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8:06 PM
Q: Are submissions officially allowed to take input in the footer?
sure, but I had to translate it just to verify that
do you have an example @avi
it might depend on how the language processes things
Writing it up
what language and do you have a minimum example of how you'd take input and give output
In ///, there is no input, and every submission in that language, and in the examples on the esolang wiki, takes it in the footer
It's never been a source of controversy before on /// answers
But it occurs to me we've never really said it's okay, and I have a case in mind where people will definitely call it cheating
8:08 PM
oh if it's standard then yeah. /// doesn't have real input so it is acceptable to insert it into the code
You're saying it's ok iff there isn't another way to take input?
If the language has no method of input, insertion into the source code is allowed by default
@cairdcoinheringaahing If and only if?
... more or less, basically. like, if your program has no way to input, then we allow putting it in the source code, but otherwise, you can't because that's the definition of a snippet
8:09 PM
@hyper-neutrino I see, thanks
Thanks caird
Well, I have a submission technically following all of that, which has a high probability of being downvoted to oblivion
I'll post it now
wow, 888 666 777
@AviFS You're not allowed to send another message, sorry :P
@rak1507 Also 111 :P
oh yeah
8:14 PM
Time to add 3 more statistics there so that AviFS can get all 9 of them :P
Here's a link to the meta default for you @AviFS :)
@user and 109 113 are consecutive primes
Ooh, nice
A message that AviFS is our Lord and savior
113 is a special number.
cmc - who in this room has the highest this week, last week, per week, and per day (dailies are too volatile to be worth anything IMO) (also definition of "in this room" can either be people present here right now or people who have notable activity here since some active users like lyxal, redwolf, and adam aren't in the room right now)
8:18 PM
Watch this room get spammed with screenshots of chat profiles :P
I'm very high: 979, 1.2k, 1.1k and 152
HN has 2.8, 2.3, 2.3, and 367
I've also sent exactly 49602 all time chat messages (49604 now) :P
i have 2.8k, 2.3k, 2.3k, and 367, which indicates i need to get a life
@user I prefer to think of it as I have a lot to say :P
8:20 PM
snout -> pig -> sus
@hyper-neutrino You are most frequently in the room of all users
@cairdcoinheringaahing although IIRC DJ has the ability to take that away from me by sending like one message
May 28 at 16:57, by caird coinheringaahing
@hyper-neutrino The diamond does that in fewer bytes :P
@hyper-neutrino Hasn't DJ sent some messages here?
(recently, I imean)
8:22 PM
Oh, do you need to be active in the past week?
Of the users currently in this room, me and HN have sent almost an order of magnitude more messages than anyone else (HN: 41234, me: 31191, then its totallyhuman: 13821, user: 11000, and everyone else is <10k)
Exact totals valid as of 4 minutes ago :P
(and this is just on this account - i don't suppose you factored in my account history)
No, I didn't (and I don't think I can)
Hyper has (with his current account) sent 2.2% of all messages in TNB :P
how'd you count anyway
Little number at the bottom right of a user's card
8:26 PM
...what the hell happened there o.O
Apr 2 '15 at 18:41, by Geobits
I leave for 40 minutes and you guys trash the place. I'm calling all your parents.
... Sorry guys. Here's 889
@cairdcoinheringaahing I held it in as long as I could
Wait... it's still at 888
@AviFS Fair play, I didn't actually expect you to :P
@AviFS Reload?
I did, it's odd
@cairdcoinheringaahing lmao I speek to much
@AviFS no 888 is even
@hyper-neutrino haha, that's amazing
8:34 PM
@hyper-neutrino Avi's joking :P
@hyper-neutrino you're on the ball today
@cairdcoinheringaahing nO, tHeY'Re NoT JoKiNg, tHeY'Re AvI
So I came to ask, how in hell's name do you find all answers in a given language?
@user wow such original, very not what I expected :P
what can i say
i'm a mainstream kiddo
basic b*tch
oh wait
8:35 PM
@AviFS Offer up a goat to the SQL god, realize you're bad at queries, then get someone to do it for you
i thought you were replying to me, lmao
@AviFS SEDE might work, but we don't have a standard answer format, so it doesn't get all of them
@AviFS Why I edited :P
@user I couldn't find any such query :(
AviFS is a b⍺s⍳⊂ b⍳t⊂h confirmed
Let me grab a query
8:36 PM
Thanks, sorry for the lameness
Catching TIO copy/pasted submissions is more than plenty!
anyone who knows how to write sql clearly has sold their soul to the devil
You could also train a deep neural network using blockchain and make it run using cryptocurrency
@hyper-neutrino The devil wouldn't accept such corrupted souls
If you remove the and Posts.OwnerUserId = ##UserId##, it'll just get all of them
...I have no idea why that uses an inner join
The user who made it must be a masochist
yes, the user who is not me who made it
8:40 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thanks, that's what I did
But how do you save the fork?
@AviFS Click "permalink" underneath the editor
Hey @LuisMendo!!
Sounds promising, but no 'permalink' search results
Don't see anything
Doesn't matter so much, though
Actually, for ///, the first one got 229, and the second one got only 224 @cairdcoinheringaahing
@AviFS /// is a bit of a weird one, as links can end with that and be included
8:44 PM
Yes, confirmed
It is... it's annoying
Oh, you have to run it first!
Okay... ready?
@cairdcoinheringaahing & @hyper-neutrino
> unofficial mods
I'm an "unofficial mod"?
'You may use any language except for /// itself'
8:53 PM
I think so...
> official and unofficial mods
@rak1507 F***
You're kidding me, lmao
