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12:31 AM
i think
Q: Vote for the new TNB Room Owners!

caird coinheringaahingThe Nineteenth Byte is getting new room owners. You've had a week (and a couple of hours) for nominations, and now it's time to vote. In alphabetical order, here are the nominees: emanresu A chat profile | main profile | meta profile | nomination | vote here lyxal chat profile | main profile | m...

will end in 16-16-16
who are the mods and room mods and staffs
and what are staffs?
mods are people with blue diamonds like me
room owners are people with italicized names like radvylf
staff are actual stack exchange employees like Catija
stack exchange employees: how
+ is there a list for mods+stuff?
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Modular tetration, King of the Hill: Greed Control
1:12 AM
@OldSandboxPosts hello
@OldSandboxPosts bye
OSPs is a Bot, if it wasn't obvious.
@ATaco I know
@OldSandboxPosts hello
@OldSandboxPosts bye
@ATaco I have noone to talk to but
@ATaco so
then just don't talk; please don't flood the room with meaningless noise
stack exchange employees: how
+ is there a list for mods+stuff?
+ is there a place like codegolf but with math?
what's a chat ban by the way and how do you get it (no I don't want to get it
@NumberBasher you can find a list of SE sites here. You're looking for math.stackexchange.com, probably
@NumberBasher not that I know of
@NumberBasher there are two types of "ban"s - chat suspensions disable your chat account entirely; if your parent account on the main site is suspended, you automatically get chat suspended for the same duration, and you can also be suspended by mods separately in chat
you can also get kickmuted from chat, which prevents you from rejoining the room for 1 minute initially, then 5 if you get KM'd again, then 30 the third time, which also raises a moderator flag automatically
1:29 AM
Math.SE is a great community, but they're level of math is higher than my level of math and it intimidates me.
my experience with math.SE is primarily from following flags into their chatrooms so I would be a poor judge of their community :P
Q: Find the Lowest Allowable Integer Which is an Optimal Even-Harmonic of the Values in a List

Austin PraterPROBLEM For a list of numbers, list: Find the lowest possible integer, x, which is optimally close to the whole number even-harmonics of the values in list, but farthest from the whole number odd harmonics. list has a length of n, and all of the values in list are <= 2000. x has a maximum preci...

I do remember that one time PPCG joined in on a question to provide a bunch of neat visualizations.
You know what's fun? When a uni workshop tutorial gives you outdated gradle instructions
they said "add compile group: 'org.apache.struts', name: 'struts2-core', version: '2.5.25' to your gradle.build file"
but what they didn't say is that the way they've given is depreciated and removed
I am offended by any and all build-level instructions.
Entirely because StackOverflow is filled with C# solutions that assume you use Visual Studio
1:38 AM
@hyper-neutrino OH OK
I was asking for a place you ask questions to challenge not because you don't know
I guess puzzling.se
Most Stack Exchange Communities are designed for sharing of information, very few are challenges to be solved.
PPCG and Puzzling are the exception, rather than the rule.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OhentisPCCG Quine Your task is to create a program which prints the source code of your answer on this site, for example this answer: Random Language, 8 bytes SomeCode would print this: # Random Language, 8 bytes SomeCode Rules Standard loopholes are disallowed The title must be a heading The...

man it's been a while since I worked with anything JetBrains/IntelliJ related
the last time I touched a product of theirs was like 3 years ago when I was working with Android Studio lol
@ATaco i know PPCG and Puzzling are the exception, rather than the rule. and I know puzzling, I guess there isn't a math one after all.
@hyper-neutrino a flag makes a ban or what
I think it can result in suspension? Which is a temporary ban?
1:51 AM
yah like
a flag makes a temp ban?
if your message is deleted by red flags then you are automatically suspended for 30 minutes
or if you are already suspended your suspension is increased by 30 minutes
oh ok thnx
Just follow Chatiquette to the best of your ability and it should be smooth sailing
kickmuted from chat, which prevents you from rejoining the room for 1 minute initially,: how
what do you mean by how
2:03 AM
It's been many years since I joined TNB, But I'm pretty sure I've had atleast one administrative action against me
if you want I can check for you
@hyper-neutrino who can do that
and room owners
oh ok
you can add as room owner?
hmm ok
if you want I can check for you : how
on a user's profile page under moderation tools there's a "permissions" link and when I click on it I can see things like if they've ever been banned from creating rooms, if they've been kicked, etc.
2:06 AM
@hyper-neutrino I'd be interested in that
you've been kicked 5 times, all of which were in testing rooms :P
I too wish to know how many admin actions have been taken on me
you've been kicked 4 times from TNB, by elendia, feeds, dennis, and feeds
... I want to assume feeds is mego but I'm not sure actually
Prolly Mego.
I think I remember a Dennis kick
2016/2017 was a different time
I also think I actually asked for atleast one of those
i was kicked twice in 2017 as well although i have a feeling the first one was a test since I was kicked only a few days later twice from a testing room
and the first kick was by the mod who was overseeing the test
2:10 AM
@hyper-neutrino I've only been kicked for science IIRC - can you check?
let's take this to the mod office just to avoid too much clutter :P

