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12:30 AM
what did i miss
computer fucking broke down
oh eish
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Whyte Notation Translator
1:38 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AAdd a hidden language to a polyglot Inspired/mostly copied but I don't think it's a dupe. Also Inspired. In this challenge, you will create polyglots that include all languages from previous answers, and another language which you won't share and others must guess. The first language prints 1, th...

^ Any feedback?
2:11 AM
> s this too similar to either of the linked challenges? I feel like having to include every previous language instead of just two will really change the way people write answers and change the challenge itself.
I think this is a little hard but codegolf is a big community
> How can you win this challenge?
1month no post?
Well, a good title is prob Diagnal Square?
*Sry bad spelling
@emanresuA ping
My ppap homweok:
> for a given list
> [2,3,5,,...,233]
> write an algorithm to find the first element >= given value
> test input: 7
> test output: 8
> must be complete and runable program
hmm, sounds easy in mariolang...
teacher: you son of a XXXXX
this is python class ;-)
hello? ping @emanresuA for your feedback
It says algorithm, not program
Thus, submit esoteric pseudo code
i omitted the part that said no pseudo code
> must be complete and runable program
8 mins ago, by Nobody
> must be complete and runable program
Darn, malbolge it’s is
wait how do i compile c++ again
2:27 AM
Or g++ if that’s your style
do i have to install gcc
i remember there was a command like
make jcklcwejkl
@ATaco you there?
do you have a makefile
how do i chekc
it would be called Makefile
i'm using mac now
in cmd
> Makefile?
2:36 AM
Makefiles are not OS-specific, IIRC.
I have used them on both Linux and Mac.
i mean
I simply type "make <xyz>" into the command line (bash, in my case).
how do i check if i have makefile
Or the Finder?
ls that is.
Bash command.
Quite useful.
i don't have make
> make is not recognized as a command blablabla
2:38 AM
Install it. I think it comes with xcode command line tools.
If not, maybe brew has it?
how do i instakll brew?
@Pyautogui on windows currrently
Got it. I thought you were on Mac.
holy shit i typed the wrong thing
Sorry, my advice is quite useless than; no experience with windows.
i'm using windows now sorry eff it
2:39 AM
you probably want to just use wsl then
i suck at windows
Yeah, Windows Subsystem for Linux.
There are tutorials online. May I recommend looking it up?
They are quite good, IMO.
or how do i install makefile
or any other way
to compile c++
Frankly, I again have no Windows experience.
you'll have to write the normal command for compiling it in the makefile anyhow
2:41 AM
I wish I could help.
like how...
i suck at this...
i suck at windows
i suck at c++. COMBO
google is your friend
is there a way to not download anything
i'm afraid my computer will crash, it's on 100MB something
running the esolangs thing
will it work if someoneelse compile it for me wonderin
i mean you could use an online interpreter if you want
which do you recommend
cuz the input is a file like
aaa.cpp file.txt --flags
next up: code it in mariolang
monofont copy
3:27 AM
@Nobody stop pinging me
Huh, TIL the mobile shows all rooms
that's some crappy mariolang code
3:47 AM
Anyone up?
I think so
I dunno. Maybe not. :p
in python, what is the golfiest way to convert a list of lists into a single set containing all the elements of all the lists?
@graffe one way i can think of at the moment: lambda l:{i for a in l for i in a}
@AidenChow that is nice and elegant too
4:04 AM
@graffe even shorter: lambda l:set(sum(l,[]))
@AidenChow oh that’s quite evil :)
@AidenChow {*sum(l,[])} I think
@emanresuA yeah that also works
I'm honestly surprised that sum works on lists like tha
Reminder: last new-content lecture begins in 1 hour 53 minutes
Logic languages this week
4:08 AM
@emanresuA ye me too, i didnt come up with it myself, i found it on stack overflow lololol
sum(l,[]) is apparently really inefficient, but this is code golf, so whatever :P
@lyxal Ooh yeah
@Nobody i used to use msys2 before switching to wsl2
and before msys2 i used to use cygwin
msys2: msys2.org cygwin: cygwin.com
install either one of those and be sure to install c++ and some utilities (including make)
4:30 AM
@emanresuA that’s great
@PyGamer0 ok nvm got an online one
@Nobody wdym...
anyone know murderousmaths.co.uk?
i find that 2022 image very stupid
they say in an email
@Nobody Do not use inspect element there if you value your sanity
Their website is built from a hideous kludge of tables, images and iframes
It's like a website from the late 90's
> that property is [...] rare
@emanresuA i don;t [value sanity]
> that property is [...] rare
which is not true
CMC: for all numbers 1 to 10000 find numbers that do not have that property
4:39 AM
@Nobody which property?
how property?
land property?
an x has this property if x^2 = a^2 + b^2 + c^2 for a triple (a,b,c) positive integers.
what is x?
