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12:00 AM
"who up"?
Fun fact: the inverse of that (e.g. 2184 -> 16) is only 2 bytes more in Jelly and aside from those 2 bytes, the programs are identical
what's your target
oh nvm you commented it
15b? same :P
how similar are they @cairdcoinheringaahing
Surprisingly different
h u h
What I had (first line, second line is the inverse function)
Oh, I have 14 bytes now :P
12:07 AM
Your is unnecessary
oh. yeah lol
Because the only way that can map [x, y] to 3 is if [x, y] = [1, 1] or if [x, y] = [0, 3], and g can never produce 0
good point :D
So we both have a 4 byte way of testing that [1,1] isn't an element (iØ1¬ vs Ḅ3e¬) :P
12:11 AM
I just went (a+b) == 2
No grouping needed
Answer coming soon
(I mean, Arnauld/tsh will beat it easily but whatever
13 bytes (@hyper-neutrino)
§_2Ạ works too lol, stealing a username's idea
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah you figured out how to collapse it into one link? very nice
12 bytes (@hyper-neutrino)
ah clever
idk how i didn't see that
i was doing "sum each, -2, product/all"
but -2 from the sum of a pair is just sum of -1 of each ಠ_ಠ
12:20 AM
rip my explanation
also this is a perfect example of "jelly is only interesting with clever dyad chaining"
i'm gonna steal the 3-byte check from your version and keep my chaining lol
Oh yeah, this entire thing is a very elegant dyadic chain :P
ð+¥ what is this abomination
ok but finally an excellent use of 2,2,2 :p
I do love a good use of 2,2,2 :P
2,2,2 and 2,2 produce the most interesting chains
although a lot of 2,2 is actually 2,1} and I feel like aF}¥ is common enough i might just make that into a combinator in yuno
Appending to any of these ð1# approaches gives the inverse function :P
12:26 AM
oh lol
12:48 AM
@NewPosts isnt it a bit counter intuitive to do codegolf but then offer a bounty for the fastest code?
@Underslash I dislike restricted answers, and I don't want to have to run a , but I'm still interested in approaches that are more interesting than brute force
fair enough
would I be in the wrong to submit a non-codegolfed answer that is fast?
Yes, but you'd be fine to submit a fast answer that shows some basic golfing
Remove whitespace, shorten variable names, etc.
yeah, basically optimize, then minify
@Underslash But show the unminified code as well.
12:51 AM
yeah of course
it wouldnt be any help to say: heres 500 bytes of rust, gl figuring it out
@Underslash Yeah, that's fine. I'd expect answers for the bounty to either be that, or a properly golfed inefficient answer that includes a fast answer as well
I also have doubts that any answer would be able to beat the oeis sequence, since the available runtime is only 1 min
but thats just extra incentive :)
There's a reason it's 500 rep :P
would I be able to make a general "extend oeis" type challenge, where answers to the post would be non-trivial extensions of any oeis sequence?
The problem with general OEIS sequence challenges is that there are so many trivial sequences
12:55 AM
What is the time complexity of this?
@cairdcoinheringaahing sure, but for those any extensions would be trivial, so they would need to be restricted
so maybe only for sequences where the amount of numbers was restricted not by trying to make the page under a gigabyte, but more that the sequence was only able to be calculated to that value at that point
@Underslash I think the only way that could work is by restricting the sequences (for example, ones that only have 9 or fewer listed elements)
@cairdcoinheringaahing should I throw together a quick sandbox post so I can get the idea down?
1:00 AM
right on time lol
1:17 AM
Got to love it when synonyms make the tag wiki weird :/
1:45 AM
25% of my bookmarked questions have been closed as off-topic :/
Aka 1 of 4?
Specifically, 3/12.
Two and a where the tasks were deemed insufficiently interconnected.
@Ausername what did you have?
Exactly what you had.
1:50 AM
Great minds think alike
@Ausername You know it's an old challenge when the accepted answer didn't even remove all the whitespace 0_o
Wait didn't I add k/ in May?
@Ausername maybe
But I do remember there were some accidental overlaps
Because it wasn't there when I started spamming ascii-art...
Maybe you forgot to implement/document it.
1:53 AM
Also, I'm up to 469k views. Nice
I just realised I don't have to copy your dictionary for Jyxal - I can just steal it from the internet!
You mean just make a get request?
just query the entire internet and compile a complete dictionary :P
Nah, use GPT-3 like a real gamer :p
Speaking of real gamers, my uni makes us do course feedback surveys, and I said that one of my workshop leaders was "an epic gamer" in my response
2:06 AM
@lyxal Nice
2:17 AM
@lyxal Can we have a quad palindromise (mvm and ømvøm)?
@Ausername sure
I'll probably bring some of the things I find cool from the E branch as digraphs
That'll be for next time I'm at my computer
Or I can implement
What digraphs would it be?
@hyper-neutrino Thoughts on graduating this to ?
Seems like a good idea
We're pretty unique as a site in that 70%ish of the questions are from high-rep users - On Q&A sites, the more experienced you are, the less questions you post.
2:30 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

