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12:19 AM
CMC: Check if a list alternates between two numbers (the two numbers aren't a separate input, you'll have to check them yourself)
For example, [1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2] or [2, 1] would be fine but [1, 2, 3, 2, 1] wouldn't (the list will always have at least two elements)
@user Vyxal, ¯yWƛ₌¬≈∨;A
That probably isn't the optimal way, but it works
That looks a little complicated
I would've expected making a generator by repeating the first two elements, flattening it, zipping it against the input, and then checking if all were equal
12:34 AM
Idea: Use their "you've submitted your details" confirmation to send an email to the FBI
First name, Last name, and Address: "This is a scam."
Hey, what's "drought grandmother" in Bosnian?
Susna just doesn't sound the same as sussy
@RedwolfPrograms 2 letters off from being haha funny
For me it's "suša baka"
Which sounds like "susha baka"
Hey redwolf say Kid Amogus backwards
12:49 AM
@lyxal Kid Amogus backwards
@user Dyalog APL, 7: ⊢≡≢⍴2∘↑ Try it online!
@RedwolfPrograms My first thought when I get an email from the FBI is always "this is definitely a scam".
Well duh
I'm saying use their form to have them send an email to the FBI
So make them report themselves, basically
1:05 AM
@RedwolfPrograms It is easy to distinguish the real from the fake though: FBI agents don't email from @my.com; they email from @fbi.gov
I don't know what you're talking about
I'm saying to have the scammers email the FBI
Not pretend to be the FBI
I know. Sorry for confusing you. It was just tangentially related.
Ah, ok
Oh hey, we're halfway from 29900 to 30k stars now
However, what can FBI agents actually do to prevent being treated as scammers, when contacting people by email?
1:19 AM
how is vyxal all same thingy work?
@Niko it returns 1 if all the items are the same, and 0 otherwise
[1,1,1,1,1] returns true
but it do not work on 2d list :/
[[[1, 2], [1, 2], [1, 2]]]
and using thingy on it breaks
code are here ÷!½("‟)W≈
@Niko ULċ¬ for now
that's something we'll fix in 2.6
1:25 AM
is there stack all same operation
@Adám Take control of your computer and leave a draft containing the email :P
It is way off topic, but I really feel like posting screenshots of two signatures and let people try to figure out which one is real and which is a scam.
The point being that without having real signatures to compare to, it's impossible to tell?
1:37 AM
Basically, and/or that they are very similar.
Also, when has TNB cared about on-topicness? Just a couple hours ago, there was a discussion about drugs :P
True, but I'm a RO. I feel like I have to set a good example.
Solution: put them in a different chat room, and one of us non-ROs can post them here
Unrelated, but does anyone know of good userscripts/stylesheets that give you dark mode in chat?
1:40 AM
@lyxal Or use a separate account, pretending to be a new, immature user. That's what I do
@Adám Nice, thanks!
@lyxal I'm actually using it for other sites, but it doesn't handle chat too well (not enough contrast, stars remain black and are invisible, etc.)
@lyxal drug chatroom
@lyxal Fails on too many things.
body,img{background:#000;filter:invert(1)hue-rotate(180deg)} works remarkably well.
2:34 AM
180deg rotation of hue is roughly any
ǝnɥ should be an acceptable shorthand for hue-rotate(180deg)
Drug chatroom wait what?
Ah, previous topic, nvm
3:13 AM
@user @tjjfvi Clarified, and added your suggestions.
3:26 AM
Q: Simulate my pill box

BubblerI have a small pill box of \$n\$ slots. (Think of it as a linear one like the image below, but not necessarily having 7 slots.) Each slot has at most one pill. Every day, I take one of two actions: take one pill from the pill box, or refill the pill box. The order of taking a pill alternates bet...