 CGCC Mod Office

Informal chat room with CGCC's moderators regarding moderation...
2:24 AM
@ATaco what is a mego
Mego was(?) a very active member of PPCG and TNB. They were The Prime Penguin™
oh ok
I believe they were a Room Owner for a while alongside Dennis
Unfortunately, they've cut all ties with Code Golf
During The Incident, yeah
2:27 AM
@RadvylfPrograms which

 CGCC Mod Office

Informal chat room with CGCC's moderators regarding moderation...
@lyxal Idk (personally) if we should share that screenshot, it was clearly during a time of a lot of stress for everyone and I wouldn't want something like that to be how I was remembered
It was in a publicly accesible discord server
imo it's fair game
Fair enough
I think I dodged The Incident, and I don't think that was a bad thing.
what is the incident
2:29 AM
@RadvylfPrograms it was from a conversation on the Code Golf discord - anyone could fine it if they searched for Mego there
Basically, a moderator got accused of some stuff by SE due to a misunderstanding, SE refused to apologize, and a large number of SE's moderators and users either left or lost their trust in the company
what is the incident??? whhere can i find it// other history of cgse
@lyxal I know, but if people don't know to search for it they probably won't :p
@RadvylfPrograms oh ok
Riiiiight, I remember the starts of that
2:30 AM
@RadvylfPrograms when?
Early 2020, I think
My sense of time is scuffed
Anything within three years of 2020 is scuffed lol
Feb 28, 2021 at 1:17, by caird coinheringaahing
idk the physics behind it, but time has been on some hardcore drugs for the past 18 months
Only important date I hold onto in that timeframe is my wedding day
did you sort of reveal your age
2:35 AM
I mean, within like 20 years of precision
But most people here would tell you their age if you asked lol (I'm 16, most of the regulars here are 19, etc.)
I'm 3
Times 6
Plus 1
Definitely wouldn't be too hard to find my age by just searching around hard enough
Also, Number Basher, you posted your age publicly elsewhere
I sort of think Math is learnable without knowing language
@ATaco ah where remind me
probably out of date
i'm 13 now
In a Sandbox post you made
2:37 AM
any doubt what that pic is talking about?
@ATaco where
I'm not sure if I linked to this website
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Number BasherKing of the Hill: Greed Control What is Greed Control Greed control is a multiplayer round-based game in which in every round, a player bet a number inside a specific range, say 1~100. Say 2 people betted 100, then they'd both get 100/2 which is 50 points in the game. Basically, the players th...