I definitely spend ages writing that up...
8:53 PM
I'd delete it while you can
And collecting my evidence
@rak1507 You can always delete answers (barring locks)
freehand red circle ftw
very good, that makes it official :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean before he gets -3749
8:54 PM
even then deleting it just reverts that anyway
(not the votes, but the rep)
somehow I spent a few minutes browsing documentation yesterday without noticing PermutationListQ existed
I really have to start sharing, before I spend ages on the explanation
8:54 PM
Unlucky there @AviFS :/
Do I havvvvveeeeee to?
@AviFS or reading
@AviFS You'll get downvoted if you don't :P
8:55 PM
here's the thing right - people aren't gonna steal your solution if you give it away here, because a) that's rude and most people here are nice (enough at least) and b) they will get spammed with downvotes for stealing answers if it's obvious they just took it from you and c) i may or may not choose to send some nuclear warheads their way
@att The title said it all, the post is way long & it was in the middle. Soo not fair :(
also if you define "moderator" as any community member with moderation task abilities via reputation, then caird is officially a mod. if you define "moderator" by the title and diamond, caird is officially not :p there isn't really an in-between, caird is officially a "moderator" user via privileges rewarded by the system (and one of the most active ones too)
I'm with Avi here, the post is far too long and needs golfing :P
I think that's what I meant. Take the flattery already :p
@hyper-neutrino Therefore, I'm 1/2 an official mod :P
8:57 PM
Well... it has +1/0 so far, that's awkward
Was it one of you?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Which half? Left or right? :P
Maybe I'll just wait and see if anyone notices
I can also edit out that rule :p
i don't think you have enough rep for that
what was it, 2k?
(I don't actually have 2k rep, but with your help anything is possible...)
8:58 PM
It's all fun and games, but I will happily rollback, and downvote
I know, I know
Are deleted posts saved somewhere?
yeah they just get a "deleted" status applied they don't actually go anywhere
Oh awesome, thanks
if you delete it you can still see it there. if you have 10k rep you can see all deleted posts everywhere (otherwise you can only see your own posts and deleted questions if you had an answer)
In that case, I should've deleted while at +1/0 :p
9:00 PM
nah rep is reverted
I know, but then I look better haha
Including bounties :(
Unless it's 60 days old and scored positively :P
And I should've left a comment on why
9:00 PM
Why not edit in a comment explaining why?
I'll undelete and add that
you can just edit in a message
I think you can just edit it while deleted
although rep lost from downvoting an answer is restored if it's deleted no matter how old, I believe
or maybe that's just due to it being negatively scored and thus discarding all vote reputation
9:01 PM
@hyper-neutrino Can confirm
Hey stop downvoting
I'm just adding the comment
I've DVed and flagged old, positive invalid answers and had the rep refunded to me
well, your undeletion prompted whoever upvoted to flip it :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing what about really old downvotes?
As in, the vote itself is 60 days old?
Alright, done
9:03 PM
yeah, like if you downvote, wait 60 days, and the positively scored post is removed
I don't think that matters. If you upvote something old today that gets deleted tomorrow, I think they keep the rep
@hyper-neutrino >:{
@cairdcoinheringaahing huh.. okay, good to know then
I think this was an example of the XY problem, haha
I asked "how do you find all submissions in a given language, and then how do you link to it"
It would've saved us a lot of time if I'd asked whether my submission was legal instead, haha
Still a useful thing to have, though
> reputation earned for posts with a score of 3 or higher, and where the post has been visible on the site for at least 60 days, is retained. This does not include reputation lost from giving bounties on them
9:07 PM
apparently if a question is really popular it can require up to 10 votes before normal users can vtd it
Shame that it's capped at 10 :P
yeah i want to see a post with like 50 undelete votes on it
oh wait... i can if i wanted to :p
QFT would take 114 votes to delete, "Produce 2014" would take 100 exactly :P
I think we have enough users to do that :P
Ok, we have 154 10k+ users (ignoring the 4 mods), so we'd need ~74% of them to VTD QFT :P
9:17 PM
(if it weren't capped)
Well, yeah :P
Btw I downvoted the make 1/2 popcon, and didn't lose any rep - what's up with that?
You only lose rep on answer downvotes
This is why I was asking about erroring yesterday, but I still feel good about it
That's much more borderline than the Interpret /// one
I'd suggest writing up a meta discussion about it tbh
9:29 PM
Yeah, that's what I said I'd do yesterday, but I have to go for now
o/ I'd be happy to do it if you'd like a consensus quickly
Given that I can easily write another implementation that uses recursion to eventually stack overflow, it feels useless to have it not count though imo
No worries! It'd be great if you did, but I'm also happy to when I get back, I think
⍤/ Be nice to my submission in the meantime, please
One interesting thing: if we define "error" as "returns a non-zero exit code", then TIO is an interpreter that errors if it outputs too much (Try it online!), or if it runs for 60+ seconds (Try it online!)
I feel like halting/not halting has been an acceptable form of boolean IO in the past
9:37 PM
Ooh, that's neat!
Boolean I/O, yes
but I'm not 100% sure
But not erroring
@rak1507 I am, but it's different
Q: Can Halting be considered output?

