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12:00 AM
"Redwolf Programs".includes("patience") // false
Yay, I am un-capped!
:o i can vote again
I missed out on 69 rep yesterday :P
and that's not a ninja
Of course Lyxal starred that
12:01 AM
actually i didn't
that wasn't me
Wait someone unstarred it
as I said. not me
Lemme just pin it :P
There is an impostor among us
I just got an upvote on a question I was writing an answer to and I was like "wt* how did I get an upvote from the future?" before realizing I already answered it
12:03 AM
1 message moved to ­Trash
Yeah, I'm moving those kinda messages to Trash. They're hella disruptive and have no place here
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's a bit sus ngl
@Lyxal Got a taste of your own medicine now, haven't you? /s
@Lyxal Get 11'd :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's real sussy.
12:04 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing so you're the one who took my nineteen dollar fortnite card!
:o my laptop fits perfectly in the gap between my chair legs
@user no, because I saw you venting
@Lyxal ?
You've'n't played among us?
12:05 AM
They're trying to pretend they don't get it, very sus
@RedwolfPrograms Don't tell me you have an iChair that's compatible with your laptop
@Lyxal Oh ok
I'm the impostor, feel free to kick-mute me
@user It's only $999.98
Oh sorry
@RedwolfPrograms Oh wow, 999.98? That's so much cheaper than $1000!
@RedwolfPrograms Are you using , as a decimal separator? :P
Nope :p
I guess $99_998 is the best representation of it
12:08 AM
Now I'm starting to wonder what a compatible chair and laptop would even do
It unlocks your laptop when it detects your specific...shape
I'd love to be able to type with my keyboard on my lap rather than my desk, but Bluetooth says no :(
Another excuse for me not to exercise
If my chair was compatible, that'd be amazing :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why not get a wired keyboard?
12:09 AM
@user If it ain't broke, don't fix it
Why not spend $150 on a mechanical keyboard then use your laptop for everything :p
Oh lemme guess your brain doesn't have a USB port
the issue with putting my keyboard on my lap is then it's inconvenient to move my right hand between my keyboard and my mouse
@user That's what ears are
or rather, the real issue is that i need to use a mouse and am not full keyboard only gang
12:10 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The last time I put a wire into my ears, good things did not happen.
Nose = headphone jack, mouth = VGA/HDMI port, eyes = power socket
Oh god
They do work as good fuses I'd imagine
What in the name of pizza without pineapple on top have you been doing to yourself?
...Stabbing myself with wires, wasn't that clear? :P
12:12 AM
> eyes = power socket
The hivemind may have conducted some questionable things
@user How?
Do you pop out your eyeballs every time you want to connect something?
Do you not have detachable eyeballs?
Mine got too loose so I glued them in a while back
Most of my body is not detachable, no
12:13 AM
They kept falling out in class and getting stepped on
There's your problem
@user anything's detachable if you try hard enough
I'm a prototype cross between Mr Potato Head and a human :P
My nightmares are going to be sentient potatoes pulling out their eyeballs now
@rak1507 Oh nice, you're right!
do we have an estimate for which patch modular humans will be implemented in (or at least a public beta)
12:15 AM
Pretty sure it's a standard thing to include in versions 2032 of most organisms
I just tested on a brand new human and it worked, although I can't put it back now
@hyper-neutrino there's already a private closed alpha but you have to be part of the royal family to be invited
Given what we know of human society, the upgrades won't come until 50 years after the technology's made
And even then it'll be a mess of dependencies so you'll constantly have to check if your head is incompatible with your feet
If Elon Musk doesn't promise to make Cars real by transplanting human brains into Teslas, I can't take anything he says seriously
@user That happens to me
Can someone post a challenge or something :p
I'll give you an upvote
12:17 AM
@hyper-neutrino You know the phrase "I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on"?
Ugh someone turned the oven on and there's still half burnt pepperoni on the bottom
@RedwolfPrograms Don't think I have any ready for posting, except maybe this one
And I'm still looking for feedback on that
Is SE down? Nevermind, it wasn't loading for me
Any Feed Back?
12:34 AM
@Bubbler What are unique duplicates? Is that just the list of duplicates without any duplicates themselves?
@Bubbler First one looks clear to me. For the second one, can we take c as an integer rather than a character?
Yes, that's fine.
> The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed
Hey, I got one of those warnings :P
Lol yeah, I got one too recently
and it's really annoying and misleading when it happens
12:49 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Hope that helped
I should probably slow down on challenge posting tbh :/
i'm not convinced this is possible but who knows :p there are 2^81 states it could be
Isn't it 2^0 + 2^1 + 2^2 + ... 2^81 states? (4835703278458516698824703)
there are 81 cells, each one is on or off, no?
It did not error
But the XML doesn't seem to have loaded
@hyper-neutrino I can never remember if it's 2^n for a group of n cells, or 2^0 + 2^1 + ... + 2^n, because don't you have to consider each 0 <= k <= n number of cells that may be on or off?
12:54 AM
well each cell can be on or off so each cell has 2 states, so if you have 81 objects of 2 states each then that's just 2^81 lol
alternatively, it's (81 choose 0) + (81 choose 1) + ... + (81 choose 80) + (81 choose 81) which equals 2^81 :P
Ah, choose, not power, that's what I was thinking of :P
(posting in 5 minutes if nothing is said)
Q: Leave a wake of dead cells behind you