that was outdated
> I am a student and a teacher. I am aged 12
@NumberBasher We understand it because we already know the connection.
@ATaco this is completely unrelated to anything here, but is it unbearably cold for you down in Victoria? Because up here is cold as frick right now
If you did not know any language, this would be indecipherable.
@lyxal Freezing. Which is why I am hiding inside
2:38 AM
@ATaco oh ok
"180" is meaningless if you don't know that they are digits.
@ATaco thank frick it's not just me
@ATaco erm well i mean english and Chinese here whatever
guess what the chinese char on the left means
no prize
Probably, But I only know it because I know what the right means.
yah i mean let's assume you do
2:42 AM
It's likely "Sum of Angles", or simply "Angles"
it means "sum"
but good guess anyways
But your original statement was "I sort of think Math is learnable without knowing language"
And my point was that the image you provided wasn't great evidence for that
ok i wanted to say
english or chinese
our school math is so lagging behind
my school's math
guess what grade i am in without my age only that pic
2:45 AM
In Year 7/8 math, Geometry is pretty on-par.
yah grade 7
It's a good step towards Algebra, which is important for later down the line in Methods and Calculus
on-par: don't understand
@ATaco yep
On-Par roughly means making good pace
chinese math and english math value different things i think
2:46 AM
Referring to Golf, where a Par score is the goal to aim for
Guess what the chinese in the paren means
Generally, What math values you go for depend entirely for where you want to end up with math.
Couldn't even begin to parse it.
Oh, Biggest tip regarding school math: Pay attention when they teach Matricies.
i think english math (i am referring to the math in usa by this) values geometry and chinese math values algebra more and exponents and stuff, imo
That comes up far too often in programming and I still barely understand them
@ATaco why
@ATaco oh well
2:49 AM
If you plan to work with Game Engines, you'll probably need them at least a bit for Camera Operations.
i hold math classes every friday and for today i was thinking about teaching matrix... ;-) i like 3b1b's vids
idk why we should have both radians and degrees, either have radians or have degrees.
Well I mean, they're for different audiences
Radians are great for calculus, but annoying for everyday stuff
@emanresuA what is it
like reddit place?
2:53 AM
"2pi no-scope" or "turn pi over two radians to your right" just aren't as catchy
Radians are for math, Degrees are for humans.
And gradians are for misanthropes
oh ok
Anything else is for Randall Munroe
@RadvylfPrograms agree
@emanresuA what is it?
2:54 AM
A place where you can draw things
And what your particular math library uses will depend entirely on implementation and leave you scratching your head.
oh ok
is canvas a bit like r/place?
My new unit for measuring angles: the smirp. There are 4 smirps in a full circle. So yuo're got a "smirp", a "two-smirp", a "half-smirp", a "smirpy" (a third of a smirp), a "two-smirpy", a "half-smirpy", and a "half-smirpypy" (an eighteenth of a smirp)
um ok
all practical or golfing programming languages should have builtin variables π, e, phi. Agree?
More halves and pys can be added to get any fraction with a denominator consisting of halves and thirds
2:57 AM
what about 37 degrees?
@RadvylfPrograms do we need to ban you from the international consortium of circle measures too?
what about 1 rad?
@lyxal hmm hahaha
Well he's already banned from the international consortium of programming language design due to rSNBATWPL
he must be going for an all-consortium-ban speedrun
2:59 AM
@NumberBasher That's a thirty-seven-fifth-half-half-half-smirpypy
(i hate parenthesis)
@RadvylfPrograms what about 1 rad?
Can't say that in degrees either
A by-pi-half-smirp
what about 1 smug?
Anyway, night o/
a smug is i radians
> night o/
3:01 AM
does that mean you go to sleep
i'm terribly lagged about slangs internet
has anyone wondered why have spelling and grammar when it doestn affact you understand the meanign of a sentance?
Human brains are hardwired for conversation. Interpreting intention and meaning rather than the raw word is what we're built for.
what does night o/ mean?
i'm bad at internet slang
"Night" is short for "Good night", and the "o/" is a head and a hand waving
what the ok... o/
what other secret slangs are you hiding from me
3:08 AM
if o/ is a thing then is \o also a thing ?
o|/-_ what about this
lol when i clicked on radvylfs turing complete challenge in mobile it auto hyperlinked 1114112 as a phone num :p
hmm, i'm planning on a lesson on matrix, any ideas what i should talk about first (audience: a 6th grader)
@AidenChow it is
@lyxal and they mean what ?
3:13 AM
Same thing
Just a different orientation
Anyhow, did you see the Desmos creation I linked?
I think you'll like it
im afraid to click it ngl :p
i feel like itll redirect me to a rickroll in some weirdass way