2022 in that image
oh so you mean for every number determine if it cannot be a diagonal of a cuboid with integer sides
find alll x that DONT have this property
4:44 AM
same difference
5:03 AM
5:30 AM
21 messages moved to Sandbox
as expected
Only because you reminded me :P
CMC: for all numbers 1 to 10000 find numbers that do not have that property via code
what property
5:32 AM
> an x has this property if x^2 = a^2 + b^2 + c^2 for a triple (a,b,c) positive integers.
Please don't randomly ping people
I wanted to reply
but ok nvm
5:49 AM
@UnrelatedString didnt work :(
Lyxal's lyxtures beginning soon
yep got a notification for it
6:03 AM
wait how do you check if a num is greater than another in mariolang thnx
or say how do i check if a num is neg?
I recently noticed that CGCC has an ability to trigger a silly edge case in tag badge awarding
on the "add a language to a polyglot" question, stasoid now has the requirements for a gold tag badge (200 answers, 1000 reputatoin) with answers to a single question
stasoid has posted over 200 answers to that question and has over 1000 total rep from upvotes to them
yo dang i never see u in chat before @ais523
this means that as long as we make any of the question's tags tag-badge eligible, we can get a tag badge to be awarded from a single question, which is the sort of silly thing that I love doing
all we need for that is to post another 4 good questions
@AidenChow I don't come here very often, Stack Exchange's chat system is really annoying
or, might be 1000 score, not 1000 rep, but I think stasoid might have that too
6:13 AM
@Nobody maybe keep subtracting one from both num until one hits zero, then figure out which num hit zero, the other one is greater
yes, 1000 score
I do read TNB much more often than I post, because if you know what you're doing it's possible to read chat without enabling JavaScript
@AidenChow can you give me a program if applicable thnx
@Nobody idk mariolang but the symbols seem similar enough to brainfuck that im sure u can port it over easily: stackoverflow.com/questions/6168584/…
it does make sense for me to drop in and say something every now and then so that I'll be pingable
@AidenChow brainfuck version ok too
6:20 AM
@ais523 huh thats interesting
oh isee
actually SE became a lot less readable without JS very recently
the "active", "oldest", "votes" sort buttons used to work without JS
but when they changed to a drop-down, that stopped working
so why turn off javascript anyways
you can still change the sort order by manual URL editing but they changed the URLs, and I'm finding it hard to remember the new ones
@AidenChow because most sites use JavaScript for things that make them more annoying rather than more usable
for instance ads
6:22 AM
but i feel like disabling javascript makes it even more annoying than with it on ?
a lot of site functionalities wont work right
sometimes not
depend on which site
@UnrelatedString clash ;-)
@Nobody pretty sure u can just use an ad blocker, dont need to disable javascript
yes those functionalities normally make the site worse
6:23 AM
@AidenChow well aren;t they similar?
I do sometimes have to bring up an element inspector to delete cookie warnings or make collapsible/spoiler blocks visible, though
but that isn't too hard with practice
i regularly edit a site's html for printing
(it is very frustrating that sites don't just use <details> for this; HTTP has an element specifically for collapsible regions and yet everyone rolls their own)
well im not smart enough at website stuff to be able to do that :|
erm it is actually pretty simple
i've never LEARNED html for a start
except <h1> </h1> which aout everyone knows without learning it
6:25 AM
h1 is strange, if the page contains it more than once (apart from in some special cases) then someone has probably made a mistake
and yet SE lets you just enter it in posts
there seems to be something of a formatting war between people who use h1s at the top of codegolf posts and people who use h2s (and the occasional h3 or bold text)
huh i dont use html tag in codegolf posts at all, i just use the # thing
# is how you write <h1> in Markdown
oh rly, didnt know that
likewise, ## is h2, and so on
what about ## and ### and so on
answered my q as i said it lol
6:33 AM
@ais523 I have one in the sandbox, although I'm not suure if it's too similar to the ones it's inspired by
I saw that in backscroll
I want it to be published RIGHT NOW i can't waait
I'll do python3.10, python3.11, python3.8, python2.7
3.11: better error messages
it's a bit strange having created one of the most popular questions on CGCC – we historically have had issues with people seeing highly-voted bad questions and using them as inspiration, but using good questions as inspiration has its own issues
@Nobody lol ok isnt it supposed to be hidden tho lmao
it's never clear what you would or wouldn't have to do to capture the same magic
6:36 AM
well it would be pretty apparent
3.10: walrus operator
@ais523 Yeah, especially a certain one
python3.8: division
fwiw, I've been pondering my own idea for a new polyglot (but not answer-chaining) question, with the idea being to write a program that takes a description of a program in some simple Turing-complete language, and generates a polyglot that has that behaviour in a number of different languages
@ais523 I doubt any question nowadays will ever be as popular as questions from the past, just due to the site culture
6:37 AM
but it's hard to find a working set of details, especially in terms of the scoring, submitting an answer and saying "this works in 145 different point releases of Python" is quite hard to stop
CMC: in as few comparisons as possible, given 3 values (bytes for the sake of the challenge), determine and return the median. That is, the middle value when sorted.