caird coinheringaahingConway's Game of Life is a well known cellular automaton "played" on an infinite grid, filled with cells that are either alive or dead. Once given an initial state, the board evolves according to rules indefinitely. Those rules are: Any live cell with 2 or 3 living neighbours (the 8 cells immedi...

1:13 AM
Can't say much since am eating dinner
1:27 AM
Okay, hopefully any future posts should go into the RSS feed, and then be put into my testing room
Q: Help me get the day of the week correct

LyxalSometimes, I will think it is one day of the week (e.g Friday) when in reality, it's earlier in the week (e.g Tuesday). Your challenge is to display the number of days my estimates are off by. Challenge Given a day of the week I think it is, and the day of the week it actually is, output/return t...

@cairdcoinheringaahing is the jelly corpus you compiled publicly available anywhere?
I have found true beauty: youtube.com/watch?v=eeUsJSSp4NU
The autotune's very heavy :/
It doesn't sound much like him
@RedwolfPrograms it sounds more autotuned than the originals
as in the original songs on spotify aren't as autotuned
yeah it's slowed down
1:42 AM
Usually when the autotune's this obvious it's intentional, not sure why they decided to do that
because it's slower than usual
and because it's "lo-fi beats"
I guess so
like the song currently is usually sped up: youtube.com/watch?v=hXoBpLmcJ8I
still the point is that it's 24/7
oh heck yeah
this is good
I gotta go unfortunately, I'll leave my laptop open in case someone posts another challenge
okie doke
1:49 AM
I'm torturing myself by trying to compile Rust code into wasm and use it in a static page
you should try listening to lo-fi trump
it's really good
2:07 AM
@hyper-neutrino I never actually compiled a Jelly corpus (or rather, I didn't publish it). I compiled a Husk corpus, and Lynn ran 2 corpora for Jelly. You can find them in the repo issues
My Jelly corpus was close to identical to Lynn's
oh, I thought there was a more recent one, lol. alright thanks
Ah. that's not too surprising :P
There hasn't exactly been enough dev on Jelly to change the results significantly
2:20 AM
@NewMainPosts 4:4 not bad
What’s this about corpses?
corpus, corpse, funny words or smth /shrug/
It's been more than 25 years since JS was created and they just now added the ability to put underscores in number literals.
Along with ||=, &&=, and ??= (with ?? being new last year IIRC)
They did add some really neat niche stuff this year too, like the ability to run some code when something is garbage collected
Elvis is pretty cool
As is ?.
Java needs those bad
@hyper-neutrino Starfishing
2:36 AM
||= could actually be really useful for code golf, for situations where |= and &= may not have worked
FinalizationRegistry isn't quite as useful though :p
Actually that could potentially be a bad thing
Tracking how the garbage collection works might allow advertisers to get more information on the specific browser or OS
Actually WeakRef is the main one that's slightly concerning
Better fingerprinting is alwats good/s
@RedwolfPrograms What’s that?
Basically caching in JS
The properties aren't guaranteed to still exist
looked up what ?? does and holy shit js really does have two different nulls
So you could maybe use it to determine properties of the computer it's running on, like RAM or the browser
I know next to nothing about these though, that's just my first instinct
@UnrelatedString Yep, null is basically useless for everything except JSON
I don't know why it exists
Or why undefined wasn't just merged into null
wait so undefined is the normal one?
2:41 AM
Or why ({}).a is undefined instead of erroring like a good language
> Good language
@UnrelatedString Yep, if you see a null it's because someone put it there.
