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7:10 AM
CMQ: I am making a foreach loop for 51ac8; any good unicode chars for that?
7:21 AM
@PyGamer0 What is the syntax like?
i am thinking; <char_begin>*code*<char_end>
so some sort of brackets
@JohnDvorak that looks small for my font
If you have multiple enclosing constructs like that, you can save on bytes if you fix one end to a single char
7:23 AM
@PyGamer0 ⋲code⋺
(or use multiple chars for start and end and define different things for every combination, but it will degrade the coding experience)
@PyGamer0 (code)
@lyxal i am using that for while loop
〈how about this〉
7:24 AM
@PyGamer0 {code}
@lyxal thats the if statement
Did you use [code]?
@Bubbler no; (what if i use that for array)
I can say reserving it for array is sensible, yeah
7:26 AM
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my tag edit was approved
<code> /code\ (?)
Whilst I'm not sure what's available, I'm a big fan of «code» and ‹code›
Note, is not <
@ATaco « » are reserved
@lyxal both chars mean something else
7:28 AM
Was ‹code› taken?
(Despite lower readability when used alongside <>)
Also consider, if many block types are needed, the possibility of combo-brackets. EG, [{code}] and [<code>] being separate blocks.
not very golfy, though
@ATaco that is a good option
I mean, if you're using your own Codepage, which one typically is when using «, one can also use multiglyphs.
Nothing says [{ has to be two bytes.
7:31 AM
doesnt Vyxal use 〈〉 for arrays
Also, 「code」 is an option
As are the ﹙Tiny﹚﹛Superscript﹜﹝Brackets﹞
(Which don't show up well in Monospace, apparently)
(somehow I get so many upvotes for quick APL/J/Jelly solutions...)
⁽Up High⁾ ₍Down Low₎
@ATaco that option is a very good one
For some monospace-friendly Unicode chars, take a look at Jelly and 05AB1E codepages
7:36 AM
hi all
this page has some more unicode brackets, including vertical ones if that's your style.
@PyGamer0 use ()
not unicode but very classic
if ⏜ x>3 ⏝ ︷print ⏜ "wat" ⏝ ︸
Abusing math symbols: ⊂code⊃ ⊆code⊇
@ATaco lol
7:39 AM
Abusing APL symbols: ⍳code⍸ ∊code⍷ ∘code⍤ ○code⍥
how about this
@wasif that'd be a nightmare to parse if you had nested for loops
Like how would you parse FcodeFcodeFcodeF?
Two separate loops or a loop inside a loop?
just s
use a seperate structure for nested loops
Then you might as well just use two distinct characters for the loops
@lyxal just like how you parse ( or {
7:49 AM
@wasif but which F belongs to which loop?
Is it [loop: code, code, loop: code] or [loop: [code, loop: code, code]]?
I see lots of unicode
What happened here
a smoothie ;p
That makes it worse somehow :p
@lyxal replace Fs with braces
oh no
how about FcodeE
ah see now that could work
7:53 AM
but will look ugly
@Bubbler omg short code!! deploy the upvotes!!!!
though unique
@rak1507 The weird part is that it's actually longer than others (though of course shorter than py/js)
yeah, well who knows
funny symbols = upvotes
I was just 10 mins late
7:58 AM
@rak1507 Even weirder: J is entirely ASCII
funny symbols/'unreadable' code
@PyGamer0 ⁅code⁆
omg apparently &@=-/';!.: is a program! incredible! I must upvote it
I approve of it :P
@rak1507 I don't think that's valid.
8:00 AM
@rak1507 APL is surprisingly readable
