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12:09 AM
Wait, Codex can generate real code from pseudocode/natural language?
@user duh
That's kinda the point of it
1:05 AM
1:30 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I think if it more as WrAlph... not the most logical removal of syllables. It's wolves all the way down en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph
Nice :P
@JoKing did you feel any of the earthquake today?
Because the Melbourne earthquake was supposedly felt in some parts of NSW
2:10 AM
@RedwolfPrograms No, but AppleScript sure reads that way
2:40 AM
Protip: Reading a license agreement is a lot more fun when you feed it to a text-to-speech bot :)
(I know, I know, the tip is useless because nobody reads license agreements anyway)
2:51 AM
I just typed make celan instead of make clean, and now I can't stop thinking of the makefile creating a new person named "Celan" instead of providing instructions on how to clear the .o files in my directory
Ha! Here I just thought celan was the name of your new project. :P
@DLosc if it was, I wouldn't need to specify the name ;p
... In my defense, it's been approximately 13 years since I last used make :P
it's been approximately 30 seconds since I last used make ;p
3:31 AM
So uh serious question: did anyone remember the 21st night of september?
because I forgor
I am in the 21st night of september right now
It's pretty forgettable tbf
what is special about the 21st night of september, am i dumb
that's a lot of 9+10s
also hm this song sounds familiar
@hyper-neutrino because it's turned into a meme song
3:37 AM
well there are (approximately) 21 minutes before midnight for me
If duolingo marks this right it'll be so cool
Frick duolingo, it counted it wrong D:
it was rightn't
Any more feedback on my CGCC blog post proposal? docs.google.com/document/d/…
4:18 AM
@lyxal nope! not a thing. first i knew about it was seeing the news and realising it said south-east australia, not south-east asia
4:29 AM
TIL there are two nuclear plants in TX
Pretty neat
Surprisingly, they account for 60% of the state's non-fossil-fuel power, despite there being very large wind farms all over the place
isn't nuclear power like extremely efficient though? iirc it's currently quite important for sustainable green power because even though it's technically non-renewable (i believe) it has such a high resource efficiency and low impact/footprint (obviously assuming nothing goes wrong)
i don't suppose texas has much hydro?
Not sure. I know we have some from Lake Travis in Austin, and probably a little bit more elsewhere, but it's probably a very tiny amount.
ah, okay
4:34 AM
nuclear fuel is still a high risk high reward energy source which should be replaced in the near future
ontario has 3 nuclear plants accounting for about 60% as well (total)
@Razetime It's not risky though
@Razetime i mean, we'd be lucky in the near future to see real progress towards sustainable power production
There hasn't been a major issue since 2011, and you can hardly blame the plant for getting hit by a tsunami
And nobody was even put at too much of a risk then
ontario has a lot of hydro plants lol. accounts for almost a quarter of our power, apparently.
4:37 AM
Even chernobyl, which is the worst one in history, probably caused some increased cancer rates but only 30 something people died as an immediate result of the meltdown, and maybe some 4000 afterward
And that's fifty years ago in the soviet union
If anything worse could happen, it would have already
The only slight concern would be theft of enough fuel for a terrorist group to make a nuclear bomb, but IIRC almost all reactors use low enriched uranium, and theft of enough to make a bomb would never happen
Imagine having nuclear power plants
And it's been estimated time and time again that the conventional explosives in a dirty bomb would be more dangerous than the radiation, if that's the concern
@Razetime not very high risk
Nuclear is very safe, and while it's nonrenewable, it's great as an in between option to get rid of coal/gas, before enough investment in renewables has been made
TIL the importance of actually setting your pointers to 0 when you create them
because otherwise they just point to any old random memory block
4:43 AM
for environmental side, thermal is worse
wait why would you set your pointer to 0 doesn't that just point to nothing
@hyper-neutrino correct
that would be good
... am i missing something? why do you want that
I meant inside a constructor
4:44 AM
although changing the *0 sounds interesting
or when you just want to declare the pointer without setting it to non-0
oh like
if you have a linkedlist node class, setting the next node to nullptr?