> Believe me, I take pills exactly as I describe here IRL. If you wonder why: I alternate directions as a simple way to prevent a pill from being too long in the pill box, and I just forget directions when the pill box is totally empty :P
out of curiosity, to avoid a pill staying in the box too long, can't you just refill it when it's empty?
or i guess if it has 3/7 left and you'll be out for 5 days that wouldn't work
I take pills from my pill box only at the office (that is, only for lunch on non-holiday weekdays), and I sometimes forget to refill when it gets empty in the middle of the week, so I decided to do it like this
and I know "avoiding a pill staying too long" doesn't necessarily work :P
@lyxal Um...
3:39 AM
I was genuinely confused as to how you got that page loaded
Search 'lyxal'
then I thought "hey that looks awfully similar to the extensions I have, and the bookmarks look similar too"
then I realised, "that's my screenshot"
and I was curious why you were posting a screenshot from way back
Because... No offence, but it's... Completely different from the one we have now
yeah duh
that was the first design
Was this when Vyxal still looked like Keg?
3:41 AM
this was earlier this year
and that was still a work in progress
the site design I mean
When was the current one made?
just before may
it was released with v2
Did you go look in Vyxal?
4:05 AM
solution idea for pill box question: use negative and number to represent box status?
4:21 AM
ಠ_ಠ when you forget to paste in the correct copy of your code
4:47 AM
Fun Fact: My exams start tomorrow
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced exams are temporary, vyxal is forever
@Razetime I approve of this message
what does that have to do with Shakespeare?
Shakespeare can program in vyxal?
4:58 AM
shakespeare learned vyxal before english
it was his first language
what lol
also @pxeger can you add C pointers to Whython?
5:32 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

don brightPolynomials and Irreducible Criteria in progress in progress. todo, add Perron' criteria, and several test cases. and figure out how to deal with verifying answers. and decide whether to leave in Cohn's since it turns out that its redundant vs Filaseta's criteria. As you may know, Polynomials are...

5:44 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerMaybe fractal sequence? code-golf integer sequence decision-problem Background A fractal sequence (Wikipedia; MathWorld) is an infinite sequence of positive integers meeting the following conditions: Each positive integer appears infinitely many times in the sequence. Before the first occurrenc...

6:04 AM
Am I misunderstanding Anush's comments here?
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced I know it's called Whython, but, like... why?
I can't see any use whatsoever for C pointers in a language fundamentally designed not to need them
1 hour later…
7:20 AM
@user Jelly, 4 bytes: ḣ2ṁ⁼
7:56 AM
@user Charcoal, 8 bytes: ⁼θ……θ²Lθ
@pxeger why not
sunday monday tuesday wedthurfriday saturday
@Bubbler I don't think you can understand them :p
Also, I didn't even notice, but congrats on 50k!
Thanks, though you're late by almost three weeks :P
Sep 9 at 22:56, by Bubbler
Also forgot to mention, but I hit 50k rep yesterday :D
8:12 AM
Lol :p
8:39 AM
Q: Adding Odd numbers in C++

Strange AlchemistI have written following code for the this C++ Problem: Write a program to add only odd numbers between one to ten. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int num = 1, n = 0; int odd_num; while(num <= 10) { if(num % 2 != 0) { odd_num = nu...

2 bytes: 25
Also 2 bytes, taking number as input: ½²
3 hours later…
11:30 AM
@pxeger Which is exactly why you should add them
Imagine the sheer power, the dangling pointers we can create!
2 hours later…
1:24 PM
y'all ever crack a cop's answer only to have github not want to upload your file because it's 2.93MB?
which is weird given that I've uploaded more than that before
oh well, I guess repeated unicode makes github go brrr
CMQYou have 3 bricks, each measuring 18 x 9 x 6 cm. How many different heights can you build up with them?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alan Bagelcode-golf Halve Code Regen TODO: This is a horrible title. Your challenge is to write a program, and when I half the program, the output must stay the same. Sometimes the code can't be halved evenly, and when that happens, I will do something similar to floor division: blahy => bl horse => ho med...