I don't think anything built-in actually acknowledges that null is a thing
That’s the problem isn’t ut (replying to myself)
this documentation is using a regex match as an example of what you'd get null from
I mean [1, 2, 4][-1] has to be undefined not 4, because [1, 2, 4][-1] = 1 (if that were to stick around as a mutable thing) would be [1, 2, 4, "-1": 1]
@UnrelatedString Yeah, and it's the worst possible place for it
2:44 AM
wait what
oh ywah js arrays are just dicts
"My name is Redwolf".match(/e/g) is ["e", "e"], but .match(/j/g) would be null, so .match(xyz)[0] to get the first match can sometimes error if you're not careful
Yes that happens in pretty much every language doesn't it?
i guess that sort of thing is what ?? is fir :P
And everything has a .toString(), except null and undefined, which error!
2:46 AM
And typeof null == "object", because why not
Was JS like this from thr start?
null == undefined && null !== undefined
Wait so it's both
No, it's !== which is !(x === y) not !(x == y) because of course
2:48 AM
of course
wait is there also a != which is the negation of ==
that moooooostly makes sense then
except there shouldn't be a distinction between == and === to begin with
undefined == 4 || undefined < 4 || undefined > 4 is false
am i misremembering something or is == not even commutative
@UnrelatedString Sondtimes you need coercion
2:49 AM
pretty sure it is commutative. it's not transitive though
@RedwolfPrograms i mean that makes sense because undefined shouldn't have a numeric value or otherwise be ordered with numbers
^ that’s true ib most languages
Yeah, but this is a language where 2 < "12"
that's a separate issue
Huh, String.prototype + String.prototype is "" and Number.prototype + Number.prototype is 0
That sort of makes sense
But typeof String.prototype is object IIRC
2:54 AM
but aren't prototypes also supposed to be instances or do i have a fundamentally wrong understanding of js's wackass object model
Basically new String("abc") and "abc" are two totally different things
new String("abc") is a String object, whereas "abc" is a string primitive, or something like that
But String("abc") is still a primitive
Which leads to one of my all time favorites, !!new Boolean(false) // true
so is the boolean object considered truthy or is something broken even deeper than that
All objects are truthy and it's an object rather than a primitive. It makes me wish was still a thing :p
2:58 AM
why do they even have boolean objects
if the boolean objects can't have boolean semantics
new Number(4) != new Number(4)
what does a boolean object even do if it doesn't have boolean semantics
I have no idea
i was about to say "okay no that makes sense" until i realized that was coercing == and not strict ===
The object versions of primitives are probably the most confusing part about the language, just for the "why is this a thing"
3:01 AM
can't call it javascript if it doesn't borrow things from java that make no sense in javascript
I mean java has those for generics but hs doesn’t really need them
Number.isNaN(new Number(NaN)) // false
the best part is that isNaN is a method of the Number object
does the string constructor do special stuff like allowing you to choose encodings?
I don't think so, no
3:02 AM
Anyone want to guess what "abc".link("xyz") does?
It returns <a href="xyz">abc</a>
i'm assuming link is some kind of join
Such a helpful feature amirite
Definitely needed that overloaded onto every single string
3:06 AM
i feel like nobody would even use that if they are generating html
There’s probably one person out there who relies on it for everything so thr JS people can’t remove it for backward compatibility reasons
@RedwolfPrograms and here's us thinking it does something sensible