UnderslashExtend the OEIS On the OEIS, there are a significant amount of sequences which do not have proper continuations to them, in other words, the length of the sequence was cut short by the methods at that point. An example of this is the sequence in this post before it was extended by this answer. A ...

any feedback on this is appreciated
Looks pretty good, but ask the others.
hi everyone
@Ausername food and butt lol
What do you mean? ;)
spelling errors are often interesting :P
2:36 AM
Stuff on there that isn't already implemented
@lyxal wow thats a huge list
@wasif I made it as a guideline for choosing E branch commands
Hence why it's long
matrix operations are often useful
Hence why I want them as features in the E branch :p
what did you thought about graphics features
using turtle module
2:39 AM
Or svg output for the web?
plus some web scraping diagraphs (I can help regarding these)
oh did you include LCM??
@wasif for a long time I've considered: a) canvas commands, b) ways to create HTML output, c) turtle graphics/tkinter and d) classes
@wasif probably not.
uhhh what? classes??
Yes classes
@lyxal You want to make an OOP golfing lang?
2:42 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I've always wanted to
how will oop be useful
And I've always had a plan to extend vyxal to do so
@wasif honestly idk, which is why it'd be done with digraphs
This seems like something that trigraphs should be used for :P
I've just never gotten around to figuring out the best way to transpile classes as well as a nice enough syntax
Use Python's type style syntax
2:44 AM
have you decided on the oop syntax
Given that type is literally how to dynamically make classes in Python
@wasif not really
If you are adding classes I also recommend to add WSGI web frameworks
vyxal supports functions
so functions can get the WSGI variables and do things on them and return the header and response
@lyxal ^
So you mean one could make a web server with vyxal?
after reading that guide doing all these seems very easy
2:54 AM
A way to use python modules maybe? You'd need a wrapper for calling these though..
@Ausername we have python exec
3:05 AM
Yeah but that's expensive
That was fast!
@cairdcoinheringaahing I agree with that - seemingly no objectives, so if anyone has any reasons to oppose this becoming , speak now
Did they delete it, or did you?
I closed and instantly deleted it
not really spam so I don't want to mark it, but it's not worth keeping around
3:11 AM
They were a first time contributor, though
this looks like a spam seed
@AviFS so? every spam account is - this doesn't seem to be spam, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wasn't it worth just closing and leaving a friendly comment to say they were probably looking for SO?
@AviFS That only means something if they actually contribute
That's what I was doign
> I’m voting to close this question because it has nothing to do with our site scope and is off-topic for all of Stack Exchange. Additionally, I am deleting this post because it is extremely low quality and borderline spam and has no redeemable qualities. – hyper-neutrino♦ 1 min ago
3:12 AM
Then we could delete it after we gave them feedback
this does NOT belong on SO
But it's clear they were looking for SO
This doesn't belong on the network
I can confidently say this doesn't belong anywhere on SE
It would've been for SO mods to help shape it up
no, it isn't
Oh, well it seemed that way to me
the community can shape up questions that are a bit unclear or need some work - this is irredeemable
There's "trying but failing" and then there's "not trying at all". This was the latter
3:14 AM
also, mods are not really responsible for shaping up questions, TBH - that's something I do as a community member, not as a mod task
I was Vyxaling while all this was happening.
Still feel like you guys could've said something before deleting it, haha
I did
you can read comments on deleted posts
I see
3:14 AM
and again, you can see your own deleted posts
We close questions that should (or even shouldn't but could) be on SO and redirect the users (for whatever good it serves). For questions that just don't belong here, there's no point directing them anywhere
and you get inbox notifications for comments on deleted posts
Wait, did you actually say this to them?
> I’m voting to close this question because it has nothing to do with our site scope and is off-topic for all of Stack Exchange. Additionally, I am deleting this post because it is extremely low quality and borderline spam and has no redeemable qualities. – hyper-neutrino♦ 1 min ago
3:15 AM
Tough love, lmao
hell, makyen or someone else would probably murder me if I redirected this to SO
That's why I copy-pasted it here, because you couldn't see it
@AviFS minus the love part if we're being honest about it
ouch, hahaha
idk why i said "i'm voting to close"
oh wait it's the default template isn't it
3:16 AM
@hyper-neutrino lol
@hyper-neutrino I mean, I don't remember it exactly
But it seemed like a low-quality plead for coding help
where can we get the default templates for closing or other things
Which belongs on SO, minus the low-quality part
We get a decent amount of spam/VLQ for an SE site. We could get more, but we get more than most sites tbh. When you've VTCed/VTDed/flagged literally hundreds of these style posts, you stop caring about "being nice", because the OP clearly doesn't care. If they don't even take the time to read anything on the site, why should I take the time to do anything other than remove their shitty content?
True, I just feel like closing at least allows a dialogue to continue in the comments
posted a screenshot in the bakery if anyone really cares
3:18 AM
(yes, I know comments aren't for dialogue)
I think most of y'all will agree that I'm a pretty welcoming user, but there's a point at which it's not even worth it
@AviFS We generally don't insta-delete posts that might be on-topic elsewhere
I def agree you guys are extra nice, which is why I was a bit surprised
caird is one of the most welcoming users on our site IMO - i frequently see their comments (among others; redwolf's another prominent one) welcoming users who attempt to contribute positively and pointing them to our site's resources
If they really are lazy bums, then they won't answer in the comments anyway, or be curious how to fix it, where it belongs, or what our site is about
And then I'd say delete it, after 15 mins or so
But I think I'd personally give them a chance to get their bearings
Then again, I'm not working at this 24/7 like you guys
I suppose HN maybe jumped the gun a bit, but I don't really see a big issue with deleting this quickly
3:20 AM
So thanks for everything you do and your unending patience as is, minus where it ends :p
In an ideal world, we'd close it and then delete it in a bit, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I doubt it'll make much impact to the user in the end
technically speaking, I acted out excessively because closing off-topic stuff is a community task and deleting garbage that has no place here is a community task
> How to auto bet on luckyfish.io without internet?
Isn't luckyfish.io a website?
"How do I post on Stack Overflow without internet?" :P
3:22 AM
after i closed and deleted it they edited to add the code-golf tag and change "offline" to "without internet"
Wait, how did they edit it?
you can edit deleted things can't you?
Not questions
... weird
well, apparently you can? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unless it's caching somehow
They must have had the edit window open before you deleted it, then submitted after
3:23 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/718582/…
one client asked how to do google search offline
A: What's the funniest user request you've ever had?