Jelly gets downvotes though
Because it's unreadable
@Adám it isn't, was just keyboard mashing
I don't think "funny symbols = upvotes" is a real thing that happens much
@wasif Not if you didn't learn APL symbols
@rak1507 ?&=@-/';:!. probably is though ;-)
8:01 AM
CMQ: Any language where $#!+ is valid code, and if so, what does it do?
@RedwolfPrograms a trivial jelly answer will probably get more upvotes than a trivial python answer
@Adám outputs 2 in 05ab1e
@wasif Why?
My favourite APL program is ⍝(£*&%"?~@:<>[]<>-=_+|
8:02 AM
@rak1507 That's not necessarily because of the weird symbols though, just because people can more easily recognize a trivial python answer
yeah, true
@Adám dunno why
@pxeger Ah, c'mon, that's nothing!
i am lazy to check why
0 in Vyxal
oh found why it outputs 2
@pxeger The world's most famous APL program is probably {⊃1 ⍵ ∨.∧ 3 4 = +/ +⌿ ¯1 0 1 ∘.⊖ ¯1 0 1 ⌽¨ ⊂⍵}
8:04 AM
@Adám J takes a scalar positive integer n and returns n copies of n (not tested)
$ pushes 1 and input, # splits on spaces, ! pushes factorial then + adds
@wasif pushes 1 and 0, splits 0 on spaces, takes factorial of 0 (=1) and adds the two
dang it
@Bubbler Boring. So same as #~ or $~
Yeah, it's $~ for scalars
CMC: write a program to output 1 that looks most like keyboard mashing (popcon)
8:06 AM
@Bubbler Much more interesting on vectors!
but you get some weird results if you give it a vector, and even more funky for higher-rank arrays
@pxeger On what kind of keyboard?
@pxeger ~/~//~/~/
@pxeger Vyxal ›#∪…≠₴⅛⁽⁽LRȧ¬ozŀsXr⟩i‛i₁hḣX₁i‹µ∩≈µ₇ẊẆ₇
i have really mashed keyboard
@Adám well it's a popcon, so as long as it looks conceivably created by a keyboard mash it's probably gonna get "upvotes"
@wasif Does your keyboard have all those symbols on it? Wow
8:08 AM
@pxeger I mean, can I hold my APL shifting key in while mashing?
@pxeger on screen keyboard on vyxal interpreter
@Adám sure
CMC: Longest valid (runs without error, if an argument is required to run it, there must exist at least one value which makes it run without error) program/function consisting of characters that are consecutive in Unicode. Comments not allowed. E.g. !"#$%&'()* or ¡¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª«¬­®¯ or ⌶⌷⌸⌹⌺⌻⌼
I just ran a random 47-char permutation rz;/.]8s9ye1vbw675puti\=lng4cx2`fqd,[ja'0h-mo3k in Jelly and got -1
@Adám I presume it should be irreducible for whatever it does?
8:13 AM
@pxeger No, [tag:code-bowling]
But then I can do Zsh, ∞ bytes: <<<===================================================
Ah, that's a problem for languages that ignore unknown chars.
with as many = as you like
(requires --noequals)
@pxeger Last I checked < and < occupied the same position in Unicode.
@Adám Vyxal, 143778 characters
basically, everything after Q
including Q
8:15 AM
@lyxal Quit?
@Adám oh, the whole thing has to be consecutive, not just contain them
@Adám :)
@lyxal what does Q do
@lyxal I'd say that constitutes a comment.
Do you mean syntactically valid, or does it have to produce no errors at all?
8:16 AM
@Adám how about string literals?
@pxeger It has to be able to run.
@Adám Deadfish~ any 996 consecutive unicode chars
Q: Take the numbers 1 to 100, square them, and add all the even numbers while subtracting the odd ones