Storing nuclear waste is an extremely costly process afaik
@hyper-neutrino that, and also setting head/current/tail to nullptr
@hyper-neutrino because that's what I wasn't doing
ah. ok i was confused cuz i thought you were just setting to 0 when making random int pointers or w/e :p
4:45 AM
nodes would be created pointing to random stuff
adn the growth of plants gives reason for countries to harvest nuclear energy sources for weapons
@Razetime That's probably the biggest downside, but it's not like pushing problems aside for the future to deal with isn't something fossil fuels heavily rely on :p
surely it's less costly than the impacts of climate change, even if we only care about money
just throw the waste into the sun ez /s
@Razetime Don't most reactors use uranium?
So they'd be stuck with crude pellet-and-gun type bombs
you ever play nuclear paintball?
4:53 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ok let me make a tacit+stack based :p
@JoKing what?
@Razetime After some research, seems Generation IV reactors are being planned which produce much less dangerous waste products
Plus insanely higher efficiencies per unit of fuel
5:27 AM
@JoKing What’s nuclear paintball?
Btw, can anyone review my question - Which character was removed?
@Wansen it was a joke on the "pellet-and-gun" phrase
@JoKing huh
I don’t get the jo king
5:42 AM
@JoKing is your irl name Jo King?
6:12 AM
I’d be very surprised if it was :o
It's about 60% of my name
@JoKing oh
john king? (guess no1; incorrect)
Jo king / john king = 7/9 = not 60%
Jo king / john kinG? = 7/10 = 70%
not john king
I think maybe “John John”
Also, I fixed one of my first posts, any feedback?
@Wansen about 60%
> It's about 60% of my name
Jun 29 at 6:49, by Adám
I think it is really cool when people's names (at least in short form) turn out like that. Jo King is actually called that IRL. (His name is Joshua.)
6:26 AM
oh and i was there
Jun 29 at 6:50, by Adám
There's another APLer called Raymond Cannon. He goes by Ray Cannon. Coolest name ever!
6:45 AM
I - I - I don’t understand @pVCaecidiosporeadduced
Never mind.
7:13 AM
@RedwolfPrograms that sounds great
I'm still not much of a fan of nuclear energy, will agree that it is still the safest for present use though
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
reposting this question since I know many of y'all can solve it and it's easy
9:03 AM
Biweekly mini golf starts in 2 hours.
10:03 AM
@Razetime How do I comment on an answer? The Haskell answer could be shorter.
Like on here, it's a (quite easy to earn) privelege. Until then, you may as well do what most people do here and post your own answer.
Ah ok I guess I won't then.
@Razetime Btw congrats on 2K Codidact rep!
oh, neato
@WheatWizard just post your comment here, i'll relay it over.
... Did you even realise?
10:07 AM
it must have happened very recently (<1h)
@Razetime It could use mod instead of cycle to save 2 bytes.
cool, will send
10:57 AM
@Razetime Starts in one more hour :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing woop woop
@cairdcoinheringaahing since when? I thought it was supposed to start in 2 hours
> Starts in 53 minutes
Huh til I suck at reading 24h time
Because I genuinely thought it was at 11pm my time instead of 10pm
11:16 AM
Sleep I should
@lyxal why do you wake up till 12?
@cairdcoinheringaahing oof i wont be there
cause i have to go out in 30 mins
^ plate family???
12:07 PM
(sorry it's a little late) Welcome to BMG, I think everyone knows how this works, feel free to ask if not
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by Razetime
Draft: given an array, make it unsorted. Only condition is that the array cannot be in ascending or descending order.
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by Razetime
Draft: Read a line of input. If it's only composed of digits, print it as is. Otherwise, print the input reversed.
really needed more drafts, lol
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We can have a shorter one
oh well
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly, 3 bytes Try it online!
@cairdcoinheringaahing I was literally about to do that exact thing in vyxal
12:13 PM
Feels like there should be a 1 byte way to change the order aside from reversing it
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by pVC aecidiospore adduced
Draft: Check if the given string contains a consecutive sequence of 1s or 0s. Ex: "0110010" -> True, "aaaaa" -> False, 'a line 0' -> True.
Not sure I quite understand the last test case for that one
it has a single 0 so it works i guess
so isn't that CMC just "check if the string contains a 1 or 0"?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal, 4 bytes: ⌊≠[Ṙ
12:18 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly, 5 bytes
@cairdcoinheringaahing BQN, ∨´"01"⊸∊
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal r, 4 bytes: ₀SF≠
It shouldn't need the flag, but the F command takes its arguments in the reverse order of what the documentation says.