Skrim"The calendars are really difficult to use, since there is a different number of days in each month. Could you please change them to have the same number of days?"

ngl, I'm tempted to flag that question to be removed, but I do like the off-topic old SO questions :P
wait you can flag it?
3:26 AM
if you delete though i will be able to see it
10k power
also it's locked. i don't think you can flag those
@hyper-neutrino No, I don;t think I can
i didn't see any option other than share
@hyper-neutrino no i said if caird flags the question then it gets deleted i will be able to see it
Time to ping the SO mods and get them to delete it :P
3:29 AM
but you can't flag locked question which is good news
Depends on the lock
@wasif i was confused cuz this suggests you can see the flag itself
and 10k to see flags is a chat privilege and seeing flags is only a ⋄ thing :P
@hyper-neutrino That's what SEDE is for :P
3:37 AM
I have officially gone through all 23 pages of and completed a lot of them.
Like ~1/5.
That's about 200.
thats too much
you should take rest now
@Ausername You've posted 113 answers
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wow I'm bad at counting/estimating
113 is big too lol
But you're right I should take a break
This is a bug
My code is getting interpreted as MathJax
3:42 AM
@Ausername insane
280 bytes
which answer
I spent ~2 hours on that for no good reason
And I really can't be bothered trying to golf it.
I thought first it was a huge compressed string but later saw...
no-repro on my end
Is this in search?
Wait yeah, what is that view?
In search yes
3:46 AM
why not will it appear in search
oh search. yeah
Also on Math.Meta.SE, and on MSE
4:37 AM
5:16 AM
morning @Razetime
5:32 AM
@Razetime I noticed a bug/feature on the venerable APLGolf
go ahead
put it on the repo
The footer seems to be condensed into one line
Here's how low my standards of entertainment are: at a nearby shopping centre, there's a glass elevator that serves 3 floors. I enjoy standing on the middle floor and trying to predict who will get off which floor.
Specifically, if one of the lines in the footer ends with a comment, none of the lines below it seem to be executed
(Sorry, lost wifi)
@AviFS ah makes sense
5:46 AM
Is that on purpose, or to be changed?
Feature or bug?
6:12 AM
it's a bug alright
I should just remove commented areas before joining all the lines together
ah, i was running into a similar issue with the APL SE chat bot xD
@AviFS this should be a problem in any of the code areas
I'll fix it now
@AviFS does it also happen on the Try It Online! runner?
I hope it doesn't, cause that would me a different problem
does it just concatenate all of the statements with ⋄ and then just run the whole thing?
yeah pretty much
ah. yeah that's what i was doing with my bot until adam tested that exact thing and broke it xD
6:23 AM
I think the tryAPL API only allows single lines
i believe so too but i haven't tried otherwise
sup tnbeople
fortunately preparsing and removing the comment blocks yourself is very easy
TIO allows newlines but needs a bunch of other annoying things like zlib and whatnot
hey redwolf
yeah idk how to use TIO endpoints as an api or w/e
6:24 AM
Planning to start on an online interpreter when I get home. Any name suggestions?
I like RTO but it's taken :/
how about you help me with mine then :þ
I think ATO was a good name for yours tbh
I can smell the jealousy lmao
you can have RTO if you want
wow there are now three tio-like online interpreters now
I'm planning on having some way to link your account to CGCC (or CGCD), and taking advantage of the existing rep systems for certain privileges like increased run time or voting on new languages to add
6:27 AM