 #?+/18 9 6@!3#3
I think, if I've understood the question
I think you wrote code but I can't tell :)
CMQ Holding its hands out, palms upward a child starts counting on all its fingers and thumbs, going to and fro. If it counts up to 1982 which finger does counting end on?
@Anush lol, it's ngn/k
@Anush I don't understand the question
1:30 PM
@rak1507 which part?
wdym going to and fro? how does it count?
you start with the your thumb and then go across one hand and then you go to the little finger on the other hand and go to the thumb and then go back
oh right
so it repeats? if so find how many fingers and then it's 1982 % that I think
does the child start at 0 or 1?
Do you count the fingers on the ends twice?
1:34 PM
@Anush APL: ≢∪,∘.+⍣2⍨18 9 6
@Adám which problem and what does it output?
@rak1507 Have you ever heard of a child starting counting at 0?
@RedwolfPrograms might as well answer both versions
@Anush The one I replied to (how many heights) and it answers 10.
@Adám thanks!
and I do need to remember to follow the link
1:35 PM
@Anush Left pointer finger
@Adám :P maybe
Doesn't matter whether fingers repeat
1982 % 18 == 1982 % 20
which finger?
1 min ago, by Redwolf Programs
@Anush Left pointer finger
does everyone agree?
1:37 PM
@RedwolfPrograms if it starts at 1 you have to subtract 1, no?
@Anush We're not doing your homework, are we? :p
what level would that make me?
@rak1507 Idk, all I know is that counting two fingers would have the same outcome as 1982
So it'd the second one indexed finger
@Anush I disagree
Due to the fact that I have 19 fingers on each of my 4 hands, it's different
1:39 PM
@RedwolfPrograms yes... I think the logic breaks down a bit if it's the 'first' finger or something but in this case it works
@cairdcoinheringaahing diversity is important!
what is "second one indexed finger"?
Left pointer finger
fingers[1+⎕IO] :P
Can you set ⎕IO to things other than 0 or 1?
1:45 PM
@RedwolfPrograms thanks
that could be first :)
@rak1507 Aw :/
I agree
If you're going to add a cursed feature to a language you might as well commit lol
Why can't I set ⎕IO to 2 :(
dyalog pls
1:46 PM
CMP: What are people listening to this afternoon?
If you don't index your 1-d arrays on the complex plane, you're wasting your life
@WheatWizard Nothing right now, but lots of music from 2014-2015 last night
Hm. What was going on in 2015? I can't remember anything specifically from then.
@WheatWizard My stats professor, don't think you'd find him interesting :P
Oh Depression Cherry and Gliss Riffer both came out in 2015.
1:48 PM
@WheatWizard right now, youtube.com/watch?v=pNxt7y8RLKY
it's very moving
@WheatWizard Ask me again this afternoon :P
Also Asunder Sweet, and other distress and Product. 2015 was a good year.
@AaronMiller What are you listening to?
@WheatWizard this lovely little ditty
@WheatWizard My Castle Town but it's lofi (aaron don't listen to that yet it's from deltarune ch2)
2:04 PM
Ok how about CMP: Anyone want to recommend me some music?
@WheatWizard RGB by yoasobi; don't think i've recommended or mentioned this here before but if i have then rip
@WheatWizard The King by Sarah Kinsley
@hyper-neutrino Is this the opening to an anime?
@WheatWizard Can You Hear Me Comin' by Dirty McClean is also something I've been listening to on semi-repeat recently
@WheatWizard i don't believe so; i think it's just a jpop song
there's an anime opening for dr. stone also called sangenshoku but it's different
2:09 PM
It's probably that my only exposure to jpop is through anime themes.
that's fair enough
a lot of the jpop songs i like even if i just found them from yt recommendations or something end up being anime themes lol.
It's kind of funny I feel like I listen to a good amount of Japanese music in proportion to the size of the country, but it's all like harsh noise and experimental Jazz. I have very little exposure to the pop.
I love the "theory" that Dear Maria is an anime opening theme :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thanks. Just some nice alternative.
2:16 PM
code trolling is writing programs that troll?
i dont remember
It's a kind of pop-con where you make code that looks like it solves the task but has a secret bug.
> The chosen language should not be the sole reason to troll the lazy OP. Otherwise, you could just plainly encode the correct solution using brainfuck, GolfScript, or some language that is clearly a crazy, unexpected or unusual choice for the problem
I feel like, maybe, just maybe, this post has been deleted and is no longer viewable.
wait did we not block codetrolling? i thought we had
2:18 PM
OP deleted and undeleted it 3 times in a minute I believe
@cairdcoinheringaahing i know what OP means but what is the full form?
Oasker Person
@hyper-neutrino No, because blacklisting a tag causes it to get removed from all questions IIRC
original post(er)
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced Original Poster
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's unfortunate
ok i can understand undeleting it to edit the footer in and maybe if they self-close-voted, that too, but why so many lmao
I don't think they can self-CV
huh, really? pretty sure i've done it before (back before i was a mod)
i don't think community will hammer it unless it's a dupe vote tho (or maybe not even in that case? i forgor)
I think you can "agree" with a dupe close, and that hammers it shut, but for a normal VTC, I don't think you get that
2:34 PM
Q: Decode Google 23 Birthday Doodle