@lyxal where
@AidenChow Trust me you'll find it interesting
@AidenChow what does ngl mean?
14 hours ago, by lyxal
@AidenChow I found something someone made in desmos you might like
3:14 AM
oh ok
@NumberBasher not going to lie
@NumberBasher not gonna lie
yah i know
i searched
@AidenChow well, both of you are half right
@AidenChow it's just a video display of a graph someone made in desmos and quite impressive
@lyxal well, both of you are half right
3:16 AM
hella sus, all im gonna say
ah well
it is a
lol okay
im still gonna rickroll myself tho, seems really interesting
I didn't lie when I said it was in desmos :p
...- .. -.. . --- / --- ..-. / .- / -.. . ... -- --- ... / --. .-. .- .--. .... / ... --- -- . --- -. . / -- .- -.. .
-.-- .- ....
i'm right
> well, both of you are half right
you got rick rolled but it was desmos
@AidenChow I also found nyan cat and megalovania in desmos too
Don't got the links for those though
3:18 AM
well ppl do some hella impressive stuff in desmos, im not entirely surprised
check this out
@NumberBasher I just said I don't have the links for them lol
@AidenChow imagine not using youtube-dl --get-title :P
3:20 AM
@UnrelatedString not even too sure where that could be ran but ok
your shell?
are you on like a chromebook or som,ething
what shell
if so, rip
on windows 10
where to run that
cmd ??
just open your terminal
pip install youtube-dl
3:21 AM
oh its a python thing ?
it's a python package but it's also a standalone utility
check this out
AT&T Internet Security
Spam page blocked for your protection
Spam pages exhibit suspicious behavior or particularities we deem risky, therefore you should avoid accessing them to keep your data unharmed.
^ when i clicked on ur site O_O
there must be a wayto actually view the site
it wouldn't crash your computer i promise
well, don;t click that link
if you use that python thing
to get all available info:
Rick roll, but with different link
TIL all you need to bypass pay walls is a 12 foot ladder
3:34 AM
someone should really make a rick roll detector that searches all available info and detect rick, roll, astley, strangers, love (case-insensitive)
3:48 AM
@lyxal That can almost certainly be turned into a web plugin
"Why yes, random website, I am a webcrawler. Thank you for asking."
I've seen that puzzle before, The answer is surprisingly simple.
you just have to remove the
> &gwt=pay&assetType=PAYWALL
i don't know why so simple
i personally like this
Hello, anyone?
I've been working on Funky3 to pass time whilst working, but now I'm working to avoid working on Funky3.
How the turns tabled.
4:03 AM
sometimes I sit and wonder why tomcat apache has to be so special and why it can't just play nice with struts2 and intellij
Anytime I hear Apache my ears start to ring and I remember my early days with PhP
ew php
Imagine not using java + apache
@lyxal nice
i can finally read blog posts :)
4:20 AM
@ATaco pro strat: if youre procrastinating on project A, start working on project B to procrastinate, so that when you feel like procrastinating on project B, you can do that by working on project A
Unfortunately that means I'm net productive which goes against my ideals,
4:37 AM
> Next we can create two JSP pages in the ‘jsps’ directory. One page will show a registration form (‘register-input.jsp’), and another will be a success/welcome page (‘register-input.jsp’).
Hmm yes that's two JSP pages
totally two
two completely different names
there's a zero width space in there or something
this just in on the latest best practices in java web frameworks
IntelliJ not having auto-html linting is fricking with me so bad
actually it doesn't have any auto-lint it seems
imagine not inconsistently applying idiosyncratic formatting rules that will be lost if anyone else ever touches your code
oh it's not like I don't have quirky self-styles it's that I can't be bothered to format copy-pasted code lol
imagine letting anyone else touch your code
4:41 AM
@lyxal you can install plugins for that?
yeah it does fucking suck when copy-pasted code has weird indents
@PyGamer0 yes, but it doesn't come with them
@UnrelatedString or no indents
that's also a thing that happens
@lyxal Github Copilot comments..?
uni workshop notes
from before 2021
4:43 AM
wanna know how I know they're from before 2021?
because they have stupid fricking out of date gradle instructions
I was gonna guess something about "internet explorer compatibility"
I'm missing the Prettier VS Code extension already
it formats jsp files nicely
intellij + sonarlint doesn't
Because people didn't notice before,
... and of course y'all first priority is to create amogus
...you linked the old subdomain which is still in serverless but when i try opening the new domain it times out lmao
4:49 AM
hard reload
It's on the old one
oh nvm
took me like five tries to remember the hard reload shortcut but it worked just as you said that
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