hmm that sounds like a good idea
Also I'll have a way to make shortened links, where instead of an encoded form of the program the link just contains a short code that the server maps to the program
@RedwolfPrograms I had partially implemented this for ATO, but I thought people wouldn't like it because of privacy concerns (and they can always use another URL shortener like bit.ly anyway)
@RedwolfPrograms just be warned that that requires scaling memory and if you accidentally do something bad and lose that mapping everyone who uses your interpreter is screwed lol
6:29 AM
@AviFS the bug should be fixed now
@hyper-neutrino @RedwolfPrograms yes that was my other concern
cuz as long as you never screw with encoding/decoding, permalinks are, well, permanent
you don't have to store anything and thus worry about losing it
I'll have an option for those too
especially given how I currently deploy ATO, it would require a bit of a rethink of the infrastructure to add a database
i guess you could add a temp link option just for people who are trying to paste a long program link into chat to avoid the cap
6:32 AM
I think the convenience will definitely be worth the added work during implementation
And I've definitely figured out to be careful about backing things up, given my uh...experience in the field
the other use is for long programs in comments, but I have my own personal URL shortener[s] for that
I like having it as an option without URL shorteners, since it's much more trustworthy to see https://online.interpreter.you.trust/i/69420 not https://bit.ly/28980
yeah, true I guess
6:49 AM
@Razetime Nice!
Speaking of online interpreters, does anyone know how TIO encodes the programs into the link?
Something to do with base64...
7:04 AM
Hmmm... I see, I think
Has anyone been able to repurpose that to use in their own sites?
I was considering adding compatibility to mine
Have you worked with it, redwolf?
No. I probably won't add compatibility for it though on second thought, since TIO's frontend works differently and a custom solution would be more efficient
Why do you ask?
7:09 AM
Trying to write something (a surprise for now) that will hook up to TIO
Well, just a link to the TIO thing that can run it
@Razetime You must've for APLGolf, right?
I was working on another project that would have needed TIO compatible links, I can try to reverse engineer it if you want since it'd help both of us :p
Except your permalink looks different from TIO's, so maybe you're just using an API to run it, without encoding it the same way?
@RedwolfPrograms Ooh, yeah, that'd be great!
Shall I make a chatroom for it?
Sure, go ahead
Q: Draw a mountain given altitude

Redwolf ProgramsTake an array of nonnegative integers, such as [1, 0, 0, 1, 2, 4, 2, 0]. Then, draw that as a mountain where the integers represent altitude: x x x x x xx x You may use any printable non-whitespace character in place of x, and adding padding or whitespace after line...

7:38 AM
@ngn do you have a mirror for your lisp interpreter which was previously hosted here?
7:48 AM
hi everyone
@NewPosts 3 answers in almost same time is a bit sus
8:00 AM
@NewPosts woooo finally a chance to use my questionable built-ins!
@ngn How about a K answer?
8:15 AM
@lyxal never knew about those builtins
looks like i just use one third of the codepage
8:32 AM
I posted a sandbox post recently, and I first thought to make it Code Golf. But now I think the question is better for creative answers than golfing, so do you know a better tag than pop-con? If there are no better ones, I think I'm making it pop-con.
@felipa looks like a product usage
8:48 AM
hm i'm not sure how to get a cartesian product in ngn's K

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