vonjdDescription The task is simple enough: Take the numbers 1 to 100, square them, and add all the even numbers while subtracting the odd ones. It is taken from this blog post: R Coding Challenge: 7 (+1) Ways to Solve a Simple Puzzle Output The result should be 5050. Rules No cheating: it can be show...

@lyxal That's fine, but good luck finding an open-close pair that are far apart. And if you only open a string, and the rest of the program is then included in the string, then I'll call that a comment.
@wasif Why?
@Adám interpreter uses recursion
8:17 AM
Zsh, 34 bytes: >?@AB..YZ[\]^_
Vyxal, 143819 characters: everything after and including (
recursion depth will exceed if more than 996 chars given
@lyxal because it opens a for loop which runs 0 times
no wait
oh frick
gosh dang ) being right next to (
okay then
@Adám Vyxal, 143768 characters: everything after [ (including [)
8:20 AM
@lyxal What does [ do?
@pxeger forgot to mention it has to be with the -F option
I haven't got the time/energy to fix Pong but if anyone else could I would be infinitely grateful
@Adám opens an if-statement
@lyxal So essentially, it is an if false?
@Adám no, it's an if true
8:22 AM
@felipa I might try to in a few days, it'll probably involve reading through all of the answers and trying to find a clear set of rules that invalidates as few as possible, which'll probably take a while :/
@Adám it would need a | to be an if-false
@Adám nothing for 51ac8 as $ dup top 2 stack; # is a comment
@lyxal Oh, so it gets stuck in an infinite loop at [\]?
@Adám no
the \ escapes the ]
So what happens to the rest of the code?
8:24 AM
@Adám because it's run on an empty input (which defaults to 0), it never actually executes the if statement
and if you call that a comment then I'm VTCing the CMC as unclear
Where does the markdowning in question start?
9 backslashes moved to Sandbox
very cool
thank you
CMQ: Which is more useful when trying to treat an integer as a list: range(n) or list of digits of n?
example: getting the permutations of an integer
8:27 AM
@lyxal The former.
Both are useful in different scenarios
@lyxal Maybe make negative integers do range, and positive ones do digits?
Works out nicely that 0 is both.
when the former makes it trivial (i.e. you can get the identical functionality from a different built-in with same bytecount), you can use the latter
I think that's how Jelly does, more or less
jelly usually rangifies, but some builtins operate on the digits, and others even treat integers as singleton lists
and that's probably the thought process behind it
@RedwolfPrograms cool
8:40 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerHamiltonian levencycle of 1-dup permutations code-golf permutations graph-theory The word "levencycle" is inspired by cyclic levenquine challenge. Definitions A 1-dup permutation of order \$n\$ is some permutation of \$1, \cdots, n\$ plus one duplicate number in the range. For example, 1-dup perm...

8:57 AM
@NewPosts 41, 42, 43 byter three python answers
we were so busy outgolfing each others
@lyxal digits
Vyxal has tons of range builtins
now i would count my esolang a code golfing language
A: Create an ASCII line, given a length

PyGamer051AC8, 20 18 11 chars (bytes) īr⁅\ ×\\+ṭ⁆ As of now there is no online interpreter; but you can clone the repo and run it. -2 bytes due to an update. -7 bytes due to an update introducing for_each loops and range. Explaination ī # Input (STDIN) and push to stack r # Range from 0 to inp...

9:13 AM
I discovered that in Minecraft,I am terrible at getting even the simplest things done.
Such as crafting a comparitor.
Basically you need to learn how to build a circuit, somewhat like building actual electronic circuits using NAND gates
I made a hopper clock for my sugarcane farm. Aside from that, not really any redstone.
see nandgame.com
@Ausername you have a survival world?
Not very good but...
I mean, the hopper clock was an upgrade from my "cow-in-a-hole" "clock".
@JoKing How do you do a not gate?
Nvm I didn't notice the power source thing
@JoKing Thanks,it's cool!
9:27 AM
@Ausername I also play minecraft
@PyGamer0 I just turn cheats and keepInventory on because I noob
did you know, that there is an O(n log log n) radix sort
that's about as close as we can get to linear via sorting
There might me a O(n log log log n) or even more logs...
@Bubbler which one's the "trick"?
@StackMeter java or bedrock?
@hyper-neutrino why not just delete it?
@Neil m90's answer
9:35 AM
@PyGamer0 java
@Ausername we can get O(n log log ... log n), but we'll never truly have O(n)
today my goal is to implement it
Do minecraft item sorters count as O(n)?
@Ausername umm probably
@Ausername I think they count as O(n + k), where k is the number of items to be sorted
@Bubbler yeah, either I don't understand it (more likely), or it's the same as Jakque's answer
speaking of sorting
did you know I have 9 stacks of iron
9:38 AM
I have 3 from mining
@StackMeter cheats
@Neil It's the latter (same trick as Jakque's)
@PyGamer0 nope
all mined by hand
@StackMeter then your diamond count?
@PyGamer0 55
9:39 AM
you know armour is useless in keep inventory
fortune III is a wondrous thing
@PyGamer0 idc
I will get it regardless
@StackMeter you are just wasting material
@PyGamer0 see previous reply
@cairdcoinheringaahing Charcoal, 10 bytes: I⟦‽℅d‽⊕‽℅d (2nd number is geometric, 0 is most common, 99 has 1 in 10,000 chance)
Q: Create a Pride Flag

vonjdChallenge Create the image of a pride flag (rainbow flag), i.e. a six coloured striped flag (from top to bottom): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Output Example (R) barplot(rep(1, 6), horiz = TRUE, axes = FALSE, space = 0, border = NA, col = c("darkviolet", "blue", "darkgreen", "ye...