that's actually more sensible than I'd expect from JS
Look ma, no typos!
The tag-related methods have been deprecated for quite a while, I'm actually surprised it still works
3:12 AM
@hyper-neutrino I was expecting some sort of function composition
JS lets you read comments into variables sort of
It would have been 10000% more sensible if it's a method on a DOM object for <a> though
var xyz = () => {/*hide this from the evil compiler*/}; xyz.toString().includes("hide this from the evil compiler") // true
Sorry meant to say comments
That's much more entertaining
I thought that was a bug
That means you can write a test case function that ensures you used spaces and not tabs, or checks for mean comments about the author of the test case, or reads constants in private variables
JS really is a masterstroke, in the sense that "a master had a stroke and this is what we got"
3:22 AM
That's why we use a decent language
For all of its flaws, it could be considerably worse
I've never talked about PHP here because I've subconciously repressed any memories I have of using it
I’ve heard php id also fixing its mistake s
Not only can literally anything you type open up a world-destroying security vulnerability, the syntax is horribly ugly and its functions are so annoyingly inconsistent you need ten manual pages open at minimum in order to remember how to do basic things
The typing is like JS's, but somehow much worse
If only we could use golfing languages for Web dev
JS gives you a faint sense of intuition to start off with; PHP just hates you
3:26 AM
@Lyxal adding that to my potential language ideas for the future
@hyper-neutrino vyxal could be used for Web dev seeing as how it gets turned into python
I feel more comfortable with SQL than PHP, and that says...a lot
true, you could probably figure out a way to add some extra things to transpile into smth you can use for server hosting
I'd just have to add a few things to make it work with flask but it could work
i'm considering making a legit attempt at a golfing language (since i haven't really made any close-to-competitive languages before) but i can't decide what paradigm i should use and in general just what i plan to get out of it that i can't just use jelly for
3:32 AM
Wait for the "how to make a golfing language" blog post then :p
is there any point in using tacit or is stack based equally competitive nowadays
cuz tacit feels a lot harder to implement and i don't want to just fork jelly lol
Tacit can be better sometimes I think, but if you just want to make a golfing language and not spend two months being mad at your parser stack based is probably best
lol fair enough
i wanted to try to outgolf jelly by solving its issues with needing $ before every other quick but i can't think of a good way to
i had a rough idea of allowing declaring like "sort by the next few functions" and it would keep going until manually stopped or until it detected a monotonic monad at which point sorting by a monotonic key function doesn't make sense so it can guess it should stop. but that sounds unnecessarily painful and honestly probably won't even be as useful as i want it to be lol
I have another idea for a golfing language, which might actually be one of the shortest to date, but I don't want to allow myself to think about it because I'd get excited about it and not work on Ash
you should tell me so i can steal it since i haven't started :p
3:44 AM
It's definitely a very...different idea
in a good or bad way
or is that subjective
That's what makes it exciting
well, if you decide to implement it, i look forward to seeing it :P
Thanks, should only be maybe two more years at this rate :p
better than 4-6 years at least
3:49 AM
Q: How old is that xkcd?