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by pVC aecidiospore adduced
Draft: Given 2 positive numbers, convert them to binary and add them (base 10 vectorised addition). Ex: 12, 2 -> [1,1,1,0]; 2, 3 -> [2,1]
4 bytes in Jelly, I think
12:38 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing In Vyxal, it would be b∑, but due to the way that they get added together, it doesn't work ([1,1,0,0] + [1,0] = [2,1,0,0])
Yeah, Jelly would be BS if it weren't for that
@cairdcoinheringaahing bullsh*t.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Does it have to be a list of digits? For example, could I return 1110 instead of [1,1,1,0]?
best to follow the examples
@lyxal is there a 1-byte way to convert a list of digits to a number? The shortest I can think of is ṅ⌊
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal, 5 bytes: bvṅ∑f
12:50 PM
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by emanresu A
Draft: Given a positive integer, return the smallest base in which its digits are strictly ascending or descending.
@AaronMiller If we could do a number instead of a list of digits, I could do this instead
@cairdcoinheringaahing BQN: 1↓{((∨´𝕩>0)◶⟨⟩‿𝕊⌊𝕩÷2)∾+´2|𝕩}
@lyxal y convert to base 1 no work?
base 1 conversion needs to be special cased
which should be taken care of in fb
It would allow for a 1 byte golf of the Vyxal bf interpreter
12:59 PM
so you're tryna convert 30k to base 1 to get a list of 30k 0 cells
That's not what I was trying to do when I realized it didn't work, but it's the first use case I thought of for it
hehe i see
in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by pVC aecidiospore adduced
Draft: Given 3 numbers (x,y,z) compute: x-1+z!*(x÷y)
@AaronMiller I if they are single digits
My phone's about to die, so someone else might need to post the next ones
1:02 PM
i see
@lyxal O.o
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's factorial(z), right?
@Razetime isn't bqn just apl but with extra stuff?
no, it isn't.
please read mlochbaum.github.io/BQN before you come to conclusions
@AaronMiller x-1 added to factorial(z) * x/y
@cairdcoinheringaahing Python 3, 79 bytes:lambda*a:[*map(sum,zip(*[map(int,f"{z:0{len(bin(max(a)))-2}b}")for z in a]))][tio.run/##FctLCoMwEADQqwRXMyEFPxsRehJ1McEGA2YcUgWNePbYLt/… (reused method from here)
1:07 PM
@Razetime ok will read more carefully
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal, 6 bytes: ₍/¡Π+‹
@cairdcoinheringaahing JavaScript: f=(x,y,z,w=x)=>z?f(x,y,z-1,w*z):x-1+w/y
in BMG Drafts, 1 hour ago, by Razetime
Draft: APL-style Grade up an array.
@Razetime Testcase?
33 11 44 66 22 → 2 5 1 3 4
1:26 PM
AICMC: Return the number of times a given character appears in a string.
GPT or something
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced as in, I used gpt3 to generate the cmc
:59204887 nope, standard divinci
1:28 PM
@lyxal s=>c=>[...s].filter(x=>x==c).length
i was thinking you used ai to solve the cmc and were going to show us the answer it gave
RegExp is probably shorter, actually
AICMC: Return a string made up of a random collection of characters, each repeated a given number of times.
AICMC: Add up all integers in a vector of vectors
fun fact: every cmc I've ever posted has been generated by gpt, except a couple that were trivial modifications to someone else's cmc
(I've had these ready for a few months BTW)
1:30 PM
@lyxal _=>""+(Math.random()*2|0)
Number of times is 1
in BMG Drafts, 1 hour ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Draft: Given a 2x2 matrix, output it's determinant
@lyxal Python: str.count
Number of characters in collection is 1
@RedwolfPrograms I mean, sure. I didn't write the rules, so I guess any interpretation is valid
@lyxal x=>(z=0,x.map(y=>y.map(z=>i+=z)),z)
Or, in Ash, n
(or i for an integer or f for a float)
1:32 PM
@Razetime I got distracted and forgot about this, but Vyxal, 1 byte:
It's 0-indexed, so the bit in the footer is just to compare it to the testcase easier
It's an arrow pointing up because it's grade up :p
user image
My high school just emailed this out, I will not give context
@lyxal Is this just the 0-byte program in Vyxal d?