espeedDecode Google 23 Birthday Doodle https://www.google.com/doodles/googles-23rd-birthday

@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah that's what i remember. but i do believe you can CV yourself
hey @slate are there any close vote types you can't cast on your own questions? if you happen to know :P
@hyper-neutrino I think that requires 3k rep tho
Off the top of my head, I don't think so, but I don't actually know. Migrations, maybe (on sites where that's relevant)?
wish i had a sandbox.se to test this on
A sandbox.se would be really great :p
You should get a slider where you can change your rep at will
And a button that makes you a moderator :P
2:43 PM
*makes self sandbox mod*
*sets sandbox to chat parent*
@RedwolfPrograms some random person: destroys the site
How about you get one mod action per day :p
@RedwolfPrograms Forget sandbox.se, let's just do that
see i could do a serious amount of irreversible damage with just one mod action but on a sandbox site where nothing matters that damage wouldn't matter :P
@hyper-neutrino I don't believe you, you should show us by example /s
2:48 PM
Just have the site reset every 24 hours. That way you can't do permanent damage.
Yeah, but it wouldn't be useful for testing some stuff then
Maybe you get ten minutes of mod abuse per day :p
(You actually still can, but those would just have to be disabled.)
@RedwolfPrograms some versions of Perl allowed you to set $[ to things other than 0 or 1; I wrote a cursed usenet downloader that relied on that behaviour
@WheatWizard what about Rick Astley?
That has already been suggested.
1 hour ago, by Aaron Miller
@WheatWizard this lovely little ditty
2:59 PM
link is broken though
works for me
No, it's a bad link lol
You pasted the URL twice
bruh wut
i swear the link works for me, but i dont know why
Actually wait, it worms for me too
It was my anti-rickroll script
@RedwolfPrograms Rick Astley doing the worm lol
works for me and the link isn't detected by my very bad rickroll detector script
3:05 PM
Mine's luckily good enough to detect it
mine just highlights links whose href points to like one of three rickroll links
Mine makes it so that hovering a link will turn it gray, or red if it's a rickroll. Clicking a red link will do nothing.
3:25 PM
I figure it's not fair if I have rickroll resistance and y'all don't :p
This will hopefully start a rickroll arms escalation ending in mutually assured rickroll
mutually assured rickrolls will surely mar this room's quality
My script just checks if the string "dQw4w9WgXcQ" is in the link
It'll actually remove the link entirely if it's a guarateed rickroll (matches link exactly)
But since that could theoretically show up in something like a gist, it'll just highlight and disable clicking ones which are inexact matches
They're begging us now
I really would check out the rickroll detector though, it's got some pretty cool concepts behind it
@hyper-neutrino MAR brings some of the MAD people in though, so... :P
Like turning all links gray, so you get used to that. If the script gets disabled for some reason, you won't have a false sense of security when a link is green.
3:46 PM
@RedwolfPrograms is that so?
dang it
that didn't work
i did https://youtu.be/%64%51%77%34%77%39%57%67%58%63%51
Did chat auto unescape it?
If so that's hilarious
looks like it unescaped it
It does something really weird if you're using the script I made...I guess it doesn't handle youtu.be links correctly
It rapidly switches between red and gray, I guess it tries to change it to gray, at the same time as it gets uncompressed to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ, which gets changed again into # and turned red
Wait, but it can't uncompress the youtu.be links, so I have no idea what's going on
Can anyone else repro?
Weird, that doesn't turn red for me
Despite having the rickroll string
4:04 PM
Aw, nobody's downloaded my fake rickroll detector :(
It's actually a rickroll
It makes it so that hovering any link redirects you to a rickroll
    // Prototype hack because frick JS