MakonedeIntroduction xkcd is a very popular webcomic by Randall Munroe, and my personal favorite too. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he posts a new comic. xkcd also has its own API: fetching from https://xkcd.com/info.0.json will give you a JSON object containing information about the latest comic,...

@NewMainPosts A totally on-topic but un-recommended kind of challenge
It's definitely on-topic and even pretty well-formatted, but IMO rather boring, and encourages arguably harmful behavior. dingledooper found a page that has all of the links so you don't need to brute force but that makes it arguably less interesting, but at least it doesn't spam the server.
in any case, i probably wouldn't have added yet another downvote if it were already this far down, but it was like -2 or so when I voted
Don't worry guys, my "reverse engineer google maps' license plate blurring" challenge is almost done! :p
bypassing sandbox is almost always a bad idea even for really experienced users
shifty glances
3:56 AM
@RedwolfPrograms two months? those are rookie numbers
i posted my walking/running in the rain challenge without sandboxing first because i really wanted to repcap but i couldn't have been upset really if it got downvoted for being bad or even closed because i voluntarily chose to skip sandboxing
I've gotten fairly good at determining how a post will be received before posting it, and whenever I feel even slightly like something should be sandboxed and I post it anyway it inevitably does pretty badly
"pretty badly" being between +5 and +10, or with a bad answers:votes ratio, much better than "pretty badly" used to be for me :p
a good idea is to not predict and just put it in the sandbox so you can actually know what people think
wow, other than my two recent challenges the last challenge i posted was 6 months ago
and before that, a year and 5 months before now lol
I was about to ask "how do y'all even think of challenges" but then I thought of a challenge
4:04 AM
I've only posted one question that I'd consider truly awful, and not just poorly thought through or due to inexperience. I ended up not posting any more for three months after that, it definitely caused me to rethink not using the sandbox.
Don't end up like me. If your friends offer you drugs not using the sandbox, just say no.
I've had a couple of challenges that were rather bad, maybe due to not sandboxing or just not getting enough feedback (i've since learned to always ask in chat at least once or twice first lol)
Apr 24 '20 at 7:54, by Bubbler
@petStorm I have three of them. They are called Google, Wikipedia, and OEIS.
granted, they were all a decent amount of time ago because i don't post challenges often
@Razetime Winning criterion is code golf, right?
4:10 AM
ah, yes
+1 for the criterion explanation
i'm assuming the output has to be those characters and not other distinct characters?
yep it has to be those
speaking of which, it wouldn't be ascii art anymore
I should add a side note that those can be counted as 1 byte each
I once had an APL answer winning against Jelly purely because of the box-drawing chars being inside the SBCS
@Bubbler does this mean that counting box drawing chars as 1 byte is a good thing or a bad thing
Either is fine I guess, just that some SBCS langs like Jelly can't use them verbatim anyway
4:16 AM
it doesn't happen to matter for jelly since you can't include characters in your code that aren't part of jelly's SBCS so it just gets deleted
lol great
even with the unicode flag it still filters them out because really you're always using the unicode flag lol
@rak1507 Oh, sorry. I missed that.
...so the challenge i thought of is way too straightforward to be interesting come to think of it but maybe i could still turn it into something
@UnrelatedString sure, sandbox it
4:32 AM
also another thing i never recommend - going inactive after posting a challenge, lol (obviously sometimes life happens but in general i try to only post when i know i can be active for at least 30-60 minutes following posting)
^ this
I'm so guilty of that lol
@hyper-neutrino laughs in most activity happens while I'm sleeping because timezones
pro tip: don't sleep
golf > sleep, and also golf your sleeping
If anyone here wants to be like Lyxal: document.body.style.transform = "rotate(180deg)";
4:38 AM
@hyper-neutrino except I can't golf if I'm tired
@RedwolfPrograms my first thought upon seeing that was to rotate my webpage by 0.001 degrees and now i am extremely disturbed
it also messes up alignment so the starboard is all the way at the top instead of sticking in the same spot lol
rotating it one degree is actually much more noticeable than I expected
well it is a 1.7% incline so if you have 1080p it's a 3.1% height difference between the left and right side (approximately, at least)
rip chat for a bit there or just me?
5:05 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing congrats on front page of all-time users by rep BTW :P
5:31 AM
I love how the scroll bar interacts with the 180 degree rotation
wow yeah 1 degree rotation is just cursed
90 degree rotation is fun
I love how the box for typing a message just disappears
Layout is totally broken
5:58 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tox123A Self-Referential Sentence The Story One day, you decide that you want a sentence that tells you where in the sentence the letter T occurs (excluding whitespace and punctuation). Out of curiosity, you try to make one. Messing around a little you get T is the first, fourth, eleventh, sixteenth,...

6:08 AM
time for more lo-fi trump
holy frick trump kpop slaps
and other sentences I never thought I'd say
hello @Wasif
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Manish KunduDo I need a win streak? You have played \$N\$ matches in some game where each match can only result in one of the two outcomes: win or loss. Currently, you have \$W\$ wins. You want to have a win percentage of \$P\$ or more, playing as few matches as possible. Output the minimum win streak that y...

6:52 AM
Oh my gosh, I just wrote a parser in Rust, compiled into wasm, and called it in the browser. It works.
This should open a new era of homegrown TIO
If there is a god for base (notation) , will it be he or she?
I need the answer of god for my question
depends; is god real, or did you declare as integer?
(also i'm confused - what exactly are you asking)
God is obviously complex.
@Bubbler I guess I should set up a template GH repository for this

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