9:44 AM
how come stasoid doesn't have a silver polyglot badge?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Charcoal, 1 byte:
(yeah I know you said positive integers, but they don't print nicely)
@cairdcoinheringaahing actually that was 0-indexed, if you want 1 indexed then Charcoal, 12 bytes: I⟦⊕‽℅d⊕‽⊕‽℅d
how it is I'm getting FGITWed by Charcoal
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait, I can do better: Charcoal, 11 bytes: I⊕⟦‽℅d‽⊕‽℅d
CMC: Given a number draw a horizontal line of that length. Example: 4, ----
J: #&'-', APL: ⍴∘'-'
9:59 AM
Vyxal, 2 bytes: ¤-
@Adám Charcoal, 14 bytes: αβγδεζηθικλμνξ
10:18 AM
can I post @PyGamer0's CMC
seems cool
Pretty sure it's a dupe of some trivial challenge out there
yeah, knowing my luck, that's probably true
CMC: Given a non-negative integer, return/print any string of length thrice the integer.
Python: n = int(input()); print("1"*3*n)
can't be sniped if I snipe first
APL: /∘'aaa'
10:30 AM
@rak1507 I have a 3.
Q: Count my Pluses

mathYour task is, to count how many pluses I have. What Pluses? The no plus: 0 Points - The naïve Plus: 1 Point + The double Plus: 2 Points + +++ + The mega double plus: 3 Points + +++ + + + + +++++++++ + + + + +++ + Pluses of higher order than 3 must be igno...

@rak1507 You could brute force it.
Or I could tell you.
@rak1507 what's a ?!
10:34 AM
I can't think how it would work at all
@StackMeter a 'what on earth!?'
@Adám wait you have a 3
mine's like, 33
actually (32)
@StackMeter In APL‽
@StackMeter Doesn't look like a serious contender to me.
it's not an ibeam or anything like that is it
No no.
it must be of the form ⎕/something or x⍴y
10:37 AM
Surely, n=int(input());print("1"*3*n) is valid, and probably print("1"*3*int(input())) too.
but I can't think what it would be at all
no in Python
n=int(input());print("1"*3*n) for 29
@rak1507 Some of them are.
you don't have to take n as an input
4 in vyxal, although there are some padding builtins... No triple though.
10:38 AM
lambda n:"1"*3*n should be valid
@Adám ok, I give up, what is it?
@rak1507 I was about to type that lol
@rak1507 I've got 10 so far.
oh, #
I'd say that's cheating, you need a ⍕ in front
OK, then the first 5 are surely valid.
10:43 AM
Surely. If you pipe the code into the interpreter, or run it as a script, and then you capture the result, it works. That cannot be invalid, can it?
fair point
how is it that the Python answers get here first, when no Python answer wins against anything but JS and all the Cs
@Adám (dont know if this works) 51AC8, 6 bytes: ī×3\a×
I just spent ages on this :(
@Ausername nice
petiton to name this room the Backslash Factory
10:58 AM
I'll sign that!
@Ausername dw the question will eventually be clarified
@StackMeter only 9 stacks? Bah
Hopefully so
The last time a question was clarified wasa long time ago...
CMC: Given a number cube it (you can only use 51AC8).
CMQ: What are brownie points?
@StackMeter my last survival world had about 10 or so
11:02 AM
@Ausername most of them pull a PHP and <if1:die?>
@PyGamer0 Sadly not exchangable for brownies...
@Ausername :(
@PyGamer0 artificial tokens of congratulations
my little brother taught me this face -> :‹
@lyxal ö
11:07 AM
now i feel like eating brownies
What happened to Lyxzfeed?
It was only temporary
And a mockery of buzzfeed
That much creativity just got too hard
JS thing: an empty array has all values truthy and no values truthy at the same time...
@Ausername Really it was only supposed to be a one-off joke that I accidentally ended up making twice
11:15 AM
At least I think I only made it twice
Possibly 3? There was the toaster validity one, something about apioforms and possibley some other thing...
You mean top 10 answers questions can't science?
Was there something about rules of the internet?
That wasn't lyxfeed
11:57 AM
CMQ: What does the right sidebar show? Sometimes people are grayed out what does that mean?
it means they left the room
@PyGamer0 they have not spoken for a while
the colored ones are the people who haven't been idle for some time
inactive but havebn't left the room
they more faded, the longer since they spoke

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