@AaronMiller gud gud
Booo MGS
1:35 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Sometimes you just need a reminder, you know?
@RedwolfPrograms Marriott Global Source?
With caird's draft, this BMG has come to an end. Thanks to all who participated and added questions. For those who have come now, or later, feel free to try out this week's BMG questions starting from here.
Does anyone care to provide feedback on the adjustments I just made to this post per request? I concurred with the comment that loosening the input and output requirements would be a good idea, but I fear that I may have confused the descriptions for each.
@lyxal Vyxal, 1 byte: O
1:44 PM
@AaronMiller Does anyone have stats on how common an answer of that size is?
@Tacoタコス very common, since many trivial problems often have such golfing language answers
@Razetime So assuming there's a way to solve a typical sudoku in 1 byte is probably not that far fetched then? lol
assuming 500 builtins on average, every golflang has 500 unique problems to solve in 1 byte. This has large overlap across most golfing languages.
@Tacoタコス you can make a golfing language with that, but it'd be ill advised. It's preferred that the problem a builtin solves is a well repeated subproblem.
@Razetime Oh I'm not interested in making a golfing language, yet lol
I'm still working to write an interpreted one for a custom chat bot lol
@Razetime the solution is to make sudokus a well repeated subproblem then
1:48 PM
Though, it seems as though a golfing language would be more hard-coded than an interpreted language
@Razetime No, it's not possible for 500 builtins to all be 1 byte.
@m90 ah yesh about 256 1-byte builtins
@m90 With overloads, you can get pretty close to that
2:36 PM
Q: Parentheses Clusters

MSS2001Write a function that groups a string into parentheses cluster. Each cluster should be balanced. Examples : split("((())d)") ➞ ["((()))"] split("(h(e(l)l)o) (w(o)r)l(d).(w)h(a(t)'(s)u)p") ➞ ["((()))", "(())", "()", "()", "(()())"] split("((())())(()(()()))") ➞ ["((())())", "(()(()()))"] Input ...

@AaronMiller and if you do some weird things it may become well over 1000
3:03 PM
@Razetime How tf do you have 500 1-byte builtins lol
Well, I guess you can overload by weird stuff like number of inputs
Oh wait, if you count overloading in the builtins 500 is actually kind of small
@RedwolfPrograms Easy, use glags :p
> glags
@RedwolfPrograms ez just put 500 cmds in ur codepage duh smh
Put the builtins on the trains. Send them to the glags.
3:06 PM
I qm not advocating for gulags
dont use sbcs use dbcs
ok just add a billion flags, overload on arument types, overload based on the position in source code, overload based on the current time, overload based on the flags, overload based on previous overloads
sbcs 500 cmd codepage
> overload based on the current time
@AaronMiller yes
3:26 PM
It's not every day that Vim outgolfs APL and almost ties 05AB1E and Japt :)
3:43 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alan Bagelcode-golf You heavy? Drop down now! Your challenge is to input a matrix and drop down the 1's down 1 column, the 2's down 2 columns, the 3's down 3 columns, and so on. Test cases: 0,1,2,1,0 0,0,0,0,0 0,0,2,0,1 0,1,0,1,0 1,0,2,1,0 => 0,0,2,0,1 0,0,0,1,0 1,0,2,1,0 0,0,0,0,0 0,0,2,1,0 S...

@RedwolfPrograms i stole vyxal's estimate
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced there are few which use vbcs
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced If you want to write the code for 65536 unique operators go right ahead :p
I step away from my computer for one hour, and GRT opened 80 tabs for close/61945
That's 5-6 times more than you'd need to hardcode everything on the site
@cairdcoinheringaahing I really don't know why it's doing that...can you check for any errors within those tabs?
3:55 PM
No, I just finished closing them :(
Try opening it manually, shouldn't change anything
Nope, no errors
In theory they'll close themselves
Are you on chrome or FF?
Oh hey, "this queue has been cleared" is back!