@ais523 That could be very interesting...
@emanresuA well, this comes down to how many people you can get to vote on the question, which basically always requires votes from outside CGCC to hit a very high number
an interesting experiment was this question – I realised it was inevitably going to hit HNQ and get a huge number of upvotes regardless of what I did, so I decided to go all out and see how many gold badges I could get from it (I was aiming for two, I actually got three)
this is hard to do nowadays, not just because of changes to site culture, but because most of the questions that could capture that sort of attention have been asked already
@ais523 There's a reason most s have different goals for different languages...
@emanresuA indeed, but I think it's a shame – parallel-code polylgots are much more interesting than the comment-splitting version, but too difficult to define objectively under CGCC rules
about the only way you could make it work would be to make it a popcon…
actually this is almost a decent task for a popcon, the main issue is that a good answer takes too long to write, which is death for popcons due to the specific way in which SE's voting system is broken
6:42 AM
One of the most popular questions recently gained a lot of upvotes simply because of current events. I think this might've been simply because people percieved upvoting it as a way to support Ukraine, even anonymously
The author repeatedly tried to replicate it, with no success.
well, the "zoom in on the Swedish flag" answer was incredibly funny, even if it broke the rules
That was me :)
the best way to make a question take off is to have one really good answer
AaLTaP had a much rougher start, I think it may even have been closed at one point?
Hm okay
6:44 AM
da hell is aaltap
@ais523 yep, in fact this is massively reflected in the HNQ algorithm
@ais523 There's the trending sort option they're testing, but whether that'llreally work
(idk how much you know about it already)
@AidenChow an abbreviation for Add a language to a polyglot
@emanresuA for some reason it's missing the "Ukraine"~CountryData~"Flag" Mathematica answer. edit: apparently they banned built-in flags :(
6:46 AM
@hyper-neutrino unfortunately, way too much
I got very good at gaming the SE reputation altgorithm, in my previous incarnation
but that wasn't much fun and made the site worse, so I stopped, deleted my account, and started CWing everything
there are still some things I do for which I'm not sure whether they help the site, though
like posting answers in A Pear Tree, which is so good at it feels like cheating
but people seem to like the answers anyway, so maybe they're adding to the site even though they don't take much effort to write #HG9ade
@ais523 wdym
@Nobody as an example, I once decided to repcap every day for a week
and it didn't take that much effort either
what is repcap
6:55 AM
from most sources, you cannot gain a total of more than 200 reputation in a day
yah and?
so if you gain 200 reputation in a day, that's called repcapping
@ais523 where is it
@ais523 o ok
where is what?
> well, the "zoom in on the Swedish flag" answer was incredibly funny, even if it broke the rules
6:56 AM
@Nobody it was edited to zooming on an emoji iirc
where is it
why not just print an emoji
A: Draw the Ukrainian Flag

emanresu AHTML+SVG, 39 bytes <svg viewbox=12.5,-8.9,1.5,1><text>😴 The question forbids zooming in on the Ukraine flag... but not the flag of Sweden! Apparently that's disallowed too, so I'm using an emoji. This code is terrible practice and probably doesn't work on most browsers/OSes. It works on Firefo...

for what it's worth, I believe that CGCC's height of popularity came as a direct result of
@Nobody ^^
what is that
6:57 AM
it turns out that when you ask people to optimise for being popular, you get a lot of popular answers, and the resulting posts are very linkable to other sites and draw in a lot of visitors from elsewhere
> ^^
^ is an up arrow so ^^ means the message two messages up
i've also seen ^^ used as an emoticon before though
bruh i never knew two up arrows could form an emoticon lol
↑ is a much better up arrow
…now I'm wondering why I memorised how to type that
it's probably for some esolang but I can't remember which
@ais523 agreed, except idk how to type that lol
6:59 AM
yah but hard t type
alt code ?
for me it's right alt + y lol (since I have the APL keyboard still, for... some reason)
for me it is AltGr + Shift + U
someone check out this code
Current is 2/3
2 3
== v
Current <is a/b
========#== v
Current is<0/b/a
==========" ^
===========#= . v
Current is <a/b/0/a<
===========# v .
urrent<)is a/0/b/a/b<
======# v .
Current)is a/b/0/a/b<
=#====== v<=v
>Current is a/b/a+b/0/0
2 3 5
== v
Current <is a/b

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