    HTMLAnchorElement.prototype.unlink = Object.entries(Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors(HTMLElement.prototype)).sort()[5][1].value;
4:50 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Don't you mean 11 minutes?
@hyper-neutrino Destroying the tag?
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah i could merge it into like code-challenge
those leave no revision history nor are undoable and i don't think staff could even fix that
ok but (at least in theory) we could just reassign code-trolling to code-golf and not too much would be lost
@hyper-neutrino An anti-rickroll script is sufficiently close to rickrolling that you should sort of expect it :p
4:53 PM
true :p
@Bubbler Ah, cool, I'll check that out sometime maybe. :D
@RedwolfPrograms I very much want the next bit of that email to be "Hi Ryan, we're asking you for the last time, please wear pants!" :P
@RedwolfPrograms Related?
Q: Validate Sudoku on a Mobius Strip

Taco タコス@BeastlyGerbil presents, the world's very first MOBIUS SUDOKU: Google Sheets version (The left most square backs onto the right most square, and the middle squares back onto each other. The ends are then attached as indicated.) RULES: Normal sudoku rules apply for rows and boxes - boxes are...

2 hours later…
6:40 PM
Hmm do you think some citations are needed? :p
6:57 PM
7:08 PM
Oops I just reviewed something as if it were FA when it was actually LA...
Better go edit that comment lol
7:20 PM
@RedwolfPrograms They should be using a global citation template rather than a million individual ones.
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
There will be another planned maintenance exactly 48 hours later in the same time window but if all goes well it will be cancelled.
wish they did have a standard format for this sort of announcement though
previous ones have usually used US/Eastern but some did US/EST or US/EDT
this announcement initially said EST except it was in UTC-4 which is wrong; EST is UTC-5 and EDT is -4, and most of us are in DST anyway
Does anyone know if the Privacy Policy introduces any radical changes that the average user should care about? (I couldn't find anything big but pxeger's diff was hard to read through)
In other news, leading scientists at some college in the middle of nowhere have discovered that the center of the universe tastes like raspberries
9:26 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I assume that you're cutting off some letters after "pants", but all I can think of is "Please wear pantsuits", and that's not much better
9:44 PM
No, it's actually saying "Please wear pants"
I'll give context I guess :p
We did a few things in chemistry class involving bunsen burners and for liability reasons or whatever they wanted us to wear long pants
("pants" as in the american meaning, not an abbreviation of "underpants")
10:05 PM
That sounds quite unreasonable, does that mean people can't wear their spacesuits?
10:18 PM
@lyxal You lost me at "y'all ever crak a cop's answer" :P
10:36 PM
@user From reading the answers to the update, it seems as though the biggest change is the amount of data SE is allowed to collect about us
But, a lot of that data stuff has also already existed, people are just now complaining about it
10:49 PM
Ah, interesting (well, more creepy than interesting)
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