Wheat WizardI am currently designing a language that cannot halt unless it all of its memory is cleared, this means for any practical application it has no output whatsoever. However when the program does halt it does output HALTED. In languages otherwise incapable of traditional output can halting and non...

@cairdcoinheringaahing I've officially decided I would like to write it when I get back, haha
But I don't own the idea; you're welcome to also!
@AviFS No problem, feel free to use my TIO argument
9:38 PM
Thanks caird, will def include!
Still 0/0; we'll see what people think on this one
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh... I swear that was a consensus elsewhere though...
Oh wait, sorry
It was on erroring as boolean output
Shoot, well that's a counterargument...
If implementations timeout as an error, then halting<timeout & not halting is a valid decision problem output
I think the argument is basically "Does TIO count as a separate interpreter, to the point where behaviour specific to TIO can make an invalid answer valid?"
Then again, I don't see how you can possibly tell me that stackoverflow isn't an error
@cairdcoinheringaahing But if I, say, make another implementation for /// that does stack overflow, people aren't going to download my implementation and run it
They'll still just test it on TIO for convenience
Because, if it doesn't count, then your answer is invalid per that above consensus. But if it does, then your answer is valid
So no one will even look at it
They'll just say, it exists therefore it's okay
But of course it can exist, that's trivial
Basically, yes
9:48 PM
So requiring someone to write the implementation feels a bit useless and nitpicky
I think that TIO should count as a separate interpreter FWIW (because it is a separate interpreter, and has the behaviour you're looking for, plus can be easily "trivialised" by writing another interpreter than just mimics that behavious), but I'm also conscious of potential counter arguments
10:17 PM
i recently rediscovered an old sandbox post of mine and i was wondering if anybody had opinions on what the output should look like
i initially thought it should just be a 2d list representation of the board
list of lists / flat list / matrix / whatever
but an alternative is a list of coordinates
and i was wondering if one or the other is better, or perhaps both as an option
could do both
11:06 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I agree, TIO is an interpreter. A language is defined by an implementation, and if people can post solutions in C that require a particular compiler on a particular architecture, I don't see why "/// (TIO)" is any different.
11:19 PM
@Adám I tried searching through there for join on newlines, but I wasn't able to find anything. Hence why I asked here instead.
11:31 PM
tip 1: don't use unnecessary keywords and don't pluralize things, like on is largely unnecessary so just join newlines, and you don't need to pluralize
tip 2: while you're searching, type slowly so if results who up with partial entries you'll see them - for example, if you were typing join on newlines, you would've seen join on newline show one entry which disappears when you type the s :pensive:
11:52 PM
Q: Find the Erdős–Woods origin

caird coinheringaahingConsider, for a given positive integer \$k\$, the sequence \$(a, a+1, a+2, ..., a+k)\$, where \$a\$ is some positive integer. Is there ever a pair \$a, k\$ such that for each element \$a+i\$ in the sequence, either \$\gcd(a, a+i)\$ or \$\gcd(a+i, a+k)\$ are greater than 1? This was investigated b...

@NewPosts time to suffer from trying to figure out how # works again
Have fun :P
I was seriously considering making it and requiring output for \$k = 34\$, but I remembered how much I hate competing in restricted time so offered a bounty instead

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