3:57 PM
Nice :P
It's supposed to close the tab after 10m, if it opens one tab every 20s (the minimum possible with default settings) it shouldn't have more than 30 even if everything else failed
So there's two issues here
@RedwolfPrograms I have the update interval at 40000, and the close interval at 6000000
But it wasn't opening that many tabs until a few days ago
@RedwolfPrograms That's a hundred minutes...
Is that my typo or yours
4:00 PM
I changed that
Well then there's only one issue
10 minutes kept closing them in the middle, so I just added a 0
Either the setInterval isn't running, or it's being ignored
Do lines 51-53 (or somewhere nearby) look exactly like this?:
setInterval(async () => {
    GM.setValue("GRT." + key, Date.now());
}, 1000);
Lines 48-51 look exactly like that
Run location.pathname.split("/").slice(1, 3).join("_").replace(/-/g, "_") in the console
It should look something like review_close
4:04 PM
Yep, returns review_close
Do you see codegolf and codegolf_review_close in the console already?
FWIW, this is the code I have for GRT
@RedwolfPrograms Yes
Hmm...no idea what's happening then
As all the reviews have a unique id (across queues), is there no way of checking if a tab has already been opened with /review/<queue>/<id>, and then not opening another tab if so?
It's already designed to do that
It will never open anything in a queue when it's already open
4:07 PM
I have a theory, but I'd need to wait until a review appears to check it
I clicked on the tampermonkey logo on /reviews/close earlier to open the GRT source code, and I noticed that GRT was "off", which might have disabled that checking, and I turned it back on
But, if that's it, I don't know how it was opening the tabs in the first place, as GRT would've been off on /reviews
The JS gets injected immediately
So if GRT is disabled after the tab's already open, it still opens tabs
But the tabs wouldn't be able to indicate they're open
So that's almost certainly the issue
Well, I've enabled it again, and reloaded to make sure. I'll let you know if it happens again tho
In the next update I'll add a way to simulate review tasks coming in, for easier debugging
I have something like that on my copy, but it's very rough
Well that's the easiest flag validation I've had in a while
Didn't even check, anyone know what the context was?
Okay this is the context
And the user has nearly 40k rep on workplace >:|
Rep doesn't always mean you won't say offensive stuff
glares at math.se
Btw if anyone's interested, I have a flag notification userscript I made a while back
My copy sends me desktop notifications, but it can be configured to just play a ping sound
4:24 PM
Popcorn.SE does the same IIRC
@user Is 1637 your favorite XKCD?
4:46 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Probably brings back nostalgic memories :P
5:20 PM
@RedwolfPrograms my favourite is this one:
(look at chat try and fail to onebox that lol)
It doesn't try to onebox it for me :(
I got a weird loading indicator for a few seconds lol
Oh, the client side markdown renderer probably tries to onebox it
There's a ton of weird inconsistencies
5:38 PM
I was implementing the crazy op, and i got the output 0101010101, which seemed too consistent to be correct, so i figured i did something wrong, but just by complete coincidence, it turns out that crazy_op(40, 42069) returns 0101010101. That is incredible and beautiful.
5:51 PM
@AaronMiller crazy_op(0, 42069) gives 0101010101 too fwiw
6:35 PM
> 20,095 minutes
7:04 PM
And you didn't even get 100 out of 100, with all that time :P
I don't like how SO's started to use that corporate art style
@RedwolfPrograms where?
I don't think that's that corporate art style
it's certainly a corporate art style
but not that one
I've always found it weird that they talk about the "Audio Bubble" collective (and it's shown in the dev screenshots of the profile updates etc.), but that isn't a thing (and neither is Audio Bubble)
7:17 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I noticed that too, figured it was intentional to avoid showing off any single company
For legal reasons or something
Yeah, that's my figuring too. Always felt weird tho
Opinions on the current appearance of RTO? (Everything below the three tabs is still in development, more boxes and styling will be added)
@RedwolfPrograms -1 not enough Vyxal /s
@RedwolfPrograms Of the flags listed here, which would you consider acceptable to use?
8:03 PM
TIL what it feels like to FGITW a question
8:25 PM
@pxeger Uhhh... wat
All I can think of is this painting (warning: somewhat dark & gory)
@RedwolfPrograms The language header and the three tabs look good. The "Back to main page" link feels a bit... unfinished? I don't know if it wants a different font, shorter text, or an image instead of text.
8:46 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Retina 1, 7 bytes
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