that the fête nationale française, which I know by the name Bastille Day, can also be referred to as "14 Juillet."
Does anyone know of an editor or IDE with a gear icon (⚙) in the lower left corner, which, when clicked, opens the application's settings?
I believe vscode does
Q: Implement pow with overflow checking

anatolygImplement a function or program which raises x to the power of y. Inputs are 16-bit signed integers. That is, both are in the range [-32768, 32767]. The output should be in the same range. I chose this range because it should make it possible to do exhaustive testing to ensure all edge-cases are ...

10:02 PM
@Seggan you're joking right
@UnrelatedString no
@NewPosts for this, the power cant be <0 or else itll be non-integer right? not missing any edge cases?
10:24 PM
@emanresuA Clikcing it doesnt open the settings though, it opens this
@AidenChow ah shoot theres 1^(negative num), i forgot
10:50 PM
Hello guys!
Sorry for the inconvenience!
I finished a few days ago a code golf site that consists in doing code golf challenges every week, with each week a new challenge available in 21 languages!
Feel free to have a look and tell me what you think about it, if you found any bugs, or if you have any improvements!
The URL is https://week.golf
11:02 PM
@TKirishima "Click HERE to see the list of 20 languages." — HERE should have cursor:pointer. Also, the list is a bit hard to understand if one doesn't know all programming language logos. Some text labels (or even links to Wikipedia pages) would be nice.
I believe the normal thing to write is "20+", not "+20" when you mean ">20".
You're right! I'm going to do that ! :)
"as few Bytes as possible" — "bytes" should be with lowercase "b".
@TKirishima Clicking on the profile icon at the very bottom, briefly shows the profile page, then redirects to the main page.
(also, it shouldn't open a new tab)
(also, it shouldn't open a new tab) Why not ?
Bad practice, especially when it goes to your own site. I can always open in a new tab using Ctrl+click, but I cannot open in the same tab if you specify not to. Don't dictate my browsing workflow!
Ok ! :) I'll fix that!
11:09 PM
It seems that you are in France. Are you sure it is OK according to GDPR to collect personal data on AWS?
> The site uses "cookies" techniques to process statistics and information on traffic, to facilitate navigation and to improve the service for the user's comfort, who can oppose the recording of these "cookies" by configuring his navigation software.
I don't think ^ is GDPR compliant.
Also, gender-neutral pronouns plz
It has to be as easy to opt out as it is to opt in.
@emanresuA At least it says:
> Mr/Mrs Axel DEREPAS
@Adám Meant this
Oh. It speaks about the user as "he" in other places too.
@TKirishima week.golf/leaderboard.php has a broken img in the top right.
The intro text under "Point system" on week.golf/question.php needs some help.
> You can vote for the language that you want to be in WeekGolf > here <
- Yes I'm in France
- I'll delete some part about cookies. I wrote that in case I wanted to do stats one day, but I don't do it. The only things I collect are infos for connection like email adress/github/discord/so name depending on how the user logged and his scores.
11:16 PM
Please use standard formatting for hyperlinks, i.e underline and/or blue, not custom stuff like CAPITALS or > angle brackets <.
> points ?
The animated icons are fancy, but they are too much. It also would be nice to have a tooltips to explain what they are since they aren't really all that obvious.
As opposed to French, English does not use spaces between the last word and the question mark.
French doesn't too I think
It does.
The animated icons are fancy, but they are too much.
> Received!
11:18 PM
> And even if it is marked "JavaScript" so that a maximum of people understand it[, it] is rather NodeJS.
Insert bracketed text ^
The per language leaderboard seems to display "0 player" for every language despite the fact that I think there are some players.
Wheat, not for the moment. Because points will be given at the end of the week
But points are displayed on the global leaderboard?
@TKirishima I set my username to "Adám" but now it shows as "Ad&#225;m"!
I now changed to to "Adám" again, and that seemed to work.
@Adám Oh ok
@WheatWizard There is points by languages and total points
11:23 PM
Why is my email shown as 72 random characters?
How do I change country?
i feel like there's no real advantage to delayed updates of that sort
i'd also recommend just generally having per-week leaderboards and maybe some longer windows versus just all-time
When I add a language to the languages' vote, it doesn't show up on the list until I refresh the page.
@Adám Yes
How do I add a logo for the language?
@Adám Because you didn't log with one
11:26 PM
@Adám You can use a VPN or try to know how the requests works :p
Oh, so it auto-detect where I'm physically located right now. Fine. Will it update when I come home from my vacation?
@Adám You can't. I just added them :/
@Adám Yup!
@TKirishima OK. White and colourful (green) versions of the APL logo are available at github.com/abrudz/logos/tree/main/apl
I'll add it tomorrow! I have a lot of issues to fix as you mentioned! :p
11:29 PM
Yup, including the title of this week's challenge; "Fibonnaci" should be "Fibonacci".
;-; yes
One of your supported languages is "K". What exactly do you mean by that?
This implementation of K: codeberg.org/ngn/k
@UnrelatedString Concerning Week Leaderboard, when you scroll down in the problem of the week, there is the Leaderboard of this problem.

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